Small business ideas in St. Petersburg

We have a LOT of BUSINESS IDEAS for you. ✔ The group discusses NEW BUSINESS IDEAS for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad REGION. ✔ Here you can establish useful Business connections in St. Petersburg. ✔Buy a franchise ✔Submit ads selling a ready-made business in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. render completely. ✔ Also discuss the latest city news!

Business ideas that are not in St. Petersburg.

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The desire to create a cozy, detached and intimate family hearth, in which everything you need for life, unites many people today. But everyone has completely different tastes and ideas about beauty and comfort. At the same time, the modern buyer needs something unique and new, which no one else has. render completely.

We offer dealer rights to promote Luxor products in St. Petersburg. moldings, mosaics, panels with glow in the dark will be supplied to you at prices from the manufacturer.

You don't need to open your own store, you don't need to invest in a product to fill up the windows of all stores, you don't need to anticipate customer demand. All that is needed for this business is to put up advertising stands in all stores of goods for repair and work under specific customer orders.

We provide samples, materials for your advertising, give a price from the manufacturer, advise on all issues and help in the development of your business.


To become a successful businessman, you don't have to go to a big city for great opportunities. Any worthy franchise will pay off if you are smart about its implementation.

The main difference between a small city and a large city in terms of business is the low purchasing power of the client. Show in full.

Let's immediately consider the disadvantages of a purchased franchise in a big or small town and forget about them, since they do not override the advantages that an entrepreneurial person may have.

St. Petersburg Business ideas FRANCHISE

Catalog of business ideas for small and large businesses

Most people leave the small business dream unfulfilled. There are various reasons for this: someone does not have the financial means, someone is worried about a possible failure, someone does not know what idea to implement in business. Where can I find a free source?

Small Business Business Ideas

How to search? At the moment, you don't need to come up with something completely new for your own business. BBport offers a directory of examples of business ideas with calculations absolutely free.

What should you pay special attention to when browsing catalogs and choosing business ideas?

First, you need to determine the area in which you would like to start your business. Here is a list of examples of some of them:

  • Fast food restaurant chain;
  • Car repair and washing;
  • Medical services;
  • Beauty salons and fitness centers;
  • Construction and renovation;
  • Entertainment and tourism.

Next, it is worth studying in detail all the subtleties, to determine whether there is a demand for the product or service you provide in your region. Make lists with calculations, compare the amount you need to invest in the business and self-sufficiency. Will your business idea be profitable after 2 years? And after 5-10 years?

Pay special attention to the type of organization of your own business. You might be interested in buying a franchise. Despite the fact that this option is quite new for Russia, today it is one of the most popular and innovative methods of small business.

On our portal you can familiarize yourself with a free catalog of franchises with detailed descriptions.

Another innovative way of organizing is buying a ready-made company. You can search for options on our website.

The third option is to start your own business from scratch.

What business in St. Petersburg is successful in 2021? What types of business are in demand in the city, what is worth opening in the northern capital today? St. Petersburg is a business city, along with a rich culture there are ample business opportunities here. To create your business here, combine creativity and sound business thinking. St. Petersburg, is the second largest city in Russia, the metropolis on the Neva is open to economic activity and innovation.

Let's look at the peculiarities of the city and working business ideas for St. Petersburg in 2021, which will be appreciated not only by St. Petersburg residents, but also by guests of the city.

Peculiarities of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the second richest city in Russia after Moscow. Its population is solvent (the average salary ranges from 40,000 to 45,000 rubles), and tourists who visit the city in an amount of 5 to 6 million people a year bring good money. Anyone has the opportunity to open a business in St. Petersburg with initial investment, which will bring a fairly good income and the possibility of further development.

The city is located at the intersection of sea, river and land routes, freight and passenger traffic. This proves that you have the opportunity to carry out delivery, open a warehouse, provide consulting and legal services to logistics companies.

The climate, of course, is imperfect: short and cool summers, in other seasons it rains long. This indicates that areas of activity requiring hot and dry weather (such as a cotton candy dot) are not suitable for this city.

At any time, services in the field of insulation, impregnation, installation and repair of climatic equipment and heating devices, sale of clothing, shoes and accessories (for example, waterproof bags, covers) for rainy weather are popular at any time.

Petersburg is the architectural and cultural center of historical Russia. It is visited by both Russians from other cities and foreigners. It is good to organize tourist events here: open hotels, arrange tours, make and sell souvenirs.

The northern capital is located in the zone of risky agriculture. It is developed in the region, but there is little competition (due to the fact that several million people need a lot of products). You can analyze which specific areas of the company are missing, and start acting in this industry.

You can make money on real estate in St. Petersburg (commercial and residential), it is expensive (both for sale and for rent).

St. Petersburg is considered one of the most attractive cities in the Russian Federation for IT experts. Here you can create a staffing company or create your own personal IT staff.

You can also provide related services, for example, open a coworking space, arrange food delivery for freelancers at home.

The best business ideas for St. Petersburg

Inexpensively buy a ready-made business in St. Petersburg with the help of B-Proff

Our company has been buying and selling a ready-made business in St. Petersburg for several years and is one of the recognized leaders in this area. We have not only dozens of successfully completed transactions on our account, but also a large client base of sellers of ready-made turnkey business, potential buyers and investors.

For those wishing to buy a ready-made business at a low cost, we can offer a wide selection of business objects for sale, as well as a well-built transaction architecture with the ability to check key business indicators and a secure settlement scheme.

What should you look for when buying a ready-made business?

Before buying a ready-made business from the owner, you must carefully read the following aspects:

  • the location of the business object;
  • the competitive situation in the area;
  • the availability and validity of the license;
  • term of the lease agreement;
  • the amount of the company's profit.

B-Proff specialists will help you find and buy an inexpensive ready-made business that brings real income. When determining the value of an enterprise, we use the most effective valuation methods, and also take into account the situation in a particular market segment.

What ready-made business is worth buying in St. Petersburg?

If you want to buy a business in St. Petersburg at an inexpensive price, you need to take into account that the most popular and demanded enterprises in these cities are restaurants, grocery stores, car washes, beauty salons and small local industries. You can also opt for buying a ready-made business such as a car service or an existing online store. Our company has successful experience and all the necessary tools to check the profitability of a business, so you can completely trust our professionals when choosing and buying a ready-made enterprise. By deciding to buy an Internet business or any other operating enterprise through the B-Proff company, you will significantly reduce your own investment risks, since during the sale and purchase transaction, our specialists carefully check the information declared by the owner and audit the activities of the enterprise you are interested in. If the information declared by the owner of the business is confirmed and the company you are acquiring is a profit-making enterprise, our lawyers draw up the sale and purchase transaction and the parties make all the necessary mutual settlements.

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