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Over 70% of Russians own pets - cats, dogs, rodents and birds. Unfortunately, living in an apartment cannot protect an animal from various kinds of diseases. In this regard, the question of the need to open a veterinary clinic, the services of which could be used by animal owners, is considered relevant.

Relevance of this business

Your own veterinary clinic is a fairly profitable enterprise that requires a significant investment of funds, but with due diligence it can bring a lot of income. The number of pets is growing every year. The number of dogs and cats kept at home, and therefore in need of regular veterinary care, exceeds 50 million individuals. The presented data relate exclusively to residents of Russia, while veterinary clinics with extensive experience may have clients abroad.

An experienced veterinarian will never be out of work. All animals, regardless of gender and age, need regular examination, sterilization, and treatment. On the basis of statistical studies in recent years, it is permissible to conclude that animals need the same comprehensive and regular examination as humans. To open a clinic, you need to have an initial capital equal to 13-15 million rubles. The invested funds will pay off within 4 - 5 years. At the same time, future income depends solely on the ability of the business owner not only to attract, but also to retain customers.

Stages of organization

Having no experience in running your own business, it is necessary to determine a number of important factors, the knowledge of which will be decisive when opening a veterinary clinic. A business plan for opening a veterinary clinic should include:

Customer search

It is necessary to start looking for clients even at the stage of collecting documents and finding a suitable place. It is necessary to start compiling a client base by creating a website for a veterinary clinic. Visitors attracted with its help are likely to become real clients of the new clinic.

Veterinary clinic advertising should be prioritized. The public should be aware of the opening of a new business about 1 - 2 months before this event occurs. You need to shoot your own commercial listing the obvious benefits that await every owner who is ready to entrust his pet to a veterinarian. Information about the planned opening should appear on radio and in local print media. A new clinic should be reported to all veterinary pharmacies and shops. The best advertising will be colorful banners and leaflets, the clinic number should be in every telephone and address directory of the city.

A large-scale advertising campaign requires serious investments. On average, making videos, maintaining your own website, placing banners, printing leaflets and other important things will take from 350 to 400 thousand rubles.

Required equipment

The full-fledged work of the clinic is impossible without modern equipment. On an area of ​​120 - 130 square meters, it is necessary to place with maximum convenience:

Not only people, but also animals need medical care. She ends up in vet clinics for them. To answer the question "how to open a veterinary clinic", you must:

  • get acquainted with statistical data on keeping pets;
  • make a business plan for a veterinary clinic with calculations.

As a sample, you can use a ready-made example of a business plan for a veterinary clinic, which will help you draw up a list of services and equipment. It indicates the approximate period of reaching zero and the profitability of the project.

Download a ready-made business plan for a veterinary clinic

The growing popularity of veterinary clinics makes the company interesting for a budding entrepreneur.

Sample Veterinary Clinic Business Plan

In the example of a business plan for a veterinary clinic, the conditions for opening an organization with a maximum list of services, including ultrasound, X-ray, hospital and a hotel for animals, were analyzed. If necessary, the entrepreneur can exclude equipment and services that he does not plan to provide in the clinic.

Analysis of the veterinary services market and relevance of the idea

According to polls, 76% of Russians keep animals at home. Of these, 37% take care of the cat, 30% - about the dog. 4% of respondents give birth to ornamental fish, birds - 3%, other domestic animals - 2%.

Most of the citizens keep mongrel animals (cats and dogs) - 29% and 19%, respectively. 8% and 11%, respectively, chose pedigree pets.

To the question “do you consider your pet a member of the family” 87% of the respondents answered positively. 9% answered in the negative. The rest found it difficult to answer the question.

In 2021, DISCOVERY Research Group conducted an analysis of the veterinary services market.

Project Summary

The goal of the project is to open a veterinary clinic to provide a wide range of veterinary services. The price segment of the project is aimed at consumers with middle and lower middle income levels. The short-term objective of the project is to meet the needs of clients for basic types of veterinary services and generate profit. In the long term, the expansion of the range of services provided and the development of a network of veterinary clinics in the development region lies.

The financial calculations of the business plan were made for the five-year perspective of the clinic. Investments in the project will amount to 12.7 million rubles. Own funds will be attracted to implement the project. The payback period will be 43 months. The preparatory stage is 3 months.

Key financial indicators of the project

Net Present Value (NPV), rub.

Project net profit *, rub.

Discounted Payback Period (DPP), months

* average monthly profit over 5 years of operation

Industry and company description

According to VTsIOM, about 76% of Russians have pets. In the first place in popularity are cats, of which there are about 30 million individuals, and dogs (20 million individuals). The share of "everyone else", that is, rodents, parrots, turtles and so on, does not exceed 1%. Most often, residents of the capital and regional centers give birth to pets. The growing urbanization contributes to the growth of the number of domestic animals and the development of "zoo infrastructure": the opening of new pet shops, grooming salons, zoological hotels and, of course, veterinary clinics. In Russia, according to BusinesStat studies for 2021-2021, the number of animals receiving veterinary care averages 8.5 million animals per year.

Veterinary clinic business plan

How much money is needed to open a veterinary office

A veterinary clinic is a rather expensive project (as opposed to a veterinary office). It is necessary to create optimal conditions for work: make high-quality repairs, purchase not cheap equipment, surgical instruments and drugs. Not small costs will be spent on renting premises, registering a business and advertising:

  • Deposit for renting premises for 2 months. (80 sq. M.) - 140 thousand rubles.
  • Repair of the premises - 400 thousand rubles.
  • Equipment (operating table, lamp, sterilizer, ultrasound machine, centrifuge, freezer) - 600 thousand rubles.
  • Surgical instruments and preparations - 80 thousand rubles.
  • Office equipment (computer, printer, telephone, cash register) - 100 thousand rubles.
  • Furniture - 80 thousand rubles.
  • Business registration and advertising - 50 thousand rubles.
  • Other expenses - 100 thousand rubles.
  • Reserve fund - 200 thousand rubles.

In total, according to the calculations of the business plan for the opening of a veterinary clinic, it will be necessary to allocate at least 1,750,000 rubles.

Room selection

Finding premises for a veterinary clinic is not an easy task. According to the law, it is forbidden to place such objects in residential buildings (on the ground floors of apartment buildings). For these purposes, only non-residential premises can be used.

At the same time, the distance to residential facilities must be at least 50m, and if the clinic has a hospital, then at least 150m. The room must be of sufficient size. Ideally, at least 80 sq. m.

It is necessary to organize a hall with registration, an office for the primary examination of animals, an operating room, a diagnostic room (ultrasound), a bathroom, a pharmacy and a laboratory. The walls in the office where the animals are received must be painted with washable paint or tiled.

Good ventilation, water supply and heating are essential. The approximate cost of renting such areas is from 1000 rubles / m2.

What equipment to choose for opening a veterinary office


The main problem is that the cost of veterinary services is too high. It is at least 70 percent of the selling price. For this reason, opening a veterinary clinic pays off for a very long time. Not everyone is willing to wait up to ten years for their business to pay off.

Many people, even those with sufficient capital to pay for a private veterinary clinic, believe that treating animals should be quite cheap. For this reason, the treatment of animals, from the point of view of their own business, is less profitable than the treatment of people.

In a private clinic, an appointment with a veterinarian costs about 300 rubles, while in a municipal institution the initial examination will cost 50 rubles. As a rule, one cannot expect more from the people. For this reason, veterinarians cannot inflate prices, as is the case with other goods, which means that there is no super-profit in this business.

The income of the most successful clinics reaches a maximum of 85-90 thousand rubles per month, and this is only when all expenses are minimized. Of course, there are clinics that earn more, but there are only a few of them throughout Russia. As a rule, these are the clinics that have opened on the basis of municipal institutions. These clinics had several factors to make life easier and reduce costs:

  • No need to find a suitable room.
  • Rolling customer base.

To receive 85 thousand rubles per month, the clinic must have a daily client base of at least 35 visitors, and each of them must leave up to 350 rubles at the checkout every day.

Looking for a suitable space

Finding a suitable premises is the biggest challenge for an entrepreneur who has decided to open his own veterinary clinic. This room, of course, should be located as close as possible to the most populated area of ​​the city. After all, customers should have as easy access to it as possible. In addition, the short distance to the client's home makes it easier to transport the sick animal. You can also seriously consider providing veterinary services around the clock. But, due to the very specific requirements for the premises of the veterinary medicine clinic, such a room is quite difficult to find.

The fact is that the requirements of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service prescribe a minimum distance from the clinic to the nearest residential building equal to 50 meters. This requirement significantly complicates the opening of a veterinary clinic.

Of course, if such a requirement did not exist, then there would be much more clinics for our smaller brothers. But the rules are rules and if they exist, they must be followed.

A veterinary clinic equipped with all the necessary equipment will need at least eighty square meters of area. Of course, a small reception room can be accommodated, if desired, on 20 square meters. But it is quite difficult to rent such a small room in a non-residential building, even more difficult than a large one. It is necessary to obtain many approvals and permits to open a clinic for animals, it is necessary to organize a separate entrance.

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