Business idea of ​​opening a courier service

Until 2021, there was a decline in the disinfection market. Since 2021, its volume has decreased by more than 25%. However, the spread of coronavirus has changed the situation. People remembered that it is necessary to clean the premises and streets from pathogens of infectious diseases. The market capacity was about 500 million rubles. It is planned that the amount by the end of the year will increase significantly. Now there are all the prerequisites to open a disinfection service.

Business analysis and its prospects

The coronavirus has forced society to reconsider its attitude towards safety and cleanliness. The requirements for organizations that provide services to people are increasing significantly. To continue working, organizations are forced to order disinfection services.

The global market is expected to grow during the 2021-2024 minimum. The average annual rate of increase in volume will be 5%.

  • changing requirements;
  • fear of infection;
  • growing concern for their health.

The list of customers will expand. Companies are forced to clean up more objects after a virus infection. It is planned that the management of shopping and business centers will increase the frequency of cleaning to prevent future outbreaks. Small companies closed during the pandemic. Therefore, open spaces for entry are open for new market participants.

However, keep in mind that costs are closely related to the growth of the disinfectant market. Its volumes are increasing rapidly due to covid 19. However, the growth rate will slow down in the near future. This is due to the fact that ordinary people will no longer react so sharply to the epidemic and get used to it. As a result, the pace of sales will slow down. At the same time, business representatives are forced to work under new requirements.

Disinfection services are provided by both small companies with hired personnel and large organizations. Cooperation is carried out on a one-time basis or on a subscription basis. If a long-term cooperation agreement is concluded, the agreement fixes the frequency of processing of the client's territory.

Business Registration

To open a room disinfection service, you need to register a business. Such companies operate as individual entrepreneurs or LLCs. It's easier to become an individual entrepreneur. It is enough to fill out an application, pay a state duty of 800 rubles and contact the Federal Tax Service. However, the entrepreneur is responsible for business matters with personal property.

Opening an LLC is more difficult. To register with the Federal Tax Service, develop the constituent documents, form the authorized capital, pay the state duty within the authorized capital. To register the Society, prepare the following documents:

Courier service is a business without serious investments and requirements, so everyone can start it. The advantages of this area: high demand for services, a wide range of customers and profitability up to 90%.

A delivery service is a business that suits both an experienced and a budding entrepreneur. In Russia, the industry began to actively develop since the 90s and today it is one of the most promising areas in the service sector. The idea is attractive in that it does not require large investments and at the same time guarantees a sufficiently high profit. You can start with a minimum set of resources and gradually develop your business. Moreover, with the growth of e-commerce, delivery services are more relevant than ever. This is why starting a courier service is a great solution for an entrepreneur.

But this business, like any other, has its own nuances and pitfalls. Before throwing all your energy and money into starting a business, you need to study the main aspects of this type of activity.

Industry Analysis

Relevance. According to the research agency Data Insight, online commerce is growing at least 25% annually, despite the crisis. At the same time, most online stores attract delivery services from outside in order to save money. Result: the number of orders is increasing, and with them the demand for courier services. So now the business is relevant and will feel good while online commerce develops, because more than 90% of all orders of delivery services are delivered by online stores.

Advantages and disadvantages. Assessment of the pros and cons of a business allows you to make a decision about starting your own business and foresee what difficulties you need to be prepared for.

Advantages and disadvantages of courier service

minimum capital to open;

the demand for this type of service is constantly growing;

lack of any qualification requirements for the entrepreneur and his employees;

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  • 2 Goals of the courier service
  • 3 Courier service services
  • 4 Dispatcher - leading specialist of the courier service
  • 5 How much can you earn on opening a courier service
  • 6 How much money is needed to start
  • 7 How to choose equipment for providing delivery services
  • 8 Which OKVED must be indicated when preparing a package of documents
  • 9 Which documents are needed for business
  • 10 Which taxation system to choose for the courier delivery service
  • 11 Do I need permission to implement a business project
  • 12 Newbie in opening a courier service

The creation of a courier service in the post-Soviet space has roots that to some extent connect the Soviet post office, which had its own delivery service, but with a state bias.

Complaints about the work of the delivery service from the Soviet past led to the fact that a mobile courier service appeared in almost all states of the former USSR, which has nothing to do with the sluggishness of the Soviet system.

This market is not yet saturated, so the business idea of ​​opening a courier service is quite attractive.

Step-by-step plan for opening a courier service

The International Association of Courier Services has developed a kind of code of honor, which has taken root in all courier services in post-Soviet countries.

By the way, the word "courier" itself is translated from Latin, how to move quickly, which exactly confirms the basic principle of the functioning of such services.

Purpose of the courier service

There are several categories and directions for the courier service, which are united by one goal, to deliver the goods as quickly as possible from one point of departure to another.

Courier service

Courier service offers almost all demanded systems included in the complex type of courier service:

A huge number of people need constant care and support. These are the elderly, disabled, seriously ill patients. Relatives, due to their employment or remote residence, cannot take on all the troubles and worries. Therefore, they turn to special services, whose duty is professional patient care. This business is promising, since state medical institutions cannot provide long-term care for patients in the recovery period, and the services of private clinics are very expensive. So, how to open an agency to care for the elderly and sick?

Business Advantages

The formation of a company for the care of the seriously ill and the elderly has three directions:

  • Providing a medical nurse.
  • Provision of consumer services.
  • Opening of a private boarding house for the care of seriously ill (elderly) people.

The simplest type of patient care is help in everyday matters. For work, employees are recruited who are ready to help the client, taking on minor household duties (going to the store, paying for utilities, cleaning, cooking). Work requires full or part-time employment, pay for work - hourly or shift. Students, mothers on maternity leave can be used as employees.

Nurse Assistance

A healthcare professional performing the duties of a nurse is selected based on special education and personal qualities. The patronage nurse takes care of the patient, conducts the necessary medical procedures. Nurse payment is made hourly. In some cases, when round-the-clock care is required, the employee's accommodation and payment of related conditions are negotiated.

The important points in the caregiver's work are professionalism, conscientiousness, the ability to build friendly relations with the client. The agency providing the services of a patronage nurse is obliged to monitor and check the work of the staff, to give good recommendations.

The advantages of this type of service are the convenience of the client, since the elderly person does not need to change their place of residence. The patronage nurse comes to the house, carries out the necessary procedures, and the customer pays for the number of hours that will be required.

The cost of services depends on the amount of time spent caring for the patient. In addition to staying with the patient, medical procedures are paid separately. The higher the qualifications of the employee, the more money will have to be spent on his services. On average, one hour of a nurse's work costs 200-300 rubles.

Everyone knows that the dispatch service is the heart of the logistics and transport business, but it is not easy to organize a dispatch service, which is competently and organically integrated into the structure of a car company or a delivery service. The informational risks and technical costs that are typical for such non-core assets are too high. Secondary tasks, as a rule, absorb the main one.

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It is a separate and independent dispatching service that has proven itself well, in fact, the only task of which is to find, accumulate, process and provide information to the end user.

When using the phrase dispatching service, all novice entrepreneurs will certainly associate with a taxi service. But the possibilities of the dispatching business are much wider. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Who owns the information rules the world

This classic dictum from the times of the Roman Caesars has not lost its relevance today.

The road transport business is complex and multifaceted. Acquisition of a car park, rolling stock, hiring qualified and responsible personnel, organizing a repair zone, interacting with permanent road workers - valiant state traffic police officers, takes a lot of energy and almost all the time. The most important thing, to search for customers, communicate with them, information support of cargo and the formation of a customer base as a whole, no time or energy is left. This is where a competent dispatcher comes to the rescue, who for a certain monetary reward takes on a considerable part of the work with the client.

As practice shows, at the moment, independent dispatching services are actively working in the field of passenger transportation, intercity transportation, and the transportation of goods by medium and large-tonnage transport. The sphere of services for organizing the delivery of building materials to the object, services of sewage trucks, earthmoving equipment, cars with crane and manipulator installations, cars with a tipper body by independent dispatchers are poorly and insufficiently covered. It is this area of ​​activity that is promising and worthy of attention.

The charms and pitfalls of the dispatching business

Let's start with a pleasant one. What are the positive points when organizing dispatching services

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