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So why not use all the accumulated knowledge and collected materials to create your own internet business? Moreover, it is not so difficult to monetize your skills and experience. Today we will talk about making money on the Internet with the help of an electronic encyclopedia of recipes.

Step one - creating a page on the Internet

First, you need to create a web page. This could be a blog, website, portal, or even a form. The format is not important. The topic is important - this is the culinary arts.

On the pages of your Internet resource, you will post your recipes and attract visitors. One tip from the Biznesvbloge portal. u - make a highly specialized site. If you create a website about all the recipes at once, you will hardly be able to quickly get to the first lines of search engines (in particular, we are interested in Google and Yandex), among thousands of competing websites.

Today, the situation is such that several dozen recipe collection sites have formed and firmly strengthened their positions on this market. They are very big. And the old ones. On their pages there are hundreds of thousands of various recipes for every taste and color. Their daily attendance ranges from several tens to several hundred thousand people. Millions of users visit them every month.

It is almost impossible to catch up and, even more so, overtake such resources. Unless you're a dollar millionaire, of course. And in this case, no one guarantees a successful outcome of events. Money is not always the deciding factor.

But don't be upset. There is an exit. You just need to focus your attention on a specific niche. Then, development will proceed quickly and with minimal monetary losses (investments).

Simple and visual examples of narrowly thematic culinary projects - a site about cakes or soups, salads or borscht, barbecue or fish dishes. It is easier to raise such a highly specialized resource to the first lines of search engines for various culinary queries. Moreover, it is possible to enter the TOP of search engines not only by low-frequency keywords, but also by medium-frequency and even high-frequency “keywords”.

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Products and recipes with delivery Business idea: delivery of recipes and products for cooking

Initial investments: 1.5 million rubles. payback rock: 2-3 years.

"When we learned about the idea of ​​creating a food delivery business for self-catering at home, we were surprised that there is still no such service in Novosibirsk. It seemed so natural and even vital to us. , even in Moscow and St. Petersburg, such companies appeared only a year or a year and a half ago. In our country, this market is still being formed, "explains Anton Shashlov. The essence of Elena and Anton's business is really quite simple. Every week the company develops a five-course menu - one for each evening of the working week. The ingredients necessary for food preparation, up to salt and vegetable oil, are packed in separate, usually vacuum, packaging and, together with detailed instructions illustrated with color photographs, are delivered to the consumer. The customer also receives detailed information about the characteristics of the dishes that will be needed to prepare a particular dish. As a rule, the food from "Tablecloth - Samobranka" is unusual, however, the company guarantees that any more or less literate person, strictly following the letter of the recipe, is able to prepare a dinner of guaranteed quality in just 30-40 minutes.

Here is the company's menu for the last week - from Monday to Friday: "Dorada in Artichoke Sauce" (cooking time - 31 min.), "Beef with Dranik Stuffed with Porcini Mushrooms and Onions" (25 min. ), "Chicken Wings with Mint Chutney and Spicy Rice Indian Style" (30 min.), "Lasagne with Seafood" (25 min.), "Pork Knuckle in a Honey Shell with Zucchini and Hrenoder" (27 min. "We are not we adhere to one cuisine - this is always a variety. Moreover, we do not at all strive to offer the client exotic. It can be quite familiar dishes, but cooked a little differently. For example, in our menu there was beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes - the most common a dish popular with many housewives. But we suggested adding rucola, parmesan and cream to this dish. And this gave the food a completely new taste ", exclaims Elena.

Since the ingredients are delivered to customers immediately for a week, the menu is designed in such a way that in the first days, products with a short shelf life are used, and subsequently - "Long-lasting" or simply frozen. For example, seafood or pork knuckle in the food market is sold only frozen, which means that the consumer does not risk anything.

Despite the fact that the company has been operating for two months, none of the dishes on the menu have been repeated. This is the merit of the chef Artyom Kutakov, who has 15 years of experience behind him. Kutakov managed to work in a dozen of premium-class establishments in Novosibirsk and Moscow, owned by famous restaurateurs. According to Elena Shashlova, the chef of the company "still has so many Ideas that you don't even have to think about Repeating the Dishes." “Our clients are already asking us to repeat some of the dishes they like the most. Of course, sooner or later we will start repeating ourselves, but for now we want to please our customers only with new products,” says Elena.

If salt, then sea salt.

The founders of "Tablecloth - Samobranka" described their clients as working family people with an average and upper average income. "As a rule, they order a basket for two. Less often - for one. Even less often - for three or four," says Anton Shashlov. “We are focused on people who value their time. We want our customers to devote more time to family and friends, take care of themselves and at the same time eat tasty and healthy food,” adds her husband Elena. “I often hear from friends:“ I want to do what something new. I found a recipe on the Internet, but the result was not very good. "You have to spend a lot of time looking for the right ingredients for unusual dishes in supermarkets and markets. And sometimes you just can't find them in the city. We solve all these problems."

The customer has the opportunity to choose at least three dishes from the weekly menu "Tablecloths - Samobranki". But usually, customers order the whole set. The portion size is much larger than restaurant standards, therefore, by ordering a dish for two, you can most likely be sure that the food will remain the next day. "Our business is seasonal. In the summer there is a decline. Firstly, many leave the city. Secondly, in the heat, appetite decreases. Thirdly, people prefer to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables on summer evenings," says Elena Shashlova.

Do you want to start a food business, but you are lacking ideas on where to start? The production and sale of refrigerated food will be a successful business idea on the road to prosperity.

The food business is not only profitable, but also has a high turnover, because people will always eat, regardless of their financial situation. And no matter if we have an economic crisis, people will still have an urgent need to eat and feed loved ones. Many can do without new clothes, luxury goods, cars, entertainment, or even education, but as long as a person is alive he will have an urgent need for food.

For example, to make a stew with vegetables, you will have to spend a lot of time preparing the ingredients, but if you have a bag of chilled vegetable mixture and a piece of meat, you will only need 5-10 minutes to pre-prepare.

Most people would rather go to the nearest supermarket to buy a few chunks of chilled chicken or pork than butcher the meat themselves. While meals made with fresh ingredients are considered healthier food, people who work late into the evening have no choice but to rely on ready-made, chilled foods to save time and eat well.

The chilled convenience food business is divided into two types, and you need to immediately decide which one you will be doing.

Resale of chilled semi-finished products

The refrigerated food resale business includes the wholesale or retail of food products made by other companies. To start this business, all you need is a good cold room, a storage room and a van for transportation.

You will need to obtain a food trade license and register a small business.

Production of semi-finished products

The production of chilled semi-finished products includes the processing, packaging and cooling of products under its own brand. To start this business will require a capital investment that is more substantial than in the case of reselling semi-finished products.

You must also obtain a license to process and sell food and register your business with the tax office.

chilled products that sell very well

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  • 2 How much money is needed to start a food delivery business
  • 3 Search clients for a food delivery business
  • 4 How much can you earn on food delivery services
  • 5 How to choose equipment for delivering food to offices
  • 6 Which OKVED should be specified when registering a food delivery service to offices
  • 7 What documents are needed to open
  • 8 Which taxation system to choose
  • 9 Do I need permits to open a food delivery business in Offices
  • 10 Business Technology
  • 11 New to Office Food Delivery

Today no one is surprised by the delivery of meals to workplaces.

After all, not all enterprises can organize canteens for their employees.

At low costs, this business idea pays off quickly enough, but at the initial stage, difficulties may arise with finding clients.

Many people think that the ready-to-eat food delivery business is about making it yourself.

In fact, this is not the best option, since for this you will have to obtain a special permit from the SES, allocate a room with special conditions for cooking, etc.

It is much more profitable to cooperate with city canteens and other food service points.

How to start organizing a food delivery business to offices

For starters, it's worth signing a contract with a local canteen. The price of food there is much lower than in cafes or restaurants, and for a simple dinner, gourmet dishes are not needed.

You can also negotiate with kebabs, pavilions selling pies, etc.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "The essence of a business idea". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

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