88 business ideas in crisis - what business is relevant in the crisis of 2021 in Russia

2021 turned out to be a difficult year for the global economy. Almost all industries have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many successful businesses have fallen into disrepair. But there are also promising niches. What businesses grow during the crisis? “Businessologist” presents an overview of ideas.

Business ideas during a crisis should take into account changes in the economy:

The more difficult the circumstances, the less material resources a person has, so there is a desire to save money and spend it only on essential things. However, there are business niches that are profitable in times of crisis. We are talking about areas that do not require large investments, which are in demand even in such a difficult period. For example, a budding entrepreneur can cook food, sell hand-made things or sweets, teach or advise over the Internet.

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Knitting, sewing at home

Handmade goods become more popular every year. Therefore, their production is very important and can bring a stable income.

Of course, there is competition in the Russian knitted goods market, so it is desirable to stand out from the crowd - to offer a unique product or design.

Clothes for adults, children and animals, accessories (hats, shawls, scarves, bags, ties, mittens, socks), household items (rugs, blankets, potholders, pillow cases, pots), toys ...

The Etsy marketplace will help you sell these items. Also in RuNet the "Fair of Masters" is popular. Well, many needlewomen successfully promote their business on their personal pages on Facebook, VKontakte and Instagram. It should be noted that internet marketing in 2021 has generally moved to social media.

Home Services

Having a private house, you can organize a "hotel" for animals or plants, the owners of which are forced to leave for several days. Search for clients - through the veterinarian's office, pet stores, acquaintances or the Internet.

The current state of the economy today worries many - both large entrepreneurs and consumers themselves. Prices have literally increased on everything, connections with many European suppliers have been lost. And, it would seem, in such a "troubled" time to launch your own business is pure gamble. But let's not jump to conclusions, there are some business ideas during the 2021-2021 crisis that will be profitable. The crisis period brings not only negative aspects. From this situation, with a competent approach, you can even "squeeze" the benefit for yourself. The main thing is to comply with the basic rules dictated by the current state of the economy. Is the 2021-2021 crisis the first crisis in our country? Those who were born in the Soviet Union will remember 2 more major "crashes" of the economy. And nothing, everyone is alive and well, and some even prosper. Therefore, it is not worth putting on the back burner those ideas that have been preparing for implementation for a very long time. In addition, some other niches can be identified that will turn out to be profitable right now. So which business to start in the 2021 crisis?

How to look for an idea for a business in a crisis?

It is quite possible to start a business in times of crisis. But no one says that it will be easy - there is a lot of planning and organization work to be done. And the main task that a novice entrepreneur must solve is to find a profitable business idea.

Even during the heyday of the economy, finding “your” niche in the consumer market is not easy. And now the task is doubly complicated.

There are 2 important points to pay attention to when deciding what business to do in a crisis:

  • Consumer demand has clearly fallen - it's useless to argue with that. Therefore, we focus on those areas that, even during this period, will not lose their relevance and relevance. An entrepreneur should choose those categories of goods or services that consumers will never refuse to purchase. We dare to assure that there are plenty of such business areas.
  • The main goal that a novice entrepreneur should set for himself is to “survive” the crisis. And for this it is important not to go into debt, taking large loans from banks or from private investors to open a business. It's great if you already have a certain amount of money in stock. Can't do without borrowed funds? Then you should choose profitable and relevant business ideas in a crisis that require minimal investment. Then, an entrepreneur, not burdened with debts, will develop and gradually enter new sales markets.

It is absolutely clear that one cannot do without analyzing a specific sales market. Of course, it makes no sense to organize full-scale marketing research. But an entrepreneur must know the answers to important questions:

  • What goods and services are residents of a particular city or region interested in buying?
  • How much is a consumer willing to pay for a product or service?
  • How much competition is there in a specific market segment?

And only after putting everything literally on the shelves, you can start looking for promising ideas.

Ideas that can be cost-effective in a crisis

We organize sturgeon breeding in the household.

This crisis is special in that, in addition to the rise in price of the dollar (Russians are no stranger to this), European suppliers of dairy and fermented milk products, vegetables and fruits have ceased to cooperate with us. And it is the last factor that can be conventionally taken as an advantage.

Business in crisis. Before deciding which business to open in 2021, one should understand what is changing during the crisis and why it is necessary to select ideas precisely taking into account the difficult economic situation.

factors that will help you choose an actual business in a crisis:

Small business in the outback of Russia is less susceptible to the impact of the crisis, since many in small towns and villages do not live well anyway and are accustomed to be content with little and provide for themselves: their chickens, eggs, potatoes, their own tractor, themselves repairs.

Features of starting a business during a crisis

Many believe that commercial activity in an unstable economy has no real prospects for development. But this is not the case. The crisis opens up opportunities for small business, you just need to choose the right field of activity.

For example, many niches are opening up for the implementation and development of their business in the field of production and services. During a crisis, you can consistently make a profit by reselling what will always be in demand: food, especially natural food - why not start your own business in the countryside? Another option is the reverse, to open a rural store, choosing an assortment that is aimed at meeting the main needs of the population.

What to choose?

Each area of ​​business is different and depends on where you are. Let's give an example of several areas of earning:

  • A beginner entrepreneur needs to focus on the repair of household appliances, vehicles, etc.
  • In the field of finance, fast-profit areas prevail: the provision of microcredits (money "before paycheck") and services of pawnshops.
  • A crisis is a good time for students and youth, any extraordinary idea can become an excellent foundation for a profitable startup project.

In our country, you can use the economic crisis to create a team of real specialists, with whom you implement any idea aimed at making a profit.

What ideas can be used for business in a crisis? This is not the first time that crisis has come in Russia. Suffice it to recall the period of 2021, 1998, when the life of ordinary citizens looked like survival, and hard times came for business. During the financial crisis, the state saves itself and its government, and ordinary citizens can only look for ways to earn and develop.

Is a crisis always synonymous with decline and regression? A large number of entrepreneurs started their business precisely in times of crisis, and they achieved great success. In conditions when you can rely only on yourself, your knowledge and flair, the best business idea is ripening. What kind of business to do in a crisis? Are there favorable areas for a budding entrepreneur?

The most relevant business in times of crisis

It is necessary to consider, reflect and choose which business to open during a crisis, assessing the opportunities and situation in a particular region. While in one region a small business in a crisis reduces the salaries of employees, makes layoffs and exists at zero, in another region new entrepreneurs are being opened that work for profit. In order for a novice entrepreneur to understand what kind of business to do in a crisis, one should turn to logic and choose those areas whose position only benefits from the country's difficult financial condition. There are such business ideas, and there are many of them.

Bakery is an excellent example of a win-win option for opening a sole proprietorship. A small bakery in a residential area with fresh pastries and competitive prices will provide a good turnover. The idea does not have to be innovative and creative - this does not affect the success. A stable operating small enterprise that provides residents with inexpensive bread is doomed to success. It is important to understand what exactly people need in a crisis and how to cover this need at the lowest cost.

A profitable business gets into a crisis when it manages to recognize an unoccupied niche, a product that consumers need, and set a competitive price. It is necessary to correctly calculate all the indicators, draw up a business plan and follow it carefully.

Sell Your Opportunities

Successful small business ideas are based on financial resource management. If a person has knowledge and experience in the field of consulting, but does not have the opportunity to invest on his own, then he may well sell his ideas and knowledge in consulting to businessmen and investors. Ordinary people need new ideas during a crisis, where to invest their savings, how to keep them until the end of the economic downturn, etc. They are willing to pay for this. Consulting services are an excellent example of a small business in crisis that does not require a large initial investment.

Enterprising women can organize their own tailoring business. You don't have to rent real estate for this - you can get by with a room in your own apartment. Since buying good clothes becomes too expensive for the population, many are looking for an alternative way out and go to dressmakers to alter an old coat, make new trousers, a three-piece, a dress. Owning a business for women who know how to sew does not require any expenses if there is the minimum necessary equipment.

Ideas for business in a crisis can be gleaned by looking at the experience of Western colleagues. In times of crisis, companies are trying to cut costs by cutting wages and headcount. By reducing the staff and rented space, they manage to swim in difficult economic realities. Moreover, such companies use outsourcing services. Freelance and outsourcing are becoming more widespread today. Companies hire a visiting specialist to service office equipment, and another company or a private employee who is ready to serve online for accounting purposes. When compiling an anti-crisis business plan, companies are actively looking for opportunities to save money. If you quickly navigate the needs of such companies, you can profitably sell your services.

Service business

If the coronavirus were human, it would have died from hiccups long ago, because millions of people around the world discuss it every second. But, alas, Covid-19 alone cannot be defeated. The disease, like Ivan the Terrible, seizes land, spreading panic and forcing civilians to buy up a year's supply of buckwheat and toilet paper.

But the worst is for business owners, because they feel like on a powder keg. Prolonged quarantine, declining sales, anxious mood among employees - all this raises concerns about what they love. Moreover, financial analysts sadly predict that the 2021 crisis will nervously smoke on the sidelines compared to the coming chaos.

Okay, okay, I won't push it, because the article was not written for this! =) On the contrary, now more than ever you need to pull yourself together, put panic aside and solve the most important question: how can a business survive the crisis?

Cost optimization in a crisis: where to start?

To begin with, accept that you will not be able to spend money in the same amount. It is necessary to highlight several items of expenditure, the financing of which will have to be reduced or even cut to zero. But for this I propose to first deal with the costs themselves.

In order not to bother your head with complex marketing terms, consider the simplest classification from Bob Phifer. He divides spending into strategic and non-strategic.

Strategic expenses - investments aimed at increasing sales, attracting new customers and making a profit. That is, this includes all marketing costs (content of a marketer, advertising, promotions, promotional materials).

Non-strategic expenses are investments that ensure the process of work itself, but do not bring direct income. In this article, we enter the purchase of materials, office rental and its equipment, maintenance of equipment, and so on.

“Eh, everything is so necessary and important! How can you dare to cut something ?! " - now you sighed doom. I will answer you with the well-known Gaidaev phrase: you must, Fedya, you must! (if you wish, you can substitute your name).

Resigned to budget cuts? I bet you are looking towards cutting strategic spending?

They seem to be the easiest to shorten. It is not that simple. The most important thing is to avoid common mistakes that can destroy the company.

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