New business ideas

If desired, any entrepreneur can open a hookah for business. But only a person who knows all the subtleties of such an exotic pastime that has come to us from the East can make his establishment successful. Under his leadership, the hookah bar will bring a good income, becoming a cult place for relaxation and leisurely philosophical conversation. A competently drawn up business plan will allow an entrepreneur to control his actions in organizing a hookah bar, not losing sight of even minor details.

Changes in legislation: what should be considered before opening a hookah bar?

On the way to the cherished goal, an entrepreneur may face some difficulties associated with a ban on smoking. This is explained by the fact that in 2021 a decree was issued at the government level prohibiting smoking of tobacco products in public institutions. By definition, this category includes all cafeterias, bars, restaurants. Therefore, today in catering establishments they do not serve hookahs with tobacco, since this is a violation of the law. If one of the guests wants to smoke, he goes to a specially designated area, usually outside the premises.

If the owner of a cafe or restaurant still wants to provide a similar service to his customers, he can do it in one of two formats:

  • Arrange a hookah in a separate room next to the restaurant and so that it has a separate entrance. True, except for hookahs, such an establishment is allowed to sell only tea and coffee. Guests can bring their own food, but must prove their purchase with a check.
  • You can serve hookahs right in a cafe or restaurant, but fill them with herbal mixtures. Many visitors may even enjoy smoking mixtures based on milk and fruit extracts, wines and more. It turns out that the restaurateur does not seem to break the law, and provides the guests of the establishment with such a popular service.

Tip: Do not try to bypass the law when opening a hookah bar, because if the inspectors notice a violation, then the institution will have to pay a fine, which is quite a tidy sum. For the first violation, penalties can go up to 300 thousand rubles, a repeated violation will cost 10 times more.

Hookah Lounge Opening: Where to Start? Review of documents and business registration

When opening a hookah bar from scratch, an entrepreneur must first register a business with the tax office. Experts advise you to immediately register an LLC, since you may need a current account to purchase materials and equipment by bank transfer. To sell alcohol, you will also need a license, the issuance of which is allowed only to legal entities.

The documents should indicate the type of activity of the enterprise in accordance with OKVED codes. If you plan to open a hookah bar at a cafe, restaurant, then you should specify the codes 56. 0. 1 and 93. 9. If the hookah bar is a separate institution, then code 93. 9.

Obtaining permits for the operation of a hookah bar from SES, Rospotrebnadzor and fire inspection is mandatory. These services will certainly visit the facility to check the compliance of the premises with sanitary and fire safety requirements (availability of communications, ventilation, location of exits, evacuation plan, and so on). The revealed violations should be eliminated even before the opening of the establishment, otherwise you can expect penalties.

If the premises for the hookah bar are rented, the entrepreneur submits a lease agreement. If it is owned, then the contract of sale. It will also require contracts for garbage collection and treatment of the building from insects and rodents.

Analysis of the hookah market: supply and demand for hookah services

To open a hookah bar in Moscow, you will have to work hard on developing marketing, advertising and a unique selling proposition, which is due to high competition. But there are pluses. Based on the experience of already operating establishments, you can significantly improve and develop your business idea.

New business ideas

Today, almost everyone has the opportunity to open their own business in the global network. There are different types of Internet business, each of which has a number of undeniable advantages. The main ones are profitability and convenient control. All you need for work is a computer, internet access and basic knowledge of finance.

Benefits of starting a business on the world wide web

Making a classic business is a long process that requires a lot of effort. An entrepreneur needs to prepare a large number of documents (licenses, certificates, permits, etc.), rent a room, select personnel. When everything is ready, the businessman will face numerous checks by the tax office. Modern internet business options avoid all this hassle.

Doing business using this method does not depend on the natural conditions, politics or economy of the country and allows you to attract customers from all over the world, and not a specific region. Another important advantage of the Internet business is that while working on the Internet, you can remain invisible to the tax service. All these advantages confirm the advisability of opening your own business on the global network.

Types of Internet Business

Forex is one of the largest markets in the world where you buy some currencies and sell them for others. With the growth of the rate, the trader gets a profit. Such a business is based on the formation of its own trading network and interest is due from each attracted client.

To become a partner of a dealing center, you need to go through simple authorization and verification. All information necessary for work is provided by brokers. Sometimes the client becomes the owner of his own Internet resource that helps to develop the business, or a member of the PAMM system.

Benefits of Forex Trading:

  • high liquidity;
  • decent earnings (leverage can range from 100: 1 to 400: 1);
  • 24/7 access to system, which allows you not to wait for a certain time to react to changes in market conditions;
  • no commission costs.

Disadvantages of the considered type of Internet business:

  • successful work requires basic knowledge of the principles of work, trading techniques, practical skills are desirable;
  • there is practically no rest, since the results of perfect and upcoming transactions;
  • sometimes the success of a trading session is observed at not the most convenient time (night, early morning), constant work in this mode is very tedious;
  • not everyone around them takes Forex seriously, considering this way of making money is a scam.

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