Business idea: sewer truck services

Today the sewage disposal business in the labor market is considered very profitable and in demand. Moreover, low competition makes this business even more attractive. In this article, we will consider the features and find out how to open your own business in this area.

Features of the waste disposal business

The main mission of the sewage equipment is to pump out various waste. As a rule, sanatoriums, restaurants, cafes, hotels, as well as houses in cottage villages and private sectors located far from the city, which do not have a connection to the general sewage system, constantly need to clean up sewage.

The waste disposal machine as a business is a profitable business, but nevertheless, many entrepreneurs refuse this venture, since this activity has its own specifics:

  • Initial investments are required to purchase special equipment.
  • Before starting work, you will need licenses and permits to operate and monthly expenses for their payment.
  • Due to the specifics of the work, it should be understood that it is associated with unpleasant odors.

But having stepped over your disgust and overcoming the first difficulties in business registration, you can start earning decent sums in the shortest possible time. Today the level of competition in this area is quite low, and the demand for the services of a sewer truck is only increasing every day. With a competent structure of work, you can acquire a client base, which in the near future will help to recoup all costs. Modern suction trucks are equipped in such a way that there is no risk of getting dirty in the waste handling process.

Activity Registration

The business with a sewer truck provides for documentation. First you need to register with the tax service and decide on the format of the activity: LLC (limited liability company) or individual entrepreneur (individual entrepreneur).

The registration of the first form of activity will take a lot of time, money and accounting. But when registering an LLC, an entrepreneur subsequently has the right to expand the project and hire any number of employees. In the second case, the registration process is much faster, easier and cheaper, but it is worth noting that there are certain restrictions on increasing the staff. The legislation does not prohibit an individual entrepreneur from hiring workers, but their number should not exceed 100 units.

As for OKVED codes: 90 is suitable here. 0 "Wastewater disposal and other similar activities." Tax deductions can be paid through the USE or UTII system, depending on the level of income, the volume of work performed, and others.

Where to start?

First of all, it is recommended to analyze the level of competition and demand in a particular region. Then it is worth deciding on the types of services provided. As a rule, the sewage service business involves similar works for cleaning:

Looking for a service business? Consider buying a specialized car with a tank and providing pumping services for septic tanks, yard toilets and cesspools. And if you immediately thought, ugh, I will not do this, then do not rush to draw such conclusions, study the business model, and you will see that you can make good money on this type of activity.

It makes sense to provide sewer services in cities with a large private sector, which is cut off from the central sewerage system. Due to the large number of potential customers, you can ensure a stable workload of the working day.

Pros and Cons

Like any kind of activity, a business using the services of a vacuum cleaner has its advantages and disadvantages, let's talk about them in more detail.

  • constant demand for the service. Many owners of private houses have septic tanks with a volume of 3-5 cubic meters, and a competent water overflow system has not been thought out, so they often order the service of pumping out cesspools.
  • no seasonality.
  • if you buy a used car, you can start with a little capital.
  • free work schedule for an entrepreneur.

  • odors that come when pumping out and draining waste, and they also remain near the machine.
  • high competition, so when starting this business you need to try not to refuse customers.
  • the complexity of obtaining a permit for the shipment of waste, besides, you have to pay extra for it.


In order to work officially, you will need to complete a number of documents.

We do not recommend draining what is pumped out of septic tanks somewhere in the fields, it threatens with high fines, plus you will seriously pollute the environment, since there is a lot of chemicals in the waste from detergents and cleaning agents. To arrange your activity correctly, you can consult a lawyer.

Purchase of equipment

The main thing you will need for your business is a sewer truck. Which in its design includes a tank for 5 - 11 cubic meters, a powerful pump for pumping waste, as well as a hose. Please note that it should be possible to extend the hose along the length, if it is not possible to drive closer to the septic tank and usually customers pay extra for pumping from long distances, as this creates a higher load on the pump.

There are cars of domestic production on the market: KRAZ, KAMAZ, ZIL, GAZ and others, as well as Korean Hyundai, or Japanese cars, they are more economical and reliable. The cost of new imported sewage trucks is on average $ 45,000 - $ 75,000. Domestic used cars for pumping out septic tanks can be considered from the amount of $ 9000 and above, it will be a car in good condition, in which you will not need to invest a lot of money.

How much can you earn?

The phrase "money doesn't smell" is especially relevant for the sewage disposal business. Despite the specificity of this occupation, this business attracts many. This is facilitated primarily by economic factors. With the growth of the number of individual houses, the demand for services for pumping out septic tanks also increases.

According to the latest 2021 census, there were 52.8 million private households in Russia, with an average of 2.6 people. At the same time, only 27 million households had central water supply. As for the central sewerage system, only every third house could boast of such a blessing of civilization.

"Add here more suburban real estate and residential cottages without registration, multiply all this by the increase due to construction over the past four years, and you will get about 45-48 million individual houses in which there is a septic tank," explains sociologist Arkady Semenov from Moscow. - There is no doubt that the sewage service business offers the population highly demanded services. There are psychological problems that we inherited from the Soviet past, when this work was considered socially flawed. But under capitalism, any work that pays for hard currency is worthy of respect. "

In this regard, it is logical to speak of the waste disposal business as an entrepreneurship that brings comfort to people and a good income for a businessman.

So, according to the sociologist Arkady Semyonov, the type of these occupations in society is biasedly underestimated. In this regard, it is interesting what is the motive of the people who have conceived to start their own business in the field of pumping out septic tanks. As always, let's go to the open spaces of the Russian Internet and look for an answer to this question on the forums.

Most often, doubts concern disgust and the misconception that the drivers of such cars smell bad.

“Earnings can be good. Only you can't wash off the smell even in a week. Not a single woman will live for any money with a sewer. I know firsthand, an acquaintance is working in this area, ”says the forum member Korvet.

However, many drivers deny such allegations, stating that in any business there are disadvantages, but there are also significant advantages.

The following post says about how much the sewers earn: “In the Crimea in the summer, in principle, this is a gold mine. And a little more than $ 15 per car is a trifle. And the demand, especially in summer cafes, is stable. Guys don't stand idle. In the daytime he drives a sewage truck, in the evening he drives a rather strong foreign car. "

Marduk: “I had to pump out a hole from my parents in the village. We barely found those who could do it. It turns out everyone is busy. And the price is not weak: 500 rubles, in fact, for half an hour of work. So I just wondered what it was like to work on such a machine, how much they earn. Can this be called a real business at all? "

Godzila: “My father has already eaten away all the baldness by the fact that he needs to sell a plot of land with a garden (and they give for it within 600 thousand rubles), and buy a sewer truck with this money, and start making money large. Like "there is nothing to listen to other people and their ridicule", they say, people make good money on this. What do you think about this? Maybe the father is right? "

There are a lot of such answers. “Business as business,” says Igor Malyugin, an expert on startups. - It is worth taking the first step and earning five to seven thousand rubles in a day - immediately all doubts will go away, especially since modern sewage disposal machines and personal hygiene products dramatically improve the quality of work of specialists in septic tanks.

Before you start

Business is quite specific, not only because of the subject of entrepreneurial activity. The fact is that it is profitable to offer waste disposal services only where there is a large private sector. This is the only way to ensure a high flow of customers. But it is important to take into account the level of competition. Such services are offered by housing and communal services, but the main competitors are the drivers who work for them at the rate. They often use a flusher outside the main office and therefore clean at dumping prices.

Many entrepreneurs are also embarrassed by the fact that it is difficult to “wash off” such activities. In fact, today modern hygiene products are used for work, equipment that absorb all odors. Therefore, outside of work, nothing will indicate the nature of your business.

List of services

According to statistics, there are about 45 million houses in the country that need sewage services. Therefore, the market potential is great. When opening such a business, it is necessary to include services for cleaning such points in the business plan:

  • toilets;
  • pools ;
  • car washes ;
  • basements;
  • fecal wells;
  • sedimentation tanks;
  • sewerage systems;
  • cesspools;
  • septic tanks.

The largest income can be obtained during the summer season, working in popular resorts. The main customers for this period will be summer cafes and recreation areas equipped with dry closets. At this time, a profitable business can be built even on a rented car. Typically, a flusher can be rented for $ 15-20 per day.

The cost of services is formed depending on the type of pumping, volumes, as well as where it is offered. For example, pumping out a sewer pit with a volume of up to 4 m 3 costs 500-1000 rubles, if the process is carried out inside a settlement. The cost per settlement is calculated based on the mileage. The cost of a large volume is also calculated based on how many walkers the car will have to make and how much mileage to cover.

Car selection

If you want to build a long-term and profitable business, include the purchase of imported equipment in your business plan. Moreover, it is recommended to pay attention to Japanese-made cars. Of course, at the start, this will increase costs two to three times, but in the end you will only benefit. The main advantages of such machines are:

  • Economical fuel consumption. Japanese cars run on diesel fuel, practically not using it during pumping.
  • Convenient hose length. A special automatic hose folding system allows you to install the hose up to 100 meters, which significantly expands the vehicle's capabilities.
  • Quality and reliability. The tank of the Japanese car is galvanized and equipped with partitions, which increases its service life. It also has a measuring window that allows you to accurately monitor the filling of the tank. The pump operation is supported by a reliable cooling and lubrication system, which is not available on domestic machines. Therefore, the Japanese flusher will never fail at the most inopportune moment.

If we talk about the cost, then such a machine for 11m 3 will cost about 5 million rubles. If you take a used one and not the last years of production, then you can keep within one and a half million. If your financial plan does not imply such significant expenses, you can get by with the domestic GAZ 3307 2021, which in a second-hand state will cost about 180 thousand rubles. It is necessary to purchase a set of equipment for it, which will cost another 120 thousand rubles.

Legal considerations

Each of us wants to make good money, but not everyone knows how to do it. There are many different ways, but it's always best to work for yourself. One of the ways to make money in the service market is the sewage service business. It would seem that it could be easier - buy yourself a car with a barrel, and the job is done. But no, as in any other business, there are pitfalls here, which are the purpose of this article to tell you.

Pros and cons of business

Of course, not everyone agrees to work with human waste and other obscenities. But given the relatively low competition in the market for these services, it's worth it. Also, low labor costs are among the undoubted advantages of the sewage service business. If you have certain skills, you can do it yourself without resorting to the services of hired workers. But it is worth remembering that there are various cars: there are vacuum trucks based on passenger Gazelles, and there are truck vacuum trucks, in order to operate which, you need to retrain, at least for category C1, and if the truck is more than 7.5 tons, then even category C.

The disadvantages of the sewage service business include a number of key points necessary to start this business, which we will talk about below.

Business Registration

Naturally, to start your own business, the first thing to do is to register with the tax authority. Whatever form of enterprise you open, be it an individual enterprise, a limited liability company or any other form of business, you must comply with the current legislation, since the basis of future earnings will be the concluded agreement with the enterprises. And no one will deal with you without the appropriate documents. You can, of course, interrupt in crumbs, serving the private population, other dacha cooperatives. But this is far from the idea of ​​a really working business.

Choice of organizational and legal form

So, in the modern world there is nothing easier than registering yourself as an individual entrepreneur. The easiest way is to submit a notification in the appropriate section of your personal account on the website of the Federal Tax Service Tax. at. If this is not possible, we go to the nearest tax authority and submit an application.

It is important to remember that when registering an individual entrepreneur, you can choose a special tax regime: a single tax on imputed income (UNDV) or a patent. The main disadvantages of the ENDV include the fact that the scope of activity in which it can be applied is very limited. A patent has a limited list of activities with which it can be applied. However, if you have a friend or any of your relatives wants to be indifferent, you can register a limited liability company. This organizational and legal form, undoubtedly, gives a greater advantage in terms of an extensive list of clients, various forms of ownership. But it is difficult to conduct more serious accounting.

OKVED codes

When registering, do not forget to indicate OKVED codes. This is either 37.0 - wastewater collection and treatment, or 38.1 - non-hazardous waste treatment and disposal (this will help you save a little on disposal).

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