Business idea: opening a cafe

Coffee shops - small cafes where coffee is the main drink - are becoming more common in Russia. Such establishments attract visitors with delicious drinks and a pleasant atmosphere: from the very fact of being in a coffee shop, a person teaches aesthetic satisfaction.

In the context of the popularization of coffee in Russian society, opening a cafe is a promising idea. But opening even a small coffee shop from scratch is not easy if you do not know the specifics of doing business. The ready-made business plan below with calculations of the return on investment of the institution will help to understand the topic.

It will take a lot of capital to open a good coffee shop with a claim to success and long-term development. To create a creative atmosphere in the room, an interesting design should be made, and the coffee itself, in all the variety of its recipes, must be prepared using high-quality equipment - most Russians are experienced enough to distinguish a good drink from a bad one.

The project to open such a cafe is very promising - for example, in 2021, the attendance of coffee houses increased by 12%, and their number is growing every year. With all this, there is still a lot of work to do: the potential of the Russian market in this area is still practically not revealed.

In addition to money, implementing an idea will require knowledge in the art of making coffee, choosing the right varieties, equipment, working methods, etc. A beginner in this area will have to use the services of an expert who will help establish a business process.

Analyzing the market

For Russians, coffee is becoming an increasingly common drink, especially for students and employees of companies located near a particular coffee shop. This is especially true for million-plus cities. In 2021, the volume of the coffeehouse market in monetary terms exceeded 120 billion rubles. The indicators are growing in direct proportion to the number of open establishments: in 2021 there were more than 3.5 thousand of them. units, however, already in 2021 the figure approached 4.5 thousand units.

Moscow is the undisputed leader in terms of market volume, followed by St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. At the same time, there are many million-plus cities in Russia with a relatively small number of such establishments. That is, there is a large, not yet uncovered potential in this area.

The main competitors are all-Russian (Shokoladnitsa, Bodry Den, etc.) and international (Starbucks, Traveler’sCoffee, etc.) cafe chains.

Coffee shop format

At the very beginning, you need to choose the format of the institution. It depends on the capabilities of the entrepreneur, as well as the conditions in which the coffee shop will open.

But before describing the main formats and their features, let us clarify that you can open an institution also under a franchise.

A businessman (franchisee) receives all the necessary support from the parent company (franchisor) at all stages of starting a business. Recipes, technological and management solutions are transferred. The owner of a coffee shop gets the opportunity to run a business under a well-known brand, which is a big plus at the start. But, of course, you have to pay for all these benefits: a one-time lump-sum fee and - every month - royalties (percent of turnover) for several years.

A cafe is a place that brings people together, where you can meet friends, work on your laptop over a cup of coffee, for example. In these places there is a lot of poetical and interesting things, and who doesn't just like to eat? We think creating another great place is definitely worth it!

So what is a cafe, and what is the difference between a cafe and a restaurant?

A cafe is a rather cozy establishment, but it is not as big as a restaurant, it has fewer seats, staff, and sometimes even self-service, the range can also be quite limited. All this leads to the fact that the cafe requires less costs, the average check is relatively lower, therefore, you will have a larger target audience!

Types of cafes:

Choosing the format of the institution

Drawing up a business plan should start with choosing the format that suits you. The cost of rent, furniture, equipment and designer services depends on the chosen concept. For example, if you want to locate your future cafeteria in an office center building, then there should be a large number of seats, but the interior design may not be very flashy, even rather modest. On the contrary, if this institution is planned to be thematic, then you cannot do without the services of a designer, therefore, more investments.

In order to create a roadside cafe, it is worth understanding the geographical location, the range of food and drinks for travelers.

For a children's cafe, it is necessary to have information about current trends in the children's world of entertainment, as well as be aware of which superheroes are now held in high esteem in order to properly design the hall. In addition, increased requirements are imposed on the children's menu, and the main set of dishes and drinks should be expanded, taking into account the fact that children usually rest accompanied by adults. Before opening a family cafe from scratch, you should choose a room near places where families spend their time en masse and make sure that those who are resting in the cafe are not bothered by lovers of strong alcoholic drinks and noisy pastime.

Drawing up a business plan

It is necessary to start opening a cafe with a clear understanding of what it will be like. The basis of the business plan will be a detailed description of the very idea of ​​the establishment, on the basis of which they will be selected: location, design of the premises and the necessary equipment. The format of the institution will also determine the number of employees, the requirements for them and the appropriate work schedule.

Not everyone has the money to build a cafe. Initial investments can reach 2,000,000 rubles. It is worth considering looking for an investor for your future business. You will have to come to them with a ready-made business plan, and the first thing that will be in it is a resume. It should briefly describe the main goals of this enterprise, the relevance of the idea, ways of dealing with competitors. But don't overdo it in resume writing. You will disclose all the numbers and detailed analyzes only in the rest of the business plan.

The most important thing when writing a resume is to make it as attractive as possible for an investor. If he cannot find anything interesting for himself in the first 3 pages of the business plan, where the resume will be posted, then he is unlikely to want to read further.


Good day everyone. Today, a new, or rather a very promising and profitable business with competent actions.

I think there are quite a few people who wanted to open their own business, passed by or left on a note such a specific business idea as opening a cafe.

Opening a small, cozy cafe somewhere close to home is a fairly common dream of a potential small business owner. But a cafe requires a significant initial investment and a lot of time.

This often causes headaches for their owners, especially at first. However, before you finally give up on your coffee shop business idea, consider and analyze a few steps required to get started. With the right pre-planning, the business has a good chance of success.

Of course, I would like to note right away that this case is one of the most confusing and very problematic at some stages. And from you you will need not only leadership skills, but also a very small share of recognition of human psychology.

In addition, you will have to think ahead of the curve in order to be able to competently and easily “select” customers from your competitors. But first things first.

Business at the opening of their cafe

Regardless of what type of small business you intend to start, a detailed business plan is an important first step in the process. A good business plan analyzes your future business, market, and defines a plan for several future years. This is, in fact, your roadmap to success. It also serves as your main resume for potential investors.

In order to correctly write a business plan for your cafe, you should read our article: how to write a business plan yourself. This will greatly simplify the task.

How to prepare a business plan for a cafe

The business plan for opening a cafe, which will be shown to investors, must be drawn up correctly. Perhaps it makes sense to consult on this issue from professionals: lawyers, economists, business analysts?

If you decide to draw up a business plan for a cafe yourself, it would be good to know what it should contain.

Its common components generally include:

The market of cafes and restaurants in Russia is actively developing. If in 2021 customers visit such establishments 2.4 billion times, then by 2021 the indicator increased by 7.5% and amounted to 2.7 billion.The annual volume of the cafes and restaurants market in the Russian Federation exceeds 800 billion rubles. The growing popularity of catering establishments is associated with an increase in the culture of food and alcohol consumption. It is planned that the figures will continue to rise. According to forecasts, the annual growth of the market volume will be 5%. In such conditions, you will earn good money by opening your cafe from scratch. However, keep in mind that there is high competition in the industry. You need to stand out from the crowd and provide services that are popular with customers.

Project Summary

The essence of the project is to organize a classic cafe with a cozy atmosphere. It will become the location for:

  • everyday rest;
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner;
  • meetings of friends;
  • holding festive banquets, celebrations and significant dates.

The institution is designed for visitors with an average income level. The menu consists of dishes of Russian and European cuisine interspersed with Japanese. A wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is available to visitors. It is assumed that the cafe will open in a shopping center, administrative or business district of the city. This will ensure an influx of visitors.

The area of ​​the premises will be 150 sq. ... It will be divided into 3 zones and 5-10 tables will be placed in each. Additionally, they will allocate a place for the kitchen, toilets, utility and work premises. Other characteristics of the project:

  • Form of incorporation - LLC (trade in alcoholic beverages is permissible) or individual entrepreneur (alcohol is not on the menu).
  • A variety of taxation - UTII for regions, STS for Moscow and a number of regions.
  • Target audience - office workers, families with children, people aged 18-60 with an average income level.
  • The degree of project success is medium-high. The indicator varies depending on the location of the establishment and the presence of potential competitors nearby.
  • Place of opening - any city of the Russian Federation with a population of at least 100,000 people.

Analyzing the market

Due to the crisis, the market of cafes and restaurants in the Russian Federation until 2021 showed a decline. Then the situation leveled off and the indicators began to grow again. People began to visit cafes and restaurants more often. Despite the high competition, the market is far from saturated. You can open mini cafes or large establishments and make money even in Moscow and St. Petersburg, although there are many such organizations here. However, the likelihood of success depends on a competent approach to launching and promoting a business.

When launching your business, analyze the market. There is a lot of competition in the catering industry. When choosing the location of the establishment, consider the presence of other organizations of a similar plan within walking distance. Competitors of mid-priced cafes will be:

  • restaurants ;
  • other cafes of medium and low price categories;
  • fast food establishments;
  • points fast food.

If you rent a room in the city center, this does not guarantee a large attendance of the institution. It is better to open cafes near hotels, office buildings or business centers.

Brief Investment Memorandum

Today, one of the most promising and rapidly developing areas of business is public catering. This industry has a dynamically growing turnover and generally positive dynamics.

In 2021, compared to 2021, the restaurant market showed slight growth and exceeded 1,350 billion rubles, according to the Unified Interdepartmental Information and Statistical System (EMISS), which is supervised by Rosstat. Growth continues in 2021. At the same time, the Russian public catering market remains far from saturation, especially in the regions far from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Therefore, opening a cafe today is an expedient and promising business. Before starting a project, you need to conduct a thorough analysis and draw up a business plan.

As part of this work, we will analyze a family cafe with Italian cuisine, where it is pleasant to relax for both children and parents.

Success Factors:

  • Affordable prices
  • Family format
  • Fast service
  • Convenient location
  • Modern interior
  • Nice atmosphere

The initial investment is RUB 3,170,000.

The break-even point is reached for 3 months of work.

The payback period is 12 months or more.

Average monthly net profit 366,000 rubles.

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