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Business Ideas: Diversity in Search of the Perfect Earning Formula

hobiz project. u works according to the principle: every working day - a new business idea is published. Thanks to this, over the entire period of our work, we have collected more than 1719 business ideas. And we are unlikely to stop there. Why?

Because, in our opinion, there is no ideal business idea that answers the question - how to make money and even get rich? More precisely, the opposite. There are always more than one answers to the above questions. And this is a variety of choices. This is already an internal contradiction and a struggle with oneself.

The world is not perfect. This is its advantage. For every universal formula of happiness there is a Redrick Schuhart who understands it in his own way. It is the subjectivity of perception that makes the world not ideal, but life is different. This also applies to ideal business ideas. More precisely - not ideal.

Any universal earning formula that makes anyone rich is not sustainable. What scares a newbie in their own business the most? At the moment when he is just planning to start his own business. Not a problem at work. And not the difficulties that get in the way. The most frightening thing for a newcomer in business is uncertainty and uncertainty. Uncertainty about tomorrow's future. Yes, this is the brightest and most serious fear. The bumps are not full, the location of the pitfalls is unknown. An idea with a theory that promises mountains of gold, in practice, can turn into a complete collapse. Because the business may not "go". Lack of experience can turn into an insurmountable problem. This is frightening, because the ideal formula does not take into account the imperfection of the surrounding world.

In practice, two identical startups, starting their own business, starting a business, develop completely differently from each other. That is, with all equal input data, the path of becoming for each of them is unique. It is not repeated in every embodiment of the proposed earnings formula. Therefore, the existence of a universal formula is an absurdity that has no foundation in real life.

Life itself tells us that universality and uniqueness in business are completely different terms. The McDonald's fast food chain is a unique business idea. Billions in profit. Establishments operating in various cities of the world. One of the most valuable global brands in history.

Can McDonald's idea become universal? Technically, everything is simple - ready-made burgers and all kinds of snacks, fries and sweet soda, reasonable prices and a small menu. Let's not forget about ice cream and play sets for children. We even see similar establishments appear here and there. Unfortunately, we are also witnessing how they close. And McDonald's remains. Why? A unique business idea, once “shot”, cannot become universal. Even repeating it step by step, the problems that arise along the way are individual and subjective.

A ready-made business idea is a formula that offers a vector for the development of thought. And only so. Turning an idea into a business is the sole responsibility of the owner. If he is able to overcome all difficulties and resolve all issues, his business idea will become his unique experience - a unique idea. By sharing it with others, he will only give them a vector for the development of their own idea, and not a universal instruction on how to make money.

It is a mistake to take a business idea as a direct instruction for action. It should be taken as an idea. And only by passing this thought through the prism of our expert knowledge, we will get our own business idea. Unique and unrepeatable.

The versatility of business ideas lies in their diversity. This is indirectly proved by our hobiz project. u. Every day, publishing new business ideas, we clearly see all the variety of ways to make money. Some of them are similar, use the same principles, or develop in the same niche. But, are these business ideas the same? Not! They are completely different. Each has its own unique set of characteristics, techniques and methods that allow you to talk about an idea as if it’s new. And each new business idea describes the unique experience of its author. Start it differently, with our own experience in solving emerging problems, we will get a completely different idea of ​​earning. A completely different business.

Any generic business idea is corrected by many unaccounted for factors. Even listing a few will allow you to see the big picture. External factors - the area and location of application, suppliers, local demand and the economic state of the state. Internal factors - expert knowledge of the business owner, employee experience, agility of the marketing department, quality of workplace organization. Taken together, all this turns any universal instruction into a unique one. Unique experience of starting a business.

Many business trainers in their seminars and trainings give such a unique experience in the form of a general universal instruction. They talk about the successes of individuals, their achievements and awards. Forgetting to tell that everyone who dares to use it will independently solve all problems. More precisely, they do not forget about it, they successfully mask it with words - purposefulness, the path to success, assertiveness and stubbornness. But, for some reason, few people repeated the successes of Henry Ford, Steve Jobs or Elon Musk (favorite “icon-examples” of business coaches). And it will not be able to repeat for the above factors. However, trainings and seminars are based on similar stories. Let's leave this "delusion" on the conscience of business coaches. Everyone earns their own way. Those who know how to do business work; those who do not know how to teach this to others.

Start your business with our ideas!

Dreaming of your own business that you can build yourself? We will help you do this!

With this section you will learn:

  • How to start your business from scratch, where to start and how to build a real empire
  • Which of the areas is better to choose
  • How to organize then successful enterprise
  • What business is profitable to do - what can bring income over 200'000 rubles per month

Start from scratch and fear nothing

This section contains the most relevant business ideas of 2021.

Among them are both traditional and proven ones, as well as innovative ones that have not even been implemented in Russia yet. Use only real, working, profitable and ready-to-implement ideas for creating a small business! We wish you success!

Business Ideas FAQ

. How realistic is it to start a business with your ideas in 2021?

. 100% realistic as each idea is modeled with specific calculations and even contains a simplified business plan. It's not enough for us just to share original ways to start a business - we want our users to know exactly how much effort, time and money they will need to implement the idea, what profit and when they will be able to receive.

Moreover. If we ourselves are not sure of the reality of the implementation of a business idea, we do not publish it.

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