Business idea of ​​creating a dispatch service

In addition, a huge number of people from the former middle class, who so loved to buy expensive things (including prestigious cars) on credit, left without a job and forced to somehow pay with the bank, come to the disappointing thought of a private taxi ... A car loan for them often becomes the only source of income. Look how many expensive luxury cars have appeared in taxi services lately. Believe me, this is not a good life.

The taxi dispatch service provides information services to drivers wishing to provide transport services to the population. It is quite simple to organize a taxi service, this business does not require large investments, the construction of production and retail space, and other complex and capital-intensive activities. The number of staff can be any, many start their business with three dispatchers who work in shifts, taking orders for calling a taxi around the clock.

In essence, a taxi dispatch service is an intermediary that coordinates the actions of drivers and passengers, receiving an order from a client by phone, the dispatcher passes it on to the drivers.

There are many ways to organize your taxi business.

Firstly, if you have your own vehicle fleet, the dispatch service can be organized as an additional structure of a small business.

The second method is more common today and less expensive. If you do not have your own vehicle fleet, you can create a dispatch service and invite drivers with personal vehicles to work, negotiating the terms of cooperation.

Drawing up a competent business plan for a taxi service is a task that even a novice entrepreneur can do. It does not matter whether you are going to apply for government subsidies for small businesses or create an enterprise using your own funds, in any case, you need to calculate the upcoming expenses and estimated income of your business as accurately as possible in order to understand "is it worth the candle."

The main expense of the taxi dispatch service is high-quality communication.

You will need a telephone connection (in large cities - a multichannel telephone), for each dispatcher you need to buy a telephone. If you already have a connected phone that you can use for your business, then only the subscription fee will be included in the costs. An easy-to-remember number will also require additional payment, but this is an important point for a taxi service.

Radio communication is a serious cost for big cities, since air pollution creates constant interference, you need good quality communication to work. When choosing radio communication, it should be borne in mind that it can be of several types, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

CBC frequencies are the cheapest communication, but in big cities it is almost impossible to use it due to serious interference. One such radio station costs about 4 thousand rubles. A radio station operating in the VHF range is the best option in terms of price-quality ratio, but its use will need to be coordinated, which can take a lot of time. The cost of the radio station is 7-27 thousand rubles. You can negotiate with an operator who has permission to use such frequencies. Taking frequencies from a third-party operator is not a cheap pleasure, but many dispatching services starting work use it.

The booming internet business is driving the emergence of shipping companies. Although the competition in this business is quite high, the demand is so great that even a novice entrepreneur can easily find his own niche and receive a good income. In this business idea, we will tell you how to open a cargo dispatch service from scratch, where to start and whether this is a profitable activity.

Starting a business and planning features

The dispatcher's job is to find a load for a car that is heading in a certain direction. You don't need to buy the car itself and hire a driver. It is enough to find drivers with their own vehicles, provide them with orders and receive commissions.

To start a trucking business from scratch, an entrepreneur needs to dive into this area. There are two ways to do this. The first, the most costly, is to hire experienced dispatchers with their own base who understand this matter. They will be able to quickly get things on their feet and ensure smooth operation. The entrepreneur's tasks will then include only managerial functions.

Another is based on the fact that the entrepreneur himself has experience in the dispatch service, has a driver base and a number of regular customers that will allow the business to hold out in the first stage. We recommend choosing the second option, because in the first you will be highly dependent on employees. If they suddenly leave you along with the base, this will result in the collapse of the entire enterprise.

There are several areas of work. The most profitable are international and intercity transportation. You can earn more on them, but it will not be easy for a start-up company to break into this market. And work in foreign economic activity is generally associated with serious difficulties due to the need for customs clearance of each cargo and the high risks of its loss for reasons beyond your control. It is definitely not worth undertaking this direction without experience.

If you do not have connections and experience in "expensive" directions, it is better to start with transportation within the city. You can transport furniture, household appliances and building materials around the city. All this is in great demand, and there will be demand. In addition, you can earn extra money by providing loader services.

Dispatchers can earn about 10 percent of each specific order. This is the average rate and can vary from region to region. Before opening a dispatch service, you need to familiarize yourself with this market in your region and conduct an analysis of competitors. If there are a lot of them, then you need to come up with distinctive features that will favorably distinguish your company.

It is not recommended to start a business in a region with poorly developed infrastructure.

How to register

Registration of this type of activity has its own nuances. For many types of business, registration as an individual entrepreneur is quite suitable, but an LLC would be better for a dispatching company. The fact is that in this case there are great risks associated with litigation, and an individual entrepreneur as an individual is also liable with his property. Only what belongs to the company can be sued from an LLC.

In addition, such a form of activity as a limited liability company allows working with the largest companies. Registering a legal entity is a little more expensive than an individual entrepreneur. It will cost at least fifteen thousand rubles. You will have to bring the necessary documents to the tax office. In the event of registration as LLC, the dispatch service will only take risks with its authorized capital.


The standard taxi operation scheme is really quite simple: the client contacts the service and makes an order ---> the order accepted by the dispatcher is transferred to the driver ---> the driver completes the order, receives payment and tells the dispatcher that everything okay. At the end of the shift, each of the drivers hands over the proceeds to the entrepreneur. The next day, history repeats itself, however, the taxi service itself should be open around the clock.

If you do not buy cars even on lease, but agree with the existing owners, you can get 80-100 thousand per month and reach a payback in about six months. Otherwise, you will have a rather low profitability and a painful exit to payback. But this option also has its advantages.

Before you start

Before you open your taxi, first you need to decide how you are going to do it at all. There are several options: the first one is “do it yourself”, that is, collect the dispatch service, hire drivers and buy a whole fleet of vehicles. This option is quite costly, difficult to pay and difficult to implement. And it is more suitable for working in the regions, perhaps in some million-plus cities.

Option two - "optimize costs", that is, open a taxi without a fleet of vehicles and transfer everything to third-party performers. At the same time, the entry threshold is sharply reduced: if you wish, you can keep within only 100 thousand rubles and become something like Yandex. axi. The Moscow market is quite saturated with this kind of offers, but here you have dumping, and the intrigues of competitors, and enticing drivers, and 15% from dispatch services, in general intrigues, scandals, continuous costs.

There is also a "premium class" fallback. In more or less saturated markets, you can focus on representative services and corporate clients: business-class cars and polite drivers in suits with ties, which offer, in addition to the usual taxi, transfer services, meeting from the station or airport at a fixed rate, will find their client. At the same time, there are several ways to form a car fleet: again, buy a car, take it on lease, rent it without drivers, or conclude agreements with drivers. Many people recommend the leasing option, which will reduce startup costs and save on taxes, as well as agreements with owners. But before the final decision, you need to carefully calculate everything, taking into account the conjuncture of your market.

The main risks: big, huge, just fierce competition, high marketing costs, when forming your own vehicle fleet - huge investments and a relatively low return on investment.


The dispatcher's room, in fact, like the vehicle fleet, can be placed in general, anywhere, and not to worry about it. Standard requirements are imposed on office premises, from 1.5 to 4.5 sq. M should be allocated for each dispatcher. m, in addition, at your leisure you can read the SanPiN, which regulates the work with computers. As for the car fleet, in principle, nothing prevents you from shoving it even into the industrial zone - the main thing is, do not forget about the place for drivers to rest and about the fact that you need to carry out service and repair somewhere.


There are many ready-made solutions for taxi ordering services on the market today. You can turn to third-party companies that, for a small fee, will help you get the equipment for the call center, software for tracking orders and generating statistics, in general, everything you need to open a taxi. There are newer systems for larger services, but you need to grow up to them first. Well, we're not going to talk about things like phones and computers.

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    Many people now strive to create their own business. Someone dreams of creating a large manufacturing corporation, someone wants a small, but their own factory. And some just want to provide themselves with a small but consistently profitable business.

    With all wishes, you have to start small, unless, of course, you are the son or daughter of an oligarch.

    And, of course, everyone is worried about the question: where to start, in what direction to work?

    How to create a dispatch service

    One of the great options for starting a business is opening a dispatch service.

    We are talking about the provision of dispatch and logistics services to carriers and product manufacturers.

    What services are meant:

    Every city and region has a lot of industries. All of them need to transport their products. Very few people own their own fleet, and it is not economically profitable to send vehicles loaded in one direction only.

    At the same time, there is no less mass of carriers, from owners of one car to large transport companies. They, in turn, need the availability of goods.

    The car has long become a common means of transportation and more and more changes many people's ideas about the importance of comfort and saving time. In some cities, taxis are even partially replacing traditional public transport, which is associated with waiting at stops, long journeys and lack of amenities. In this article, we will tell you how to open a taxi dispatch service from scratch and organize its activities competently, help you assess the pros and cons of this business and make good money on it.

    Business formats

    When deciding where to start creating a dispatch service, one should take into account that this segment of the business is very competitive. Moreover, this is observed in all settlements, regardless of the number of inhabitants. Therefore, the success of your enterprise will largely be determined by the quality of the services provided.

    Entrepreneurs usually follow two paths to organize taxi businesses:

    • Creation of a company based on its own vehicle fleet.
    • Open dispatch service only.

    The first way is quite costly, as it requires significant funds for the purchase of cars and their maintenance. It is possible to create such an enterprise only within the framework of the organizational and legal form of a small enterprise - LLC.

    The second method does not require large investments, because it is based on the involvement of drivers from outside. The level of economic risks with such a business organization is much lower, and it can be formalized by registering an individual entrepreneur. In this case, the company's income will be formed from fixed or percentage deductions from the drivers' revenue, the amount of which is established by the contract.

    The main purpose of the taxi dispatch service is to provide information services to car drivers involved in passenger transportation. Its main task is to coordinate customer requests with the capabilities of drivers to ensure the most optimal conditions for transportation to the destination.

    Stages of Enterprise Creation

    Step-by-step instructions for creating an enterprise may look like this:

    • Development of a detailed business plan with calculations. It will allow you to accurately predict the costs that a given business idea will require and determine whether it is profitable to open an enterprise in one way or another. The plan documents will serve as a justification for obtaining a loan and will help in negotiating with investors and other interested parties.
    • Official registration of the dispatch service. If an enterprise is created by attracting drivers with their own vehicles, then to register the service, you only need to register an individual entrepreneur or LLC with OKVED "Information Services". When creating a service with a fleet of vehicles, a license is required.
    • Room selection. It is quite easy to choose a room for a dispatching service, especially if an enterprise is created as an independent business entity. The location of the control room in this case does not matter. But one should proceed from the availability of appropriate communications to ensure the equipment operability.
    • Purchase hardware and software. The cost of software is determined by the number of dispatcher jobs. On average, such a kit costs from 30 to 50 thousand rubles. In addition, you will need to buy additional developer support modules for it. Equipment for the control room should be selected based on the number of dispatchers' jobs and the drivers they serve. The more there are, the more complex and expensive the software package, server hardware and routers will cost. When using radio communication in work, a license is required to use a certain radio range. The procedure for obtaining it in Roskomnadzor is rather complicated and can take a significant amount of time. The best solution in this case would be to rent a wave from an existing operator. This service costs 1,800-2,000 rubles per month.
    • Enterprise branding. For a taxi company or a separately operating dispatch service, it is important to choose a memorable name and choose an easy phone number. Marketing experts recommend focusing on the target audience of service consumers in this choice. In addition, it is necessary to convey to her the main advantages of the company: round-the-clock service, the most advantageous offers. A multichannel phone number should be well remembered.
    • Development and promotion of the company's website. For such an enterprise as a taxi dispatch service, its own website is not only a business card, but also an excellent resource for increasing the volume of services provided. In addition to the online taxi ordering service, you can place ads on it, which will also be profitable. On the site, it is necessary to provide sections for self-calculation of the cost of travel, the length of routes, posting reviews of customers of services.
    • Advertising and marketing activities. This work can be done in a variety of ways. Advertising using Internet resources can be placed completely free of charge. To do this, your site must be registered in directories and search engines, for example, in Yandex-Taxi. Here you can independently publish links on forums, use free message boards, post reviews of your clients. Another great way to do online marketing is to work on social media by creating groups and posting their opinions on the service's services. Traditional forms (outdoor advertising, printing, mass media) should not be neglected either. Place logos and service requisites on the vehicles employed by the taxi company. It will be the most mobile and fastest growing ad for your business. Order business cards and brochures, they can also be great promotional products. Don't skimp on regular TV and radio communications about your services.
    • Recruiting and working with personnel. This direction in the implementation of this business idea is one of the key ones. The reputation of an enterprise in the service market depends on it, and, consequently, its demand from customers. An employee of the dispatching service must have a competent speech, know the "geography" of the provision of services, be consistent and correct in communication. It should be borne in mind that these workers are also assigned the burden of resolving conflict situations. Therefore, the selection of candidates for employment is best organized on a competitive basis with the provision of written CVs from the applicants.

    Already after their selection and the start of the dispatch service, it is important to form a bonus system for employees, which will avoid staff turnover and increase employee interest in the results of their activities.


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