Promising business ideas with investments of up to 100,000 rubles

Ambition and time are best invested in a business that suits you in character. Here are 33 inspirational ideas for a wide variety of people - business, fashion, strong, fun, domestic, creative, and animal lovers.

Resume writing

If you: Are good at HR and recruitment, write well.

What to do: write high-quality resumes, write cover letters and thank you letters, analyze and improve your LinkedIn and Facebook profile, build a portfolio.

Who needs: people who do not know how to sell themselves in the labor market.

Primary expenses: from 0 rubles.

Earnings: from 1,000 rubles per service.

Help Books: "How to Write a Resume for Dummies" by Joyce Lane Kennedy; “Take Your Time to Submit Your Resume,” Jeffrey J. Fox; "How to write a brilliant resume", Anna Kazantseva.


If you: know how to create high-quality and interesting content, understand SEO-optimization.

What to do: write texts for websites, advertisements, press releases.

33 business ideas with a budget from 0 to 50,000 rubles

Beginning entrepreneurs who do not have sufficient start-up capital often look for business ideas with a budget of up to 100,000 rubles. The article contains the most promising options for entrepreneurship in this range from different areas.

Catering, food, drinks

This is one of the most demanded areas of business, but it will require the implementation of SanPins, regulations, high quality goods. At the initial stage, it is not at all necessary to register an individual entrepreneur, you can simply try your hand, and if successful, register as an entrepreneur. Here are some relevant ideas in this area:

Growing strawberries. The idea is to grow berries all year round. In winter, such a business will be especially profitable. Products can be grown even at home and sold to friends. With large volumes, you can establish cooperation with shops, coffee, restaurants.

Growing herbs (onions, dill, parsley). The best time for sales is winter, as prices for goods are rising and the quantity of products is low. It is also possible to sell products in summer, but here it is better to sell goods directly, rather than supply them to stores.

Quail farm. Requires knowledge of birds to raise them properly. You will need a land plot and a place to keep quails. You can sell not only meat and eggs, but also chicks. In this case, buyers will not only be ordinary people, restaurants and shops, but also other bird breeders.

Grain resale. You don't even have to do production here. The main thing is the ability to bargain. You can buy grain from farms or villagers, and sell it at retail or to factories, but at a higher price.

Homemade kvass. This is a seasonal business. The demand for products is observed during the hot season. You can sell kvass yourself on tap. This will require less investment. You can come up with several flavors by adding different spices and additives to the drink.

Sale of oxygen cocktails. You can agree on supplies to schools, kindergartens, sanatoriums. Such cocktails are prepared from special powders; special equipment is used for stirring.

Selling coffee to go. This is a very relevant business idea. To implement it, you will need a special coffee machine, consumables (coffee beans, milk, water, cups, spoons). It is better to open a retail outlet in a shopping center or an entertainment center. This will save on advertising and attract a large number of customers.

It is best to invest ambition and time in a business that suits your nature. Here are 33 inspirational ideas for a wide variety of people - business, trendy, strong, fun, domestic, creative, and animal lovers.

Investing borrowed funds in a business is risky and dangerous, because at first the enterprise may operate at a loss. This will cause default on debt obligations to creditors and quick bankruptcy. Therefore, in this matter, it is better to rely on your own money. In addition, if everything is planned correctly, it is quite possible to open a highly profitable business for 500 thousand rubles.

In our previous article, we told you how to earn 1000 rubles per hour. There are also many business ideas up to 500,000 rubles that bring excellent profits. Let's consider some of them.

Tattoo and body art salon

Such a business brings the owners a good stable income. This area is not yet fully developed, so the competition in this area is low. To start, it is enough to rent a small room in which real tattoo masters with extensive experience will work.

To open such a business, you must obtain a license. The rest of the documents are drawn up in the same way as for any other type of entrepreneurial activity.

Such a business with an investment of 500,000 rubles, if there is a sufficient number of clients, pays off in the shortest possible time. To provide additional income, you can open training courses at the salon. Run various contests and promotions to attract visitors. This will help you promote your business and outperform the competition.

Vending machines

It is also possible to install payment terminals, but there is a lot of competition in this area. The profit from the vending machines is much higher.

Tanning and manicure studio

The demand for solariums in our country is constantly growing. Tanning studios are visited with pleasure by both women and men of different ages. The profitability of this business does not depend on the season. In winter, you want to remove the pallor of your skin, and in summer, before you go on vacation, you want to tan a little, so as not to frighten people with your whiteness on the beach. This is an interesting, simple and effective business with a budget of 500,000 rubles. The most important thing is to choose the right equipment, organize a high-quality advertising campaign and find a good location.

Opening a business with a budget of 100,000 rubles is not as difficult as it seems. In the modern world, you can start your own business even without any investment. But, as practice shows, one hundred thousand is the minimum amount of initial capital, which will allow a business to quickly pay off and start bringing tangible income.

The amount of 100 thousand rubles by the standards of a business is rather small, so you need to deliberately choose a business project and carefully plan all the costs of its creation.

First of all, a business project must clearly answer the questions: what goods or services will be offered to customers, how much are they in demand in the market? Secondly, you need to evaluate your competitors and develop a strategy and tactics for fighting for your buyer. And only after that, start planning expenses and starting a business.

Sale of goods

Traditionally, one of the most popular areas in which a novice entrepreneur with a limited budget can develop. To rent a mini-store and purchase a minimum assortment of goods, the amount of 100 thousand will not be enough, unless you agree with the supplier on a commodity loan or on payment for the received goods after their sale.

  • tents selling newspapers and magazines, ice cream, soft drinks, accessories, bijouterie, small household goods;
  • rented car stalls selling dairy or meat products, bread and bakery products;
  • mobile outlets for the sale of consumer goods in villages and towns.

In order to keep within a small budget, all the necessary equipment will have to be rented or bought second-hand. Most likely, at first, the entrepreneur will have to work independently at the counter.

It should be noted that, in addition to the costs of registering individual entrepreneurship, the business plan should include the costs of obtaining a trade license, passing a mandatory medical examination, obtaining permits in the SES.

Tailoring Services

For atelier, a small space is usually rented in shopping centers or clothing stores. For a sewing workshop, you can use your apartment as a room. The cost of renting or buying new equipment, registering a legal entity and the cost of staff salaries are within the budget of 100,000 rubles.

Financial Transactions

You can also open a financial business for 100,000 rubles. For example, buy your own terminal. The new device costs from 60 thousand rubles. An old one in good condition can be bought for 30 thousand. The internal structure of the terminal is not much more complicated than a regular home computer, so a person who understands technology and electronics can easily service and repair it himself.

The budget of 100 thousand rubles is enough for the purchase of 1-3 terminals and registration of a legal entity. It is necessary to talk with the owner of the premises about the installation of your device and conclude agreements with organizations to which clients' money will be transferred.

Stock clothing sale (store opening)

To organize the opening of such a store, you will need to obtain an individual entrepreneur certificate, purchase a cash register, find a premises suitable for trade, and hire sellers.

Now we are looking for outlets that can provide their goods for sale. Enter into a contract that clearly states the payment terms. It is better to negotiate with the supplier about the payment upon the sale of the clothes. This will save you from unnecessary expenses in the event that things are dead weight on the shelves of your store.

It is very important to correctly evaluate the product. It's no secret that now people want to save money on things of daily use, including clothes. With the right approach to business, low prices and a large selection of clothes, you will quickly entice potential buyers to yourself.

Organize good local advertising. Very often even small towns have their own local television channels. Advertise in newspapers more often, describe in colors the promotions that take place on weekends. The organization of outdoor advertising (pillars and signs) will also help.

The ideas of opening such stores are very popular nowadays, they bring huge income and act as an alternative for local residents.

Nail Salon on Wheels

To open such a business, you need several nail masters. you provide them with equipment, take orders from customers by phone. Employees also undertake to pay you a certain percentage (by agreement). You can compare this type of business with organizing a taxi, everything works according to the same principle. you incur advertising and incidental expenses.

Ideas for opening an instant tanning studio

  • self-tanning installation (about 33 thousand rubles);
  • cream of different shades (15 thousand rubles).

Consumption of the cream for 1 client is about 40 ml, the cost of one tanning session is 1200 rubles, and the cost will be 120 rubles. Using simple calculations, we determine the profit from 1 liter of cream, it is 34-35 thousand rubles. In 40 sessions, you will recoup all your initial investment. In a small town, you can easily earn about 70 thousand rubles a month for such a procedure. Don't forget about advertising: the Internet, social networks, local newspapers will do their job.

Print on any surface

Printing on various surfaces can be organized even as a rack in a large shopping center.

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