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A business plan is a document that provides a detailed justification for the project and the opportunity to comprehensively assess the effectiveness of decisions made, planned activities, and answer the question of whether it is worth investing in this project.

  • to show that a product or service will find its consumer, to establish the capacity of the sales market and the prospects for its development;
  • to estimate the costs required for the manufacture and sale of products, providing in the market of works or services;
  • determine the profitability of future production and show its effectiveness for the enterprise (investor), for the local, regional and state budget.

Main functions of a business plan:

  • is a tool with which an entrepreneur can assess the actual results of activities for a certain period;
  • can be used to develop a business concept in the future;
  • acts as a tool for attracting new investments;
  • is a tool for implementing the company's strategy.

One of the most important stages of the planning process is drawing up a business plan, which is necessary both for internal planning and to justify receiving funds from an external source, that is, receiving money for a specific project in the form of bank loans, budget allocations, share participation of other enterprises in the implementation of the project.

  • Business plan summary (short annotation)
  • Project goals and objectives
  • Company description
  • Industry analysis and its development trends
  • Target market
  • Competition
  • Strategic position and risk assessment
  • Marketing plan and sales strategy
  • Operations
  • Technological plan
  • Organizational plan
  • Personnel plan
  • Financial plan
  • Social and environmental responsibility
  • Terms of business exit

How to write a business plan correctly

Any form or sample business plan offered on the Internet is only a general idea. Any business has its own characteristics, therefore, there can be no "standard" writing algorithm that is suitable in all cases. There is only one tried and tested principle of any business plan: IT MUST ALWAYS BE SHORT.

Begin with the right messages. As paradoxical as it sounds, for most entrepreneurs, a business plan as a document is one of the least important factors in raising capital.

  • If the investor is inclined towards a positive decision, then a good business plan will be an additional argument for; but the plan itself is not the reason for this decision.
  • If an investor is leaning towards a negative decision, the business plan is unlikely to convince him. In this case, the investor, most likely, will not even read this plan to the end.

Unfortunately, naive entrepreneurs believe that a business plan can inspire delight and awe in the investor with an immediate request: "Please tell me where to transfer the money."

Well, it's not bad to dream. The correct and realistic motivation for writing a plan should be: which were downplayed in the first euphoria - for example, customer service policy.

lucrative niche ideas, cost and income descriptions, expert forecasts Free business plans ready to download

Currently, you can implement almost any business idea that can generate income of one size or another. It's no secret that nowadays interest

A thorough analysis of the market shows that more or less professional beauty salons for children in Russia are absent as a class. Lack of services of this kind

In this publication we will consider a business plan for a clothing store, answer the question of how to open your own store and what is needed for this. By the amount of profit in this

According to surveys conducted among consumers, bottled beer significantly differs from draft beer of the same brand in terms of taste.

The desire to have your own profitable business is the obsession of many hired employees who, day after day, monotonously "shake time" on an unbearable boss.

If you think that the business of growing strawberries is strongly limited by seasonality, then we hasten to convince you. There are a number of tried and tested

Very promising and profitable types of entrepreneurial activity are those that are associated with children, in particular with their entertainment (see

The most valuable and tasty fish is not readily available to the common fisherman. Some fishing enthusiasts come up with clever ways of catching delicious fish, spend

At the beginning of their advent, payment terminals looked like a gold mine. They multiplied and filled the vacant niches. The days of easy profits are over, but

What is a business plan for? The majority will probably answer - to get a bank loan. This statement is true, but only partially. First of all, the entrepreneur himself needs a plan in order to understand the size of the initial investment for the start, how long it will take to reach self-sufficiency and projected revenue indicators, to assess the level of profitability, the payback period and many other parameters.

Very often a novice businessman (and not only a beginner) does all planning and calculations "by eye" on a napkin or in his head (and sometimes he does not do it at all), forgetting about many costly articles that result in many mistakes and leads to bankruptcy.

At the calculation of the wage bill does not take into account taxes and insurance contributions, the need for personnel is incorrectly calculated and many others.

A correctly drawn up business plan with detailed calculations is the key to a successful start in any entrepreneurial activity, which will allow you to cut off unfavorable options at the forecasting stage and, as a result, protect yourself from the loss of your own investments or the funds of the investor (lender).

Suppose you are planning to install, the calculation made shows that the full payback will be 5 years, it is obvious that this will not be a completely correct investment, it is unlikely that the machine will work without breakdowns for such a period of time. (For reference: the optimal payback for this type of activity is 12-18 months.)

What is better - to buy a ready-made business plan or to make one yourself? If we are talking about a small business, then we definitely need to do it ourselves. This will allow you to dive deeper into the project, understand its essence, and sort out the economics of future activities for yourself. Well, if you want to organize a production that requires multibillion-dollar investments, then you cannot do without the help of specialists.

On the site you will find samples of ready-made business models with all calculations, which you can use as a basis for drawing up a feasibility study for your specific project.

Algorithm of actions

Based on the analysis and generalization of the information received, make your own economic feasibility study of the project with the help of which you can determine the feasibility of investing funds.

Please note that you can download any business plan you like for free. If there is no download form somewhere, you can ask a question through a special form, and we will add this feature in a short time. Through this form, you can also clarify any moment regarding the described model, and we will try to find a specialist to provide competent advice on the moment you are interested in.

A business plan has many definitions, but in short, it is a step-by-step instruction for bringing any business idea to life. Planning a future business or improving an existing enterprise is not only a basic requirement for investors, creditors and partners, but also a necessity for a businessman. Leaving a business plan implies a deep and accurate analysis of all sides of the future enterprise, and this allows you to turn an idea into specific goals and numbers. And also, a business plan is always an unfinished book, since in the process of changing economic conditions, the competitive environment, the investment market, you can always make adjustments for the successful promotion of a business.

Any business idea can become a successful business if the future entrepreneur clearly understands what he needs to implement his plans. It is the business plan that is the starting point for starting a business, which makes it possible to assess the real state of affairs, study the market and competitors, give an adequate assessment of your capabilities, and think about how to make your business unique, which means it is in demand.

Every person uses household chemicals every day. The demand for it does not depend on the season and the state of the economy. Therefore, the likelihood that the funds invested in the business will not pay off is minimal. With the right approach, a household chemicals store will regularly make a profit. For a business to develop successfully, an entrepreneur needs to take into account many organizational issues.

In many regions, the composition of drinking water, due to the peculiarities of the climate, soil composition and technogenic factors, is often oversaturated with salts and trace elements. Excessive consumption of fluorine, iron, particles of limestone deposits, chlorine, nitrites, cadmium and others - negatively affects the state of the body.

Chinchilla is a small herbivorous rodent with thick and soft fur. It is not difficult to have such a small animal as a pet. It is unpretentious in food and maintenance, and the average life expectancy in captivity is 10-12 years. Exotic rodents are able to bring the owner not only positive emotions, but also a good income.

Selling hot corn is a good thing, which, with great efforts and a competent approach to creating and placing a point, will bring considerable profit. Previously, it was sold in carts that were transported to beaches and offered in resort towns. Now the cobs and grains are very popular. Trade in treats will bring even more profit if you grow a delicious vegetable yourself.

How can you make money if you live in your country house? There are many options for answers, but I like one of them more, as it is in demand. It's about growing flower seedlings for sale. You can grow vegetable seedlings only if you have more than one small greenhouse. In this article, we will try to figure out how to properly grow seedlings for sale, as well as calculate the costs and incomes from this type of activity, provided that we use our own greenhouse, with a total area of ​​60m2.

Sooner or later, at least once in a lifetime, each person thinks about creating and developing their own business. We suggest you consider such an option as the production of napkins and toilet paper. They are present in every apartment and are consumed quickly enough, and therefore are sold in large quantities. The production and sale of napkins is one of the promising areas of business, this product can be sold to a huge number of companies and stores.

The business idea of ​​organizing a gym is not new and it does not lose its relevance to this day. The demand for the services of gyms, dance schools, fitness centers and yoga studios is growing every year. Having a beautiful body and keeping yourself in good shape has been important for people at all times, and recently it has only intensified.

Household goods, household chemicals, personal hygiene products - those goods in which the population of cities and villages has a constant need. How to open a household goods store from scratch, choosing a form of ownership, where to find suppliers, how to choose the right assortment and many other issues will be discussed in this article.

Foam rubber production is a profitable business idea. The received raw materials are sold for the needs of the furniture market, the production of sports equipment, protective packaging, footwear and soft toys. Foam rubber is made by foaming liquid polyurethane. The material is 90% air, but it has great elasticity. This quality of the foam allows it to be used in various industries.

The disposable tableware business can be classified as a promising area with a high level of profitability. Every year, the value of demand from the population for this product is only increasing, and this trend seems to continue for a long time.

Shrimp farming is a rather promising business idea for our country. With the right approach, even a small business can bring its owners a fairly large income. According to experts, the shrimp business may turn out to be profitable in the first year. The Russian consumer managed to appreciate the taste and benefits for the body of these crustaceans.

Manufacturing of modern window systems is one of the most promising areas of modern production. But to start your own business, you need to be absolutely sure of the end result. Therefore, it is important to calculate each line of expenses and possible income. A competently drawn up business plan for the production of plastic windows will help in this.

How to write a business plan correctly? We share recommendations, convenient ways, samples and calculations.

A business plan is the document from which implementation should begin. If you do not make a preliminary calculation of expenses and income, do not take into account the demand and the presence of already working competitors, you can waste your budget. In our article you will find a sample business plan with calculations and learn how to prepare it for yourself.

But when the development of a business plan for a small business is needed specifically for investors, guarantors, creditors, then the document must comply with the requirements of the Federal Fund for Small Business Support. You can learn how to draw up a business plan in accordance with these requirements from, and consider a brief structure of the plan here.

The structure of the business plan from the Federal Fund for the Support of Small Business:

If you follow all the recommendations of the Federal Fund for the Support of Small Business, it is quite difficult to draw up your own business plan on your own. But there is another way to calculate the prospects of your project - using the SME Business Navigator.

How to write a business plan yourself

If you decide to open such a store, you will need to find the missing amount of 1.7 million rubles. Of course, you can take out a loan, especially since the Business Navigator offers to choose one of the partner banks. However, one should not forget that such interest-bearing borrowed funds increase the cost of the project and extend its payback period. We need to weigh well whether it is worth doing.

If you do not want to attract additional funds to the project, especially borrowed funds, the navigator will offer to choose the type of business by the amount of investment. Go to the appropriate tab and see an extensive list of projects that you can start using only your own funds. It only remains to choose a few areas of interest to you and calculate their payback.

Now you know how to make a business plan with calculations for a small business in a specific situation. On the Internet, you will find many more methods of writing and drawing up business plans, samples for different businesses (coffee shops, car service, beauty salon, etc.). But remember - you need a business plan for your specific business, individual, and no one has written such a plan for you yet. Here in this video, briefly and succinctly "on the fingers of a router" describes how to do it:

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Successful business is impossible without a good business plan. Every successful entrepreneur owes his success to a well-planned action plan.

A detailed business plan with calculations will help you avoid mistakes and quickly achieve the desired result. In this article, we'll look at why you need such an action plan.

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