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Catalog of business ideas: services for children

Small business has a number of benefits. It is easy to manage, there is a rapid capital turnover, it responds well to changes in the market situation in the country, it can instantly re-profile its production, change the volume of its work, and much more. One of the most popular areas in small business is the sphere of children's entertainment.

Business ideas in the field of services for children

The idea of ​​providing services for children is relevant today. Small business related to children requires a careful approach to safety, selection of experienced staff, quality of service provided and its advertising. The idea will be fully realized only when all possible advertising moves are used: outdoor advertising, television and radio advertising, as well as Internet advertising.

Children's business is unique in its structure and development opportunities. The services provided in this area are quite diverse and are always in great demand. Below are some ideas for small business:

  • play center;
  • rope park;
  • production and sale of toys;
  • swimming pool;
  • water park.

This activity is considered highly profitable. The demand for services is always high, which implies a large income for the entrepreneur. Accordingly, there is a fast return on investment.

For your business to be successful, the services you offer must be of high quality and reliable.

A solid approach and a little imagination will bring your small business a good income and a regular clientele, which is a very important factor.

Catalog of business ideas

On the bbport website. u in the public domain there is complete information about buying a ready-made case in the children's field, buying a franchise business. If you have not yet decided on the direction, then it should be noted that such a service for a child as a specialized hairdressing salon would be a profitable idea for a small business. Each child needs an individual approach, so such hairdressing salons will always be in demand. This business idea is one of the best options for investing your capital, which will quickly pay off.

The capacity of the educational and developmental services market is 853.6 billion rubles. At the same time, the share of additional and preschool children's education accounts for about 54% of the amount. The segment is actively developing. The lack of budgetary institutions and the desire to give the best for their children make parents turn to private organizations. Today in the Russian Federation there are over 2,000 private children's clubs and kindergartens. Their number continues to grow. The demand for the service remains high. You can make good money by opening a kids club. However, start your business carefully. It is important to take into account all the nuances of opening an organization.

Prospects for the development of the sphere of additional education for children

Children's centers remain one of the most promising businesses. Parents use the organization's services to achieve the following goals:

  • preparing for school;
  • learning foreign languages;
  • teaching music;
  • developing artistic skills; <
  • supervision by a psychologist;
  • for the general development of the child.

The industry is actively developing. Parents use the services of private organizations if, for any reason, they cannot get a place in a public educational institution. Children's clubs provide leisure, child development.

Experts predict that the number of organizations will continue to grow. The development of the industry was observed even during the crisis. This is due to the following reasons:

  • the state is taking measures to improve the demographic situation, and the birth rate is increasing;
  • there are few budget places, and getting to municipal kindergartens is problematic;
  • parents strive to give their child the best.

Children's development centers do not compete with kindergartens. The industries complement each other. The point is that organizations are fundamentally different. When sending a child to a children's development center, parents choose the form of visit themselves. Temporary stay or stay in the organization throughout the day is acceptable. The development centers use modern techniques. As a result, the child perceives and assimilates the material better. The work is carried out by teachers with higher education. Each child is treated individually. Organizations offer a variety of activities. Parents decide for themselves which club their child will attend.

Industry and Service Description

In children's development clubs, classes are held for preschool children. The organization is engaged in development, the development of specific skills in the child, helps to acquire knowledge that will later be useful when entering school. Usually the centers have several directions. As a result, the organization's client base is expanding significantly. There are several types of developmental centers:

  • Leisure. The organization functions on the same principle as the circles or sections. Such centers are usually visited for general development. Children who go to institutions of this kind do not attend kindergartens. They are raised independently by their parents. The business model requires adherence to strict requirements for educators and the teaching process.
  • Educational. The purpose of the work of children's centers coincides with the nuances of the functioning of state institutions. However, groups in organizations are much smaller. There are no more than 10 people per educator. As a result, the teacher deals more with each child individually, evaluates his abilities and devotes a lot of time.
  • Professional. The centers are focused on in-depth study of any subject. Classes are organized and conducted accordingly. Usually such centers are multidisciplinary. Foreign languages, music, physical education and so on are taught here. All teachers have specialized education and are professionals in their field.

In addition, the centers are divided according to the time of visit. There are evening or full day organizations. In the first case, the so-called circle-sectional format is used. Parents bring the child to the center for 1-2 hours in the evening. In the second case, children remain in the center for a longer period of time. However, it does not exceed 4-5 hours. During this time, they spend up to 3 classes, feed the child and play with him. The method is convenient for mothers who work part-time or who need several hours of free time to solve personal issues, to do household chores. Usually centers use a complex type of work.

How to open a kids club

How to open a private kindergarten, where to start, how much money will it take? Is it legal? How to organize hot meals, naps and walks for little clients? What documents should be drawn up, is it necessary to obtain a license, transfer the premises to a non-residential fund? These and other questions are answered in this article. Here you will find comprehensive information on how to organize a private kindergarten in your apartment or rented cottage, get a lot of practical advice, and see the real figures of your expenses.

Calling the opening of a private kindergarten a simple business is hardly correct. This is a rather troublesome business that requires vigilant control and a lot of dedication. On the other hand, it is a rewarding activity that brings satisfaction to its creator and numerous clients. And the neighbors are quite tolerant of kids - suddenly the situation develops in such a way that they themselves will find such a kindergarten useful.

With the right organization, a private kindergarten as a business will develop and make a profit, and there will always be clients. This:

- children who are often sick

- the so-called "non-Sadic" kids who need an individual approach

- crumbs, which, due to their age, are not yet taken to municipal institutions

- children of your friends and acquaintances.

In times of crisis, home gardens will be especially in demand, as they can offer loyal prices to mothers who are forced to go to work ahead of schedule.

Legal issues

How to open a private kindergarten? An experienced merchant will begin to address these issues with a business plan. But home kindergartens are often opened not by "business sharks", but by school teachers, educators and mothers on maternity leave. What worries them most is the legality of such an event.

They can be reassured, this business is legal and encouraged by the state. The main law you need to know: The law on education in the Russian Federation. The 91st article of this document says that only educational institutions are subject to licensing. It will also be useful to study the Housing Code, it says that a dwelling can be used for individual entrepreneurial activity if the entrepreneur lives there legally and his activities do not interfere with neighbors (Chapter 2, Article 17).

In 2021, the Resolution of the Chief Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation was issued, which describes all the requirements for preschool institutions. Practice shows that the inspecting authorities (SES, Pozhnadzor, Rospotrebnadzor) are also quite loyal to the "children's" business - unless, of course, an emergency occurs in the garden and numerous complaints from parents come.

The first steps to business can start from early childhood. At first, it will be an honest way to make some pocket money or collect it for a long-coveted gadget. Later, the lesson can develop into a real serious business that can bring solid finances. Below are various business ideas that are easy for a teenager to implement. Some of them require official registration, rent of premises for work, but the parents themselves must take care of this.

Sale of lemonade

An excellent option for making money in the summer. A point of sale is organized on the beach, near the market, in any place where many people go. For sale, it is recommended to buy a cooler bag (average price - $ 50-90), plastic cups, draw a corresponding sign. Trade can be mobile (all drinks will be in the bag only) or stationary (you need a small table and an umbrella to protect from the sun).

If there is an opportunity for large initial investments, they purchase a vending machine - this is a special closed showcase through which they sell lemonade, coffee, chips. When installed in a school, college, the profit per month will be $ 150-250, and the device itself will pay off in about five months.

Walking pets

Tip: This category includes grooming, washing, claw trimming for pets (including fluffy cats, guinea pigs, etc.), but sufficient skills are required, since animals can be aggressive.

Computer Services

Many modern children understand computer technology better than adults. Services such as installing programs on a computer, cleaning and minor repairing a laptop, removing viruses, flashing smartphones are in great demand and, if done well, are relatively expensive. The price of reinstalling the Windows system on a computer with a visit to the house reaches 17-20 dollars, installation of one program - 3-4 dollars. Later, the teenager will be able to get a job in a reputable computer repair service center or even open his own.

Tip: the cost of starting a business is not high here - a computer or laptop with Internet access, a set of screwdrivers, good lighting. Knowledge of English will be a big plus, because the vast majority of instructions on the Internet are written in it.

Knitting to order

Knitting a scarf, hat, or even a whole coat to order is a well-paid activity. Handicraft has always been valued dearly. The announcement can be placed on the Internet or at entrances, poles, information stands. A parent will help the child set the price - it includes the cost of threads, knitting needles, hooks, accessories, plus payment for the work itself.

Thinking of opening a children's playroom in a mall or large store, but not sure if it's a good idea? Afraid to burn out? This business idea has its risks, like many others. If everything is calculated and done correctly, then in a few months you will receive your first income.

How to create passive income in 4 days

A marathon where you will create passive live income from scratch and learn specific strategies for investing in apartments, houses, garages, cars and even profitable sites

This direction is popular, since the state strongly supports young families in their desire to have children.

Why is it beneficial: the pros and cons of children's playrooms

Any business has its pros and cons. Let's start with the pros:

  • Demand. Parents have no one to leave their child with, so the playroom is an excellent way out. And it will be much cheaper than a private nanny.
  • Payback. This form of business does not require huge costs and quickly pays off.
  • Small financial investment. Of course, this is not a business from scratch. But the investment can be minimal compared to other areas of business.
  • Ease of implementation. A children's playroom is much easier to open than a private kindergarten or a play center for children. This does not require a special license to conduct educational activities and a staff of qualified employees.
  • Business mix. Additional services can be provided to increase revenue. For example, organizing events and parties.
  • Extension. The business can be expanded. You can open other similar points.

At a Glance

A playroom for children is a room with special equipment where parents can leave their toddler to have fun for a certain period of time. The child is under the supervision of adults all this time.

Income is formed from the main profit - the cost of staying in the game room from 100 rubles in remote areas to 200 rubles per hour closer to the center.

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