Business ideas for a small town

Thinking about what kind of business to open in a small town? 25 business ideas for a small town that are relevant in 2021. We present our business that can be opened in small settlements, and detailed guides on how to start it.

Small town key making point

To open your own business in a small one, such as, for example, a key making point, you do not need any impressive investments: 150 thousand rubles will be enough, most of which (about 90 thousand rubles) for the purchase of machines. The main service in the workshop will be the production of duplicate keys to the entrance doors, garages, cars, entrances and intercoms. Additionally, you can earn money on sharpening knives, scissors and drills, selling locks, key rings, emergency opening of locks, etc. You can pay off the point for making keys in six months of work. This is a great 2021 startup business idea for beginners. To accommodate a workshop, 4 sq. meters.

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Home kindergarten

If you are looking for a business to open in a small town, at home and also have experience in raising children, then consider the idea of ​​opening private kindergartens at home. It is a socially responsible business that reduces queues for kindergartens and is subsidized in many regions of the country. Private kindergartens are most in demand in new multi-storey districts, where local authorities often do not have time to meet the population's need for state kindergartens. In such places, parents are looking for an opportunity to leave the child under the supervision of at least someone. The profit of the kindergarten at home will amount to 50-100 thousand rubles. per month.

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Carpet Cleaning

The business idea of ​​earning money by cleaning carpets is one of those activities that require minimal investment. Its essence is simple - you organize the cleaning of customer carpets on-site or provide services for the removal / delivery of carpets to your own workshop, where you carry out the cleaning. The second option is more suitable for a serious business, as the number of orders and productivity can be significantly increased. When working at home, you can get by with a minimum amount of equipment, household chemicals and small cleaning devices (you can even keep within 100 thousand rubles). With 4-5 orders per day, the net profit can reach 90-120 thousand rubles.

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Decorative candles production

Candlemaking is a good option for a small town, and it is also a fun and relaxing activity that you can do for your soul or retirement. To get started, you need a minimum of funds and skills, and all training materials can be found on YouTube and needlework sites. Simple calculations make it clear that a hobby in this business is much more than a business. If we assume that the price of one candle will be about 270 rubles (the average price for decorative candles), then selling 200 candles per month can earn 54 thousand rubles. Then, taking into account the costs, the profit will be about 40 thousand rubles. Another thing is whether you find so many buyers and sales channels for your candles.

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Before deciding to start a business in a small town, there are many factors to consider: population, demographics, level of competition, market availability for the service or product you intend to offer. After weighing and analyzing them, you can make a decision about where it is better to invest your money.

Small cities, oddly enough, have great potential for business development. First, you will need less money to start your own business than in cities with a population of over one million. Secondly, it is easier to launch advertising here, because in a small town people know each other well and word of mouth is much more effective here.

Thirdly, in small towns, in principle, doing business is cheaper: this also applies to costs, and rental of premises, and marketing budgets. At the same time, the Internet allows you to fully develop your business and attract potential customers from other cities.

When analyzing the opportunities for starting a business in a small city, it is worth considering the current business climate and consumer activity. It is also important to know your local competitors. The idea of ​​starting a business can arise in a city with an acute shortage of consumer opportunities, and in a city where companies with a long history operate. In any case, a small city has its advantages for business development. For example, it may have small cafes or eateries that are very popular with the local public, so the option of opening another catering place will become a problem. A family-run restaurant that offers healthier food may well attract locals looking to try something new.

Finally, businesses in small towns are more willing to support each other than businesses in megalopolises. They are more likely to cooperate for various social events. And this is especially helpful in the first difficult years, when an entrepreneur has little money for development.

Consider a few business ideas for a small town that do not require serious investments, including business ideas that can be implemented from scratch.

Family Hair Salon

The opening of an ordinary hairdresser in a small town is unlikely to be a noticeable event. And for sure there is a lot of competition in this market. At the same time, the "children's" theme is highly developed in the regions. And a hairdressing salon tailored for a children's audience may well be an attractive project in terms of profit. However, it is worth considering the fact that this niche, which has been vacant until a certain time, has recently been tightly covered by network projects, and some of them have already managed to create a recognizable brand on the market. One of the striking examples is the St. Petersburg-based First Children's Hairdresser's LLC: it develops under the Vobrazulya brand and has more than 60 salons in different cities of Russia. In 2021, the company decided to enter the children's goods market and began to open hypermarkets.

For a small town, you can choose a universal format - a family hairdresser. This is exactly what Svetlana Trusagina did when she opened a hairdressing salon in Ukhta for the whole family called Podstrigulya. She preliminarily analyzed the experience of existing projects and came to the conclusion that it is not worth narrowing the circle of clients. Initial investment in the amount of 500,000 rubles. paid off after six months. Today the Podstrigulya brand is successfully represented in other cities, including Moscow and Yekaterinburg, thanks to the sale of franchises.

Free magazine

In recent years, we are only told that the print press is dying. But successful examples of regional publishing projects refute these claims.

Boarding house for seniors: a plan for organizing a business step by step, advantages and disadvantages of a boarding house, payback and business prospects, advice and recommendations from experts.

No matter how sad it is to admit it, the problem of caring for the elderly is becoming more and more acute, and the state has long lost its monopoly on the creation and maintenance of nursing homes for the elderly.

As in other similar situations, private investors helped to solve the problem by opening new hospices and boarding houses. Such a solution is popular not only in all developed countries of Europe, but also, more recently, in many CIS countries, which can be seen from the general dynamics of growth in the number of such establishments.

How to capitalize on this situation, how to open a profitable boarding house for seniors, and will this business pay off in 5, 10 or 20 years? Today we will consider in detail the business plan of the boarding house, and answer these and many other questions.

What types of services are provided by boarding houses

Of course, first and foremost is the care of the elderly, but this is not the only service that this business can provide:

  • provision of rooms for permanent residence;
  • recreational and sports and health services;
  • regular medical examination, caring for seriously ill patients;
  • consultations and recommendations - selection of a personal diet, daily routine, psychological support;
  • travel packages.

These services will not only improve the quality of the service provided, but will also help raise the overall level of the institution, as well as open up new opportunities for earning money by providing them.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nursing Homes

Like other projects, such establishments are not without their pros and cons, which are often associated with the nature of the activity, for example, the clearly pronounced seasonality of the business.

ConsProsServices can be “too expensive” for most of the population. low competition, high demand. In cities that do not have boarding houses, there will most likely be an increased flow of guests. business seasonality. The greatest number of rooms is occupied in summer and on winter holidays, the lowest profit is in autumn and spring. Seasonality means cutting costs on the least profitable days, making the business more predictable. Large expenses for servicing guests, net profit is 12-20% of the total cost of a monthly stay. More opportunities to increase profits, for example - providing additional services. difficulties with paperwork, a medical license is required. the boarding house is issued in the form of an LLC, so there is an opportunity to open an institution together with co-founders who have a medical education. Large opening cost. With successful management, as well as in the absence of serious competition, such a business pays off in 4-7 years, after which it begins to bring a large and stable income.

Of course, there are other pros and cons, but we did not mention them due to their relative insignificance. If you are quite satisfied with the difficulties that may arise when opening a boarding house, then we suggest continuing reading the article and moving on to the most basic - step-by-step opening.

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