Tyumen sale of ready-made business

What business to open in Tyumen

When looking for a demanded niche to create your own business, pay attention to the relevance of the products or services provided. Based on their own interests and capabilities, an entrepreneur can start a project in Tyumen, which is related to:

  • with car service;
  • providing quality coffee;
  • beauty services popular with customers.

There are even more options for good business in Tyumen!

Of course, this list can be expanded. The main thing is to conduct a preliminary analysis of the existing market and invest in a profitable project that will allow you to return the money spent and make a profit in the shortest possible time. Since the sale of a business in Tyumen is very active, an entrepreneur can purchase an existing facility, thereby accelerating payback and reducing costs in general.

Offers of a ready-made business in Tyumen are also very profitable

What are the advantages that make existing companies the most popular for investments? By investing in such a project, you can start a business using the tangible assets accumulated by the first owner, as well as act within the framework of an already created reputation. This will expand your customer base and increase your business revenue.

Small investments provide an opportunity to buy an inexpensive business in Tyumen and work, gradually generating a higher percentage of profit.

The Open Your Own Business program starts again in Tyumen

The Open Your Own Business program starts again in Tyumen

The organizer of the program is Business Development Center LLC together with the Tyumen regional branch of OPORA RUSSIA, the Government of the Tyumen Region and the Investment Agency of the Tyumen Region Fund.

Since 2021, Business Development Center LLC has been implementing the federal program “You are an Entrepreneur” in the Tyumen Region, which ceased to exist at the end of 2021.


There are no words to convey how tired I am every day to cut to work and curry favor with the "big boss". I'm tired of it. A friend threw a link to this site and, honestly, register here - that was my best decision in my life. After looking at various ads, I realized that I only want to work on myself. I saved up money in a short time. I bought a bar and began to invest all my strength in it. There are no initial stages, there is already a starting base ... I am developing and I am thinking of taking another such bar. If I dare - definitely on DeloMoyo. I really liked the resource, everything without hassle. Time does not take away, it protects.

As soon as my grandson was born, I immediately retired, I thought I would help. Soon the daughter was stunned: we were flying to Spain, my husband had a job. I was left alone, without work. But I can't just sit still, so I decided to fulfill my old dream - to open a flower shop. Only trouble - all these documents are not mine at all ... A friend saved me: she advised DeloMoyo. om. She said that her son was buying a business here, that he immediately got everything ready. I chose the cheapest option, everything was quickly processed, without difficulties and unnecessary fiddling with papers. Now I am developing a shop, slowly, but moving towards success.

You know, sometimes you want to take it and radically change your life. I have owned my own coffee shop for a long time, it has become a kind of hobby. However, after almost 20 years of successful business, I was tired of everything. I wanted to try myself in a completely different field. And, the first step was selling the business. What I haven't tried - message boards, calls through friends. I was lucky that a friend recommended the site. I was able to sell the coffee shop in two weeks. The price suited both me and the buyer. I recommend. Everything is convenient and fast here. I just posted my ad and waited. They responded quickly, quickly and issued everything. Thanks for this site. Safe and very convenient service.

A ready-made business has certain advantages over what has to be created from scratch. You can buy it through the intermediary of agencies specializing in this type of trade. Businessmen trying to sell their business use headings in specialized newspapers and magazines, as well as Internet sites.

Why is the search on the Internet resource effective

Why is the search on the Internet resource effective

On the portal, the reasons for the sale in the city of Tyumen are described in detail. The desire to sell a business is not necessarily associated with its unprofitableness (which may come to mind first). There may be several reasons:

  • disagreements between the owners;
  • moving to a permanent place of residence in another region;
  • desire for development and investment in new areas of activity and etc. / ul>

    An Internet platform is a meeting place for people interested in buying or selling an existing business. The best deals are collected here. This is a real opportunity to purchase a ready-made business or get a share in an enterprise. Another important detail is that the transaction is carried out without intermediaries.

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