Ideas for a private business, your own business, a small family home business, entrepreneurship

The ability to correctly submit your product to Avito will allow you to earn good money. You can start by selling your own unwanted items. You can buy goods from those who want to sell them faster and cheaper, and then resell them at a higher price.

An interesting option is to sell other people's goods and services for a percentage. To do this, you almost do not need investments, and earnings with active work start from 300-400 dollars per month.

Advertising Agency

For a small agency, an office of 10 sq. m, minimal equipment and 2-3 people.

It is profitable to open such a business in a big city. Then there will be a great demand for the development of printing materials, and for the creative industry, such as the creation of logos, corporate identity, slogans. You will have to invest from $ 1000, but the monthly income will be at least $ 700.

In this area, income is only getting more every month. In the future, you can count on a net profit of 2-3 thousand dollars.

Holiday Agency

This is a very interesting business, and, moreover, with minimal investment. A small office, computer and advertising are the main expenses for its organization. Then your main task will be the selection of contractors for customers and the development of holiday programs.

And almost all earnings are "pure" money. For a small agency, you will need investments in the region of $ 1000, and the profit will be from $ 1,500 per month.


An excellent enterprise that is very easy to scale, gradually increasing your vehicle fleet. Two cars with drivers and one dispatcher are all you need to start. With an initial investment of about 15 thousand dollars, the net profit will reach 1000-2021 dollars per month.

Husband for an hour

This is a relatively new and highly demanded type of business without capital investments. Your task is to organize a base of employees of various specializations, coordinate their work and look for customers.

Proven ideas for the aspiring entrepreneur. What kind of business to create? (10+)

Ideas for a private business, your own business, a home business

The material is an explanation and addition to the article: How to start your own business, become an entrepreneur? How to start your own business without large investments, reliably, without risk? Tips and tricks based on personal experience

The variety of ideas and directions for the development of our business, which we can find on the Internet and in the press, is amazing. But in reality it turns out that most of the ideas are either simply unsuitable for a small business, a starting entrepreneur, or they are not well thought out, are only at the initial stage of development, in a state of not even an idea, but the feeling that somewhere here you can earn money.

For a beginner to master it, it must have a number of simple properties. About this in the main article. And here I will talk about projects that will almost certainly be successful. My clients started such a business from scratch, never doing business before, and they were doing well. For all the details, successful projects can be divided into several broad categories. If your project belongs to one of these categories, is well developed, and you are determined, have the necessary knowledge and skills, then your project has a good chance of success.


The essence of the agency's work is to have a base of performers, attract buyers and match the former with the latter. The agency itself does not perform the work, it advertises itself, accepts orders and provides performers.

Pros and cons of agency as a business


  • Can be combined with some self-employed work, such as working on the phone, keeping records, or household chores such as taking care of a child.
  • Such a business, with a competent approach and persistence, can grow into average, become alienated, acquire value. It can be sold at a high price.


  • You should always be ready to take an order. You are constantly in touch.
  • This business requires constant hard work. It cannot be abandoned for a month. In a month you will lose everything that you have gained over the years.
  • Competition is high for some services.
  • Some services require licensing.
  • Your main goal is to reorder. You will have to learn how to create and retain repeat customers.
  • This model makes it difficult to control the quality of the final product. But you have to learn how to do it.

When is the agency's business successful?

Low commission. Agency commission should be in the range of 5 - 10 - 15 percent (depending on the field of activity). Otherwise, there will always be a temptation to buy directly, by taking the direct telephone of the master, or to look for an agency with a lower commission.

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