A profitable business idea for the village: ecotourism

Tourism has always been a lucrative field of activity. But people do not always succeed in traveling on long and long trips. Therefore, they arrange for themselves a little rest in country recreation centers. This is the kind of commercial activity where you can make good money. The main thing is to get acquainted with all the nuances and stages of its opening.


A recreation center as a business is one of the real options for a novice entrepreneur to get a stable good income. This type of entrepreneurial activity is associated with large capital investments, but, nevertheless, is designed for a high level of profitability. The advantage of such a business is that it is not limited in scale. If the business is successful, then over time you can safely expand its size and list of services.

It is very important to provide good service for the holidaymakers. Since the recreation centers within Russia are mainly designed for the middle class, the opportunity to receive high-quality service at a reasonable cost will attract a large number of visitors.

To be successful in such a business, the following conditions must be met:

  • Beautiful and picturesque area, not far from the reservoir.
  • A high level of service at a reasonable cost.
  • Constant growth in demand.
  • A wide range of services provided. It would be appropriate to build a small water park on the territory of the recreation center.

The main stages of the opening of the recreation center

The first stage in opening a recreation center is to find a place for this. It is worth looking for an area near the reservoir. A river or lake would be ideal. The opportunity to swim in the summer, not only in the pool, but also in a natural reservoir, will attract more customers. Also, the advantage of the chosen territory will be the close location from the forest. Since the Russian expanses are rich in dense forests, it is not difficult to find a place for a recreation center among the pine trees.

But, you shouldn't go deep with the territory, as the recreation center must be easily accessible from the urban area. Not all customers will be able to come by car, so there should be a bus stop near the base.

The next step is to determine the area of ​​the land plot. It is best to rent it on long-term terms. The size of the territory will depend on the planned scale of the visit, the services provided and the wishes of the businessman. On average, a recreation center can accommodate 50-250 visitors.

The third stage is the construction of the recreation facilities themselves. It is best if you manage to find an area with already built houses. It will still be easier to make cosmetic and even major repairs than to build something from scratch.

Erecting new buildings to accommodate guests can be very costly. For example, one guest needs to provide at least 10 sq. m for housing. The volume of construction even for 50 visitors can be very large. Such investment will pay off for a long time.

It is best to select two-story houses where the whole company can live. In such buildings, all the amenities are usually placed on the first floor, but the bulk of the living rooms are on the second. If you plan to capture a segment of visitors with a higher than average income, then some houses can be equipped with additional services. For example, in the basement you can make billiards and a minibar, and in the courtyard there is a pool with a jacuzzi.

The tourist business in Russia has always been a profitable business. The profitability of this direction remains high, despite the emerging crises or difficult economic situations in the country.

Recently, rural tourism as a business has become entrenched in the service market, and is of interest to residents of large cities. Agritourism allows a person to plunge into the everyday life of the Russian hinterland. For sophisticated townspeople, such a vacation is exotic, and for this they are ready to give a lot of money. It is not difficult to organize rural tourism, but there are some nuances that a novice entrepreneur should know about.

Ecotourism in the countryside: where to start

Ecotourism as a business is attractive for rural residents who have limited financial resources. A small starter

capital will be sufficient for:

  • Purchase or construction of a small house on a personal plot;
  • Purchase of a vehicle that is necessary for transporting tourists.

In addition, you will need to purchase pets and set up a small vegetable garden where food will be grown. It is allowed to use a private house of an entrepreneur as a place for tourists. It is necessary to divide or allocate part of the room for the dining room, since food must be prepared in a special equipped room.

When drawing up a business plan, an entrepreneur must choose the type of ecotourism that he will offer to clients. There may be several options:

  • Camping on weekends;
  • Accommodation of guests in the countryside from 1 week to a month;
  • Comfortable rest in comfortable cottages ...

If circumstances allow a person to invest a large sum of money in the organization of rural tourism, careful planning is necessary. Before turning a business idea into reality, an entrepreneur must determine the scope of the project and correctly assess his financial capabilities. These factors affect how the infrastructure of the enterprise will look like. It includes places for vacationers to stay, food and entertainment.

  • The opportunity to get a stable income from the usual and affordable activities;
  • Creation of new jobs for the villagers;
  • Improvement of the territory;
  • Meeting new people, culture.

  • Seasonality of business;
  • High costs of maintaining order in the tourist complex;
  • High costs of advertising and promotion of agritourism.

Today, a small but profitable business, for example, a recreation center, is becoming very relevant. How to open, where to start, what pitfalls are in this business and how much you can earn, this will be discussed later.

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How to start the implementation of the project "Recreation center"

Before opening a hostel, it is necessary to assess the competitive situation in the region where the project will be implemented. Find out if there are similar recreation centers nearby, what services they offer and how much their staff and service cost. Only after that you can begin to develop your own successful strategy for opening a recreation center.

Next, you need to go to the place and determine the location of the camp site. It is advisable to choose a picturesque landscape setting with a view of the shore of a lake or river; it would be nice if there were mountains nearby. Among other things, it will be necessary to take into account the comfort of the access roads or bus routes.

Example. To facilitate the task, you can look for an old recreation center that is not functioning, but has retained all the necessary infrastructure for this, or an abandoned pioneer camp. In this case, the amount of money investment will be much less than if you had to start from scratch.

The next important point before opening your own business called "recreation center" is to find a source of funding and really estimate the amount of investment. You may have to conclude an early lease with a buyout option on a starting basis. When all the above stages have been passed, it will be possible to safely proceed with the construction or restoration of housing.

For example, a camp site can be decorated with several residential panel houses, a summer cafe, a canteen, a bathhouse and an administrative building. In this case, the permanent staff should be selected in the amount of no more than 15-20 people. It is possible to hire students for service and support in the summer. There is another alternative - to purchase a ready-made business at a discounted cost, that is, you will not need to rebuild everything from scratch or restore previously used buildings.

What is needed to open a recreation center on your own

Thus, in order to independently promote your business, you will need to carefully and with all the details develop an individual and correct business plan for the recreation center, corresponding to the existing selected database. Give a name to your business, choose a form of activity and a tax system. For example, the organizational and legal form of a limited liability company is best suited to open a camp site.

Everyone wants to find time to relax, more often than not, many want to leave the city, where you can relax from both physical and psychological stress. Here, in nature, together with the whole family, they find time for pleasant leisure, as well as acquire the long-awaited peace, quiet and solitude, which were so lacking in a noisy and crowded city. More recently, this type of recreation began to gain popularity, which led to the idea to draw up a step-by-step business plan for a recreation center on the lake or in the forest.

Customer needs

Someone wants to spend their holidays abroad, for example, in countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, UAE, etc. However, for some it is more important to have a rest in the summer at the tourist centers that were previously popular in the USSR. So what exactly does a vacationer want? First of all, nature, a place for swimming, fishing and barbecue. Moreover, cheap services of the recreation center, proximity of the place and great pastime for children would be a good addition. Many people combine leisure and earnings while traveling.

As before, most of the tourist centers are assigned to enterprises, therefore, the service on the territory of such institutions is at a rather low level. Nevertheless, such camp sites are popular, so why not start a competent implementation of this idea? The best embodiment of a promising idea will be to create a business plan for a recreation center from scratch.


When writing a business plan for a recreation center in the forest on your own, an important point is the place where the enterprise will be located.

When choosing a location for recreation centers, consider the following:

  • distance from the city (vacationers should not spend more than two hours driving by car or bus);
  • the presence of a forest, river, lake or a combination of all of these factors;
  • there should not be a reserve on the territory of the camp site, otherwise you will not be allowed to open a recreation center from scratch;
  • to open a camp site, you need land with an area of ​​about 3-5 g / li >

Having made the choice of the site, we begin to work with the placement of buildings. At this point in the business plan of the recreation center, it is worth considering your personal wishes and the budget that you are ready to spend on the implementation of your idea. First of all, about 6 cottages for holidaymakers is the minimum number of buildings. Moreover, it will not be superfluous to build wooden log cabins in which there will be dim light and a pleasant atmosphere. Such buildings can be designed for two, four people or a whole large family.

The utility building is a building that must be present on the territory of the camp site. This room will house service services, for example, a canteen, administration, a beer bar and others. The services offered by the recreation center should be aimed at certain categories of vacationers. For entrepreneurs, you can equip a conference room, and build an entertainment complex for families with children. First of all, the conditions for living at your camp site should be unique, only in this way it will be possible to take a leading place among other recreation centers near the lake in the forest.

Attract customers by giving them a choice, for example, a bathhouse, beach, pool, mini spa, workout room, etc. Moreover, you can diversify the leisure of vacationers with a shooting range, kayaks, ATVs, billiards, etc. To create a good impression of your hostel, you can also rent equipment to keep visitors from getting bored.

Rest away from the bustle of the city has always been in demand among city dwellers. Possibility to rent a country house, go skiing, fishing, etc. attracts people of different age groups. That is why opening your own recreation center is a high-profit business. However, its organization will require considerable capital.

What costs will be required at the initial stage?

According to the average estimates of experts, about 500,000 dollars are needed to create a recreation center. Costs may vary depending on the purpose of the operation, the activities carried out and the maximum number of visitors. The general financial plan includes:

1. Upfront costs:

  • purchase of a plot of land (from $ 5,000);
  • construction of structures (from $ 16,000);
  • purchase of inventory, furniture etc. (from 5,000 dollars);
  • creation and distribution of advertising (from 3,000 dollars).

2. Operating costs:

  • payment of salaries to employees (at least $ 3,000);
  • utility costs (from $ 500);
  • additional costs (more than $ 1000).

These prices are the lowest for today. To organize a business with a large turnover of funds, you will need 5 times more capital. The largest profit is brought by the bases located on the shore of a reservoir (lakes, rivers, seas). The flow of visitors in the summer is incredibly high. Having fenced off the territory, you can earn money by simply visiting the beach without renting a house.

How much profit can you get?

By correctly organizing the work and distributing advertising as much as possible, you can quickly get the first customers. If they have good experiences, the level of business will skyrocket. It is recommended to open the base in late autumn (if the emphasis is on winter vacations) and in late spring (if the base will be connected with summer vacations), when the weather is more favorable for outdoor trips.

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