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Using the proposed sample hairdressing business plan as a ready-made template, you can easily draw up your own hairdressing business plan for your specific conditions.

The types of business that do not require large start-up investments for the organization, as a rule, include those businesses that satisfy the daily urgent needs of the population. Such constantly demanded types of business include the hairdressing business. The demand for hairdressing services is consistently high among both men and women, so opening a hairdressing salon promises to be a great idea to start your own business.

How to open a hairdressing salon that will bring you stable profits, read the article How to open a hairdressing salon. Practical experience of an entrepreneur.

However, when organizing a hairdressing salon, as in any other type of business, it is necessary to have a clear idea of ​​what we want to get in the end. For these purposes, you will need to draw up a business plan for a hairdresser. Below is a typical hair salon business plan that you can use to set up a hair salon.

Today the market dictates the need to open an establishment designed for the widest circle of visitors, so we would recommend opening an economy class hairdresser in one of the sleeping areas of the city. This will be effective for a number of reasons - a large number of potential customers, ease of attracting them, low rental costs, etc. However, the final decision, of course, rests with you.

Overview section of the hairdressing salon business plan

The business plan of an economy class hairdressing salon provides for the opening of an institution designed for 6 seats (3 for men and 3 for women). The optimal organizational and legal form of running a hairdressing business is an individual entrepreneur. This option is optimal for a number of reasons, but the main one is that individuals will act as potential consumers of hairdressing services. The degree of success of the project is assessed as high, since the demand for hairdressing services is stable even despite the large number of establishments offering similar services. Description of the enterprise It is planned to open a hairdressing salon, designed for 6 seats, including 3 men's chairs and 3 women's chairs with operating hours from 10.0 to 21.0. Description of services It is proposed to open a hairdressing salon that provides the following types of services: - haircuts - model haircuts - hairstyling - painting - shaving In addition to basic services, you can add additional services that will be in demand among visitors, for example, the services of a make-up artist and a manicure master. Market Analysis In this section, it is necessary to characterize the market of hairdressing services in your locality as a whole and the area in which the opening of a hairdressing salon is directly proposed. Documentation required to open a hairdressing salon - SES permit - State supervision permit - Master hairdresser certificate Additionally, you can study the document that will regulate the activities of your business. This is the "Rules for the certification of hairdressing services" from 16. 1.9999.

Production part of the hairdressing salon business plan

The first step in the implementation of the project to open a hairdressing salon will be the search and selection of premises. Note that the sanitary and epidemiological standards provide for an area of ​​7 square meters for one working hairdressing chair. Consequently, the minimum size of a hairdressing salon, designed for 6 seats, will be 42 square meters. The optimal solution would be to buy out a 2 or 3-room apartment on the first floor of a residential apartment building with its subsequent transfer to a non-residential building, or buy out a non-residential space of a suitable size on the first or basement floor in the building provided for this (or in a new building). It is also possible to rent a suitable room. The next step will be the renovation of the premises, if necessary, and its design. After that, you need to purchase equipment for the hairdresser. You will need the following equipment: - hairdressing chairs - 6 pieces - mirrors - 6 pieces - sinks-sinks - 6 pieces - universal shelves - 2 pieces - a wardrobe - 1 piece - hair clippers, hair dryers, combs, scissors - 12 pieces each names - shampoos, varnishes, creams, etc. - for 3 months of work It is also necessary to hire personnel. These can be both masters with their clientele, dissatisfied with the working conditions in neighboring hairdressing salons, and newcomers who have recently graduated from courses. A total of 8 masters are required, for whom a floating work schedule must be established. After the equipment is purchased and the hairdresser is ready to go, you can open up and start attracting customers. In addition to an attractive and noticeable sign, it is necessary to use the installation of pavement signs on crowded neighboring streets, posting announcements at the entrance of nearby houses and distributing leaflets with the obligatory indication of the price of services.

Financial part of the hairdressing salon business plan

In this section of the business plan, we will give a detailed financial description of this project. So, to open a hairdressing salon you will need: Expenses: - premises - from 2.00.00 rubles - equipment - from 200.00 rubles - staff salaries - 0 rubles (40% of the total revenue) - accounting - 80.00 rubles per year (outsourcing) - advertising - 30. 00 rubles Total: 2. 10. 00 rubles for the start of the project. Note that the amount of required start-up capital will be much less in the option with renting premises. Income: - provision of services - from 500 rubles of net profit per day from each master Total: from 90. 00 rubles of net profit per month. As can be seen from the financial plan, the payback period for the hairdressing salon is about two years, but this is a pessimistic forecast. The weighted average payback forecast based on an analysis of the work of existing hairdressing salons is 7-14 months.

Hairdressing Secrets

In this article we will consider a typical business plan for a hairdresser with calculations (example). The hairdressing salon will be of economy class for two double rooms. In the material, we will make a full calculation of investments and estimated profit.

As you know, any business begins with planning: before proceeding to any actions, everything needs to be thought over, calculated and drawn up in the form of a clear business plan.

Project Summary

Any business plan begins with a summary, which should include:

  • information about the nature of the project and its purpose;
  • geography;
  • competitive advantages;
  • implementation time and time to payback;
  • the amount of investment.

A hair salon targeted at low- and middle-income populations. The prospective location is a residential area, within walking distance from where the clients live.

The main competitive advantage is the ratio of cost and quality of services provided. Return on recoupment - 1 quarter. Types of services: women's haircut, men's haircut, hairstyles, hair dyeing, perm and more.

Market Analysis

In this section of the hairdresser's business plan, it is necessary to characterize the market of the settlement, as well as the area in which the hairdresser opens, identify the main competitors and list their competitive advantages and disadvantages, determine the general concept of the project and its target audience.

Similar enterprises in the city: 112, in the district - 6. Over the past year - 2. Competitive enterprises in the district: 4.

The main advantages of competitors: the presence of regular customers, experienced employees. Disadvantages: high cost of services, concept.

General concept of the project

Today we will talk about how much it costs to open a hairdresser, or rather, what expenses you should prepare for and what is the payback period for such a business idea. Immediately, we want to clarify that in this article we are considering a business plan for a hairdressing salon with calculations in 2021 for 4 chairs: 2 seats for men and 2 for women. This number of jobs will be quite sufficient if the volume of your investment is small and all you count on is an economy class salon. So, step by step we will consider all the possible costs, after which we will summarize the earnings.

Salon summary

So, in our example of calculations, there is a hairdresser with 2 jobs for women and 2 for men, i.e. in total - 4 chairs. The working hours of the premises are from 10:00 to 20:00, which is the optimal time for clients. From the services when opening, you can enable:

  • haircuts (including model ones);
  • hairstyles;
  • shaving;
  • hair coloring;
  • curling.

This will be enough to open an economy class hairdressing salon. In the future, when developing your business, you can additionally open a solarium, manicure, pedicure, children's haircuts and other types of services.


Having decided on the number of chairs, you can easily calculate the required area of ​​the room. It is enough to allocate 7 m 2 rooms for each workplace. In total, 4 places will require 28 m 2. We add a waiting room (hall), a bathroom and an area for working staff, we get about 40-45 m 2. Based on this calculation, you will need to find a suitable non-residential premises for opening a hairdressing salon.

It is recommended to open the salon on the first or basement floor. The first option is more preferable, because. the basement doesn't always attract customers.

Depending on the initial capital, you can either lease the premises or buy it in full. As for the lease, it will significantly reduce the initial cost. The only point is to conclude a contract for at least 5 years, i.e. You will invest in interior trim.

On average, rent of non-residential premises in a residential area of ​​the city in 2021 will amount to 20 thousand, purchase - about 2 million (for Russia). It is clear that the calculations of this hairdressing business plan can be called average, i.e. in the village and in the center of Moscow, the costs will be very different.

The costs of renovation and decoration of the premises should also be noted. If you try, you can find good specialists who will repair the salon for 100,000 rubles excluding materials.


A person wants to look good in any situation. And to create a perfect look, you can simply make a good haircut. Moreover, this is equally true for both men and women. If you have the talent and desire to make people beautiful, then this activity should be properly organized. Not sure how to start a hairdresser from scratch? We offer professional advice on creating such a business.

Help! Today a hairdressing salon, responding to the needs of the consumer audience, must offer an extended range of services. That is, in addition to the hairdresser, it is advisable to organize a workplace for a cosmetologist and a manicurist in the institution. Practice shows that 3 types of services are the minimum offer for a profitable enterprise of this kind. And it is better if this list includes 5 items.

Tip # Location depends on the size of the cabin

Before you open a hairdressing salon, you need to really assess your financial and physical capabilities. With this in mind, a place for a hairdresser is chosen, namely:

  • It makes sense to open an establishment for VIP clients in the city center with a large flow of people. It employs top-class masters, offers exclusive procedures, which explains the high cost of services.
  • Economy class hairdressing salon will be in demand in the residential area. The correct decision is to locate such an establishment in the area where the hairdresser lives, and usually "stuffed" clients live right there. It is worth paying attention to the number of storeys of houses, the more multi-apartment high-rises nearby, the greater the profit.

Help! An economy class hairdressing salon (beauty salon) can be opened on the ground floor of a residential building if there is a room with a separate entrance taken out of the housing stock. At the same time, we draw your attention to the fact that it is impossible to use the basement for these purposes, although it is suitable as an auxiliary room for storing various things (except for flammable).

This item, in principle, is considered simultaneously with the determination of the location of the salon. The format of the institution depends on the list of services offered:

  • Haircut - female \ male.
  • Stacking.
  • Performing hairstyles.
  • Dyeing hair, eyebrows, beards.

In this case, we are talking about an economy class hairdressing salon, but with an increase in demand for additional services, the offer can be expanded. For example, for a small surcharge, you can offer a master visit to your home to serve a client before an anniversary or wedding.

The amount of required documentation depends on the selected taxation system, and is also determined by the form of ownership of the service company. Usually, a hairdresser is an individual entrepreneur. The explanation is simple: register faster, there are less duties, taxation is more profitable. You can find out what documents an IP hairdresser will need on our website, in the articles-instructions for starting a business in the field of individual entrepreneurship.

Help! You do not need to obtain a license to open a hairdressing salon. This also applies to the provision of manicure / pedicure services. But you still have to get permission from Rospotrebnadzor and "firemen".

Any undertaking requires solid calculations. In the case of a hairdresser, the expense item will consist of the following items:

Methods of registration as an entrepreneur and taxation

To open a beauty salon as a business, you should choose a registration system as an entrepreneur. It can be an LLC or an individual entrepreneur. It is better and easier to start with individual entrepreneurship, and then, if the business expands, go to LLC.

The taxation system depends on the type of services in the salon. If these are household services (haircut, manicure, eyebrow design, pedicure, etc.), then the UTII system is provided. In the salon, where cosmetology and medical manipulations are carried out, taxes should be paid according to a simplified taxation system.

Documents and controlling organizations

What documents are needed to open a beauty salon? After the repair of the premises, you need to start drawing up the documents. The main paper is the technical passport of the premises, you can get it at the BTI.

A beauty salon must be registered with the following authorities:

  • City or district administration;
  • Vodokanal;
  • Fire service;
  • Energocontrol.

In the future, these services also control the work of the institution.

In addition to the fact that the room for the salon should look modern and presentable inside, and outside there are also requirements from the SES, the fire department.

It would be nice for a novice businessman to get acquainted with the full list of requirements from the SES, they are spelled out in San PiN 2.. 631-10. As an example, here are the most important excerpts from this document.

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