Business ideas with minimal investment for 2021

Below you will learn about 14 good business ideas with minimal investment, about relevant and popular small business ideas with small investments and quick payback.

Tea business

You can create your own tea shop. As you know, this type of business is incredibly profitable.

Tea has always been in great consumer demand, and therefore you can secure yourself numerous sales.

Renting out apartments

If you have a residential property that is very comfortable and legally decorated, then you can rent it out. Today many people need a reliable roof.

Put things in order inside the apartment, set an acceptable payment, find clients and get passive income.

Second-hand clothing store

This business idea with a minimum investment is great for people who have very little capital. To open such a store, $ 500-1000 is enough. Provided that the premises will be rented.

Second-hand goods are sold in bulk in kilograms, and already in the store the goods are sold by the piece, due to this huge profits go. The markup is about 400-600% for each item.

Repair Services

Confirmation of the success of such a choice in Russia - 6,031,837 small businesses, 7,547 types of products and services. For example, small and medium businesses bring a quarter of a million rubles to the Moscow budget.

A well thought-out idea should be at the heart of a new case. The first thing that begins the path to financial success is the choice of a direction of activity. The three main segments are services, sales, production. Here, a budding entrepreneur should pay attention to personal knowledge, skills and preferences. It is easier to build a business based not only on the needs of the market, but also on your own preferences. When the direction of development is determined, they move on to the next fundamental stage - drawing up a business plan. Prescribe costs, investments and expected income. Bonus: in Russia there are two-year tax holidays for the initial registration of a small business.

Some business ideas for beginners with minimal investment will help determine the direction for the development of the enterprise.

Services: a good start

Those who do not have start-up capital should not despair. Service delivery is a suitable niche for small businesses. But advertising is essential here. The information you need is posted on social networks, advertised on the street, or spread through word of mouth. An investment in the business will be the skills, knowledge, efficiency and time resource of a novice entrepreneur.

Small Business Service Ideas:

  • If it is simpler, then needlework. The basis will be a lot of hobbies: knitting, soap making, beading or sewing. Making bouquets from sweets, men's bouquets, making cakes, compositions from diapers and baby clothes, embroidery of pictures are in demand.

Such a line of business, if it requires costs, is minimal.

You shouldn't buy everything you need at once. The purchase of material is carried out after the advertisement has worked and the first orders have appeared.

  • Tutoring: conducting foreign language lessons or helping with homework is beneficial for schoolchildren. You can teach playing musical instruments or teach vocals. This direction is suitable for teachers and students of pedagogical or music universities. To start a business, you do not need to rent premises or expensive equipment. Lessons are successfully held at home or online.
  • Guided tours. For implementation, you will need organizational skills, charisma, the ability to speak correctly. Passion for the history of the hometown or region, knowledge of legends will help to conduct an excursion for interested tourists. Travel can be carried out in the form of walking or bus tours. Walks are more profitable: they do not require serious material investments. The entrepreneur's contribution to this business is the development of an excursion program and a safe route.
  • Equipment repair. This direction also makes a profit without much start-up investments. The costs of further promoting such a business are negligible. In addition to specialized knowledge, a minimum set of tools is required. As a rule, in the basic configuration, it is already in the house of every man.
  • Home repair. Not so long ago, the “husband for an hour” service appeared on the labor market. An economic husband, having single-handedly started minor home repair services, is able to expand such a business to the level of a construction company.


Most residents of the country want to do business now. As a matter of fact, we have little choice: either you work “for an uncle” (the state, the owner of a sole proprietorship, LLC and other structures), or you are engaged in business, that is, on your own at your own peril and risk, you provide yourself with the means of a decent existence.

The factor that prevents the "masses" from rushing into commerce is the lack of initial capital. Although now this is not becoming such an urgent problem.

Currently, business ideas with minimal or no investment can be easily found on the Internet. In fact, most of them turn out to be "slag", a way to attract the attention of gullible users. However, there are projects among them that deserve to be paid attention to. I tried to "separate the wheat from the chaff", and select, in my opinion, some really good ideas. back to contents ↑

A little about small business

As is already clear from the term itself, small business is called “small” because it includes the entrepreneurial activity of small firms. Legislatively, small and medium-sized businesses are delimited by three points:

  • the amount of profit (up to 60 million rubles - micro-business, up to 400 million - small business);
  • the number of personnel (up to 15 people - micro-business, up to 100 - small)
  • restrictions on status (the share of external business participants in the capital of an enterprise should not exceed 25%).

As a matter of fact, most of the business ideas with minimal investment, described in various blogs devoted to this topic, talk about microbusiness. However, for an ordinary Russian citizen, even this type of entrepreneurship is already an achievement, since more often than not, what a huge "army" of hired workers dreams of is a small but regular increase in salary, an opportunity to "grow" a little up the career ladder, and a decent (the size is determined by the ambitions of each individual) pension.

Therefore, reaching the level of monthly income of 100-150 thousand rubles is practically the "limit" of dreams of the average inhabitant of our country. I suggest you, first, by plucking up the courage; secondly, armed with the knowledge that you will learn from this blog; and thirdly, following the invaluable advice (if you ask for it) from the team of professionals who work with me on this blog, to push the boundaries of imaginary profit, and to make your dreams come true.

By the way, I want to immediately warn those people who are looking for a ready-made formula for success: despite all the assurances of numerous trainers and coaches "from business", there is no "golden solution"! Always and in everything you need to work very, very hard. Unless, of course, you have that much money to hire people to work for you. But then you don't need to read this blog at all.

How much does a small business “cost”?

The most common question that comes to my mail is: "What business can I start with an amount of ..." Then various numbers are indicated - 10 thousand, 50, 100, 200, there are people, who consult with me, having a start-up capital of several million available. And since such questions flicker in the mountain of letters literally every day, I will answer them in this article.

Do not mistakenly believe that summer business is possible only in coastal cities and it is only about the provision of services and trade enterprises in the beach and resort areas. There is no doubt that the resort and beach businesses have a large share of the business this time of year, but there are other lucrative and cost-effective summer business ideas.

What business ideas are relevant in the summer?

A profitable business in the summer is based on the needs of the target audience:

  • recreation and entertainment;
  • comfort;
  • sports activities;
  • sun and heat protection.

These are the basic needs of consumers, satisfying which businessmen receive a long-awaited stable and reliable high income. Most vacationers in the summer seek to spend time with comfort and interest, go in for sports, cool down and escape from the exhausting heat. In this regard, business areas based on the provision of suitable services and trade in this area are doomed to success in the summer. The attractive side of summer business for entrepreneurs is the fact that most ideas involve activities with minimal investment.

Summer Business: Best Quick Start Ideas

Ice cream and soft drinks trade

Many suburban private households are located at a great distance from grocery stores and supermarkets. Earnings are based on direct delivery of ice cream and soft drinks to the customer. A spacious cooler bag is suitable for these purposes. Over time, providing customers with your contact information (business cards), you will collect a large number of orders through word of mouth.

A more advanced idea of ​​the business project will be the sale of ice cream and chilled drinks in crowded places: in parks, railway stations, squares, and so on. One refrigerator bag will not be enough here; you will have to purchase a special bicycle refrigerator. The disadvantage of such an enterprise is the high level of competition in the summer in places with a large customer traffic. The mobility of the bicycle refrigerator will help you quickly change places of sale, thereby winning the competition.

At the later stages of the development of the project, it is recommended to rent or purchase several mobile refrigerators and organize permanent retail outlets for ice cream and soft drinks in various places where the target audience gathers, which will significantly increase earnings and make it stable.

Children's electric car and hoverboard rental


This is not to say that selling shawarma is very cheap in terms of initial costs, especially when compared to selling popcorn or flower arrangements, but this is not some kind of space investment. It's about a few hundred thousand rubles.

But, it is worth noting that the net profit from such a business will be much higher. For example, subject to a more or less successful choice of location and selection of normal employees, one point of sale of shawarma can bring about 100,000 rubles.

Car monitor

This is a promising business idea that is gaining momentum very actively. People who work hard have very little time, and you need to monitor the child. And in order to take the child to a club or training, you can call an auto nurse.

In fact, the profession of a driver and a nanny is combined. The main clients are people who work in large companies with an upper middle income level. If you enter this market now, you can form your own customer base and get very good money.

Photo Shoot Rugs

Today, Instagram is developing in disproportionate steps and the cult of photography along with it. It is gaining popularity to photograph children against the background of felted rugs. They can be made using video instructions from the Internet.

And then, either we independently offer such a service "Photo of newborns against the background of a felted rug" or we sell finished products for a couple of thousand rubles. We remember about creativity during production.

Cotton candy sale

If you think popcorn has a high mark-up, then cotton candy has over 4000%. How do you?)

Just like selling popcorn, you need an automatic machine and a good walk-through to start. That's it, no more skills or anything else. Selling related products like juice and water should not be neglected.

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