Business idea: typography - where to start a printing business

Printing as a business can be very profitable, but it needs to be properly organized. It is advisable to find out how to carry out all the actions in stages.

Business Features

Before starting a printing business, you should decide how profitable it can be. First of all, consider all the pros and cons of this case. Among the advantages are the following:

  • you can start work with several printing and copying machines in your own apartment;
  • there is a fairly high demand for services, especially in those areas where educational or other institutions are located whose work is related to documents;
  • the possibility of parallel implementation of other business ideas;
  • a variety of printing equipment, which has a very acceptable cost.

However, printing as a business is not without certain drawbacks:

  • today this niche is pretty much filled with competitors;
  • such a business takes a long time to pay off;
  • sometimes, to open such a business, you have to invest a lot of money in it.

As for the profitability of the presented business, it depends on many factors, and it can be difficult to keep a small printing house afloat. However, this is quite possible if the work is done correctly.

How to start organizing a mini-printing house?

You probably already have a question about where to start a printing business. The answer is simple: first, you should legalize and formalize your activities legally. That is, it is required to obtain a license and a certificate of private entrepreneurship. Moreover, you have the opportunity to pay taxes using a simplified system.

You will also have to contact the tax and pension services, as well as the social insurance fund. Naturally, you should open a bank account, which will receive the money earned, and with which you can pay taxes, buy consumables.

Probably, visitors to large shopping centers are not surprised that they receive advertising brochures at the entrance. And at home, every morning, personal mailboxes are magically filled with advertising newspapers and brochures. Sometimes one gets the impression that free printing products, and of a very high quality, follow us at every step. Especially a lot of it on the days of election campaigns. Leaflets on the topic "choose me" are pasted over literally all the posts and fences.

There is another quite delicate sphere of human activity, which is also connected with the printing and printing business, - the printing of one's own books. A person is so arranged that, regardless of talent, he wants to see his poems, stories and even novels immortalized in the book. And as soon as he thinks about it, letters will appear in his e-mail box with an offer to print a masterpiece for quite reasonable money.

Not surprisingly, many observant and entrepreneurial people might come up with an interesting thought: “Shouldn't they go into the printing or publishing business? And maybe both at once! "

Typography Beginner's Tip

First, let's talk about typography. Before starting such a printing business, you should heed the advice of experienced businessmen. At one business forum the question “How to open a printing business, for example a printing house? Help with advice ”many responded.

Noteworthy is the following comment:

“I can advise on the equipment: the minimum composition for low-circulation printing is a digital printing laser printer from 14 thousand rubles, a simple manual cutter, a booklet maker, a computer for design and layout tasks. Total, maximum 150-200 thousand rubles. " This includes the semi-annual rent for a small room of twenty squares.

“A simple kit is enough to get you started. If you run around the city (100-200 thousand people), you can download such a "home" printing house in full, - shares her experience Marina Zvezdnaya, technical editor of the printing house "Malaya Rus". - But there are some technological tricks. So, on an entry-level printer when printing on thick paper 200-280 gr. (colotech +) one side is printed normally, and on the other with dense filling, the ink lays down unevenly. Let the paper rest for a day. This usually happens with papers like ivobel or avantage. Less often on the beater. "

According to her, the three of them and her friends made up 50 thousand rubles each to open a mini-printing house. Soon the enterprise began to bring each of them a monthly profit of at least 15-20 thousand rubles. "The spool is small, but its own", - concludes Marina.

You will have to spend much more money on a larger offset printing house. So, a used two-color offset press with feed on the narrow side can be found for 300 thousand rubles. It is quite possible to buy such equipment in order to open a printing business, the main thing is to make sure that it works. To do this, it is best to invite a specialist from the outside for diagnostics to point out the problem areas to the seller.

“For three hundred thousand there will be a very old typewriter,” says Ivan Ivanovich, a printer from Kiev. - I think that it is better not to buy cheaper than 800 thousand. If there is no such money, then it is easier to purchase a risograph for 80 thousand rubles, however, the quality and productivity will be clearly lower. But where to start the printing business is with him. "

Additionally, you need to buy a hydraulic cutter. For example, a simple guillotine cutter will cost 100 thousand rubles. Additionally, you need a copy frame for making plates, which costs 60-100 thousand rubles, and a set of chemicals, paints, forms (10 thousand rubles). Other upfront costs are computer hardware and special software.

Most businessmen who have gone through the fire and water of the printing business, advise starting with the simplest set and, above all, with stable orders.

Today the demand for printed products is getting higher and higher, which means that the demand for printing houses is constantly growing. The success of a printing house largely depends not only on what volumes of products it can produce, but also on how quickly and efficiently the order will be executed. With the right organization, this type of business can bring considerable income, even if the company provides a very narrow range of services. The equipment will fit well in a small office.

Select the type of printing

Before you open your own printing house, you need to decide on its format. Will it be a full-fledged printing shop focused on the production of books, newspapers and other large paper products, or it will be a mini-printing house, the main activity of which is aimed at providing printing services for smaller products - business cards, brochures, posters, calendars and others.

In most cases, opening a mini-print shop will be the best solution. There are several reasons for this:

  • Opening a small printing house does not require significant investments - the minimum amount is from 500,000 rubles.
  • At the beginning of work, you are unlikely to be able to provide the printing house with large volumes of orders for printing books and magazines, but with small ones - quite.
  • A mini-printing house, if done correctly, can always grow into a more serious company.
  • It can be a great addition to your core business. Advertising agencies, magazines and newspapers quite often open their printing houses.

Registration of the printing house

Like any other type of business, opening a printing house requires registration with the tax office. To register a mini-printing house, it is enough to obtain the status of an IP In this case, you don't even need a business permit. If you are planning to open several branches, you need to think about registering an LLC.

Before opening, you need to obtain permission from:

  • Fire Inspectorate;
  • Service for supervision of compliance with labor protection rules.

Naturally, sooner or later you will have to hire personnel to work in your company, and from this it follows that you also need to register with the pension fund and the employment service.

Selection of premises

If an entrepreneur wants to invest in an interesting, difficult, but profitable business, a typography is one of the best options. There is always a demand for printed materials. A large number of small companies and individuals cannot afford to work with large print enterprises. Their circulation is too small for the giants of the market. There is only one thing for such customers - to look for a private printing house that will take on such a job.

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Features of the printing business

Mini-printing house fulfills small orders in a short time. The services of such companies are usually used by private, public, educational and financial organizations. The mini-printing house prints manuals, brochures, advertising booklets, labels, price tags, calendars, notebooks, price lists, flyers, announcements and posters. In our market, printing companies are divided into three main categories:

  • Large printing houses. These are the "dinosaurs" of the market who prefer to cooperate with publishing houses.
  • Medium. These enterprises can handle both small and large orders.
  • Small printing houses. Designed for private clients only.

First, you need to decide what niche the businessman plans to master. The easiest way to "survive" is in the area where small printing houses work. Each of them has its own contingent. Such organizations rarely overlap with competitors and work quietly for a small profit.

The prefix "mini" means that the entrepreneur is planning to enter this very segment. However, one machine will not be enough for such an enterprise. The businessman will have to purchase several more auxiliary units. They will allow you to work with already printed products, which will now go through a full cycle. The combination of these technical units is called mini-typography.

How typography works

The demand for printing services is regularly increasing, so a small business will not have a shortage of clients. There are four directions in the production of printed products:

  • advertising segment;
  • book and magazine direction;
  • newspaper production;
  • label and packaging production.

The goal of the project: Satisfaction of consumers in high-quality and inexpensive services in the field of color printing on modern equipment from leading countries of the world.

At a Glance

Entering the market of printing services is due to the fact that every day more and more private firms are opening up that produce and supply various goods and services that need advertising in the form of various kinds of brochures, booklets and leaflets, order which in the printing house is too expensive and not profitable for enterprises, i.e. the print run itself is small, and the well-known duplicating technique is not able to print them in large quantities. Each firm also needs to maintain accounting records, which requires a large number of different forms and forms. Therefore, at this stage, when the demand for printing services increases, the opening of our company engaged in this type of activity is justified and expedient from the point of view of market conditions.

The modern market of printing services in Moscow is characterized by the presence of many small firms that are limited to providing a very narrow range of services, or large publishing houses that manufacture products in large quantities. This explains why the needs of an entire market segment are not fully met. LLC "Spectr" plans to meet the demand for this type of service, combining high quality work and relatively low prices.

Spectr LLC plans to create a mini-printing house based on modern equipment from leading manufacturers.

The required volume of investments for the purchase of equipment -110,000.0 rubles. (annual interest rate 48%).

As a result of organizing a mini-printing house, the following results can be achieved:

consumers will receive high quality services;

the number of jobs is increased by 4;

revenue from the sale of services will amount to 724,000 rubles;

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