20 business ideas for parks

The prospect of organizing your own business in a residential area of ​​the city is relevant for those who do not have the financial ability to create a large enterprise. But with the right approach, even a small store turns into an object that brings constant income.

Features of entrepreneurial activity in a residential area

Business activity is maximum in the city center, but this does not mean that it is impossible to create a highly profitable store or mini-enterprise in remote areas. The advantage of a business in a residential area is the fact that there is no need to devote a lot of time to advertising and invest a lot of money in it. It is enough to offer a high-quality service and product, and the residents of the sleeping area themselves will tell others about it.

  • the maximum number of customers can be counted on in the morning and evening hours
  • with a low quality of service from the service personnel (sellers, masters, hairdressers, fitness trainers, etc. etc.) townspeople can become customers of competitors
  • the percentage of those who will make large-scale purchases at grocery / utility kiosks located in a particular residential complex is not high, since everyone is used to shopping in supermarkets

Friendliness and the ability to win over a client are the main criteria that a seller working in a residential area must meet. They largely determine whether entrepreneurial activity will be highly profitable.

Choosing a business idea

When a residential area is selected as the geographical location for commercial activity, it is necessary to carefully analyze the needs of those who live in it. Additionally, the target audience of consumers is identified (large families, retirees, athletes, fishing enthusiasts, etc.).

Grocery store

  • proximity to the carriageway (additional influx of buyers from motorists)
  • maximum coverage of the location (several courtyard areas go to the outlet at once)
  • minimal presence of competitors (no more than 1 object)

It is necessary to regularly monitor the variety of assortment of offered food products. Bread, milk, eggs, meat, juices, cereals - this is the minimum that no average family in Russia can do without. The quality of the goods sold should not cause any complaints. Cigarettes and alcohol can be considered additional sources of income (but additional investment is required to obtain a license). As a subsidiary income item, consider the prospect of setting up a coffee or tea point of sale in a store.

In a pandemic, remote work is becoming the best option for those who want to maintain their health and financial stability. Let's figure out how you can make money during quarantine.

The problem of teleworking is more urgent than ever. Today "remote work" is not a voluntary choice of a specialist, but a compulsory measure. Freelance has long been mastered by various professions: copywriters, programmers, translators, etc. But in this article, we have collected different ideas for earning money that are suitable for both professionals and beginners. Many skills can be learned in a few days. To make money from home, you need your knowledge and skills, the Internet and self-discipline.

Community management on social media

It's good if you have your own promoted group in social networks that you can monetize. What should newbies do with this idea? Lead other people's communities. There are a lot of social networks, there are even more publics. And large players can afford to hire an employee who will: select material, prepare and publish posts, track statistics, promote, respond to comments, etc.

There are a lot of vacancies, they can be found on SuperJob, Hh websites, on freelance exchanges, in groups for finding remote work, etc. Depending on the project, you can earn 10-25 thousand rubles from one group. But income can be increased if you conduct several publics at once.

The main advice here is simple: try to choose public pages of the topic that you understand and that you are interested in. Then you will spend less time on completing tasks, which means you can earn more.

Site or community moderator

Continuing the topic of maintaining social networks, you need to remember the vacancy of a moderator. The essence of its work is to check the posted information for compliance with the rules. Such specialists are recruited by VKontakte, Yandex projects, various forums, groups and social networks.

There are a lot of open vacancies for the position of a moderator on ad sites and freelance exchanges. They offer a variety of options: from the community on VKontakte and ending with well-promoted news portals with an audience of thousands.

You can also independently select the resources you would like to work with and send your business proposal.

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Street business has long established itself as a profitable business. One of the directions is the development of city parks. Suitable for beginners who want to start a business from scratch.

Street entrepreneurship - a promising business or a way to earn extra money? For a long time, this area has been represented by street trading. But today, small businesses are actively entering parks, offering projects in various directions: catering, entertainment, social business, and so on.

All entrepreneurs have the opportunity to work in parks: you can take part in an auction and get the right to run your business in city parks. Thus, entrepreneurs will help develop and improve parks, and they will help businesses develop.

Benefits of working in a park area

The potential of the parks is quite large. Why?

This is a place with a lot of pedestrian traffic.

The target audience is diverse: young people, families with small children, and couples in love walk in parks.

People come here to relax, which means they are ready to spend money on entertainment.

Different types of entertainment are located in one park: from catering establishments to attractions. This creates a “synergistic” effect that everyone benefits from. The main thing is not to repeat the idea.

Disadvantages of parks

Seasonality. The biggest drawback is the seasonality of the business. In parks, the season lasts from May to September (if you are lucky with the weather, then until October). Of course, entrepreneurs adapt to such conditions and in the winter change direction to the current one. For example, instead of bicycles, they are starting to rent skis, sledges and snowmobiles. But here, too, a problem may arise - the weather conditions, especially in winter, are unpredictable. And if there is no snow in winter, then ski rental will not bring money. Therefore, from the point of view of conditions, the business in the park is experiencing difficulties.

Lack of infrastructure and improvement. Another problem is poorly maintained areas, lack of security and lighting. As a result, in many Russian cities, unfortunately, the picture is dull and unattractive. Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs successfully work in such conditions. Today, such places are usually developed by small catering companies. But you can make money in other areas as well.

In this article, we have collected 20 business ideas for the park. There are both proven options and new directions for the Russian market.

Construction and repair for an entrepreneur is a gold mine. It is a popular business niche with a 30-60% yield. Demand for construction goods and services is high - so there will be enough work for everyone. Even for beginners.

Construction is always an attractive area in which to build a successful business. In any city, they always build and repair something. Therefore, you can start your own business anywhere. There are many directions - it all depends on your professional skills and start-up capital.

You can be engaged in the construction and decoration of buildings, the provision of repair services, the production of construction and finishing materials, etc. Many business options can be started with minimal capital and run independently. For example, if the budget is limited, you can start with small repairs and decoration of premises, gradually expanding the scope of activities and organize a team of craftsmen.

It all depends on what niche you plan to occupy, whether you need to purchase expensive special equipment, etc. But it is possible to open a business with capital and up to 100 thousand rubles. Specialized education and experience in construction will be a big advantage. It is also important to correctly determine the niche because the competition in the construction market is quite high - both from the side of larger, more experienced firms, and from the side of numerous private traders.

What can help a budding entrepreneur:

uniqueness of the service - offer something that is not yet available on the local market. For example, it is not everywhere now you can find decorating fences with a photo grid.

good service and quality work - if you have experience, you can choose a standard niche in construction, but do the job better than others. Then word of mouth will bring customers to you, even if you work in a competitive niche (for example, do finishing work).

territorial coverage - the success of a business depends on where you plan to develop it. For example, opening a hardware store in a metropolis may not be as profitable as in a small town. In the first case, the competition will be very high - and it is much more difficult to work in such conditions. And in a small town where there are no large retailers, but there is a demand for goods, it will be easier for you to turn around. Another example is the water well drilling business. Services will be in demand only in certain areas.

assessing the demand for goods and services - any business needs to start with a clear representation of your client. Who is he, with what problem he will come to you, how much he will be willing to pay, why he should turn to you, etc. If you study the demand in the construction industry in advance and offer your target audience a quality solution to their problem, you can succeed. For example, a specific clientele for firms that lease construction equipment. Construction of saunas and swimming pools is also a very narrowly focused service.

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

Despite the high level of competition, entrepreneurs are actively working in the construction sector. Because this is an opportunity to make good profits. On average, the profitability is 50-70%. The initial investment pays off within the first year.

How and where to find a client

Good day, friends. I have a habit - when preparing material, I like to ask the opinion of friends and just random people. To the question: "What kind of business can be opened in the village?" most of the respondents answered that it is necessary to produce meat or wood. I agree with them, but at the same time I am sure that these are far from the only options. Therefore, today I will first give some advice to villagers wishing to start their own business. Then I will tell you about the most popular options for a village business, tested by time and thousands of farmers, and "for a snack" I will list new unapproved ideas, among which you may like something.

Tips for Beginner Farmers

Before moving on to the question: "which one can be opened?", you need to carefully analyze all the general nuances, pros and cons of small business in the village. This will help you immediately prepare for possible difficulties, avoid many mistakes at the start, weigh the pros and cons, and really assess your own chances.

Pros and Cons

By tradition, I'll start with the bad - the disadvantages of rural entrepreneurship:

  • A narrow range of options that makes it difficult to choose a niche.
  • A small number of residents, respectively, a small target audience. It is necessary to look for additional clients outside the area of ​​opening.
  • Difficulties with recruiting personnel - few young personnel, lack of qualifications, the presence of bad habits.
  • Incomes of the population are lower than in the city - low paying capacity of the population.
  • The habit of residents for purchases or services to go to the city or regional center.

We've talked about the bad, let's move on to the good - there are also a lot of pluses:

  • If you choose the right niche, then there may be no competition at all, which means there is an opportunity to quickly develop in the chosen direction.
  • A significant reduction in the level of costs - for the lease of land or premises (if you have your own resources, then costs are excluded), cheap productive and labor force, low tax rates.
  • An opportunity to start your own business from absolute zero, having only space, desire, head on your shoulders and "hardworking hands".
  • Unlimited access to natural resources, without which you cannot organize some types of business.
  • All support from the authorities - legislative and material (subsidies, benefits, incentives).

Why did I start with cons? So that you, reading them, think and evaluate your strengths. After that, acquaintance with the pluses "inspires" and sends the doubts that have arisen somewhere in the background. You don't need to forget about them - caution has not harmed anyone yet, but you should not get hung up on it either.


To make a business in the village profitable, it is important to consider the following points when organizing it:

  • Open production near raw material sources to reduce shipping costs.
  • Tourist services will be in demand only in a picturesque area and you must also have some kind of zest that can attract people, for example, a mineral spring, a lake with a mysterious legend, an emphasis on the features of the area or the traditions of its inhabitants, and etc.
  • You shouldn't organize a business if something like this already exists in the village. You will have to "go out of your way" to prove your superiority over competitors and lure their customers.
  • Think about ways to market products and services. Expand territorial boundaries, connect nearby settlements. Excellent in this will help both "word of mouth" and the local press, the Internet and advertisements in the district centers, where residents from all the surrounding villages flock.
  • Of course, a business in a village is good because it can be opened without any money, but with some start-up capital it will be easier to develop it. Although it is not worth taking loans, at least at first. First you need to make sure that the business is viable and profitable.
  • Do not shy away from registering activities and paying taxes, this is the only way you can get support from the state and avoid certain problems with the law in the future. Get this information in advance from your local tax office.
  • Having chosen an idea, analyze the market in your area, learn from the positive experience and mistakes of competitors, try to come up with something that will distinguish you from similar proposals.
  • Only take what you really want and enjoy. Only your favorite business will become truly profitable.

Time-tested win-win options

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