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In the last article, we considered options for creating your own e-commerce business, to be precise, at opening your own online store. Today we will approach the issue seriously and talk about one of the areas where you can try your hand.

Why is it profitable to buy glasses in your own online store?

Internet commerce is no longer an "unplowed" field, the competition in the market is tough enough and the key to success can only be an unusual or new business idea for opening an electronic store. From my point of view, one of such ideas could be the idea of ​​an online optics salon. By the way, among the 20 millionaires who have earned their capital under 25, one has realized just such an idea in Europe and the USA.

Today there are many shops selling glasses on the network, though there is a small nuance, most of them sell exclusively sunglasses. A completely different format is the trade of prescription glasses.

The essence of the idea is simple, a website is being created that offers:

  • - frames;
  • - lenses for glasses;
  • - making glasses according to a doctor's prescription.

Why is it beneficial?

The average markup on prescription glasses is about 200%, excluding the work of the craftsman and depreciation of equipment for turning lenses, inserts, and so on;

The process of making prescription glasses takes about 30 minutes, the process itself is quite simple. Learning from scratch will take a couple of weeks of work;

The demand in this business is extremely stable and does not depend on the time of year or crises. If a person wears glasses, he will wear them all the time.

The average profitability of an optics salon is about 100%.

Statistics show that every fourth citizen of our vast country has poor eyesight. This means that a business based on the sale of optics is always in demand and profitable. Of course, competition is indispensable, but the right place to work and organized activities will bring decent dividends.

Is it worth investing?

The popularity of TV, as well as devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, coupled with poor ecology have led to the fact that poor eyesight affects millions of people, young and old. An optics store will be a good investment in a region where this type of business is underdeveloped.

The scale of the project depends on the size of the start-up capital and your ambitions:

  • Optics store. Ready-made glasses, lenses and accessories for them are on sale.
  • Optics store with a diagnostic cabinet. The client can check his vision using the express method and purchase the necessary optics.
  • Diagnostic salon with glasses workshop. A full examination by a qualified ophthalmologist with a diagnosis and treatment. The workshop in this case will be an auxiliary enterprise.

Any option will be in demand, but the attractiveness to customers, the size of investments and the level of income are different. In addition to corrective glasses, the list of products that can be sold may include the following:

  • Lenses (including colored).
  • Sunglasses and driver's glasses.
  • Covers and accessories.
  • Massagers and other small medical equipment.

But you won't be able to trade in eye drops, you will have to obtain a license to trade in medicines. Focus on consumers with different income levels (glasses can cost 500 rubles or several thousand) - this will expand the target audience, or choose only one segment (economy or premium, depending on localization).

Optics store start-up

Literally everything depends on the type of store - from the level of investments to the organizational and legal form. Note the following:

  • Register with the tax office. As a rule, an individual entrepreneur - in case of opening a simple store. LLC is suitable for a diagnostic room (license required).
  • Obtain a license (if necessary).
  • Rent a room. For a point of sale on the territory of the pharmacy, 10 sq. m, for a full-fledged salon - from 40 sq. m.
  • Buy showcases, certified goods (it is more profitable to work directly with manufacturers). If necessary, diagnostic and workshop equipment.
  • Hire staff (the number and specialties depend on the type of enterprise).
  • Register cashier.
  • Advertising. A small point of sale has enough competent outdoor advertising. The ophthalmological office is designed for the premium segment, less dependent on geographic zoning, so you can use all methods of promotion, including radio advertising or billboards.

Concept of work

As you know, the best business is the one that serves the day-to-day needs of society. The fact that the situation with the eyesight of the Russian population is far from ideal allows us to hope that the business of selling glasses and contact lenses promises to be quite successful. Buy contact lenses in Almaty and other large cities are simply full of such messages. Optical stores are opening where, until recently, glasses were sold simply from stalls on the street.

Where is the best place to open such a store?

You do not need a room with a large area, because glasses do not take up much space. A shop measuring three by three meters is enough. The start-up capital for opening can be only 100,000 rubles. An assortment of inexpensive Chinese-made glasses and frames is suitable for sale, to which you can gradually add expensive luxury products. To be successful, the store should have approximately 500 pairs of glasses and frames.

A place to open a retail outlet is any busy place. True, this will raise the rent, but brisk trade will help recoup your expenses. In addition to the glasses themselves and their frames, you can also trade:

  • colored contact lenses;
  • cases and cases;
  • accessories such as chains, laces and others.

If you are going to trade glasses that do not require correction, you will not need special permissions to open the store.

How to open a correction optics salon?

In this case, the conditions become much stricter. Your salon must receive the status of a medical facility and be assigned to a pharmacy or shopping center. To sell prescription glasses, you will need to obtain a special license.

You can organize your own workshop for the production of lenses and glasses, take orders. You will need to recruit staff with appropriate education and experience. Most often, these salons are staffed by former doctors and lens makers.

To open an optics salon, you will need about one and a half million rubles. The money will go to:

  • window dressing;
  • purchase of equipment for the shop and workshop;
  • payment of rent;
  • staff training.

Contact lenses are also a hot commodity. Usually they should be changed every one or three months. You will need to find a reputable vendor on the market that has all the licenses you need to do this. Trading in lenses will significantly increase your salon's profits.

Optical business is one of those areas that are resistant to crisis. In this article, we will consider: a business plan, optics (assortment and the most necessary for a store) and ways to develop an enterprise in this area. For aspiring entrepreneurs, it is recommended to opt for only selling optics. In the future, you can hire specialists who will be able to make glasses to order.

Main activity

The range of services that can be provided in this area is very extensive. It all depends on the available initial capital. Better to start with a simple sale, and then scale the business. In the assortment, it is desirable to include glasses in several directions. What kind of glasses to sell:

  • for vision, business style;
  • for vision, free style;
  • for working at a computer;
  • for drivers;
  • sun protection;
  • children, women, men.

What services can be provided:

  • glasses manufacturing and repair;
  • ophthalmologist consultation;
  • vision diagnostics.

Instructions on how to open and what you need

The most important factor in this niche is market analysis. In this case, it is important to determine the need and the average bill. Based on this data, it will be clear if the niche is profitable. Pay close attention to the statistics, whether there were similar stores in the region and whether they were closed. An important factor will be the premises, it is advisable to rent it in the most passable place. Stages of project implementation:

  • Market analysis.
  • IP registration.
  • Search for suppliers.
  • Search for a room.
  • Hiring staff.

Stage - execution and preparation of documents

Optics salon business plan

Attention! The free business plan offered for download below is an example. The business plan that best suits your business conditions needs to be created with the help of specialists.

Entrepreneur Konstantin Gavleevich Yegorov says: “Probably only those who are constantly forced to use glasses understand how convenient it is that there are“ Optics ”stores in almost any area of ​​a large and not so large city”.

Twenty years ago, to buy glasses, you had to get a prescription from an ophthalmologist, then give it to a glasses-making salon, and only after a week, or even two, you received the coveted glasses on your hands.

It's not a fact that they fit you - the main thing is that the glasses were! They looked little at the shape and quality of gluing the glass and frames;

Why optics?

Because it is necessary, and I constantly see children and old people in glasses on the streets, young people who take glasses out of their chic jackets to sign a check in the bank, and so on, so on.

Some statistics:

  • visual impairments in 2021 were noted in 70% of the working population of Russia;
  • the number of children with visual impairments by the 11th grade increases 9 times (up to 65- 70% of children suffer from myopia of varying severity);
  • doctors advocate for the prevention of vision preservation, and not for surgical interventions.

In general, it is clear that I am worried about this, because, like my children, they are also at risk of vision, and it is better to prevent than to cure.

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