Ready-made business plan for the cafe

Opening your own restaurant can be an incredibly challenging, yet rewarding, experience.

For an entrepreneur thinking about opening a restaurant, it is important to consider the time, money, legal framework and obligations required to start a restaurant business. However, some of these aspects are often overlooked.

Many businesses that start out as exciting ideas and grow into real projects over time without sufficient planning often face significant obstacles in the future (for example, lack of cash flow, and sometimes the threat of closure).

This can be frustrating for any business owner, so whoever has the opportunity to receive professional advice and attract long-term investment is more likely to operate efficiently and open a profitable restaurant.

Here are some professional tips for starting a successful restaurant.

Deciding on the style of the future restaurant

Creating a unique, individual atmosphere for your establishment will become a hallmark that will set you apart from the competition.

Market Research: Competitor Analysis

Having an idea for a business is great, but without serious research, you won't be able to open a successful restaurant. If your establishment turns out to be focused on a disinterested target market, there is no guarantee that you will get a return on your investment.

Regardless of the industry chosen, it is very important for those who are developing a new business idea to research the work of competitors, their clientele, financing options and business profitability before investing, hard work and time in the implementation of the idea, because it may turn out to be not so profitable.

Primary research from target customers in your area can be much more accurate than looking for other information, because this data is specific to your unique concept. For example, a poll conducted in Moscow about the number of people who would visit a new restaurant for lovers of Mexican cuisine may differ significantly from the answers of an identical poll of a resident of Novosibirsk. Therefore, it would be helpful to conduct your own, real-world research with potential target audiences in your area.

Business plan

Many entrepreneurs are often intimidated by the thought of writing a business plan. However, there are many resources that are helpful to read when writing a business plan. Moreover, the business plan should not be overly lengthy. It is perfectly acceptable to write just a few pages if it contains all the information your investors and employees need to familiarize themselves with the basic concept, profitability calculations, funding sources, and market research.

In order to draw up a business plan for a cafe, you need to decide on many parameters. Then you will get a clear action strategy with terms and prices. Below we provide a detailed business plan with calculations and all the nuances of opening this business.


At this point, we register the main data of the project. Sample:

Area: total area 120 square meters, hall - 60 square meters. m.

Form of ownership: lease.

Model: youth mini-cafe with 10 tables.

Activities: catering services.

Location: one of the central districts of the city.

Working hours: from 8. 0 to 23. 0 - on weekdays, from 10. 0 to 02. 0 - on weekends.

Market Analysis

Purpose: calculating the feasibility of investing in the opening of a restaurant in a shopping and entertainment center.

Brief description of the project

The restaurant will offer its visitors a wide range of European cuisine. The establishment will have a bar, which will offer a wide selection of drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

  • The total area of ​​the institution: 385 sq. m
  • Production area: 180 sq. m.
  • Area of ​​premises for visitors: 205 sq. m
  • Personnel: 14 people per shift
  • Number of seats: 60

Project initiator

The executor of this restaurant business plan is individual entrepreneur A. Smirnov, who is an entrepreneur since 2021, the main activity is catering services (owns 2 catering outlets on lease).

Project Rationale

In the city of "N" (population 230 thousand people) on April 15, 2021 it is planned to open a five-storey shopping and entertainment center "Babylon-5", the total area of ​​12,000 square meters. ...

In addition to shops and boutiques, the SEC "Babylon" will house:

  • 3D cinema (3 halls),
  • fast food area,
  • children's play area.

There are no similar retail establishments in the city "N", in this regard, it is predicted that a significant number of buyers will visit the mall every day (especially on weekends and holidays).

In this regard, the initiator of the project believes that launching a restaurant in the food court area is a promising investment.

There are situations when there is an idea of ​​organizing your own enterprise, a desire and opportunity to implement it, but for practical implementation you only need a suitable business organization scheme. In such cases, you can focus on the business plan of the cafe. An example with calculations will help you determine the initial data necessary to start your own business and predict the final result to which it can potentially lead. Ready-made examples can guide you in the trends of a rapidly changing market, offer non-standard and demanded activities. Also, a high-quality business plan for a cafe, an example with calculations of initial investment, profit and payback period will help attract an investor for a planned project.


The culture of coffee consumption changes from decade to decade. Now it is not just a stimulating drink, but a companion of a pleasant pastime with friends and acquaintances, colleagues and loved ones. Why not make coffee a pretext for enjoying contemporary art?

Among other things, the creation of a coffee shop is not only a successful and profitable business, but also has great potential for development. Various varieties, manner of presentation and methods of accompaniment, a mass of events that can diversify the usual pastime.

The original interior, friendly and creative staff, exhibitions and creative evenings will create a special atmosphere and culture that will attract visitors for a pleasant stay and spiritual development.

In case of successful implementation, the project can develop in various directions. It is possible to create highly specialized branches of the network - a literary cafe, a theater cafe, a coffee house for artists, a coffee house with live jazz music, etc.

By adapting a business plan, a sample with calculations to specific external and internal conditions, determined by the initial values, you can organize a successful business, take your competitive position on time and use all the invested potential. However, the example contains descriptions and calculations that would be common to most potential markets. In order to fully describe the specifics, certain conditions of existence, the document must be supplemented with an analysis of competition, edit the prices for raw materials and fixed assets that are relevant for the region in which the ready-made business plan of the cafe will be applied.

Product Description

The project is aimed at creating a literary coffee shop "Murakami", which is designed to become a "cultural island". The main goals that are laid down in the ready-made business plan of the cafe are to instill in young people a love for literature and interest in contemporary art, support young talents and contribute to the formation of a cultural society.

Assortment of coffee shop services:

  • High quality coffee and coffee drinks.
  • Carrying out photo exhibitions.
  • Literary evenings.
  • Crossbooking.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Restaurant business idea". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

How do I open a cafe? From a romantic dream to a pragmatic calculation!

Before opening a cafe or any other catering establishment, you should think it over carefully. It is best to talk to the owners of the cafe and try to learn from them the intricacies of the catering business. After all, you can only talk about the general concept and say about the approximate cost of opening. But all the pitfalls begin only when you start to immerse yourself in work.

In the preparation of the article, a lot of advice from experienced entrepreneurs in the restaurant business was reviewed. I really liked the video with the advice and experience of 3 restaurateurs: one is a professional restaurateur who advises and develops restaurant businesses, another is a beginner who recently opened a bar-restaurant and an experienced female restaurateur who has 7 successful restaurants in Moscow behind her. I highly recommend watching the video below, but it's not small, but take your time and watch it to the end. Reveals the peculiarities of this business.

If, after watching, you still want to know how to open a cafe, then read the article below.

How to open a cafe: choosing a concept!

Restaurateurs are advised to follow 2 ways to choose the concept of a cafe: 1. Choose the specifics of a cafe, and then, for its implementation, look for a suitable room. 2. Or find a comfortable room with the correct location that meets sanitary standards and for that choose the format of the cafe.

When choosing a concept, you need to know what types of cafes are available in general. By classification, they are divided into:

- according to the specifics of the audience visited. Depending on the portrait of the audience, there should be a corresponding menu. For example, if this is a cafe-snack bar for the main clients of students, then the prices there should be democratic and the interior is simple and not boring. If there is a children's cafe, then there should be no alcoholic drinks and a playing area, children's interior design is needed. If the restaurant is for business class, the menu there, respectively, is rich in delights and respectable interior. Therefore, imagine what kind of audience you would like to see in your establishment and create a suitable interior, menu, service format for it.

-by the format of the room and its location. It takes into account where the institution is located in a residential, private or public space. For example, in a residential building it is impossible for a cafe to work later than 23:00, so the format of a night bar is not suitable. In a public place such as a hotel, fitness club, business center, shopping center, the opening hours of the administrative building are also taken into account. If a room with a separate entrance does not disturb people's sleep at a late hour, then the format can be a round-the-clock bar-restaurant.

- depending on the season. Temporary ones, which are mainly found in summer, when the cafe moves to verandas, street sidewalks, under tents. Or a permanent cafe, which is not afraid of weather conditions, it has a wardrobe and a heating and air conditioning system.

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