Ready-made business plan for a clothing store with calculations

Those who are thinking about business ideas often come to mind to download a ready-made business plan for a clothing store. It is promising, interesting and in demand at all times. High competition in this type of business can stop, but it can also be bypassed, direct competition avoided, if you arm yourself with interesting ideas and find your own niche:

  • clothing store for pregnant women;
  • clothing for teenagers and youth, sports;
  • clothing for children, for example, a thrift store, because children grow up very quickly, and after a couple of months, baby clothes, in excellent condition and still fashionable, become small;
  • beach fashion;
  • clothes for the office and much more.

Business plan for your own business - clothing store

Important! In addition to the direction of trade, initially the entrepreneur should think over its format: whether it will be a mono brand or a store selling clothes of various brands, luxury clothing or a mass market.

It should be noted that the mark-up for consumer goods is higher - about 200%, while for ready-to-wear goods it will be about 100% and lower, since the purchase itself is expensive (you have to pay for a name, etc. .) Trade in branded clothing requires obtaining an appropriate license, sometimes its price is quite high. Therefore, beginners are advised to focus on unknown brands, for example, clothing for novice designers. It is also a very promising business of its own in terms of meeting interesting people and discovering new talents.

Buy a ready-made business or a franchise?


Important to know! The average payback in this type of business is from a year. This is due to the presence of high competition, on the one hand, but at the same time - the high profitability of the goods sold.

For all the products of this group are necessary, your own business - a ready-to-wear store - carries some risks for an entrepreneur, which must be taken into account when planning activities for the future:

  • unpredictability and changeable fashion. Even by carefully monitoring fashion trends, you can get into a mess. This risk is especially evident for stores selling first-line luxury brands, ready-to-wear clothing, and hot items. For the classic, basic assortment, the risk is less obvious, but there is;
  • insufficient demand. Buyers may not be attracted by design, assortment layout, seller behavior. The location of the point may be unsuccessful. In this case, there will not be enough visitors in the store, and the business runs the risk of burnout;
  • incorrect calculation of the number of products in the store. Shortage - half-empty counters, shelves, creates a dull, unattractive look to the point. In the same way as unnecessarily clogged hangers. Excessive purchases threaten to lead to store losses.

To open a successful clothing store from scratch, you need a business plan. In this article, we provide a detailed business plan for a clothing store with all the nuances and calculations.

Clothing store business plan summary

Briefly describe the essence and characteristics of your business. Sample:

  • Type of establishment: clothing store.
  • Area: total area - 50 square meters. Trading floor - 30 sq. m., 10 sq. m. - warehouse, 10 - bathroom and office space.
  • Ownership: lease.
  • Location: indicate the selected option (in a shopping center, in a residential building, etc.)
  • Opening hours: daily from 9.0 to 21.0
  • Clothing store registration

    It is enough to register your project as an individual entrepreneur by selecting the OKVED code 47. 1. - “Retail trade in clothing in specialized stores”. The next step is to apply for the application of the UTII or STS taxation system.

    Other required documents and permissions

    Market analysis and placement selection

    In this area, it is most often advantageous to go "the beaten track". You should not open a small shop in a place not surrounded by competitors. Most likely, there are no clients there either.

    The best way to promote for free is to live in a busy place next to a ton of competitors. Many potential clients already know that there is a good choice here, and they will definitely come to you.

    Where is the best place to open a clothing store

    Range and pricing

    • 1 How to start opening a convenience store?
    • 2 How to advertise a convenience store
    • 3 How much can you earn from a convenience store
    • 4 How much money is needed to launch the project
    • 5 How to choose equipment for the provision of services
    • 6 Which OKVED must be specified when registering a store with semi-finished products
    • 7 What taxation system to choose to open an activity
    • 8 Do I need a permit to open a business
    • 9 Technology of opening a store with semi-finished products
    • 10 For a newcomer in the business of a store with semi-finished products

    In the modern world, people simply do not have enough time for anything, even seemingly basic things, such as cooking lunch or dinner, and this is not surprising, because the rhythm of life is so frantic that, coming home, you just want to relax on the couch in front of the TVs, and not stand for several hours at the stove.

    Those who can afford to go to restaurants and cafes, of course, try to visit them, but there are not so many such people, so more budget options are needed that will help save time on cooking.

    This option is semi-finished products. They really make life easier for many housewives, so by doing a business idea for selling them, you can make good money.

    You can open a store or a kiosk where products will be sold, in the future it will be possible to expand by opening a network of stores throughout the city, but this can only be said when the first investments pay off.

    As for the location of such outlets, it was noted that the most in demand are kiosks located near city bazaars or office centers.

    How to start opening a convenience store?

    People go to bazaars in order to buy the necessary products, respectively, they are unlikely to be able to pass by a kiosk with semi-finished products, and in office centers there are busy people who will be happy with such a find as a high-quality semi-finished product ...

    The premises where the sale will take place must have convenient display cases, as well as refrigerators in which the product will be directly stored.

    In addition, you will need to obtain permission from the SES, as well as the fire service, all specialists must be called for inspection on their own, and all their recommendations must be taken into account, since these checks are really very important.

    How to advertise a convenience store

    Various promotions and discounts will help attract customers, as a rule, this is a win-win option and at the same time excellent advertising, the main thing is to think over everything so that discounts do not interfere with covering all costs, so the discount system should be as competent as possible.

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    The idea of ​​creating an online store is visited not only by beginners, but also by business owners who need to attract new customers from the Internet. To order an internet site that will sell pleasure on the Internet is not cheap and for those who begin their journey from an idea to a ready-made business, the best way out will be a ready-made solution that requires minimal investment. This will be the topic of how to create an online store on your own without serious investments.

    The very idea for a business to create an online store on the network is not new, everyone is talking about it, and at the same time, few people will tell you how to do it in practice. It's worth starting with the fact that you have already decided for yourself the following:

    you know what product you want to sell, regardless of whether you already have a ready-made business with retail outlets and warehouses or you are just starting this path.

    willingness to devote time to online shopping and working with customers, just like in real life.

    you have the option of minimum investment, from about 1000 rubles / month. (costs for the store itself, in addition to purchasing goods).

    if you are a beginner, then be ready to acquire new knowledge. Although this point applies rather to everyone, without exception.

    And most importantly - commitment on the way from a business idea to creating a working and selling online store!

    Now, from words to deeds, we will show you by the example of one very interesting resource, with which, without any skills, you can independently, without resorting to the help of programmers and designers, create your own online store literally from scratch. in 15-30 minutes. It's about the Ecwid service.

    Briefly about Ecwid

    Ecwid (Ecwid) is a platform on which everyone can independently create and open their own online store. The best ready-made solution for small and medium-sized businesses, including those who are starting to sell their products or who want to make money on resale.

    Official site:]]> Ecwid]]>

    The platform is available in various languages, including Russian.

    Ecwid in numbers:

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