Ready business ideas in Kazakhstan

Business ideas in Kazakhstan with minimal investment

Want to start your own business, but don't have a lot of start-up capital? We will tell you what business ideas in Kazakhstan require minimal investment and what to do to make the business flourish.

Business ideas in Kazakhstan with minimal investment: list

Don't know which business to start? Take note of one of our ideas:

  • Creating your own information site.

First of all, this is the realization of one's creative potential and the opportunity to occupy an empty niche on the Internet.

Has it ever happened that you thought: “But there would be such a site ...” and dreamed that all the information you are interested in would be collected on one resource?

Create such a site yourself. The main thing is to regularly update the content so that visitors constantly come to you.

Their number will determine the earnings: the popularity of the site will make it possible to place ads on it.

So with a minimum of costs, you can reach the level of solid profits and even gain popularity.

  • Beauty salon services at home.

Own business: board game for children and adults

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas for small businesses in Kazakhstan". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Business ideas for newcomers to the RK: where to start, what is profitable and a list of ideas

Business ideas for newcomers to Kazakhstan

A list of business ideas for beginners at the very end of the page.

Most often, people start to think about starting their own business because of low earnings or lack of career growth. But in order to still decide to create your own business, knowledge and initial investments are needed.

How to start a business for a beginner?

First of all, you need to be patient enough, and experience will come during the work. Before starting to build your business, you need to assess the situation: what the beginner knows, what he can do, how much time and money he can donate to the development of his business. It is also necessary to find out what is relevant on the market now, who can be a competitor and how much the business of a novice businessman is in demand at the present time. You can even temporarily get a job with a competitor in order to study all its pitfalls, and then rent a place to develop your business.

Beginners need to draw up a plan in which all expenses for the necessary materials, rent, documents, salaries for employees should be scheduled. You also need to calculate the expected benefit, compare it with investments, so as not to go into the negative. If the funds are not enough, you can borrow from relatives or take a small loan from the bank. Next, you need to promote your business before opening. For example, posting ads in crowded places, handing out flyers, writing an ad in the newspaper, and then arranging a grand opening and providing discounts to the buyer.

In order to start your own business, you need to understand what is currently relevant and in demand among people. Pharmacy, computer and telephone repair, sale of spare parts for them is an excellent start-up business for those who are just starting to get acquainted with this business. Also, now many people are looking for a place to live in order to buy or rent it, so another option for a small business is a buying and selling agency. The owners of their garage can open a car service, and those who have a legal education can provide legal services. In addition, cleaning services are popular.

Currently, there are a huge number of small business ideas that are available not only to beginners, but even to those who have retired. Let the income from such a business be small, but stable. These are the ideas.

A board game is a specific product, and therefore you need to work with it according to certain rules in order to become a truly successful distributor (and possibly a publisher). How to open your own business in this direction, we will tell you in this article.

The crisis changed the situation in the market of Kazakhstan. New enterprises are being opened, old enterprises are being closed. The economic downturn has reduced purchasing power, but has opened up new activities for Kazakh businessmen. The good geographical location of the country ensured the penetration of the ideas of Western and Eastern culture. This plays into the hands of commerce: business ideas for beginners Kazakhstan is imported from Europe, Turkey, Russia, China.

This is interesting! In the Doing Business 2021 ranking, the country ranks 35th, which is 6 points higher than in 2021.

New business ideas for farmers

In 2021-2021, the national currency weakened, good imported products rose in price. This affected greens, fruits, vegetables, berries. Shop and restaurant owners have to literally look for farms that can supply fresh and inexpensive locally sourced produce. Therefore, a small (and eventually serious) farm specializing in organic and dietary products is a promising business idea for Kazakhstan.

Quail farm

There is a growing interest in healthy dietary nutrition in the country, so quail farms are replacing pig farms. The plus of a new business is profitability (pays off in 2-3 months) and novelty (competition is not going through the roof yet). Also, a preferential tax regime is open for entrepreneurs and farmers in the country.

Cages will be needed to keep the birds (one male and three females are kept in one cage). They are installed in a warm room with good ventilation. The number of individuals depends on the size of the premises and the availability of free working hands (traditionally the quail business is a family business). The larger the herd, the higher the income. It is brought by eggs and the delivery of "extra" birds for meat (males and those females who have been laying eggs for a long time are subjected to this fate). To raise young birds on their own, an entrepreneur will need an incubator.

In 30 days, one quail brings 20-25 eggs and eats 750 g of feed. The item of expenses for food (at a price of 1 kg in 30 tenge) will be 2,250 tenge. Payment for utilities, veterinary medicine, transportation - 20,000 tenge. In total, 22250 tenge will be needed per month. for a minifarm of 100 heads. At the same time, a dozen eggs cost 200-300 tenge. - thus, 100 birds will bring 2,500 eggs per month or 50,000 tenge. (excluding carcasses handed over for meat).

Important to know! The entrepreneur will be asked for permission from the SES to sell eggs.

Making herbal tea

How to make money on games

How to start a business in Kazakhstan Where to start? - Kazakhstan Business Community

How to start a business in Kazakhstan Where to start?

Every businessman running his own business hopes that he will succeed and stay on the market for a long time. However, not all business ideas turn out to be profitable in practice, therefore every year on the market, in addition to the fact that new companies appear, there are many that go bankrupt. Is there an effective and proven business idea that can be called a win-win?

A good business idea is the key to success

The key to success for any budding businessman is a good idea, and not necessarily a unique one. But this does not mean that you can just choose a profitable niche and start acting. First of all, if you are not a specialist, then at least be well versed in the area in which you want to open a business, this is your key to success. For example, you do not understand cooking at all, or you don’t like it, then you will not be able to successfully manage a restaurant. The best decision in starting your business is to start doing what you are really interested in. And it doesn't matter if you have an education in one area or another. Let's talk about the main areas of business, in which everyone can start, regardless of education, but with their own arsenal of skills.

Trade in various goods

If you are sociable, have a talent for selling, you can try yourself in trading, with various goods. To open your own business in Kazakhstan, selling goods, it is not necessary to have warehouses and your own goods. You can sell under various affiliate programs, or, now it is fashionable to sell goods, according to the "dropshipping" system, this is when your task is to sell the product to the client, and the supplier's task is to send this product to the addressee.

To open such a business, you don't even need an online store, you can sell both on social networks and on large online stores such as Amazon and Ebay. Simply put, you need to find an interesting product, find a reliable supplier who sells this product without interruption, and start selling online.

You do not depend on your location, you do not need to pay rent for warehouse premises. The maximum you have to invest is to buy a product from a supplier for which you already have a client. The scheme is a win-win, but you need to "plow" and be able to sell well.

Catering establishments.

According to statistics, Russians annually spend several million dollars on computer games. Both adults and children spend hours in front of the monitor. The gaming industry is becoming more and more popular every year. This trend makes many entrepreneurs think about how to make money on games.

Most experts are unanimous in the opinion that stud farms and hippodromes in Kazakhstan do not bring the proper level of income to either the state or their owners. The reason for this is their fragmentation and disorganization. With the correct development concept, the equestrian industry could gradually turn into a global specialized community, preserve national traditions and create about 26 thousand jobs in rural areas.

In order for this industry to grow, the system for testing sport and race trotters must be renewed. Breeding and selection work, holding competitions are the main indicators of the development of the equestrian industry, and horse races will not only bring significant sums to the country's budget, but will also push horse breeders to develop a business idea for small business in Kazakhstan - breeding and keeping horses.

Most people mistakenly believe that equestrian sports are only available to wealthy people. The history of Kazakhstan repeatedly testifies to the fact that indigenous peoples could not imagine life without horses. The ancient traditions of horse breeding are part of the culture of the Kazakh people. The country has all the resources for the industry to be developed at a high level, and the most important of them are professionals who love and know their job and are ready to develop the industry.

This business is specific in that it is not available to everyone. It's not even about the start-up capital that will be needed. In order to raise these noble animals, knowledge and invaluable experience are needed, passed down through many generations of horse breeders.

Animals are bred for different purposes, the choice of breed depends on this. Modern domestic horses are divided into two types:

  • Heavyweights. They are characterized by endurance, power and massiveness. Such horses are used in agriculture for transporting goods or plowing the land.
  • Horse or Riding. They are ridden on horseback in sports or tourist walks. For commercial purposes, it is more profitable to breed just such breeds of stallions.

Business Options

You need to understand that private business, the ideas of which we are discussing today, are specific. Raising animals itself does not generate income; profits can be obtained from the sale of animals or from providing services to clients with their help.

Raising a stallion to the "marketable" age begins with the purchase of foals, then it is necessary to organize a pasture, purchase feed. Only after two to four years can we start talking about selling them. This business scheme is very profitable, the main thing is to find buyers.

Sports horse breeds can be sold at auctions. Sometimes players are willing to pay several thousand dollars for one animal capable of showing good results in competitions. Individuals that are used in the tourism industry are valued cheaper.

The opening of an equestrian club where stallions can be rented is another source of income for the farmer. The average cost of 1 hour of skiing is 1000 rubles, and maybe even higher. In addition, riding lessons can be given for a fee, for those who are not familiar with its intricacies. In general, one animal with a teacher can generate an income of about 3,500 rubles per hour. These prices are very approximate and depend on the location of the club and its popularity. Thus, the "Kremlin Riding School", depending on the specialization and the time of the lessons, charges from 3150 to 8400 rubles per hour. Club facilities and instructor staff can provide clients with a variety of training programs, such as steeplechase riding, elegant horseback riding or basic beginner training.

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