Business ideas for young children

Children and their parents are fertile ground for earning money. The former want entertainment, the latter are willing to pay for their children to have something to do. Children also need educational services, food, vehicles, etc. This is why services for children and business ideas related to children are highly profitable and often “burn out” if demand and supply are properly analyzed.

Business ideas and children's entertainment

What is good about the entertainment industry for a businessman is a wide selection of different options, both expensive at the launch stage and quite budgetary.

Let's list the classic business ideas for children in the entertainment sector:

  • Paid outdoor playground

Investments: from 100 thousand to 500 thousand rubles per 100 sq. meters. The minimum specified amount of money will be enough to equip the playground with not the most expensive slides, swings, sandboxes, plastic toys. In some places, you will have to make the flooring from soft rugs and artificial grass. Separately, it is worth calculating the lease of the territory (if you do not own a suitable piece of land located in a good place), the cost of fencing it, the cost of the work of the observer. We must not forget about the benches for adults who will look after the children. Payment can be charged for an hour, for half a day, for a whole day of stay on the site (with the right to free entry and exit on a paid day).

Business payback: if the site is located in a park or in a densely populated neighborhood of the city, it will be able to receive an average of 30 children per day, and at least twice as many on weekends. The cost of the ticket will differ depending on the time spent on the site. On average, one child can get 150 rubles. In total, even with the most modest calculations, the costs of 100,000 rubles will pay off in the first month, larger investments - within six months. Business cannot be called 100% seasonal - if you pull tents, you can ride slides and swings, as well as play in the sandbox in the cold season. Although the influx of children will be several times smaller than in summer.

  • Fishing in the pool

Investments: 5 thousand - 10 thousand rubles. This amount will cost you inventory. You will have to pay something to the administration of the park, where you will install such a simple attraction.

Business payback: 1 month. It is most profitable to install such attractions not in one, but in several places, and to put students on the distribution of bracelets-tickets, paying for their work piece-rate.

  • Inflatable trampolines

Many mothers are left alone with their baby for a variety of reasons. Sometimes there is not enough money for kindergarten, sometimes there is no father for a variety of reasons, sometimes fathers stay with the child, and mothers go to work, but money is needed. Opening a business at home with a child is not so difficult, the main thing is to choose the right business idea.

Starting a Home Business

It doesn't matter whether you are a father or a mother, the business opens the same way, the main thing here is the selection and evaluation of a business idea, so as not to run into debt, spending all your savings and a lot of time. For starters, it is worth noting that a home business can be with or without registration. In general, home business ideas are divided into 4 categories for registration:

- optional registration;

- registration after laying the foundation.

For more details, see the article on the need to register an individual entrepreneur in a home business. After you choose an idea for a home business, you can independently answer the question of registering an individual entrepreneur.

It is important to understand that your business, like your office, and meetings with clients, sales and services will be conducted at home, and besides, you have a child, so you need to do the following:

  • Prepare the house. Regardless of whether you accept people or not, the house must be clean and tidy. Create a comfortable work environment for yourself, an environment for clients (sofa, table, chairs or armchairs, etc.), an environment for the child. Remove all unnecessary things - cabinets, tables, drawers, chests - everything that is not necessary. Free up more space.
  • Prepare the client for the baby. When meeting with a client, the child can be in the room, but just as the client should not be distracted by him, the child should not distract the client. If the child is small, learn from an early age to create comfort for the child with strangers, educate him in philanthropy, then problems will not arise.

Next comes the evaluation of the business idea. You have to study the need for people of your idea, competitors and market entry. Can you succeed in your chosen niche? All assessments must be objective, and the idea is promising for years to come.

Let's look at a few examples for clarity:

  • Example 1. Hairdressing at home. worn idea for women. The first caveat is that the idea is a little noisy and requires maximum concentration on the client, so the child should not distract you. With quality services, you can lower the cost of services; Registration is not required at first, the equipment is very minimal - a machine with attachments, hand tools, a chair and a mirror. You need to look at the competition, how many customers they accept daily, and calculate the average daily revenue. Evaluate the work of middle class hairdressing salons, where the customers are the simplest people. If you have big profits, you will have a chance to develop your business to a large one in the future. We also look at whom you can attract to your hairdressing salon on a permanent basis - relatives, acquaintances, neighbors. They will make up a large proportion of the customer base at first. After advertising, you will be able to expand your customer base and get more and more new customers. In this case, if everything is more or less perfect, the business will be profitable.

  • Example 2. Making furniture to order. worn out the idea for men. Not a difficult idea in a private home. The idea, like the previous one, is noisy; noise comes from a power tool. A business is profitable if a man has excellent command of the tool and can fulfill any order. It also has a chance for development, while it is possible not to register a business for the first time. will fiercely fight the competition if competitors provide any services related to wood and furniture. Then you can only count on rare orders, otherwise everything is in your hands. The business can be expanded with additional services, such as the restoration of old furniture, the manufacture of gazebos and garden houses. A child from the age of 5 will always be able to help you file nails or a hammer from nearby. But it is necessary to work with a dangerous tool without the presence of a child. As you can see, it is quite possible to launch this idea at home with a child. The business can progress and generate more customers and profits.

Within the framework of the national program "Demography", by the end of 2021 it is planned to eliminate the problem of lack of places in kindergarten, including by opening private preschool institutions.

Measures to support this area are envisaged at the federal and regional levels, since the program is a priority. Among the support measures are grants for starting a business, benefits for utility bills, salaries, and equipment purchases. How much support is provided for the region, you need to find out on the administration's website to reduce costs at the stage of project implementation.

  • 1 Pros and cons of business
  • 2 Determine the list of services
  • 3 Paperwork and registration of a kindergarten
  • 4 Which OKVED to indicate during registration
  • 5 Choice of location
  • 6 Is it possible to open a kindergarten at home
  • 7 Choice and arrangement of premises
  • 8 Purchase of equipment
  • 9 Hiring personnel
  • 10 Marketing and advertising
  • 11 How much money should be invested at the start
  • 12 How much can you earn
  • 13 Potential problems and risks of business
  • 14 Video on the topic: how to open a kindergarten

Pros and cons of business


Determining the list of services

At this stage, it is necessary to determine the direction of activity:

Parents choose private daycare for a number of reasons, including:

Within the framework of the national project, modern kindergartens are being built, which take into account the requests and needs of parents. In safety, learning and development, strengthening immunity, solving problems related to physical health, development. Parents often choose the municipal garden, thus it is necessary to offer a range of services that will be in demand.

It is not profitable to work without a license, since there is no opportunity to use government subsidies and offer developmental activities. It is easier to obtain a license for certain types of activities.

At the planning stage, it is important to determine the target audience, order marketing research, develop a unique selling proposition, familiarize yourself with the licensing terms and possible support measures in the region.

Paperwork and registration of kindergarten

You can pay for kindergarten services with maternity capital only if you have a license from a private organization.

According to statistics, opening your own full-fledged business on maternity leave falls on the second year of vacation. Until that time, women prefer to limit themselves to periodic part-time jobs. This is due to constantly growing costs, a psychological need for self-realization and a desire to build a career, while retaining the opportunity to devote a sufficient amount of time to raising a child. This is due to the fact that the most popular business ideas for mothers on maternity leave are related to the production of goods and services for children.

Business Ideas for Moms with Startup Capital

Women with savings have the greatest opportunities for self-realization. In this case, you can buy a franchise or open a rental center for children's items.

What can a young mother rent

You can start a rental business from scratch by offering rental items that you no longer use. However, in order to obtain a more tangible stable income, it is better to invest and purchase some assortment (to save money, these can be used things) and rent (buy) a warehouse. You can rent the following items:

  • Items required in the first six months of life: baby carriages, changing tables, developing rugs, mobiles for arenas. These items are only used for a few months and are very expensive. This leads to a high demand for rental of this category of goods. You can find clients on social networks, as well as distributing flyers near children's goods stores.
  • Things for tourist trips with small children: baby car seats, kangaroos and baby carriers, folding playpens for sleeping and playing, transforming travel bags (converted into a crib for a newborn). Such things will be actively in demand in the summer. The search for clients can be realized through cooperation with travel agencies and hotels.
  • Games and attractions: trampolines, inflatable pools, mini-slides, folding tunnels and various sports equipment for kids. Such items are in demand at children's parties. You can promote your services through private animators or by posting ads near kindergartens and schools.
  • Decorations and carnival costumes for children's birthday. Today it is very fashionable to make themed holidays for children. If you've arranged a similar one for your toddler, you may have some decorations left over. You can also buy used decor to expand your assortment. Suits for rent should be versatile, such as hats, ties, elasticated skirts, wigs, masks.
  • Clothes for pregnant women. Specific clothing - evening dresses for photo shoots, business suits, wedding dresses - will be a profitable product. Each dress will need to be photographed for a portfolio. The assortment must be versatile so that the sizes can suit a wide range of clients.

A rental business carries the risk of property loss or damage. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately establish the collateral value of things, be sure to sign a lease agreement and make a copy of the tenant's passport. It is illegal to take a passport as a pledge, and therefore do not agree to persuasion to leave documents instead of a pledge, because it can be stolen.

Own business by franchise

If you have savings, you can start a full-fledged business. For example, invest in buying a ready-made business model (franchise). At the same time, you can choose a direction that will help you in the future with raising your child. This type of business is convenient in that the main work will be performed by hired personnel.

These can be the following business options:

  • Helen Doron English Club. One of the most famous products for teaching children from 3 months of age. The cost of the franchise is from $ 5,000, plus a business investment of $ 3,000. The minimum income is from $ 1000 per month, and the full payback of the business is achieved within 1.5 years.
  • Center for mental arithmetic Indigo Mental Club. Purchase of a minimum franchise package of $ 2,500 plus an initial investment of $ 1,500. Payback of the project up to six months. The franchise is available in most of the CIS countries.
  • Football school for children from 3 years old. Starting investments and buying a franchise will start at $ 6,000. To pay off the business, it is enough to recruit at least 12 children, which is more than realistic, because the popularity of football today is beyond doubt. The payback period for investments at maximum load is from 2 months.
  • Travelers club for children from 3 years old. The cost of the franchise and investment in the complex is from $ 5,000. The payback of such a business is from six months.
  • Private kindergarten. On average, a lump-sum contribution is from $ 2,500, and the required initial investment is from $ 8,000. You can fully reimburse your investment in a year. Read on how to open a private kindergarten at home - the business plan you need.
  • Products for pregnant women and newborns. Initial investment in such a store is from $ 3,000, and the payback is about 9 months.

Choosing what kind of business to do for mom on a franchise maternity leave, you can consider other options, which can be found using specialized Internet directories.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas for young children". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Best Business Ideas for Kids

Parents always want to give their child only the best, so the business related to children is a relevant and promising niche. This is a wide segment, covering the production and sale of children's goods, as well as the provision of various services - educational, health or entertainment.

Ideas for such a business can be formed by conducting your own mini-research - in the region where you plan to do business. When choosing a field of activity and developing a business plan, you should take into account your own knowledge and experience - if you have the appropriate qualifications, you can provide services for preparing for exams, teaching foreign languages, handicrafts or sports activities.

The most popular types of business for children

All types of commercial activities in this segment can be roughly divided into three main groups:

  • Production of goods for a child. Food, drinks, children's clothing and footwear, toys, stationery, products for pregnant women and newborns.
  • Sale of goods for children - Russian and foreign production.
  • Provision of services. Opening of educational centers, health camps, playrooms, development schools, training courses, children's car rental offices, and more. R.

The choice of the direction of activity and its unique niche depends on the size of the starting capital (as well as the ability to issue a targeted loan from a bank or other financial institution), personal knowledge and experience, and the level of competition in the selected region.

You can buy a ready-made business or implement a plan from scratch.

The most popular types of such activities are the sale of children's goods (retail stores and online stores), so it is very difficult to differentiate in this area of ​​activity. As a rule, customers choose two or three stores, which they visit all the time, and it is usually quite difficult to “lure” them into a new store.

Particulars of child-related commerce

Commerce related to children has its own characteristics. The production of goods for children, most often, requires the use of certified raw materials and high quality materials. To provide services - for example, training babies, it is necessary to have skills in working with small children, to have basic knowledge of psychology.

When starting a business with baby goods or services, you need to consider the following factors:

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