Advertising business: 4 ways to enter a niche

Selling "invisible", something intangible, is much more difficult than a regular product - for example, clothing or building materials. It is no coincidence that service marketing is singled out in a separate direction and assigned a special role to it. Today we will talk about the features of the sphere of intangible production and how to sell services.

What is the service

A service means any activities, benefits or benefits that are produced in the process of their provision and in most cases are intangible - that is, the buyer does not take possession of any material values. Nevertheless, some of the services are directly tied to goods in their material form. So, when buying an airplane ticket, we purchase exactly the service - moving from point A to point B.

Selling Features

Without exception, all services have common characteristics that must be considered when talking about how to sell services.

The most logical point. Services are intangible - that is, they cannot be touched, seen, or tasted. Coming to the hairdresser's, we cannot "try on" a new haircut in advance. What does this mean from a supplier perspective? To increase sales, you need to make the service more tangible, highlight the key benefits that the client will receive. For example, for a hairdresser, this can be a portfolio of photos of the best work that confirms his skill.

Inseparability from the source

Another feature is that a service is always closely related to a person or equipment. So, buying a ticket to a concert, we expect to see our favorite musicians. If for some reason one of the group members has to be replaced, the service will no longer be the same. This directly implies the need to properly organize the process of providing services: learn how to work with a large number of clients at the same time or speed up the service process.

When talking about how to sell services correctly, it is important to remember that the quality of services is constantly changing depending on the place, time of delivery and hundreds of other factors. The same waiter can serve you great one day, and the next day, drop the dish or be rude (for example, because you feel unwell). What does this mean? When starting a business in the service sector, it is always necessary to allocate sufficient budget to attract and train really good specialists. In addition, it is necessary to establish feedback from customers in order to quickly process any complaints and improve the performance of employees.

Why is this important for a business owner? The fact is that in almost all sectors of the service sector, demand fluctuates: tours to seaside resorts are mainly ordered in the summer, and taxis around the city - in the midst of the working day. How to sell services in this case? There are several marketing strategies that can help stabilize demand and better plan costs:

  • Price differentiation by time. In order to shift some of the demand from the peak period to the quiet period, many companies use discounts - for example, cinemas sell tickets at low prices for late evening shows.
  • Create an alternative for those waiting during peak hours. A good option is a separate cocktail bar for those waiting for a table in the restaurant.
  • Implementation of the pre-order system.

How to sell services: step by step instructions

Recently, there has been a tendency to reject a clear schedule and early rises to work. More and more people are looking for a way to make money from home or work for themselves.

There are a lot of reasons for such a search - maternity leave, sick children, difficulties in finding a job in their specialty, low income of available vacancies and high expenses on the road to work.

Freelancing, like any profession, has its advantages and disadvantages.

A big plus is the ability to build your schedule as conveniently, you do not have to spend time getting to work (it will take a few minutes at home), the absence of bosses, the ability to make freelance both the main income and combine with a permanent job, non-fixed earnings, depends only on you.

Of the shortcomings - lack of daily communication with like-minded people, difficulties of self-discipline, lack of awareness of exactly how much you can earn and there is no opportunity to take sick leave or maternity money, difficulties in starting a career.

Lack of specific earnings and not knowing where to start scares away beginner freelancers. In this article, we will offer options for ideas on how to monetize your hobby and get more from it than just pleasure!

Small business from home: overview of the main options

Now everyone can start their own business without leaving their home and without much investment. Let's consider the main options.

On the exchange you can find orders for:

  • copywriting ;
  • student work;
  • text translation;
  • audio / video transcriptions;
  • tutoring;
  • design development (business cards, website, apartment project, etc.);
  • development of sites, applications, programs, bots, etc.

If you have ideas for your own project, you have a story to tell and show - create your online project!

Marketing and sales in the service sector have their own specific features associated primarily with the intangible nature of the product. What are they and how to properly sell something that is impossible to touch?

Business on wheels lets you brush up on standard ideas. An entrepreneur appears to stand out among competitors, increase a client base and earn money by gaining access to those locations that are inaccessible to ordinary business.

The modern pace of life dictates its own terms to business. To keep up with customers, entrepreneurs are forced to put their business on wheels. Today, a car is not only a means of transportation, but also a way to embody daring commercial ideas. As practice shows, almost any business can be placed in a car. There are many offers on the market: from hairdressing salons to hotels on wheels. The mobile format gave the effect of novelty to everyday ideas. Therefore, more and more mobile businesses appear. Another reason that put the business on wheels is the savings in retail space. The rent of commercial space is often quite high, and it is an expensive pleasure to purchase a property. It is much easier to get spacious used vehicles and look for profitable places around the city.

Business Features on Wheels

Mobile business has a number of advantages that attract aspiring entrepreneurs:

no need to search for a room;

organize a mobile business cheaper;

just get permits;

you can change the place of sale and cover a wide range of consumers;

in case of failure, you can sell the car and return part of the costs;

mobile business advertises itself;

Advertising business is very relevant these days. No product or service can be complete without promotion. Even a small business needs an advertising campaign. The success of almost any undertaking depends on skillful advancement.

Passive income on sites

Sign up for a free intensive and learn how to get passive income on sites, even if you don't understand anything

Every day new companies, products, services appear on the market. And they all need competent promotion. Therefore, you can make good money on the advertising business. It seems that starting an advertising business is very easy. But this is not the case. The slightest mistake and customer dissatisfaction can lead to failure. What needs to be done to organize your own advertising business? This will be discussed in our article.

What is the advertising business in the Russian Federation

Advertising services provided by the promotion agency are gradually expanding. Together with advertisements in the media, agencies offer a whole package of services:

  • on the World Wide Web;
  • at various exhibitions and fairs where promotions are held;
  • by distributing leaflets, flyers, etc. ...

Advertisers often promote products on social media. This is one of the opportunities to significantly increase your income. Agencies also widely advertise their products on specialized Internet forums, which are visited by their target audience.

Advertising can now be found everywhere: in elevators, on balconies, even on buses and trolleybuses and private cars. Advertising on street structures is very popular. It often works no worse than online advertising and allows you to interest ordinary passers-by in a product or service.

Advertising on the Internet is one of the main sources of income. Internet advertising involves working with different tools. It is she who is able to bring the agency the greatest income. To promote a product or service on the World Wide Web, you need the following:

  • be able to write articles with keywords for the main queries of search engines;
  • know SMM;
  • engage in branding, that is, create a positive image of the company.

How to open an advertising agency: the main stages and features of the business ????

To start your own ad agency, you need to follow these steps:

"Last mile" services, logistics systems with drones and vacuum trains, delivery "on demand", in the trunk of your own car and without the presence of the owner. We look where the delivery sphere is going.

The delivery industry is a trendy line of business that is undergoing global changes. More and more postal companies are working on the so-called "last mile" services (the final stage of delivery of goods from the distribution center to the recipient), retail and e-commerce giants are fighting to create new logistics concepts, and small startups are constantly expanding the range of goods that are available for ordering and subscriptions, and improve the service. In this collection, let's see what new business ideas, projects and innovations 2021 has already given us.

Food delivery to student campuses

Good Uncle is a food delivery service that caters for students across 15 East Coast campuses. In contrast to student canteens, students are offered cheaper and more delicious meals. Students can order fried bacon, marinated steaks and dishes inspired by the menus of popular New York restaurants like Ess-a-Bagel, No. 7 Sub, Joe's Pizza and Croxley's. From Thursday to Sunday, the service is open until 3 am, and on other days it is ready to fulfill the order until midnight, which is also very appealing to students. According to the founders, students can make both one-time orders and meal subscriptions 5 times a week. Moreover, prices for such services are 30-50% cheaper than in university canteens.

Same day delivery of furniture

The Detroit-based Floyd business project was created specifically for millennials who, if they want to buy furniture, want to do it as quickly as possible and without further hesitation. Thanks to an optimized inventory system and a large number of warehouses, the company offers to deliver furniture directly on the day of order. Everything is extremely simple and convenient. The order is made through the website and immediately goes to the customer. The furniture itself, by the way, is bare functionality and minimalism, no luxury and art. The service is now available in New York and San Francisco.

In China and India, services have begun to appear that allow you to organize delivery directly to trains. In China, a similar service is offered by China Railway Corp. With the help of the website and the application for buying tickets, you can order food, which will be delivered right to your seat. The service is available for 27 stations in 24 cities in China - these are provincial centers and major metropolitan areas. When buying a ticket, the user is offered a list of partner companies and restaurants offering their menu. Food suppliers will be screened by the food control service. It is interesting that at some stations you can place an order while on the train, but not less than two hours before arriving at the designated station. Passengers can order both fast food from KFC-type chains and dishes of the national cuisine of those cities that are on the route of the train. A similar project was recently launched in India, where the Indian Railway Company and Tourism Corporation has teamed up with logistics company Trapigo to deliver fresh food from restaurants directly to passengers.

E-commerce giant Amazon has introduced a new service in the field of “last mile” delivery - The Hub Amazon. Parcel lockers are cabinets with cells for receiving and storing parcels. They are intended for residential buildings and complexes and allow you to store parcels until they are received. To receive the parcel, the customer only needs to enter the code and log in. This eliminates the need to be at home during the arrival of the postman. According to Amazon, parcel terminals will be able to accept orders from all carriers. The cost of installing one hub will be from 6 to 20 thousand dollars, in addition, you will have to pay rent and maintenance. By the way, Amazon is not the only company that is developing this direction. DHL and jet are launching their parcel machines. om, and in Russia a similar project called “The Last Mile”, together with ENGY, has already been presented by “Russian Post”.

Delivery drone from Alibaba

Alibaba is testing the G Plus unmanned robot capable of delivering packages to a customer's home. The drone is paving the way with the LIDAR navigation system, which helps the robot create 3D maps. The device works in conjunction with the Cainiao smart box, which is installed right outside the apartment door. As soon as the robot reaches the place, he leaves the parcel either personally to the client, or in the box if he is not at home. In the first case, the recipient only needs to enter the PIN. When receiving a parcel from a Cainiao box, a person does not need to do anything, since the system is equipped with face recognition technology. It is known that through the application, the user will be able to change the temperature inside the box so that the goods do not deteriorate when it comes to food delivery. The G Plus will go into commercial production at the end of 2021.

Catering for schools

The Real Food Lunch Club from Toronto specializes in delivering healthy meals to schoolchildren. On school days, school lunches are delivered to children from 12 city schools using exclusively natural products. The menu contains both the most popular items among children, like chicken with carrot puree, and healthy ones, like vegetarian spreads with lentil sauce. The program was organized by the catering company Real Food for Real Kids, which has extensive experience in organizing baby food and knows from experience what children love most and what they dislike.

Large companies have become increasingly concerned about ensuring that office kitchens are always filled with all the nutritious foods that increase employee productivity. Desk Nibbles from Canada is an example of a company that delivers modern food to offices. The company not only supplies all sorts of healthy goodies, but also takes into account the individual needs of employees with their allergies, diets and other characteristics. Interaction with the service is carried out through chats of companies and chat bots. Thanks to them, you can place orders, make reviews and track expenses. The project can work on a subscription basis, weekly replenishing the stock of office snacks.

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