Internet business ideas

A growing trend has become the business idea of ​​buying and selling sites - successful, young for the future, and options in which the optimizer sees unrealized potential. This is a great home based business for both men and women.

  • Investments: from 50 thousand rubles
  • Profitability: from 200% per annum
  • Payback calculation: 12
  • Staff: 1

Every Internet user who wants to buy a site for subsequent resale has ideas - what resource is needed, which exchange is the best and how to create added value.

  • A promoted site with a profit of 100-200 thousand rubles or more

An authoritative large resource is sharpened for a specific topic, business processes are established, a strategic plan is defined. The income of a serious site is calculated in hundreds of thousands of rubles per month. If such a project can be bought on the stock exchange with a small discount, then it can be sent for resale with a surcharge and implemented in the site store slowly.

A buyer can be a businessman who does not know how to promote the Internet resource further. For him, such a transaction will be a profitable investment of part of the assets, since the average payback of projects in the network is calculated in a relatively short 2-year period. The owner will engage an independent auditor to assess risks and promising ideas. The management and further development will be handled by hired personnel. The performance of specialists will be measured in terms of profit growth.

  • Popular site with a profit of 50-100 thousand rubles

A ready-made resource on exchanges is looked after by people competent in managing electronic platforms. For further promotion, freelancers are involved who perform local tasks - create content, optimize, expand functionality. Here the idea is to bring income to a new quality level, then put the Internet business in a website store for sale.

  • Website with a profit of 10-20 thousand rubles

Experienced users buy this. They already have a successful project, they have found effective schemes to make a profit and have new ideas. Therefore, they are looking for understandable concepts on the exchange so that, after passing the promotion period, they immediately accelerate profitability.

  • Website with a profit of several thousand rubles

A start-up idea is usually the first choice for newbies who are interested in the topic, want to test promotion methods in practice. It is impossible not to mention the auto-filled sites - they are the cheapest on the exchange, you can promote them by setting up parsing from new sources, then a ready-made resource bought on the exchange for 1 thousand rubles is sold for 3-5 thousand or more - the income depends on the amount of traffic and the presence or absence of measures to monetize it.

Selling an Internet business: who implements sites and where?

Business idea buying and selling sites: assessment and goals

The most ridiculous Internet ideas in a million

The success of any Internet project depends primarily on a business idea. Some of them seem insane and completely hopeless, but even such projects can bring fortunes to their creators.

1. SantaMail. rgHow to make a child believe in the existence of Santa Claus? Send him a letter as if from the North Pole on behalf of the main Christmas hero! Byron Reese liked this idea and used it in his business. Via the SantaMail website. rg children all over the world can send letters to Santa, to the North Pole. It is enough for parents to pay only $ 10 for their child to receive a beautifully designed answer from Santa Claus himself. In just a year, Santa's "personal copywriter" managed to answer 300 thousand letters, giving the kids all over the world faith in miracles.

2. MillionDollarHomepage. omSelling Pixels is another crazy internet idea that made crazy money. Alex Tew, a 21-year-old British student, needed to earn money to study. Without thinking twice, he created the site MillionDollarHomepage. om and divided its main page into 10 thousand 10/10 pixel squares. Anyone could buy the required number of pixels and place an image or a link to the site on this space.

At first, Alex sold each square for only a dollar, but when he realized that his project was in demand, he increased the rates. For the last pixel on the site, he received 38 thousand dollars, and the final profit from the MillionDollarHomepage. om was over a million dollars. But initially, the young man did not even imagine that such a seemingly stupid idea would provide him with a start in life, good income and world fame. Of course, like any successful internet project, the Million Dollar Homepage has spawned a number of clones.

3. FindAGrave. om Chasing Dead Celebrities is a crazy idea from American Jim Tipton that brought him unexpected success. Jim had a hobby - looking for the burial places of famous people. When he visited the graves of all the celebrities in his home state of Utah, he decided to continue his "grave tour" and created the FindAGrave website. om. The goal of this project is to locate the graves of all known people buried in the United States. Tipton found many associates, and soon his resource began to offer users genealogical research and other paid services.

4. Doggles. om Do you think it would ever occur to someone to buy personal sunglasses for their pet? It turns out that it can! And there are thousands of such eccentrics! Ken and Roni Di Lullo's crazy business idea for sunglasses for dogs has earned their creative creators millions of dollars. As soon as the glasses appeared on store shelves, it turned out that many owners were not averse to making their four-legged friend happy with a fashion accessory. Doggles products can now be seen in 16 countries. Her range is no longer limited to glasses and includes other accessories, stylish clothes and even jewelry for dogs.

5. WheresGeorge. om Many people prefer to wash their hands after contact with money, since it is not known where these bills or coins were before. Thanks to the WheresGeorge service. om now you can find out exactly who was holding this or that bill before it got into your pocket. After registering on the site, the user enters serial numbers and tracks their movement. There is one caveat: previous or future owners must also register these bills on the specified service. At the moment WheresGeorge. om monitors 220 million bills for a total value of over $ 1 billion.

6. BugMeNot. om Surely many Internet users will agree that nothing is more annoying than mandatory registration on free resources! Not everyone will agree to spend their time on this tedious and pointless operation, and you don't want to light up your e-mail again either. There was a man who got so sick of it that he created an online service that disinterestedly provides users with working logins and passwords for free sites. This kind man's name is Guy King, and his website can be found on the Internet at BugMeNot. om. The project became especially popular in 2021 after it was nearly shut down.

7. PickyDomains. omRussian Dmitry Davydov has achieved success by founding a domain selection service for Western audiences. He comes up with domain names and sells them for as little as $ 50 apiece. The most interesting thing is that the client pays only if he liked the proposed option. It turns out that there is no risk. It is this circumstance that attracts thousands of people to the project. Soon, Davydov's story was published in a well-known American publication. The publication brought fame and new clients to the Internet entrepreneur. Dmitry's next step was crowdsourcing: he invited freelancers to cooperate, who began to help him in his work absolutely disinterestedly or for a nominal fee. Surprisingly, there were a sufficient number of people who were ready to share their ideas for free and watch their implementation.

8. ShitMyDadSaysIf you have a talkative parent whose sarcasm can bring anyone to tears, a Twitter account and a lot of free time, you can make some good money! This is exactly what happened to the unemployed writer Justin Halpern, who lived with his parents and listened daily to the stinging sayings of his not deprived of the mind of his father. Out of nothing else to do, he began to post them on Twitter and a month later he stepped on the threshold of a wealthy life. As a result, without putting in almost any effort, Justin got a mention in a popular TV show, publishing his own book and shooting a comedy series.

9. ShoppingCartAbuse. om If you go to the ShoppingCartAbuse website. om, dedicated to combating abuse of grocery carts in supermarkets, you are amazed how such nonsense could have occurred to its creators. It was necessary to think of this! Surprisingly, many people were inspired by this crazy idea, and the project instantly became a hit. The site invites users to admire the original photos of the carts, videos with their participation and buy branded T-shirts.

A growing trend has become the business idea of ​​buying and selling sites - established with income, young for the future and such options in which the optimizer

Today, almost everything is sold and bought online - from ordinary goods to a full-fledged business. It has become quite easy to buy a ready-made online store. But, if you do not know all the intricacies, the transaction can be risky. Even if such a resource is introduced to the virtual market, and it does not need to be promoted from scratch.

What is an online store

An online store is a site that sells goods and services on the worldwide network. Online platforms are a new marketing solution to increase sales, service levels and company credibility. Here you can not only order, but also pay for the selected product. Online shopping has made the shopping process more comfortable.

Types of online stores

The following companies offer a large selection of venues of different directions:

  • HostCMS. Address: Shakhty, st. Lenin, d. 176, office 321. Telephone in Moscow: +7 (495) 223-46-50. E - mail: sales @ hostcms. u.
  • Ringo Design. Address: Moscow, Nagorny proezd, 7. Phone: 8 (800) 775-49-41. E - mail: onlyringo @ yandex. u.
  • MEGAGROUP. Address: Moscow, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 11/6, office 204. Phone: 8 (800) 555-63-42, +7 (499) 705-30-10. E - mail: support @ megagroup. ru.
  • Business Asset Exchange GmbH. Address: Moc kv a, P pec n e n c a ya nab., 12. B a shnya "F e ​​d epation". Phone - no. E - mail: info @ business-asset. om.
  • IT Factory (sites based on 1C Bitrix). Address: Rostov-on-Don, st. Trolleybus, 24 / 2V. Phone: +7 (495) 118-37-10. E - mail: main @ itfactory. su

How much does a ready-made online store cost?

You can order the production of a turnkey website. Available tariff plans at "Site Factory":

You can also purchase an existing store. For example, on the BIBOSS website.

In 2021, it was possible to inexpensively buy an online store based on OpenCart on the Template-market website.

Earning money on the Internet is becoming more stable and affordable for a wide segment of the population. Today, an entrepreneur can buy a ready-made Internet business online, immediately starting to manage and develop it. These can be various objects and services: from hosting to an online magazine.

Business on the web is especially attractive because it does not require a link to a specific location. Depending on the specifics, it can be practiced in Moscow, St. Petersburg, in other regions of Russia and even countries. Also, some are attracted by the possibility of a fairly simple entry into international markets.

Buy a ready-made business on the Internet

On our portal you can buy various Internet projects. When choosing them, you should immediately pay attention to the quality of the site, its position in the search engines, and in the future you can easily analyze its traffic and determine the activity of customers, depending on what kind of business it is:

  • online information business;
  • website development and creation;
  • online store;
  • software services internet marketing;
  • hosting.

Internet projects sale

There are many other options. For example, various exchanges for making money online and projects for developing landing pages. At the moment, most sites are some sort of business.

Buying profitable projects comes down to checking reports on site traffic, target views, the number of purchases, registered users, etc. Also, an accounting audit will allow you to track the company's income.

Buying a business on the Web is a reasonable decision, since a ready-made business implies an already established client base, a certain income, trained personnel and well-established business processes. Such a deal can pay off in three to four months.

"Selling a project"

When selling, you need to make preliminary preparations. Whatever the offer, its main asset is the website. A good web product is different:

Currently, the online business is well developed, and gives a good profit, due to minimal costs. But the expectation of a certain amount of profit is a long-term process (it takes about six months to promote a site). But what if the business idea of ​​making money on the Internet does not leave you? The solution is to buy a ready-made Internet site, which already brings a certain profit to its owner. Therefore, in this article we will tell you how to buy an income-generating website. The cost of purchasing such a site will be from 15,000.00 to 350,000.00 rubles. Of course, if you are a non-specialist in this matter, we advise you to seek help from people who understand this issue. Well, if you nevertheless decided to independently figure out such an issue, then carefully study all the moments and hidden pitfalls of the upcoming transaction in order to avoid deception. And for our part, in this article, we will give several recommendations that will definitely come in handy for you.

Benefits from buying a ready-made website

In this post, we are talking about how to buy a website with income. The main advantage of buying a ready-made website is that you do not need to waste your precious time on replenishing your website with various kinds of information, as well as its promotion.

Cash costs are almost minimal, as there are now free softwares that allow you to manage the content and structure of the site in large quantities. But even with all this, you have no guarantee that the site you created will begin to bring the desired profit.

Why do all these steps when you can buy a ready-made, promoted site.

Today we offer a huge selection of ready-made Internet sites for any choice up to ready-made online stores. Having bought a ready-made website, you do not have to select the necessary information and engage in the creation of unique content. The masters of their craft have already done this work for you. This is the second reason for buying a turnkey website.

Read another article on the site: How to organize the production of pellets

Where ready-made sites are sold

There are a lot of options for buying a ready-made website. Our task with you is not to become the target of crooks, i.e. do not be deceived. So, there are several methods with which you can purchase an Online project:

  • Directly from the owner of the page;
  • On special forums;
  • On highly specialized exchanges.

Which way to buy a site is up to you, but we advise, for the best and correct choice, to analyze each method. Of course, by purchasing an Online service directly from a seller, you run the risk of running into scammers.

It is very difficult to independently assess revenues, costs, as well as the level of popularity of this service. Very often, scammers are engaged in sending letters to e-mail about the purchase of ready-made sites.

If you are personally acquainted with the seller of the site, this will reduce the time spent on checking the documentation and checking the web page on special portals. It is much safer to buy a website on special forums.

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