A ready-made business plan for an agency for organizing events

In the life of every person there are many reasons for a holiday - these are birthdays and anniversaries, anniversaries, weddings, corporate parties, and not everyone wants to spend them at home in a familiar environment. Many people prefer to celebrate significant events on a special scale in order to get a lot of positive emotions. Most cities do not have enough event agencies, which means that you can make money on this. The proposed holiday agency business plan with calculations will help budding entrepreneurs create a successful entertainment project.

Project Summary

The investor's goal is to open an agency for organizing parties for children and adults in a city with a population of 500,000 people. The main difference from competing companies is the comprehensive provision of services, including not only the development of an entertainment program, but also the design of the event, photography and video filming.

Amount of investments in the project - 500,000 rubles. The source of financing is the entrepreneur's own funds. The chosen organizational form is IE. The tax rate is 6% of income. A business involves a small office where orders will be taken and inventory will be stored.

Holiday agency services:

  • assistance in choosing a cafe, restaurant, hall for an event;
  • room decoration;
  • script development;
  • services of DJs, animators, presenters;
  • fairytale characters, cartoon characters, clowns;
  • rental of decorations, costumes, party attributes;
  • musical accompaniment ;
  • lighting effects;
  • dancers' services;
  • festive professional photo session and video filming;
  • selection of service personnel - cooks, waiters.

Business Benefits

The entertainment industry continues to gain momentum despite intense competition. There are dozens of event agencies operating in large cities, but this does not prevent the emergence of new companies that help people organize memorable events. Demand exceeds supply, this is one of the advantages of the business, but there are others:

  • the ability to start with little capital;
  • quick return on investment;
  • no need to hire many employees.

First steps: target audience analysis, competitive environment assessment

The first step towards the goal is to analyze the target audience and the local market. The investor should conduct market research, assess the demand for the services of holiday agencies in the city and study their competitors.

The target audience is people with middle and high incomes between the ages of 20 and 50. Most of the orders (60%) are provided by families with children. Approximately 20% of target audiences are employees of various companies, they are interested in holding corporate parties. About 10% of target audiences are young couples who are going to get married. The rest of the clients are individuals who are planning to have fun celebrating their anniversary, birthday, anniversary of marriage and other significant events.

Analysis of competitors will reveal their strengths and weaknesses. It is important to find out what services are provided by the holiday agencies operating in the city, at what price. It is worth studying reviews of similar companies. Based on the analysis, the future entrepreneur will be able to compile a list of the most demanded services and determine his own pricing policy.

Entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting such a business, in most cases, not only have excellent communication skills, but are also able to boast of good acting talent.

Perhaps they are just chatting with people like that. And the most important advantage that companies for organizing holidays have is that a business organizer enjoys what he does. And it is worthwhile to understand that holding the holidays can be beneficial with a competent approach to organizing the whole business.

Drafting a quality project for organizing a business

For a company whose main activity is celebrating holidays, the business plan plays a very important role. Therefore, first of all, it will be necessary to draw up a high-quality project in which everything, even the smallest nuances, should be highlighted. This project involves the opening of a company, the scope of which would be the organization of holidays for potential clients.

The legal form for doing business is a limited liability company. This choice is optimal because legal entities will become the main clients.

What determines the success of entrepreneurial activity

We should talk about such a factor as success, which characterizes any business, including holding holidays. The business plan must be written very competently. The new company will feel most "comfortable" taking the middle place on the market.

But with the constant development of the company for organizing holidays, income can be increased to a fairly high level. It should be noted that the success will largely depend on the region in which it was decided to start your business. In most cities, such a field of activity does not have any competition at all. But this does not apply to very large cities, since everything is quite the opposite in them.

Business Description

It should be understood that an entrepreneur needs to open his own agency, the main activity of which will be organization, as well as holding holidays. At the same time, the business plan should contain a clause about hiring all the necessary employees.

It will be very difficult to achieve anything in this area without professional workers. In addition, you will need to purchase all the necessary equipment, which will only simplify your business.

How to open a holiday agency with a small start-up capital?

Organization of events is the success story of Ruslana Niyazova's holiday agency. The girl shared her secrets on how to build a business by organizing events from scratch with minimal costs. Her business started with a decree. At first, the young business woman did not follow important news from the economic sphere and was not interested in new equipment for the holidays, but she drew up a business plan for the agency for organizing holidays and other events.

It all started when Ruslana faced a problem: one of the children's birthdays did not go as planned. Ruslana realized that she was able to organize a holiday at the highest level and still make money on it. The size of the start-up capital for 2021 was 20,000 rubles - the best suits were sewn and the first clients wrote praise about Ruslana's work.

The professionalism and personal qualities of the animators turned out to be an important factor in business success in organizing events. Children can openly express their dissatisfaction, they can be bored. The task of the animator is for the children to leave the holiday happy and cheerful. An actor, according to Ruslana, must completely dissolve in the work and, first of all, think about his audience.

As the agency developed, it became clear that it was necessary to organize its own platform for holding the holidays. The first children's labyrinth was first rented, then the team acquired its own, and a little later changed it to a larger and improved version. Huslana emphasizes that she did not take risks and developed the business at a slow pace.

Today she owns several playroom complexes in her city and organizes children's parties for a large number of clients.

The Ruslana agency's specialties are the laying of capsules of the future - children write letters to themselves as adults, an eco-performance, a transformer show and other unique solutions with an individual approach to each client. Ruslana's success story lies in the fact that she was not afraid to invest in employee training. Of course, some animators, after their professional level improved, left Ruslana and started independent ambitious projects that did not always bring such income as the manager provided. This is how the main team "backbone" was formed, on which the effective conduct and organization of festive events rests.

You can improve the quality of event services in your city by sending employees to seminars and trainings, while it is necessary to train people to work in a team. Thus, the demand for entertainment services is growing and expanding.

Before you - instructions on how to open your own agency for the holidays. This is a short business plan dedicated to the opening of a company for organizing parties, including children. The article will help you figure out useful ideas for starting such a business from scratch. Nerves are compressed with a tight spring from all kinds of mortgages, loans, working days, the crisis, and then very quickly straighten out during Friday get-togethers and practicing their favorite hobbies, when you can forget at least a little about the time devoted to the pursuit of ghostly success and happiness. Holidays are a very important moment that will make even inveterate workaholics stay with their family and a good engine for trade. What do you need to open a holiday agency?

You can try to combine the agency of holidays with the rental of dresses and carnival costumes. According to some statements of sellers of flower stalls, after the Eighth of March, you can rest for a whole month, and Valentine's Day and Halloween easily make a monthly profit for a week for shops with postcards and stuffed toys. What is most amusing in this situation is that people are all around and constantly complain about their poverty, but in the evening in a cafe it becomes very difficult to find a free table, and expensive cars on the road simply cannot be crowded. In total, our equation includes both the middle-income person and the big boss - they both work hard, get very tired, and are subject to daily stressful situations. The people, of course, want and can rest, and not only on Easter, but also on All Saints' Day or Airborne Forces Day.

The bottom line is that we have to give people what they most want - namely to show them a colorful show and organize an unforgettable weekend. Ask - how? Just open your own agency to organize your holidays. On-site trade in balloons and cotton candy, for example, will be very relevant during mass holidays. Or maybe it will be caramel apples on a stick? You can also consider opening your own unique horror shop or hiring animators who paint with sand - this has become a very popular type of show these days. You can show a fire show or organize any other outdoor event.

Documents for opening a party organization

Problems of business idea implementation

Before developing a business plan, it is necessary to carefully analyze all the problems that a novice entrepreneur will face, a new event agency:

  • Competition - the organization of holidays is permeated with it at all levels. It doesn't matter if it's a lone animator or a well-known team, at every stage of development you will have to face competition and come up with ways to stay one step ahead of your pursuers.
  • The need to take on any job. The paradox of this business is that at the very beginning of work, the competition is most severe. After all, everyone strives to expand their business and bring it to a new level. Therefore, there is a fierce struggle among the newcomers. Many quickly leave the race, others settle for occasional part-time jobs, and only a few turn into a hyped holiday agency that can afford to choose which events to organize and which not.

Success in this case is due to two factors:

  • Continuous improvement of entertainment programs, performances, expansion of staff and material and technical base. It goes without saying that the entrepreneur himself must strive for quality growth. No business plan will give or instill this quality. Lack of creative ideas or inability to quickly intercept and implement new developments will lead the holiday agency to a dead end.
  • Willingness to invest the lion's share of profits in business development at first.
  • Work with personnel. In this area, it is incredibly difficult to find talented and hardworking performers - to gather a permanent team. The business plan cannot provide for this nuance. The small amount needed to set up an agency lures entrepreneurs with the promise of good earnings.

Investment costs

The business plan of the event organizer is something vague and focused on the vision of the project organizer himself. It can be a news agency that will take a percentage for providing work to animators, actors, an organization that has qualified specialists in its staff and has a powerful material and technical base. You can also choose a narrow specialization, such as organizing weddings or practical jokes.

Some specialists write catering into the business plan, which is very remotely related to the holidays and is mostly a food delivery service for picnics and off-site banquets. Accordingly, the amount of starting capital required to organize a holiday agency also varies. On average, this will require about $ 5,000 with calculations for 2021 - this is 330,000 rubles. This amount can be borrowed under consumer programs. But is it that simple?

Organization of holidays implies the availability of everything an entrepreneur needs. Here is an example of the logistical minimum required:

  • Acoustic system - 50,000-100,000 rubles.
  • Laptop - 20 000.
  • Other office equipment: microphones, cables, lighting equipment - 40 000.
  • Costumes and decorations. Let them need about 100,000 rubles.
  • Transport - car. It is desirable that it be a minibus. If there is no money to buy it, you can use a taxi. A used Gazelle will cost 80,000 rubles, and a foreign car in good condition from 500,000, which exceeds the declared budget of the business plan.
  • Website - 20,000-30,000 rubles.

Children's holiday - what could be more fun, exciting and joyful than this event. Parents want to make a birthday or other important date for their baby memorable. Fortunately, today there are plenty of companies providing such services. Beginning entrepreneurs are increasingly paying attention to this particular area of ​​business, because it does not require serious investments, and creativity and imagination contribute to the rapid advancement of the business. A business plan for organizing children's parties is not only scripting and preparing a show. This includes a full-fledged market analysis, determining the level of competition, creating your own competitive advantages, finding animators and much more. As a result, with the correct organization of the business, it can pay off in a short time and bring good income.

Business organizing holidays for children: relevance, pros and cons of the idea

Every year the relevance of services for organizing children's parties increases. This is due to several factors:

  • Increase in the birth rate - since 2021 the population of Russia has been growing steadily. About 2 million children are born annually.
  • Stability - the economic situation in the country is quite stable, wages, albeit not sharply, but still increase, which allows people to save for rest. For married couples with children, leisure is primarily a visit to entertainment activities for toddlers.
  • Availability - the criterion is partially formed from the previous one, as well as from the low prices for organizing children's parties.

Taken together, it can be assumed that 80% of families can afford to present such a gift to their child, and more than half of people do just that. The demand for companies and private animators is so high that the recording is carried out for weeks, and sometimes months in advance. This is especially true for the New Year holidays and the summer period.

Positive aspects of business:

  • Demand - if before children saw clowns and animators only in the circus or at citywide performances, today, for little money, funny characters personally visit children and give them joy.
  • Customer base - with quality work, a wide range of scenarios and an affordable price, the entrepreneur quickly recruits regular customers, providing regular income without downtime.
  • Profit - organizing holidays does not require huge investments like other types of business. There is no need for monthly purchases of goods, the return of expired products, etc. It is enough to buy or tailor costumes once, and then only update the props. At first, you can even do without an office and conclude deals exclusively by phone, and meet with clients in a cafe. Hence, a high net profit indicator is formed with minimal investment.
  • Absence of boundaries of earnings - a businessman can earn as much as he has enough creativity and imagination. Some are limited to 2-3 orders per week, while others organize 15-20 performances over the same period, collaborating with several animation teams or registering them as permanent employees.
  • Joyful work is an important factor for creative people. In this case, the activity of organizing children's parties will become not a daily routine, but a hobby with a good profit.

  • Competition is the main disadvantage of business. In every medium and large city there are already a number of well-known companies organizing children's parties. It will not work to surpass them at the start, because the newcomer has neither reputation nor fame in this direction. An entrepreneur will have a difficult job of promoting his project, building a client base and creating competitive advantages.
  • Personnel - the number of employees and the format of work directly depends on the expected scale of the business. But in any case, unskilled animators can seriously damage the reputation of a new player in the market, so you need to take the most responsible approach to the formation of the staff. For the first time, it makes sense to conclude one-time contracts for holding festive events with well-known animators of the city. In the future, it is better to recruit your own team, for which the success of the business will be just as important as for the leader.
  • Lack of demand for services - the reason may be several factors: inflated prices, lack of advertising, boring images and scripts, unsatisfactory work of animators, complaints and negative reviews from customers on the network. As a result, an entrepreneur who has worked for 1–2 months may face an unenviable fate in the field of children's holidays.

Help. Before moving on to the organizational issues of business and making money, you should conduct a market analysis, identify customer needs, determine the average cost of the show and the cost of props, calculate the estimated costs and income. It is only on the basis of the information received that one can proceed to practice if the potential profit of the project has been identified.

Market Analysis

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