8 business video applications

Business Videos attract customers through eight marketing channels at once. EIGHT! And all eight can be used simultaneously! We conducted a survey and found that on average, when ordering a video, Clients use no more than two of them. Do not do it this way. Since you've paid for a cool video, let's get the most out of it!

Working meeting at the office of an it-company. In the frame is the director of the company and the main character, the director of development of "Video Hare". Harsh clap, noise, indistinct swearing.

Suddenly an electrician rushes into the frame.

- Hosts. In the sales department, all the light bulbs burned out again. Do you have an indicator screwdriver?

- (Video Rabbit) I didn't grab the screwdriver. But I can suggest something better. A true multi-tool of the 21st century. A universal solution if there is a gloomy darkness in sales.

- (Video rabbit) I'm not talking about this piece of iron, I'm talking about videos for business.

- What do you mean? Advertising on TV?

- Not only, my friend, not only. A video ad has at least eight uses. Including, not at all obvious at first glance. Telek, by the way, is already yesterday, especially for innovative companies like yours.

- Tell me what kind of multi-tool it is. Originally from the future.

Method: Landing Pages and Capture Pages

Alexey Bannikov, General Director of the group of companies “Fotosklad. y ”, wrote an article for the Netology blog about what rules you need to follow in order to shoot cool videos for your business.

Video is an integral part of any modern business strategy. One of the most effective ways to get the word out about a company is to create your own Youtube channel.

We created the Fotosklad channel in 2021: we were able to “catch the wave” and hold out. Now the Fotosklad channel. V is the most visited channel among stores in Russia. We decided to tell from our own experience how the video can be useful for your business.

Why business needs video

Seeking to learn more always plays an important role in channel strategy development. What exactly do people want to know about a company, product or product?

Before we buy something, we want, if not to touch and try the product, then to see reviews and ratings from others. We want to see the faces of the employees, the seriousness of the company with which we have to work or from which we are going to acquire something.

Not every online store is capable of generating trust right away. We want to be sure that the goods are there, they will be delivered and we will get exactly what we want. Video and your own successful channel are quite capable of reassuring the buyer and convincing that the company can be trusted.

But even after the purchase, we often need to understand what and how it works, find out the details and details. Therefore, a person wants to stay in the know.

By imagining yourself as a buyer, you can develop the ideal tactics for creating your own channel.

Our vision is to capture honest reports of technology, industry and technology news, detailed product selection guidelines, and so on. Of course, consistency is important in promoting your own channel - you can't shoot a couple of videos and expect that this will be enough. We release at least 10 videos monthly.

Especially for you, we have compiled a checklist that will teach you how to shoot video for business in a simple and understandable way.

Step: Idea

The most important thing for a video is the foundation. The concept of the video, the implementation, and even the props, if you prefer to use it, will depend on the idea.

YouTube video hosting allows users to earn and receive passive income. You don't need to have your own channel for this. Let's figure out how and how much you can earn on YouTube.

Today there are many ways to make money on the Internet. One of the most popular sites on the web is YouTube. The audience of video hosting has long exceeded several billion. From an entertainment platform, YouTube has evolved into an entire business environment with unlimited profit potential.

YouTube is great monetizing, especially if you have your own channel and at least a small subscriber base. But YouTube is good because you don't have to be a blogger to make money here. What should a beginner do and how to make money from YouTube?

In the article we will tell you in detail about the most popular and effective ways to make money on the popular video hosting. You may not earn millions, but you can count on a stable income comparable to the average salary.

Contextual advertising on the YouTube channel

The most obvious way to make money is to start your own channel, post content and monetize it.

You can make money on Google contextual advertising. Advertisers place ads on the Google advertising network, choose YouTube as their advertising platform, and indicate channels on a specific topic. But this is not suitable for beginner video bloggers, since you must already have an approved Adsense account to show contextual advertising, and the channel itself must meet the minimum YouTube requirements. To monetize your content, you need to have at least a thousand subscribers and at least 4 thousand hours of views in the last 12 months.

What are the earnings? You get paid for every unique click on your ads. Funds are credited to the balance in your Google Adsense account. Google displays ads on top of your videos and charges advertisers for every click on your ads. He pays 55% of this money to the authors of the videos on which there were clicks. Earnings depend on the countries in which viewers saw the ad, on the topic of the channel and the number of clicks.

Placing direct advertisements on the YouTube channel

This is one of the most lucrative ways to monetize YouTube channels. True, for novice bloggers, this method is not relevant. To receive commercial offers from large advertisers, you must first promote your channel. And for this you need to create interesting content. If you want to make money right away, it is better to connect affiliate programs.

Earnings on CPA-networks

This method is suitable for beginner YouTube channels. The scheme is simple: you register with any CPA affiliate, post affiliate links on your channel. When users click on a link and perform useful actions, you earn money. As a rule, affiliate links are placed in the description for the video.

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  • 8 What taxation system to specify
  • 9 Do I need an activity permit
  • 10 Technology for creating video cards

An original custom-made gift is pleasant to any person.

In the digital world, there are many ways to create interesting presentations.

In particular, you can order the creation of a video clip, where the hero of the occasion will act as the main character. Personalized video editing can be viewed as a promising idea for your own business with symbolic investments at the start.

Such an entrepreneurial activity is suitable for a creative person who has experience in graphic editors and also has a good imagination.

How to start a video postcard business

Creating video postcards is a micro-business that does not require renting a separate room. It can be organized in an ordinary apartment.

To do this, you need to purchase a powerful computer or laptop, as well as a package of programs required to create professional video clips (3DS Max, Flash, etc.).

At the initial stage, an entrepreneur needs to determine the direction of activity in which he plans to improve. To do this, you need to select the target audience of the business. These can be adults or children.

Creating personal cartoons for kids is a win-win business development option.

Such gifts are often ordered by wealthy parents who want to please their children with something unusual and memorable.

The length of the video for a child is about 5-10 minutes. Plots can be created independently or taken from the Internet.

Why business needs video?

The desire of potential buyers to learn more about the company's activities and the products it offers encourages enterprises to create their own channels on the Web. In order to declare yourself as informative and interesting as possible, describe a typical working day, the process of making a product, etc., you should order professional videos for business. Thanks to such clips, the viewer will be able to see the faces of employees, to be convinced of the seriousness of the company in which he wants to buy something or with which he wants to conclude a contract. This approach is especially important for small businesses and enterprises that are just entering an already developed market with an established competitive environment.

The specialists of the Studio502 production studio will help your company gain the trust of the target audience, get more customers and increase sales. Crafted by experienced craftsmen, videos will reassure shoppers and reassure them that you can be trusted. We will eliminate all objections of potential customers at the stage of their inception by providing them with honest reports on the processes in your organization, industry news, detailed explanations of the principles of product selection, interviews with enterprise experts and other interesting and useful content.

Of course, consistency is important when promoting - it's not enough to shoot a couple of videos and expect that there will be more customers immediately and sales will increase in one day. We recommend uploading at least 4 videos per month to your company's channel. The optimal amount for fast promotion is from 10 videos.

Target audience

Each video is created with the portrait of the ideal viewer in mind. It can be both a potential client and a partner company or investor. To get a guaranteed result, you need to clearly define for whom exactly your product is intended and, as a result, for which audience you are creating a selling video for your business. If you write a script for everyone at once, this approach will not work.

Please note: if your company operates not only in the domestic, but also in the foreign market, we will add embedded subtitles to the video. You will be able to successfully promote videos on the company's official website, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.


A good video for business is impossible to shoot without a basic idea that allows you to accurately define the goal and not be distracted by trifles. The script of the video is composed in three stages:

  • Gathering useful and important information that must be in the video.
  • Drawing up a lead-in to the video and the main text that the characters will speak.
  • Revision and approval of the final version of the script with the customer.

The script is provided in text format, in which all the actions and words of the characters are written for a more complete understanding of the overall picture. After agreement, it is divided into semantic parts in such a way that it is more convenient to shoot.

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