The best business in the countryside

Despite the ongoing urbanization and the outflow of people and capital to cities, the countryside remains an attractive place for investment. Even a person who has no experience in running his own business can try to open a business in the countryside.

Important nuances

Not all of the ideas below are equally applicable in different environments.

Before developing a business plan, you need to carefully study all the characteristics of a rural settlement: population size, its composition, main types of employment, purchasing power; the size and number of streets; distances to district and regional centers. It is necessary to assess not only the situation in the selected settlement, but also the conjuncture of the entire region as a whole.

Assessing the competition in the chosen niche is also an important step. In many cases, small businesses in rural areas do not imply large coverage, so the direction may turn out to be unprofitable even if there are one or two entrenched competitors in the market.

The main directions of agricultural activity are presented in the table:

Idea Investments, rub. ore costs and qualifications Estimated profit, rub. Growing vegetables and herbs in greenhouses 30,000 for a greenhouse, 60,000 for implements and fertilizers. It is necessary to be able to care for plants and to devote time to this, it is also required to maintain financial accounting and material accounting. 00-150 thousand per season Breeding of laying hens (for selling eggs) Price of a hen - 100 Maintenance costs - 30 / month Arrangement of a farm - 60-150 thousand. Birds should be regularly looked after, examined (including veterinary), and eggs collected and packaged. 00 per month from one layer, 100-150 thousand per year from the farm. growing mushrooms 60-70 thousand (oyster mushrooms) 140 thousand (champignons) Mushrooms are sensitive to the correct preparation of the substrate and mycelium. about 500,000 per year. Raising geese for meat, eggs and feathers. About 300 thousand It is necessary to ensure proper feeding of birds, monitor their health, organize the work of farm personnel Up to 600,000 per year. hay making 5000 per 500 kg. it is hard to carry out packing work alone, as they are quite exhausting - it is better to hire assistants. -10 thousand from 500 kg of raw materials. Humanity100 thousandEquipment of an apiary requires additional precautions - bee venom is deadly for some people. About 300-400 thousand per season Breeding crayfish 100 thousand The advantage of a business is the ability to achieve business profitability on a small scale, since crayfish are a niche product. But the arrangement of the habitat for these animals requires labor. 50-300 thousand per year. Pheasant breeding (for the sale of meat and live individuals) 70 thousand Pheasants are an exotic bird, which is bought by hunting farms, and its meat is appreciated by gourmets. But the maintenance of this bird is not cheap and requires spending 300-400 rubles per month (per individual) Depends on the breed of bird, one live pheasant can cost up to 60,000 rubles. milk production 200,000 for a herd of 3 cows It is necessary to obtain medical certificates for both cows and their products. Each batch of milk must be checked separately. Milking on your own is time consuming - it is better to hire other people to do this. About 500,000 a year Repurchase of milk The purchase price varies greatly - somewhere milk can be given almost for free, but some cow owners may overcharge the price up to the retail one.This idea is easier to implement than the idea of ​​independent production. The main requirements are the availability of capacious vehicles and reliable buyers. depends on the purchase price Fish farming (carp, trout) 150 thousand The arrangement of an artificial reservoir requires technical knowledge. As with breeding other animals, it is imperative to ensure veterinary control. 00-500 thousand Freezing and sale of vegetables and berries Purchase of refrigeration equipment - 40-50 thousand. Prices for vegetables and berries depend on their varieties. It is important to be able to handle refrigeration equipment and to know the optimal temperature regime for each type of plants Up to 50-200 thousand, depending on the volume of work Mixed feed production Up to 1,000,000 It is necessary to organize the production process and hire qualified workers. The idea is on the border of small and medium-sized businesses. tons 250 thousand per month Production of cheese Mini-cheese dairy costs 50-60 thousand, milk can be purchased at a price of 10-30 rubles per liter. knowledge of production technology is mandatory, but modern equipment is largely automated Up to 30,000 per month Pig breeding Up to 500,000-1,000,000 for a small pigsty Pigs require regular feeding and veterinary control, and it is also necessary to mate animals Up to 1-2 million per year from the sale of piglets and meat of adults

Important: for the production of food products, it is necessary to obtain permission from Rospotrebnadzor.

  • Renting out housing. This idea is relevant in those regions where rural tourism is developed. If the house is in good condition and has the necessary amenities, then no investment is required. The profit depends on the quality and size of the rented housing and can go up to 30-40 thousand rubles per month.
  • Needlework. Making souvenirs and small household appliances on your own can not only be profitable, but also a pleasure. Trinkets made from natural materials (wicker baskets, phone cases, match souvenirs) are especially popular. Such a craft requires certain qualifications, but anyone can learn it. The income of an experienced craftsman can be several tens of thousands of rubles.
  • A more profitable (but also labor-intensive) variant of the previous idea is making wooden souvenirs. The main expense item is the purchase of woodworking equipment (30-50 thousand rubles). Materials for work are taken in their own garden or purchased at a sawmill.
  • Breeding cats. Siamese, Bengal, Siberian breeds, Sphynxes and Persians are popular among collectors. The main disadvantages of the idea are high competition and the inability to keep a large number of cats at home. One thoroughbred individual costs 10,000 thousand rubles on average, its monthly maintenance costs 7,000 rubles. One cat brings 15 kittens per year, and the profit is calculated from this fact.
  • Breeding chinchillas. At home, you can easily keep 80 individuals. The purchase of animals and the organization of the premises will cost 100-200 thousand rubles. The annual profit reaches 500-700 thousand rubles.
  • Earning money on the Internet. Website development and blogging is a competitive niche, but still profitable, and you can do this business anywhere with the Internet. Bloggers of average popularity make 10-30 thousand rubles a month.
  • Manufacture and sale of marinades, pickles, preserves. If we put this business on stream, then the proceeds will be 10-20 thousand rubles. per month.

Ideas for the whole year

  • Guided tours. A talented storyteller and nature connoisseur can easily sell his services to visitors from the city. The profit from this business entirely depends on the tourist attractiveness of the village and its surroundings. Guided tours can be combined with rental housing.
  • Carpentry workshop. A small machine can be equipped at home, and the residents of any village have a need for tables and chairs (and for their repair). You can earn 5-20 thousand rubles on such a craft. per month. The average price of the machine is 40,000 rubles.
  • Car repair. In your own garage, you can carry out simple work (replacement of tires, glass) and carry out large-scale repairs with qualifications. The profitability of this business increases significantly if a highway runs through the village. The main expense items are the purchase of parts and tools.

Ideas that work

3 areas of business in the North

If you adhere to the idea that the business in the village is not promising, and the profit that it can bring is extremely small, then you are not sufficiently aware of the issue and do not have information about the real resources and opportunities for launching a business ... Of course, you will not be able to immediately reach a decent level of income - it will take a lot of time and effort to implement a business idea from scratch, but in the end everything will pay off.

So, the main advantages of starting a business in rural areas

Availability of space. A private country house, a garage and an adjacent garden area is an excellent opportunity to organize any business. You can set up a small workshop in your home without fear that the noise will disturb your neighbors, arrange a warehouse of finished products right in your yard, and so on. The entire area is completely at your disposal.

Availability of resources. The land itself, on which one can grow vegetables and fruits, raise animals and engage in many other activities, is itself a scarce resource for an urban person, and there is still all kinds of agricultural implements that cannot be obtained anywhere except in the village.

What kind of business to start from scratch in the village

Benefits we have named, now is the time to find out how exactly to use them. There are several proven ideas for your judgment that will help a budding entrepreneur start their own business in the countryside.

Bird farming

People really enjoy buying household products, so you won't be short of customers. Chickens, geese and other birds are unpretentious in food and do not require special care, although you should still have some knowledge. It is best to sell finished products (meat and eggs) on the market on your own, or by hiring a distributor. Alternatively, you can trade live chicks, but there are much more problems with them during transportation.


This type of activity can be carried out in an urban setting, but in a village this enterprise is much more profitable. Firstly, because of the ability to independently grow food for cooking. Secondly, because there will be much more space and suitable conditions for their storage. Almost in any private country house there is a cellar where you can put ready-made conservation so that it does not deteriorate.

Environmentally friendly products

If you've ever been to a grocery market, no matter as a buyer or a seller, you probably saw people who meticulously ask the merchants standing at the counters: “Is your potato greenhouse?”, “A have you used chemicals for fertilization? " and stuff like that. People are very worried about their own health and the possible harm that poor-quality food can cause. So why not give them what they ask for, growing only naturally?

Difficult climatic conditions complicate the process of starting a business in the North. Consider interesting ideas: renting out special equipment, greenhouse facilities and tourism.

More and more people in villages are deciding not to engage in their own farming, but to start their own business, which will bring profit. And in modern realities it will be enough to have a desire to work and develop in order to launch a successful small business. We offer the best business ideas for earning money in the village, among which you will definitely find those that are suitable for you. What business to open in a village this year?

Frozen berries as a business for the countryside

The trend towards fresh vegetables and products will increase every year. Already, many city dwellers are willing to pay more for safe vegetables or fruits. This is especially true of seasonal berries, which are convenient to freeze and sell during off-season.

All that is needed for this type of business is good freezers in large volumes, as well as growing certain berries. The best option would be to conduct a market analysis and find out what products are currently in demand.

Rural and suburban tourism

Another fashion of recent years is to have a rest not abroad, but in the countryside. It evokes pleasant nostalgia, helps to escape from city worries, and the lack of the Internet is perceived as a plus.

Owners of private houses can rent either their rooms, or build additional buildings in which guests will live. It is important to take care of your leisure time - it can be caring for plants, a vegetable garden, a garden or animals. It is also advisable to combine this with traditional rural entertainment - walks, hikes in the forest, to the lake and more. It will be an advantage if you have varied nature, mountains or wooded areas, and you also need to create color, that is, to minimize city amenities, technology, and more, so that guests really feel like in an old village.

Another plus is that this type of activity can be done at any time of the year. Such a business in the countryside in winter will be more difficult, but still quite profitable.

Bee farming

One of the common ideas for business in the village is beekeeping. It is beneficial in that it does not require large financial investments, and there is also a very high demand for honey. Honey is a natural antioxidant, it perfectly strengthens the immune system and is used in a huge number of confectionery products. And due to its rarity, the cost of the substance is quite high.

Small business in the North

Many people get tired of noisy cities and dusty gas-polluted streets and want to find solitude in the countryside. However, a problem arises here - almost complete lack of work. It is this moment that becomes a stumbling block for most people who want to change their place of residence. Let's try to understand the problem and find a way out of the situation.

Relevance of business ideas for the countryside and the countryside

Of course, there is little work in the village, and it, in one way or another, is connected with manual labor. This is true, but you can create a workplace yourself, that is, start a business. In rural areas, a real expanse for an inquisitive person, the main thing is to carefully analyze all the possibilities, and a solution will be found.

In order to answer the question "what kind of business can be opened in rural areas?", you need to decide what, in fact, is in this area.

First of all, this is the land on which you can grow various plants or graze livestock.

There are people here who are in need of various goods, which means you can start trading.

A village is a vast expanse of free land where you can build a small factory, do handicrafts or something else. That is, in the village there are opportunities for earning money and self-realization - you just need to find and realize them.

Before deciding what kind of business to do in rural areas, you need to weigh the pros and cons, as well as analyze your capabilities. We will consider in detail business ideas suitable for the village, so that everyone decides for himself what to do in the village in order to make money.

Crop farming as a business idea in the countryside

The simplest and least expensive, from a financial point of view, way of earning money. It is necessary to find land for planting, cultivate it and plant it.

Small business in the North - 3 areas of business in the North Harsh climatic conditions, undeveloped infrastructure and high transportation costs - poor conditions for the development of entrepreneurship. Leisure, tourism

To start a successful business, you don't need to have a lot of start-up capital and live in a big city. If you work intelligently and hard, you can get a good income anywhere with little or no investment. In this article, we will look at several ideas, using which you can organize a promising business in the village from scratch and achieve great success.


Diversified private farms are resistant to any changes in the market. Therefore, farming as a business is considered one of the most promising types of entrepreneurial activity in agriculture. Opening your own farm will require an impressive start-up capital, but all financial investments pay off very quickly, since such a business brings a stable high income.

Possible areas of activity:

Goat breeding

One goat produces 2–6 liters of milk. Compared to cows, it turns out that the milk yield is not too high. But since goat's milk has medicinal properties, it costs much more. In addition, there is always a high demand for such a product. In addition, you can get a solid profit from the sale of pedigree young stock.

Now let's talk about costs. One thoroughbred kid costs 10 thousand rubles. To start, it is enough to purchase 3 kids. It will cost you 30 thousand rubles. Another 25 thousand rubles should be spent on feed and vitamin and mineral supplements. If you add transportation and other unforeseen expenses, you end up with 65-70 thousand rubles. All initial investments are paid off only after three years. During this time, the herd will increase several times, respectively, you can get a good income not only from the sale of milk, but also from the sale of breeding offspring.

Breeding goats is the easiest way to start your own farm from scratch without a big investment.

Fish farming

It is most profitable to breed fish species that gain weight quickly and are highly resistant to various diseases. Experienced fish farmers recommend starting with trout and carp farming.

Of course, fish farming as a business requires certain financial investments. The cost of the project largely depends on the region in which you plan to do this business, the scale and type of fish chosen for breeding:

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