Where to sell a ready-made business

How to buy a ready-made business?

Dear T — F, tell me how to buy a ready-made business? I have little experience, but a lot of energy. Should you buy if you have no business experience?

What do you need to know in advance? How not to be deceived? What should you pay attention to? And what subtleties need to be observed?

There are three ways to make your own business appear: create it from scratch yourself, use a franchise, buy a ready-made one.

Starting a profitable business from scratch is difficult: it takes a lot of effort and time.

A franchise is when you are provided with a license to use a brand, scheduled business processes (ready-made business plan, scripts for communicating with clients, etc.), as well as help from the franchisor for a successful start and development. But there is still no client base, no premises, no equipment, no employees.

To save time and effort, you can buy a ready-made business that is already working and making a profit. In fact, it is a purchase of a company with suppliers, customers, premises and employees.

We have written a lot about the franchise business, so in this article we will consider the option of buying a working company as a ready-made business.

In short: how to buy a ready-made business

What are the advantages of buying a ready-made business

Any idea deserves a fair reward. But you can get it not only by making use of a valuable idea in science, technology, public life or business. You can do it differently: sell important information, but you need to know how to properly prepare the idea for the sale and find a buyer. Let's talk about how to implement this in practice in our Russian reality.

Ways to Sell Ideas

The main competitive advantage at every level, be it a state, city, corporation or individual, is not the fact of owning some property (apartments, summer cottages, factories, newspapers and ships) and natural resources, but ideas, knowledge and technologies (know-how), as well as their carriers - creative people (creative class).

It is worth remembering the relatively recent past, the late 80s and early 90s. At that time there were many stories about how Japanese and Chinese specialists bought in Russian libraries unnecessary, as they said in the country at that time, filing of magazines such as "Young Technician", "Technics - Youth" or "Model Designer". As well as the fact that there were cases when archives of dissertations of technical universities were bought for a lot of money, which was destined to burn in a local boiler house or be handed over to waste paper.

But if the task of competition in the market of carriers of creative ideas in the world is practically solved (you can sell a business idea on the Internet), and open borders allow any talent to find itself where it is most in demand, then with ideas , including those related to business, not everything is so simple and unambiguous.

Any information related to the process of receiving money has a value. But in order for this value to turn into real money and other assets, you need to imagine how it can be sold.

The main feature of the sale of information, and business ideas in particular, is that, once shown or presented, it can be considered consumed, and it can no longer be returned or compensated for. The main methods of selling information and business ideas are as follows:

  • If an original business idea has arisen, but there is no detailed disclosure of how to implement it in practice, the only way to get at least some money for it is to publish this idea in the form of a short article or notes in some popular science magazine. You can try to sell the idea as an article through a text exchange to those who are engaged in filling Internet sites with relevant business content. It is unlikely that it will be possible to receive big money for this, but, in any case, there will be at least some kind of moral and material compensation.
  • Selling business ideas through online resources. If the idea of ​​creating and developing a business from a purely speculative form has passed into the stage of more detailed comprehension, elaboration with numbers, with some preliminary calculations, you can create your own website or blog, where you can take a little money from site visitors to get acquainted with the idea. And, if the idea is really exciting, it is quite possible to get money for advertising space as well, if the site traffic makes it possible to place ads from the same Google. The main disadvantage of this method is that the author of the idea, even though the information is posted on his own site, does not have any copyright for the content. Subsequent links to the site are unlikely to provide a basis for claiming any rights in the future.
  • Registration of patent rights. If a business idea is related to the use of some technical innovations, original engineering solutions, technologies, then in order to obtain material compensation in the form of royalties or a franchise, you can apply for a patent or copyright. Trademarks, marks, advertising solutions are also subject to patenting. The main advantage of this method is that the author of the idea secures his legal rights to information. However, this does not at all guarantee that someone will be willing to pay real money for this idea or information. In addition, the costs of preparing for patenting, the fees for the patent itself, can exceed the potential value of the entire idea.
  • An attractive presentation for selling almost any idea will help you create a well-written business plan. Why a business plan is attractive for a potential buyer of an idea:
  • an investor sees the whole concept of an idea at once: as a whole, in numbers and details, and he does not need to look for additional information.
  • the buyer saves a lot of time, and he does not even need to spend extra time to submit a business plan to a commercial bank for a loan.

The only drawback of this form of selling a business idea is that the preparation will take a lot of time (at least a couple of months) and there is no guarantee that a buyer will be found quickly.

  • The optimal, but at the same time, the most expensive option is to create a company in the form of a startup for the existing idea. To do this, you will have to register it (for example, in the form of a venture capital company), recruit staff, and launch the project itself at the initial stage (zero cycle). That is, in fact, it will be the creation and preparation for the sale of a ready-made turnkey business (plus an idea). Undoubtedly, this option, with a successful development of events, can bring very good profit to both the author of the idea and investors.

But you need to remember that out of ten started startups only one reaches the real market, in the best case - two. In addition, to create even a small startup you need initial capital, which is not always so easy to get for just one idea.

A more interesting option for selling business ideas in the form of a startup is using crowdinvesting platforms. There are tens of thousands of such sites in America alone. In Russia, the two most popular are Planeta. u and Boomstarter. u.

Here you can offer investors virtually any business idea, from a rabbit farm at the North Pole to a taxi based on flying cars.

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