Accounting firm business plan: how to make money outsourcing

Many resourceful people who live in both big and small cities want to start their own business. Therefore, they try to find the most promising business services ideas can be drawn from Internet resources.

Providing services to the public is considered ideal in all countries, since there is no huge start-up cost. In addition, everything will depend on the imagination, because the service industry has a variety of ideas. In addition, only those who are rich in imagination and love their own business are engaged in entrepreneurship.

It is not easy for an aspiring entrepreneur to take his place in the market. But finding a suitable office space is not difficult at all. After all, it can be rented, although at first it is not even necessary. Everything will depend on the chosen direction. Sometimes you can start a business with only a landline and mobile phone, and a few more assistants.

To create a business in the service sector, you just need to register and become an individual entrepreneur. Difficulties can arise only when choosing a direction of activity. Since the services provided must be in demand. The success of this business depends on the size of the population in the region where it is going to be organized, as well as on competitors in this direction.

But when you are planning to open a serious business, then, of course, it is worth doing an LLC, and if you do not count on high turnover, you need to stop at an individual entrepreneur. By the way, the creation of a company for the provision of services can be undertaken by a company that will quickly complete all the necessary work: collect the necessary documents and carry out the necessary manipulations.

Benefits of providing services

There are many benefits to the service business. Probably a huge plus is that you become a free person, and you can control your future.

Such a business allows you to earn huge capital, sometimes even several times more than you earn now. How can this be? This question is easy to answer. After working for others you have to get paid for the work done. And when you have your own business, you can simply duplicate yourself, hiring employees to increase profits. Legal assistance to business from Legal Mill is the best solution these days! We recommend this company for cooperation!

What business ideas to provide services to the public, for which you can find in large numbers on the pages of entrepreneurship magazines.

Now in every city there are beauty salons, workshops for the maintenance and repair of equipment or jewelry. As a rule, these objects belong to private entrepreneurs who are experts in this activity.

First of all, when starting your own service business, you should draw up a business plan. It usually calculates all costs to get the true price of the offered service.

Accountant services are in great demand now. In the current market economy, making the right calculations is one of the keys to making a business successful. There are a lot of accounting specialists now, but they all have jobs, despite the high competition. And the more experienced the accountant, the more clients he has, including serious companies.

If you have sufficient skills and experience, it is more profitable to open your own company than to work as a hired employee. In this material, we will provide a detailed business plan of an accounting firm with approximate calculations of the return on business, we will tell you about the important details of organizing a business.

Business Relevance

Since the days when accounting was reduced to notches on stones, up to the present moment, accounting has evolved into a multifaceted science. It is simply impossible to do business without it.

In Russia, the accounting services market now exceeds 2 trillion rubles. The leaders, of course, are Moscow and St. Petersburg, but every year more and more outsourced accounting firms are opening all over the country. It is more convenient for companies to pay for accounting to a third-party company than to have their own accountant on staff.

The main consumer of this kind of services is trade (25% of the total market volume), followed by the oil and financial sectors.

Accountants are needed by industrial enterprises, budgetary institutions and organizations, private firms and individual entrepreneurs. The accounting department keeps records of all expenses, losses and profits of the enterprise, calculation of salaries and taxes.

Services provided

Under the terms of the business plan, the accounting firm will operate as an outsourcing company, providing a range of accounting services for legal entities and individuals related to accounting calculations, the creation of financial statements and other financial services.

Services rendered to clients can be divided into several categories:


Nowadays there are a lot of business ideas for services that do not require investing even a small amount in them. For example, in our time there are a lot of elderly people left without the support of their relatives, who are always busy at work or live far away and for some reason cannot take them to themselves. Therefore, a win-win would be to open an agency to provide assistance to pensioners and elderly people with disabilities. To do this, you only need a room where calls will be received by an employee, and you also need a universal doctor who can provide medical assistance at any time. It is not worth setting a very high price for your services, since retirees, as a rule, do not have great opportunities. The business idea of ​​providing services for the elderly is available even to students who can do these in the summer.

Where to start?

Providing services to people is ideal from all angles, since there is no high cost to get started. Secondly, everything depends on your imagination, since the service industry is very diverse.

To create a business in the service sector, you need to register as an individual entrepreneur. Here only difficulties can arise when choosing the direction of this case. The success of this business depends directly on the size of the population in the area in which you are going to organize it, as well as on the competition in this direction. But if you are planning to open a serious business, then it is worth registering an LLC.

Benefits of a Service Delivery Business

Now let's look at a few business ideas for providing services.

Dispatch services

Dispatching services are designed to accept orders for various services, for example, to renovate an apartment, negotiate conditions, schedule the arrival of the master, and so on.

There are very few such services in our country, which is why it is safe to organize a service business that can cover one or more areas of human activity. Today, the most demanded, most likely, are services for the repair of apartments, some premises, offices, cottages.

To open such a business, you will need a computer, several phones and one dispatcher. Next, using the local media, you need to find the phone numbers of several masters of your direction and talk to them, offering them 50% of the amount they pay monthly for ads for the maintenance of the control room itself. They should also be promised that in addition to phone numbers, clients will also be provided with information about their professionalism, quality of work, and the like. All information about the wizards should be entered into a computer database.

After receiving the order, the dispatcher collects all the necessary information and transfers it to the client, agreeing on the time of arrival of the masters, prices, and the amount of work.

Do not forget about advertising a business for the provision of services, since the number of customers depends on this, and, accordingly, the success of the business. You can advertise your business in the newspaper, on the radio, in large shopping centers, supermarkets, and so on.

Financial model of a law firm

Brief Investment Memorandum

Lawyers have always been considered highly demanded and highly paid specialists. This also applies to the law firm, which is a profitable and promising business. First, this business does not require large capital investments to open. Secondly, the demand for the services of law firms is constantly increasing. This is reflected in the fast payback period of the project, which is 12 months, and the break-even point is 4 months after the start of work.

To open, you need a staff of 9 people. It is also necessary to rent an office space of 65 m2. It is better to look for premises in the central part of the city, on streets with high traffic. You can also consider premises near business centers, near the centers of business activity. It is desirable that the entrance is from the street.

The law firm will provide a wide range of consulting services. The firm will be able to serve 150 client inquiries every month with a staff of 5 lawyers. Most of the clients will use one-time consultations with specialists. As a result, the financial indicators of the project are as follows:

Initial investment amount - 892,000 rubles

Monthly profit - 121,000 rubles

Payback period - 12 months

Break-even point - 4 months

Return on sales - 24%

Description of business, product or service

Internet services are one of the most promising business areas today. According to statistics, about 30% of Russians use Internet services at least once a year. This area of ​​business is not only profitable, but also profitable. The implementation of business ideas on the Internet does not require large financial investments.


This Internet service involves the delivery of a surprise product. For example, a client wants to surprise his secret sweetheart. He turns to the surprise company, expresses his wishes for a gift. Employees buy and beautifully arrange the necessary goods, and the courier delivers a surprise to the girl at the place and time specified by the customer. In this case, the name of the fan may be revealed when the presentation is presented, or it may remain secret.

Purchase of items for surprises is made at the expense of buyers. Delivery of a surprise is carried out by courier for a certain amount.

To implement such an idea in the service sector, you will need to create a colorful and informative website. Guests entering the site should receive reliable information about the service provided and be able to place an order.

On the portal of the surprise, you can offer ready-made gifts: cosmetics, board games, sports equipment, tents for outdoor activities, smartphones, books, accessories.

You can promote the idea of ​​an Internet service through various types of advertising: contextual, e-mail distribution, ads on social networks.

The organization of such an idea for a business on the Internet does not require a large amount of investment - from 100,000 rubles. Most of the costs will go to the creation of the website and its promotion. The rest of the amount will be needed for the purchase of surprise items.

Internet piggy bank

One of the business ideas on the Internet can be a service to help accumulate money. The Internet piggy bank will be an alternative to the usual common piggy bank.

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