15 business ideas how to make money on advertising and promotion

Investments: from 330,000 rubles

Payback: from 6 months

Outdoor advertising is the most effective way to attract customers, which is in great demand. At the same time, each manufacturer is fighting for customers, trying to present their products, goods and services with the highest quality. Therefore, firms engaged in the manufacture of advertising structures and signs will always have orders. This article describes the step-by-step instructions for doing business, the features and risks that await on the road to success.

Business Concept

The selected type of activity is outdoor advertising, namely, the production of signs of various formats.

Potential customers may be shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets, large shopping and entertainment centers, bars, restaurants, cafes, children's sports, dance, art and creative institutions, enterprises providing consumer services, etc. / p >

What is required for implementation?

To start a sign production business from scratch, you need to find a suitable room, purchase equipment and materials.

The first thing a business starts with is registration with the tax authorities. At first, it is better to give preference to individual entrepreneurs. If in the future you plan to establish large-scale advertising production, expand areas, introduce new methods of manufacturing outdoor advertising, you can immediately register an LLC. At the same time, the difference in the cost of paperwork is insignificant. So, to obtain the status of an individual entrepreneur, you will need to pay a state fee in the amount of 1,000 rubles, for an LLC this amount is about 1,500 rubles. The advantage of an individual entrepreneur is that you can work according to the simplified tax system, thereby saving on taxes.

The choice of premises must be approached responsibly. The most important thing is the size of the production hall and unhindered access to it. Most of the signs will be large, so you need to take care of how to remove them from the premises in advance. You should not rent industrial premises in residential buildings, in buildings where catering establishments, educational institutions are located. The main process is associated with cutting metal workpieces, therefore, noise, dust and dirt cannot be avoided. It is best to equip a workshop on the outskirts of the village. But the office should be located closer to the central part of the city. This can be a leased premises in a shopping center, business district, where a large number of businesses and organizations are concentrated. For a production workshop, a minimum of 50 m² of working space is required, for an office - 20 m². The total monthly rent for two places will be about 45,000 rubles.

As basic equipment you will need to purchase:

  • computer for making advertising layouts with installed Adobe Photoshop and CorelDRAW programs;
  • plotter. It is the most expensive part of the equipment, it is needed for cutting the film to the size corresponding to the parameters of the advertising layout. Better to get a Chinese but new device. A high-quality plotter will serve for a long time;
  • a welding machine for the manufacture of metal structures on which signs will be installed;
  • manual bending machine for bending metal under the required sheet without violating the plane of the material;
  • construction tools (drill and grinder) for cutting metal.

Equipment costs will be substantial. To save money, at first you can rent a plotter, since it will pull most of the investment and will cost about 100,000 rubles.

If you decide to start an advertising business, then you need to know what types or formats of advertising agencies exist in nature, which one is right for you and the specifics of the region in which you have to work.

Before opening an advertising agency, clarify its format for yourself. A well-organized advertising business has a chance to gain a client base and pay off in three months.

Small agencies that provide intermediary services, that is, place advertisements in the media, take orders for printing. They usually consist of two to three people.

However, experts believe that such firms have very little chance of surviving in the advertising business and becoming a long-term project.

Anyone who wants to deal with a large budget is forced to create a company with five to ten staff positions. And most importantly, he must produce his own intellectual product. What kind of bird is this - its own intellectual product?

1. branding (development of a trademark, corporate identity elements, etc.),

Advertising only at first glance seems easy, so if you are far from the advertising business, hire a professional who is familiar with the specifics of the job. Mistakes are unacceptable. The very first mistake that infuriates the client can be worth the whole undertaking.

Advertising business: search for premises

The location and appearance of the office are practically irrelevant. After all, your employees will visit clients themselves. An office is needed - to receive calls and transfer papers from folder to folder.

But if you have not yet developed a portfolio, it is still worth showing yourself at least in which office you are renting. Sometimes customers do come to you, and it is important that they do not faint when they see the place where you are sitting.

Advertising business: office equipment

Here's what you need to purchase:

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

The advertising business today is a highly profitable segment in the service market. With the advent of new ad formats, the chance to hit the trend and succeed in business grows. Which direction to choose for the start?

Advertising business is a very broad niche for making money. Any business activity needs promotion services. So the target audience is large and interested. All you need is to offer quality service and make a name for yourself. A competent approach and a well-thought-out business strategy will allow you to quickly open your investments. And the start-up capital can be different. It all depends on the idea that you will implement. For example, you can run an advertising agency in the format of remote work - you do not need to rent an office, buy equipment, or hire a staff. You can limit yourself to the minimum investment by entrusting orders to freelancers. It's another matter if you decide to start manufacturing and installing outdoor advertising. In this case, you need to have your own equipment and tools, as well as select the minimum staff.

The advertising market is huge, so everyone can find their niche. All the variety of directions can be classified as follows:

Outdoor advertising. Such a business requires the purchase of expensive equipment (printers, plotters, etc.). Outdoor advertising includes banners, billboards, streamers, pavement signs, signs. This segment is relevant for big cities.

Street advertising is the distribution of leaflets, inscriptions on the asphalt, the use of life size puppets, advertising through a loudspeaker, etc.

Online advertising: first of all, it is contextual advertising, search engine optimization of the site, advertising manager services, etc.

Advertising in social networks. Online advertising in social media is highlighted in a special category. networks. It involves placing ads on VKontakte, Instagram, Youtube, etc. ..

Radio and TV advertising.

These are the main directions of advertising services that are offered for business. We have collected 15 ideas for your advertising business.

Advertising in elevators

Investments: from 10 thousand rubles

Advertising in elevators is considered one of the most effective. The business of placing advertisements in elevators does not require special investment and skills. But here you will need to actively search for partners, clients and order executors.

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  • 3 How much can you earn on the services of an advertising agency
  • 4 How much money is needed to start an advertising agency
  • 5 How to choose equipment for the provision of services
  • 6 Which OKVED should be specified when registering an advertising agency
  • 7 What documents are needed to open a business
  • 8 What taxation system to choose to open an activity
  • 9 Do I need permission to open a business
  • 10 Technology for opening an advertising agency
  • 11 Newbie in business at the opening of an advertising agency

Every new business always needs to be promoted to the market.

This can be achieved through advertising and the business idea of ​​creating your own advertising agency is quite promising.

Of course, very little money is spent on advertising services in the Russian Federation, about 1% of all earnings.

As for other countries, about 20-25% is spent on advertising services in the USA. Much more than in our country.

With the help of a simple promotion, you can achieve business promotion and attract new investments.

Business will definitely be paid attention if they see good advertising, marketing and rules for creating advertising can be found here.

So where should you start an advertising business?

How to start opening an advertising agency

First of all, you need to declare yourself. In the modern world, this is very easy to do.

Olesya Kashitsyna dropped out of Moscow State University and created the project "Your Cinema". She shoots videos and edits films to order. Olesya told how she tried to advertise her business, why she stopped at Internet promotion and what it takes to successfully advertise a business on the Internet.

In my second year at the institute, I became interested in video shooting. All my classmates laughed that I went with the camera all the time. I made films for my family: mom, dad, son. And then I took the documents from Moscow State University and went to work as an editing director to create my own studio. This is how it all started, I started to actively create it.

I bought a computer from some huckster for a lot of money - then I did not understand computers yet. I bought a table in Ikea: I rolled it up, rolled it up on my own. The neighbor screamed: "Stop making noise!" I remember I didn't have enough bolts there, a hammer, my son yelled. Once I put it together, all in snot and saliva. At night he collapsed with me, everything collapsed. But then I still collected it.

The first step is advertising at random in Yandex

I put 3000 ₽ on advertising in Yandex - this was my first attempt. I read on the Internet that I needed a website, but I didn't. I took it, created a page on narod. u, wrote some lyrics there. I put money in my wallet. Now I understand that it was a system at random, and all this needs to be studied. Then Yandex ate all my money, and in a week no orders or calls came. I was sitting at this table and computer with a bottle of wine - all unhappy.

And then the phone rings: "Hello, we want to order a film from you, we found you by advertising in Yandex."

These were my first clients. I asked for RUR 8,000 for some colossal job. But it turned out to be a minus for me, because while I was doing all this, my program crashed, my computer broke down - I had to call a technician. I couldn't let them down, I had to pass it on time. And one technician call cost 1000-1500 ₽, and I called him three times, plus I repaired the computer. In short, I was in the red by 100%.

Unsuccessful attempts: banners, articles and flyers

I didn't stop at Internet promotion right away. I checked banner ads - they were done very competently, but did not work. Perhaps here, too, it was necessary to think over some kind of marketing strategy before purchasing banners and hanging them on ropes.

I spent money on PR for a long time: I hired a specialist who published articles about my work. I tested this system and realized that it is almost impossible to track whether it works or not. I also refused her.

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