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Construction is one of the most promising and highly profitable types of business. Construction services are in demand in any crisis, at any time and anywhere in our country. We will tell you how to open a construction company from scratch, how to choose the right type of activity and how to organize everything correctly.


Getting into the construction business is not easy, but still, even for beginners, there are many ways to do it with minimal investment. The main thing is to create a quality business plan. Also, you should immediately think over a real development strategy, taking into account the fact that you will probably have to get loans.

There is a lot of competition in this market. Every year, dozens of construction companies are opened, which are fighting for their place in the sun, knocking down prices and providing a wide range of services. But upon closer examination, it turns out that there are very few really high-quality construction companies - many are in pursuit of profits, saving on materials, personnel, projects and other things, which instantly leads to a deterioration in the quality of work.

To get started, you need to provide your clients with the maximum possible number of services, ideally, do everything on a turnkey basis. They don't have to look for third-party contractors or hire teams - it's you who provide everything. A quality company offers the following services:

  • Delivery of all building materials and unloading on site.
  • Services for creating a project, design project, development of a unique design.
  • Qualitative and professional specialists capable of performing any construction services.
  • Possibility to help the customer with paperwork and permits.

Usually construction companies have their own work profile:

  • Private construction.
  • Industrial construction.
  • Road construction.

Please note: the easiest way to start is with private construction. You will gain the necessary experience, develop the necessary connections, gain a reputation and start-up capital to move to the next level.

How to get started

Let's take a look at where to start a construction business and what prospects you will have. If you do not have serious money for the purchase of construction equipment, etc., then it is most logical to start by creating a qualified repair and construction team. Start making repairs, laying out fences, building sheds and baths. You will earn your name and capital.

Be sure to register as an individual entrepreneur or LLC, conclude formal contracts with clients, pay taxes - this is the only way you will avoid serious problems, permanent fines and "scams" from unscrupulous clients. Of course, everything must be done with high quality, so be sure to find yourself a qualified team that will be tuned in to the result. Create your own portal on the Internet, register on various construction sites and offer your services. Positive feedback from users will be an excellent impetus for you - high-quality teams are worth their weight in gold, and their work is scheduled for six months in advance. You will be able to develop quickly, capturing more and more new niches, engaging in more responsible and serious projects.

What documents are needed?

Administrator "over a year ago

Last year I quit two jobs and tried many projects, including business on the Internet, trading on the stock exchange, investments, and more. It didn't work out for me. In the summer, an acquaintance of mine offered to engage in the private construction of houses, foundations, fences. I thought about this proposal well, analyzed it and decided to try, because I had nothing to lose. We all perfectly understand that real estate is always growing in price and housing will always be in demand, therefore this business is promising and will always "live".

Of course, I have never contacted a construction site in my life, and for me it was really a discovery, because in the past I was a Senior IP Services Engineer, always engaged in remote network repair. I was not afraid of difficulties and learning something new, perhaps this was one of the main reasons why I am still in the subject.

If you look from the outside, it might seem that a lot of investment is needed in order to start this activity. In fact, this is not the case. What we needed to start: the car was already there, I made a website with a portfolio (just a normal website, you don't need to be a master here), then register an LLC, pay for access to orders on popular construction exchanges (before they were free, now they are paid ), they did not need an office, everyone worked from home, a computer, unlimited Internet, unlimited mobile communications throughout the Russian Federation, MFPs for printing contracts (ideally), and most importantly - brains, desire and perseverance. For the start, 15-20 thousand rubles was enough for us, I had that kind of money.

Guys, in order to minimize the costs of starting a business, think more, count, use your brains, only specific, relevant numbers. Think strategically, because if you want to become real businessmen, you should not be afraid of anything and be a strong person. Whiners are definitely not the place.

Where to get orders for construction

The scheme of work is extremely simple. I found 3 of the most popular construction exchanges in google, all the customers hang out there. Then these exchanges were still free, now they are paid. I went through registration on all exchanges, beautifully filled my portfolio, account, added photos of works, paid for access and the doors opened for me in front of a bunch of orders. It is clear that for me at that time it was all a dark forest. Through trial and error, I studied all the necessary information, from the marking of the foundation to the roof.

If you have never touched the construction site, like me, then you will need time to study everything, perseverance and desire to be an expert in this area. You must be interested in this. You have to work as if you won't get a dime for it, just work from the heart.

In fact, I spent very little money on advertising, because for 3 thousand rubles a month, I had full access to my target audience, I could freely choose orders that were profitable for me. I still have enough orders from construction exchanges and now I don’t invest in advertising at all, so they learn from each other. I have responded to almost every order placed on the exchanges. There were few responses from customers, it was quiet and boring. Some customers were smarter and more experienced than me, and even from them I learned something new for myself. I've gained experience from anywhere. I absorbed information with great pleasure.

After two weeks of searching, we took our first order - it was the construction of a U-shaped fence. The customer himself was engaged in the purchase of material, from us - only work. I calculated the cost of the work and everything was fine with the customer. At first, he insisted that we just come and see the area (as many customers ask), but I perfectly understood with my head that going 150 km one way just to see the customer and the site was somehow not very convenient financially for us, besides there was no extra money. For us, it was the most profitable - to discuss all the details as much as possible, get a photo of the object and, already with a ready-made contract, come to the object, sign, communicate, take an advance and start work in a couple of days. This is what happened.

How to negotiate with the customer

As experience shows, the customer is an unpredictable person, he can promise you by phone, swear by his mother that he concludes a 100% contract with you, as a result, you meet, negotiate, leave, and the next day the customer changes his shoes and tells you that he has found other performers. We lost the time and money we spent on the road to the site. To avoid this pitfall, you need to clarify everything with the customer as much as possible by phone, take his data for the contract, in general, lead him to come to the object and immediately sign the contract.

Why is this a promising business?

Whatever happens in the life of our country, 3 things will always be in demand among people: food, clothing and housing. In recent days, the incomes of our population have been growing. The population itself is also growing. The savings of citizens are also increasing, which need to be invested somewhere and multiplied (real estate in this regard is the most reliable and promising). People still want to live in cozy, comfortable and beautiful apartments and houses. That is why the construction business is a "golden niche" in which there will always be work and money. Buying a turnkey business is a very expensive step. It is because of this that the question of how to start a construction business from scratch is of interest to many businessmen who have decided to go into this area.

First you need to develop a business plan

Whatever one may do, you need a clear understanding, written down on paper, how, what and when to do it. You just can't do without it. A clearly set goal, a time frame for its implementation - all this will move you up the stairs along your path. Another business plan is needed so that if you want to use the money borrowed from the bank. Because the construction industry is not cheap. After you develop a plan and are confident in your strengths and capabilities, you need to start registering your business.

How to properly purchase tools, equipment, and equipment?

Without tools, you will achieve nothing in this matter. Therefore, it must be chosen correctly. This should be done depending on what exactly you want to do here. (this must be determined from the very beginning). For those who decided to start from scratch, you need to take into account these popular options:

1) Construction of country houses.

2) Construction of houses on a turnkey basis.

3) Decoration and renovation of apartments and houses (most likely the best of all options).

4) Construction of gazebos, baths and other lightweight structures.

Hiring workers

Recently, urban residents are increasingly thinking about moving from apartments to private houses outside the city, both for permanent residence and for summer cottages. Today, there are many technologies for building houses that allow you to relatively quickly and efficiently build a finished residential building. This was reflected in the planning of the building. New materials can significantly reduce the time for training builders, as new technologies offer modern solutions to many problems associated with construction. This article discusses an example of a business plan for organizing the construction of houses.

General organizational matters

After the decision to inject into this service sector has been made, it is necessary to go through the IP registration procedure. This is necessary in order to work officially and to avoid possible problems with government agencies. In addition, potential customers in this case will treat your company with a greater degree of trust, which is important.

To register an individual entrepreneur, you must collect the following package of documents:

  • It is worth starting by submitting an application for opening an individual entrepreneur. A completed application in the P21001 form is submitted to the tax office in person; it does not require notarization.
  • The next stage is the payment of the state duty, respectively, in the package of documents you must have a certificate of payment - a receipt. The cost of the state duty is 800 rubles.
  • You will also need copies of an identity card: a photocopy of the main page and a page with registration from the passport will be enough (you will also need to present the original), the photocopies must be notarized.
  • Copies of TIN.
  • You must fill out an application in the form 26. -1. It speaks about the transition to a simplified taxation system, you can submit it within 30 days after the sheet of the USRIP record.

Further, an account is opened in the bank for the authorized capital of the organization in question. The next stage for a construction company is joining an SRO - a self-regulatory organization, joining it is necessary on the basis of legislation. Otherwise, the company will be able to perform more simplified types of work - repair or cosmetic.

Types of buildings being built

As mentioned earlier, the modern construction industry offers many options and methods for the construction of buildings. Depending on the selected building classification, the cost of construction will change, which is primarily affected by the choice of material from which the building will be erected. For example, a house made of brick and concrete will be significantly more expensive than a building made of wood of a similar size.

Frame houses. Construction technology implies the construction of the frame of the future house, assembled from metal structures. Then finished panels or lining are used as cladding. When using this construction method, a significant part of the time is saved both for construction and decoration, since such a house does not require shrinkage, and you can start internal and external design work almost immediately after construction. Moreover, the operating time of such a house can be 150 years.

Frame houses are built quite quickly, on average, the construction takes from 2 to 4 weeks, taking into account laying the foundation, erecting walls, laying floors, and more. The walls of such a house have a layered structure, which includes, among other things, insulation, so a house built in this way will be comfortable for living.

A cottage made of gas or foam concrete. Such blocks are large and lightweight. When building a house from such blocks, a strong foundation is not required, which affects the construction time, and this fact also excludes the use of heavy equipment for construction. As a result, we have an economical type of construction.

The use of permanent formwork. In this case, the construction is carried out using modern materials such as expanded polystyrene, glass-magnesium sheets, etc. The construction method is simple: formwork modules consist of 2 sheets, connected by jumpers. Concrete is poured into the voids, thus a monolithic structure is obtained. Such walls will be strong and durable, while providing excellent thermal insulation of the interior.


Setting up your own construction business is one of the most profitable ways to make money today. No wonder: people tend to invest large sums in building their own houses, renovating apartments and improving their own living conditions. However, there is high competition in this entrepreneurial segment, which has a tangible impact on the work of many young enterprises.

The creation of your own construction company should be thought over to the smallest detail: it is not so much a matter of success as of the survival of an enterprise. But the game is worth the candle: having firmly established yourself in this area of ​​entrepreneurship, you will multiply your money at times.

The idea of ​​starting a construction business from scratch is undoubtedly attractive, but it can raise many different questions that nip the intentions of novice businessmen in the bud. Doubts arise at first: where to start opening a construction company? How to legalize your business? Where to get office space, where to find valuable employees, how, finally, to attract clients and advertise the company? What details do you need to consider to be successful? How do you overcome all the difficulties that beginners face? We will discuss all this in detail in the following article.

Where to start?

So, when you decide to start your own construction company, it is worth considering what specific construction activities you want to do. Of course, firms with a narrow specialization will be less in demand than firms with a wide range of services. But it is not worth splitting on everything at once.

Firstly, your own business, aimed at only one area of ​​construction, already requires considerable investments, and for several, a huge amount of material resources will be required, which not every large company owns. Secondly, in the construction industry, it is not so much quantity that is important as quality. Thirdly, the more services you offer, the more tools, workers and, accordingly, money you will need. You must clearly define your direction, develop in it in order to bypass competitors. With a competent and thoughtful approach, any business is doomed to success.

Let's list the main types of activities typical for the construction industry:

Civil engineering. Being engaged in civil construction, you will build residential buildings, some - on a turnkey basis (that is, you start construction from scratch, and end up with a completely finished object). Civil and industrial construction includes the construction of car garages, baths, summer cottages; assembly and dismantling of buildings; preparation of the site for building.

Road construction. It is considered the most expensive, but complex and costly type of construction. The main customer is the state, and the tasks are reduced to the construction of new highways, the restoration of old roads, and the repair of road surfaces.

In addition, your company can do other, less complex tasks:

  • Own production and sale of materials for construction.
  • Sale of construction projects.
  • Lease of special machinery, equipment.
  • Organization of training in relevant specialties for employees of other companies.

The options are suitable for companies that have already chosen their field of activity and have managed to occupy a niche in the construction services market. But how to open a construction company if your capital does not yet dispose to global action? There is a way out - you can start your business with interior decoration. You should not refuse to perform such work: firstly, small money brings a lot of capital over time. Second, if you find hardworking workers and establish yourself in the marketplace, you will create a customer base that will grow later.

So, the specific benefits of finishing work:

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