39 ideas for promoting a beauty salon

What promotion methods are suitable for beauty salons? In this collection, we have collected those ideas that can be called almost mandatory for this type of business.

Beauty salons are an integral part of our life. Most salons, as soon as they appear, immediately close. In their place come new ones, often no more successful than the previous ones. At the same time, another part of the salons is working quite successfully, expanding their network and bringing their owners a solid profit. If you want to be in the second category, first of all, it is important for you to understand how to organize a promotion in order to attract the right customers.

In this article, we've compiled expert insights and advice from industry professionals to help you maximize your bottom line and customer base.

There are many directions for marketing a beauty salon. For convenience, we will divide them into several directions.

How to organize promotion inside the salon

Consider a few simple and inexpensive techniques that will allow you to bring more clients to your salon and turn new clients into regular ones.

Registration desk. Organize a beautiful and customer-friendly front desk and consultation. The reception desk is the hallmark of your beauty salon. Exactly on how quickly the client will receive the service he needs? depends on whether the visitor comes again. The main thing in this process is the preparation of scripts that will fully describe all the actions of the administrator at the front desk.

Selfie area. Install a small installation near the entrance or reception desk with the hashtag of your salon. Don't forget the mirror and chair so that clients can take a selfie and post it on social media right after visiting the salon, when clients especially want to share the result of their visit.

Exclusive products are a great way to distinguish yourself from competitors - by offering products that are not available in other beauty salons, or that can only be found in salons. Since the global beauty market is very open, it is easy to find an original line of cosmetics or beauty products that is not common in your area. You can look for an unusual supplier from the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. In this region, a strong trend for natural cosmetics has formed and there is a huge number of manufacturers.

Pricing policy. The most important issue for the effective functioning of a beauty salon is choosing the right price segment for clients. By setting too low a price for your services and goods, you reduce the profitability of your business and lose money. If their price is too high, then the attractiveness of your salon among competitors decreases, and you will lose customers. Describe your client in as much detail as possible - gender, age, marital status, and so on. According to one of the experts, when entering the market, you should know the name of the client's cat. This phrase means that you must know absolutely everything about the client, and based on this, develop a basic pricing policy. Decide at once in what cases it is permissible to reduce the price. For example, offer a discount for friends and family. By the way, this is a good way to attract customers for a new salon.

Contests. Come up with contests. Let all of your clients know that there is a competition, based on the results of which you will reward a client that will send you more referrals and bring new clients.

Kozubenko Lyubov Konstantinovna

Starting your own beauty business is a great decision, because it can become an inexhaustible source of profit. This is due to the high demand for a range of beauty services. Moreover, to start this kind of business, experience or special knowledge is not always required, this is a rather simple way.

This article will discuss the topic of starting a business in the beauty industry, its nuances and key points, provide effective advice on implementing the best ideas, analyze possible difficulties on the way and ways to overcome them.

Business profitability in the beauty industry

A negative quality is the presence of fierce competition, only those projects survive that are distinguished by high-quality service and profitable offers for potential customers.

With a desire and a competent approach, this type of activity will bring a decent income. As for the average profitability of this type of enterprise, it will be approximately 25-35%. The classic beauty salon is no longer so popular, people are chasing new formats and types of services.

The best beauty ideas

Next, you should consider the list of the most profitable and original options for earning money in this direction, of which you should pay special attention to the following.

Basic laws of the beauty business:

The Russian market is distinguished by the active development of manicure service. It is this direction that takes about 42% of the demand among all other existing ones. Currently, more and more highly specialized salons are opening, which are engaged in the provision of only manicure services.

Moreover, a nail salon can be like an island in one of the shopping centers, a salon in the central part of a settlement, a residential area, or even a service with a visit to a client's home. The simplest and most budgetary option now is a nail bar. It is considered a small establishment with only one or two masters.

And although the competition in this area is quite high, entrepreneurs prefer this particular type of service, because the niche of specialists is not yet so full. This is due to high demand. Although there are a huge number of salons in large cities, when registering for a manicure, you will most likely be refused due to high employment. Clients usually sign up one month in advance.

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Beauty salons are conventionally divided into two types:

  • establishments offering a standard set of services;
  • establishments with an extended range of services.

Before making your choice, you should decide how much cash you plan to invest. The standard version of such a business involves the presence of a classic hairdressing salon, where no more than 5 masters will work. Separately located office, designed for the work of a pedicure and manicure master, as well as an office for a make-up artist.

Having decided to open a beauty salon with a wider list of services offered, you should add a cosmetologist's office and a solarium to the standard set.

How to start opening a beauty salon?

Quite often, future business women ask themselves the question: "How can you open your own beauty salon in a small provincial town without experience?"

There are several options:

  • Self-start.

This is one of the most time consuming ways to start a business, especially in a small town. This will require a lot to learn directly in the process. This option does not imply the intervention of specialists, and the future hostess can fully reveal her full creative potential.

  • Purchase of a ready-made business.

When choosing this option, you should be quite careful, since the real reason for selling a profitable establishment will forever remain a secret. And no one knows how many additional cash infusions may be required. It is quite possible that you will have to completely re-equip the salon, start promoting it, and update the staff. Regular customers who have visited it before will become an undeniable advantage. If you are not ready to start a business on your own, then this is the perfect choice.

Professions related to beauty have recently become very popular, because looking beautiful and well-groomed is not just fashionable, but necessary. Today women are ready to invest in themselves to prolong their own youth. And this means that the beauty industry is an excellent solution for those who are looking for a relevant occupation.

What is the beauty industry?

The beauty industry is a service sector that combines such areas as cosmetology, hairdressing, nail service, visage, permanent makeup, etc.

Professions in the beauty industry are constantly complemented by offshoots from the mainstream. For example, before there was only a make-up artist who performed full makeup, worked with eyes, eyebrows, lips, and skin tone. Today there are such professions as eyebrow and lashmaker, which exist separately.

Many additional professions have also emerged in hairdressing. There used to be a wagon hairdresser who performed women's and men's haircuts, hairstyles, coloring. Today there is a colorist, barber, hairdresser-stylist.

See more.

The emergence of additional professions in the field of beauty allows everyone to find what they like and become a real professional in one particular industry. After all, it is equally difficult to perform a haircut and coloring, as it is to be both a cosmetologist and a permanent make-up master at the same time.

Overview of the most in-demand beauty careers

There are different professions in the field of beauty, and not only women, but also men can be masters. Everyone can find an interesting activity that can bring pleasure and profit. By the way, earnings in the beauty industry are considerable, because the cost of services is formed from several factors: the materials spent, time, the qualifications of the master. The more experienced the specialist, the more expensive his services are.

For example, a beginner's manicure may cost 1000 rubles, and a master with many years of experience and a large client base can cost 3000 thousand rubles. and more.

Makeup Artist

Popular professions related to cosmetics are makeup artist, sales assistant in a makeup store. In the first case, it is necessary to complete special courses in order to work with clients. It is easier to get a job as a seller, although having a makeup artist diploma will definitely be an advantage.

Makeup artist is a demanded profession in the field of beauty. This is a master who owns various techniques for applying makeup, can hide imperfections on the face with the help of decorative cosmetics, and emphasize dignity.

  • 1 Business relevance
  • 2 Project description
  • 3 Step-by-step plan for opening a beauty salon
    • 3. Business registration
    • 3. Room selection and decoration
    • 3. Purchase of equipment and furniture for a beauty salon
    • 3. Description of beauty salon services
    • 3. Recruitment
  • 4 Financial plan and profitability of the beauty salon
    • 4. How much money is needed to start a business
    • 4. How much can you earn at a beauty salon
  • 5 Advertising and marketing of a beauty salon
  • 6 Possible risks
  • 7 Tips for a budding businessman

The sphere of beauty services is in great demand: new hairdressing and beauty salons, solariums and sugaring studios, manicure and massage rooms are constantly opening. A business in this niche has significant advantages that make it so popular, but it also has its pitfalls. In this article, we will analyze the business idea of ​​opening a beauty salon.

Business Relevance

Most beauty salons are in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as large metropolitan areas - Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk. On average, there are 60-90 salons for every thousand women in large cities. This indicates a high demand for services. According to market research data, this niche has been actively expanding in recent years.

During the period from 2021 to 2021, the number of visitors to the salons increased 10 times - from 4% to 40%. A trip to a hairdresser's or a nail service master has ceased to be perceived as an attribute of the “sweet life”: today it is not so expensive. Such services are available to most women, not just the wealthy; for the middle class, visiting beauty masters has long become commonplace. Rather than tidying up their face, hair and nails at home, more and more women choose professional salon care.

The first step is to understand exactly how you will start a business: open a salon from scratch on your own or through a franchise

When buying an existing establishment, you can work under the brand name of a well-known brand. But this will cost more than opening a new salon, because you will have to pay a lump-sum fee and a percentage of the proceeds, as well as adhere to the rules established by the franchisor.

To open your own salon, you will need to do a lot of work, and the risks in this case increase, but you are completely free in choosing a place, design, you can choose the list of services and set prices yourself.

An important step is the assessment of competition. Find out which salons are located in your chosen area. Today the level of competition in this niche is very high: if almost every house already has its own hairdresser or salon, it is hardly worth opening another one.

Project Description

Before opening a beauty salon, you need to define its concept, and it depends on your target audience. There are economy salons, as well as middle class establishments and luxury salons. For a newcomer in business, it is better to open a budget-type salon: the easiest way is to start by providing inexpensive popular procedures in order to conquer your niche in the market. But here a lot depends on the location of the salon: if it is located in an inexpensive residential area, then economy class services will certainly be in demand there.

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