Business in a shopping center - what you can open

In recent years, shopping centers have ceased to be solely trading platforms, having turned into full-fledged recreation places.

In this article we will tell you how to build a shopping center, from drawing up a business plan to opening a facility, and what the potential profit is.

Preparation for construction

First of all, you need to draw up a business plan that takes into account all aspects of construction. Thus, it is necessary to thoroughly analyze the city's retail real estate market in order to identify the most promising direction, correctly determine the format and area of ​​the object, and develop a general concept for the shopping complex.

Then you need to select a land plot. It is better to select a site in a place with a well-developed transport infrastructure - so that there are public transport stops and a metro station near your property.

In addition, the site should be selected in the part of the city for which shopping centers are most scarce, which will reduce competition.


Pre-brokerage is preliminary negotiations with companies that are potential tenants of the areas of the future shopping center.

The main purpose of such negotiations is to analyze the interest in the project from potential tenants, to conclude preliminary agreements of intent.

At the same stage, it may be necessary to make changes to the project of the complex and its concept at the request of potential tenants. Oftentimes, anchor tenants are asked to design separate entrances, parking exits, bathrooms, and so on.


To build a shopping and entertainment center in a short time and without unpleasant surprises, you need to very carefully choose a construction company.

This should be a company with extensive experience in the construction of such facilities and a good reputation, which gives any guarantees that the work will be done efficiently and on time.

Many entrepreneurs choose to open their businesses in well-known and popular shopping centers. This is due to the fact that in such establishments there is always a high traffic of potential customers. Businessmen may have a question: what to open in a shopping center? It would seem that everything is already here. But in fact, there are a huge number of interesting and relevant business ideas for a shopping center.

Specifics of doing business in shopping centers

Today, shopping centers are a rapidly growing market segment, but when opening a business in a shopping center, you should take into account the specifics.

The complex contains a huge number of various shops, cafes, salons. To answer the question "what to open in a shopping center?" a businessman initially needs to study the variety of services provided. The optimal solution would be the option that is poorly developed or completely absent.

In such establishments, as a rule, there is a very high level of theft. Due to the large flow of people, employees cannot always track every customer. That is why you should use any means to minimize losses: hang cameras, connect additional security. Moreover, it is recommended to follow not only the visitors, but also the staff themselves.

How to find a business idea in a shopping center?

Idea options

As a rule, a shopping center includes everything you need for a comfortable pastime in it. It contains grocery and clothing stores, cafes and restaurants, pharmacies, salons and even a cinema. If an entrepreneur decides to open a business in a shopping center, then first of all it is necessary to choose a promising commercial idea. Next, we will consider in detail some areas.

Virtual Reality Attraction

This shopping center business idea is considered to be in demand and profitable. In addition, it does not require an impressive amount of initial capital. A businessman only needs to rent a retail space and purchase the necessary equipment.

The principle of business is as follows: the client pays a fixed amount for a certain period of time, puts on a special virtual reality helmet and is immersed in the storyline of a magical story, travel or film. The visitor gets a lot of emotions and sensations that are close to real. Such entertainment is relevant for children and adolescents, so it is worth choosing a suitable place. The best option would be a shopping center with high traffic.

Children's play area

The idea of ​​creating a business in a rented area is an island in a shopping center. Calculations and forecasts, from a budget option to investing serious capital.

Sometimes, there is such a mood that you want to give up all your duties and become your own master. Fantasy throws up pictures about a carefree walk, warm humid air, smelling of iris and sandalwood flowers. The scent of freedom remains tangible, even after an hour's journey in a subway car. Leaving at the right stop, suddenly the idea of ​​starting your own business dawns. There are many options - you can open a cafe, laundry, dry cleaning, hostel, and even organize an animal shelter. Not an overhead option - a shopping island in a Shopping Center is an interesting idea.

An island is from the unsonic - point, tent, tray. Retailer - from the English word "retail". The retailer is the owner of the tray or outlet.

The Islet is a retail location located in the center of the Mall aisle. The trading area is small (3-4 sq.), So the products sold on it are small in size and volume. The costs of renting and purchasing goods are small. Having chosen a business idea with small investments, we will consider all the pros and cons.

Half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from losers is persistence. Steve Jobs.


What is an island in a shopping center?

A constant customer flow represents a potential audience that needs to be attracted by a beautiful window dressing. After that, to bring to the attention the necessary high-quality product and sell it for the delight of the entrepreneur and for the benefit of the buyer. As if everything is simple and clear - put on a showcase, bought a product, made an advertisement - and count the income. But not everything is as it seems at first glance. Shopping Center is a place where supermarkets for food products, stores of branded clothing, accessories, mobile gadgets and other things are rented. A regular customer passes by, but will stop to look at the products only in the following cases:

  • an urgent need for a product or service;
  • the lack of outlets and stores with a similar assortment in the shopping center;
  • the unusual will attract his entire attention and completely;
  • is the type of buyer who is not going to buy anything.

The perspective is far from bright. An entrepreneur who has invested money and time in his business is interested in selling. He needs his own buyer, his own target audience.

Grocery store financial model

Brief Investment Memorandum

In Russia, one of the most promising and rapidly developing areas is considered the retail trade in food products. This industry has a dynamically growing turnover and generally positive dynamics.

The degree of success of the project under consideration will correctly be assessed as high, since, even despite the numerous grocery stores, a well-chosen location and the right marketing strategies will allow you to quickly occupy your niche and reach a stable profit.

Food is a product that is always in continuous demand, even in times of crisis. We can say that opening a grocery store is an excellent opportunity to start your own business, because this type of business is always in steady and constant demand.

Key factors for the success of the project:

  • Wide assortment line;
  • Availability of price offer;
  • Store location;
  • Advertising and marketing of the outlet ...

The initial investment is 532,000 rubles.

The break-even point is reached in the fourth month of operation.

The payback period is from 14 months.

Average net profit is 46,000 rubles.

Return on sales 16%.

Description of business, product or service

Investments Profit Payback 13. 10.00342.00 per month3.5 years

The real estate market is considered one of the most reliable, but despite this, business in this niche does not always reach the desired profit. In this article, we will demonstrate a shopping mall business plan and tell you about the tricks that can multiply your profits in this niche.

Financial Plan

To begin with, we want to demonstrate an example with calculations and upset those who thought that starting such a business could be done with a million rubles. We will discuss each point in more detail later in the article.

Shopping center summary:

Initial Investments

13. 10.00 rubles, that is how much it costs to open a one-story shopping center. Looking ahead, we note that this amount can be half as much if you build a building with an area of ​​500 sq. ...

Monthly expenses

In addition to construction costs, our shopping center business plan should include monthly costs.

Name Amount Lease of land 191. RUB 50 Staff wages 149. 00 RUB advertising 33. 00 RUB Utility costs 20. 00 RUB other expenses 15. 00 RUB addition: 408. 00 RUB

For the maintenance of the shopping center, we need 408.00 rubles per month.

Profit and ROI

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