Business idea: self-service laundry

Investments: from 1.5 million rubles

Payback: from 2 years

Self-service laundries, widely available in cities in Europe and the United States, have not yet become widespread in our country. There is an opinion that this business is designed exclusively for large cities and requires serious investments. Nevertheless, the opening of such an enterprise in a city with a population of more than 500 thousand inhabitants is a very real idea that can bring a profit.

Business Concept

Self-service laundry is a convenient service that allows you to use equipment for a fee to wash, dry and iron your clothes. Unlike a traditional laundry, there is no administrator here, and the client performs all the actions on his own.

Considering such a business option, it is necessary first of all to determine who will be the consumer of this type of service (potential customers). This service is unlikely to be in demand among citizens who have a washing machine at their own disposal. Therefore, opening a laundry in a residential area is not very promising.

Provision should be made for the presence in the immediate vicinity of student dormitories, hostels, hotels, boarding houses, as well as catering establishments and other industries that require periodic washing of staff clothing.

What is required for implementation?

To calculate the total cost of investments in starting this business, you need a list of mandatory expense items. It is worth noting that each project will differ from similar ones depending on the region where it is being implemented, the selected equipment, etc. Nevertheless, a self-service laundry will in any case need a room, equipment, advertising.

When choosing a location, it is necessary to take into account the requirements imposed by the regulatory authorities for the premises where services of this type are provided. Heat and sound insulation, as well as supply and exhaust ventilation must be provided. Ceilings must be from 3.6 m high. / P>

The minimum set of equipment will include:

Dry cleaning financial model

Brief Investment Memorandum

People are now looking for ways to save more time and make their lives more comfortable. A neat and beautiful appearance is very important for everyone. The income of the population is growing, and the prices for dry cleaning services are quite attractive.

Thus, dry cleaning is a topical business that, if handled correctly, can bring good profits.

The competition in this area is quite high, so we recommend that you think over a detailed business plan in order to calculate all the nuances and be ready for any circumstances.

In this business plan, we will consider a project in a city with a population of over 1 million people. The opening is planned in one of the largest shopping centers.

Key success factors for dry cleaning:

  • stable high demand;
  • competitive prices;
  • convenient location;
  • high quality service.

The initial investment is 2,340,000 rubles.

The break-even point is reached for 3 months of work.

The payback period is 20 months.

Average monthly profit from project implementation 125,000 rubles

Opening a laundry is a rapidly developing business in the Russian Federation. This niche in the consumer services market is practically not occupied. If you draw up a business plan with calculations correctly, the laundry will pay off in 1.6 years and will start bringing in more than 100 thousand rubles. net income monthly.

Is this business relevant

Laundry is a business operating in the field of consumer services.

Laundry and subsequent processing of the laundry is carried out here.

Before opening a laundry from scratch, you should decide on its format. The mentality of citizens living in Russian-speaking countries does not allow opening an all-inclusive business. Many clients can feel disgust and distrust. The best option is a self-service pack. This allows the customer to take part in the washing process: choosing detergents, loading, unloading and ironing the laundry.

Business associated with opening a laundry is not considered a quick payback, as it requires significant investments in the initial stages. This is due to the rental of suitable premises, the purchase of equipment. Due to the lack of competition, the laundry will not be idle. An increase in the flow of customers will allow the expansion of the list of services provided: you can organize dry cleaning, delivery of linen to your home, removal of complex dirt and pellets, bleaching, etc.

What are the pros and cons

Personal services business has a number of advantages. The pluses of standard and mini laundry include:

  • Almost complete lack of competition.
  • Simple business. For the beginning and further development of the enterprise does not require specific knowledge.
  • Not dependent on seasons. The demand for services will be year-round.

The disadvantages of business include:

  • Starting capital - about 1 million rubles.
  • Pays off in 1.5-3 years.
  • Profitability indicator - no more than 20%.

Note! What matters is the chosen place for opening a business. The success and income of the laundry depends on this.

Preparatory phase

Many novice businessmen are interested in the question of how to open a self-service laundry from scratch. The fact is that in the west, this business brings fabulous profits, and the service provided is in great demand. Since the cost of water and electricity in developed countries is by no means cheap, it is profitable for millions of people to go to the laundries rather than pay huge bills. At the same time, the price of similar utilities in our country is at an acceptable level, and therefore the return on investment raises certain doubts.

Initial investment - 2,000,000 rubles.

Market saturation - medium.

Difficulty starting a business - 3/10.

Is business possible in Russia?

  • hostels ;
  • hostels ;
  • campuses;
  • lively places near metro, etc. .

The opening of an automatic self-service laundry has proven itself in Moscow and St. Petersburg hostels. It didn't even need to advertise here, as word of mouth spread the news of the new service at an incredible speed. Lacking the possibility of high-quality washing of linen, residents of hostels often came to the premises where round-the-clock laundromats for the laundry were installed. As a result, the owners' revenue amounted to several tens of thousands of rubles a month.

Business Registration

Before buying self-service laundry equipment, you must register your business legally. The easiest way would be to legalize as an individual entrepreneur. In this case, you should follow a series of simple steps:

  • registration with the tax service;
  • passing the assessment by the fire inspectorate and SES
  • obtaining the appropriate permission from Rospotrebnadzor.

When registering an activity as an individual entrepreneur, an individual is entitled to a simplified taxation system. If outsiders (companies, funds) invest in the business, it is recommended to register a joint-stock company. The procedure will take several weeks in time, but this will give the right to cooperate with other organizations. Before obtaining permission from Rospobnadzor, the premises are checked by the fire inspection and employees of the sanitary and epidemiological service.

There are a number of basic requirements for laundries where washing equipment will be installed.

Laundries were very popular during the Soviet era, when not all people could afford automatic washing machines. But even now this business remains relevant, because not all stains can be removed at home. And laundries are often focused on providing services to legal entities. Let's figure out how to start this business.

Market Watch

Self-service laundries are already popular in metropolitan areas - there are more than 1,500 such establishments, and this market continues to grow by 15-17%, despite the financial crisis.

Today, self-service laundry accounts for an average of 50,000 people, which is much less than in the west. The market remains promising, and there is little competition in this niche.

Advantages and disadvantages of laundry as a business

Let's evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of this business. The indisputable advantage is the simplicity of the organization, quick payback of the enterprise and low operating costs.

Minus - consumer mentality. Many people confuse laundry with dry cleaning, where they once ruined a thing, and prefer to remove stains and wash at home.

The way out is to open a self-service laundry, where customers will do their own laundry and control the whole process.

Attention! A self-service laundry will not be in demand if you open it in a residential area, where almost everyone has a washing machine. It is best to do this in an area where there are many hostels, private hotels, cafes, restaurants.


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