How to write a business plan (example)

Business planning of an enterprise for all occasions

Business planning in a company is an uninterrupted process that is an integral part of all company activities. It touches upon aspects of general development, as well as the formation of a business plan for a specific project.

Petr Osipov, co-founder of Business Youth:

“Multi-armed many-legged, human product, donor or lucky? During 8 years of study, we realized that people face the same problems and choose typical business strategies. Fortunately, we have learned how to correct them.

We will tell you how to act if you have a blockage, a great product, no goal, or suddenly you are a strong woman.

The human product is visible from afar. It is given out by burning eyes from the created product. It doesn't matter what he makes: trainings, dresses, jewelry, writes books or makes tea bags for brewing loose tea. He does it perfectly and thinks through everything to the smallest detail. If trainings, then all participants get results. And everything would be fine, only there is a problem with the amount of money earned.

The Product Human understands absolutely nothing about marketing and sales. From an advertising account in Yandex. Direct his eyes gather in a heap, and treacherously begins to pound in his temples. Therefore, he does not want to think about sales at all, because he is sure that everyone will fly into such an amazing product on their own.

As a result, we get a quality product that almost no one knows about.

How to monetize your project for a human product:

- Package a product - make a website, arrange a photo session, create an account on Instagram.

- Set up incoming traffic - to do this, make contextual advertising, place an ad on Avito, publish on social networks and set up targeted advertising.

# 2. Many-armed many-legged or "all by myself"

The business plan covers the main parameters and characteristics of the future company, considers probable financial risks, selects methods to minimize financial losses. If you initially do everything correctly, according to the adopted structure, you will get a clear working document from which the investor can understand whether to invest in this business or not.

In this article, we discussed in detail how to draw up a business plan step by step and attached a ready-made example. You can use this sample.

How to draw up a business plan for the year yourself

Writing a business plan based on ready-made examples is always easier than starting from scratch. But you still need to know how the document looks like, what it should be, what kind of information it contains.

What is a business plan and what is it for

Let's take a closer look at what a business plan is. It is a document, a textual, graphic reflection of the details of the project, understandable for its creator and potential investors. The content of the description of the main mechanisms of business schemes is mandatory.

Business plan - a document with the main provisions, marketing and financial analysis of the future project, which is drawn up for the company's management and investors as a visual aid. This document clearly displays the working scheme of the project and the prospects for its further development.

Investors pay great attention to the details of business projects. After all, no investor will want to invest money if he does not understand why they are needed.

The structure of the business plan serves to implement the following ideas:

  • Description of the place and level at which the entrepreneur is now. If the author of the document is an employee, he must evaluate his skills, the available budget, understand what is needed to start, and correctly reflect it.
  • Goal setting - description of the end result. In a business environment, the terms just “want” and “would be great” do not work. You must paint a real view of things, predict business prospects, realize the turnover, the profit of the future business, the chances of occupying a competitive niche, etc.
  • Consider the steps that you plan to take on the way to the goal - to understand how best to do it ...

When the three basic steps are ready, you can think over the exact composition of the document. You can use a ready-made business plan as a template or prepare a document from scratch.

What is a business plan?

Any business idea can become a successful business if the future entrepreneur clearly understands what he needs to implement his plans. It is the business plan that is the starting point for starting a business, which makes it possible to assess the real state of affairs, study the market and competitors, give an adequate assessment of your capabilities, and think about how to make your business unique, which means it is in demand.

Basic principles of preparing a business plan

At this time, it is not difficult to find ready-made business plans on the Internet, but it is worth understanding that each case has its own characteristics, so you should not blindly copy everything written by others. You can take it as a basis, you can see how it should look, but if you seriously decided to start your own business, then all the analysis, calculations and estimates should be done yourself. Read more: How to start a business from scratch.

So, what must be in the business plan.

1) Project summary. This is a concise description of a business idea, a vision for development and tools for achieving results. Also, the resume should display data on what advantages you see in your business in comparison with other players in the market. In a word, this section should give a brief description of your business idea.

2) Information about the company. Here it is necessary to indicate the name of the enterprise, the form of ownership, the legal and actual address of the company, and describe the structure of the enterprise.

It is also necessary to provide a description of the goods or services, with the production or sale of which you intend to enter the market.

Indicate the main goals of the enterprise.

4) Product. This part should contain a detailed description of the future goods or services that you offer to the consumer. You also need to indicate which target audience your activity will be focused on, indicate future suppliers, partners, contractors and other counterparties with whom you plan to cooperate.

5) Development strategy. This section assumes a description of the tools for the development of the future enterprise - growth rates, advertising, possible expansion.

6) Tools for the enterprise. In this chapter, you need to reflect information about what equipment you are going to use, how to pack goods, deliver, and if these are services, then where you will provide them and by what means.

The concept of business, its participants

The word "business" (from the English business) means any occupation, business that generates income. A person doing business is a businessman (from the English businesman), that is, a businessman, a businessman, an entrepreneur. In the new economic reference books, business is the economic activity of an entity in a market economy, aimed at making a profit by creating and selling certain products (goods, works, services). Also, the concept of "business" can be considered as synonymous with the concept of "entrepreneurship". Entrepreneurial activity, entrepreneurship is an initiative independent activity of citizens and their associations, aimed at making a profit, carried out by citizens at their own risk and under property responsibility within the limits determined by the organizational and legal form of the enterprise.

Thus, business is the income-generating activity of citizens who own property. In addition, business is also a set of relations between all its participants, who form a team of like-minded people with the aim of generating income, profit, development of a company, enterprise, organization. The following groups of people are business participants:

1) entrepreneurs themselves, that is, persons who carry out proactive activities at their own risk, under their economic and legal responsibility, as well as groups of entrepreneurs. In the course of their activities, they enter into business relationships, as well as relationships with other business participants, eventually forming the sphere of entrepreneurial business. The latter includes three components: product manufacturing, commerce (trade) and commercial intermediation;

2) individual and collective consumers of products offered by entrepreneurs, as well as groups of consumers forming their own unions, associations, etc.;

The business interest of the business participants in this group is the purchase of goods and services. It is implemented through establishing contacts with manufacturers and sellers of products on the basis of mutual benefit;

3) employees engaged in labor activities for hire, on a contractual or other basis, as well as their trade unions. Extraction of income - is realized through work in a firm, organization, at an enterprise. If for entrepreneurs the profit in transactions is the final income of the company, then for employees it is the personal income received as a result of the work performed;

4) government bodies, institutions and organizations when they are direct participants in transactions.

The business interest of the members of this group is the implementation of national programs (scientific and technical, scientific and industrial, social, etc.) in order to meet the needs of both the state as a whole and all its citizens.

Business as a system

Today, consulting is considered one of the most promising business areas in the niche of providing services. To organize his company in such a market segment, an entrepreneur must have knowledge in the field of consulting, as well as the ability to work with modern technologies.

But even with the high profitability and profitability of such a business, no one is immune from risks, since the competition in this segment is constantly high. Moreover, the implementation of such an idea will require a lot of start-up capital money.

Opening process

Immediately, we note that a correct business plan must contain an analysis of the consulting services market segment in the place where you want to open. Due to the fact that information about your competitors will be collected, you will be able to:

  • understand what experience should be gained in this business;
  • avoid the collapse of the company at the initial stage and in the future;
  • gather the necessary connections to develop your agency;
  • understand how the development process of the company works and where it is best to look for your clients;
  • determine how the agency will grow in the future in terms of the direction of service provision.

Initially, you will have to deal with many processes yourself, for example, finding a clientele and filling out applications. To achieve success, in such work, it is important to constantly rely on the opinions of your customers, as well as on what they require. Note also that the registration form of your agency will play an important role, it is best to look towards LLC.

Correct organization of all processes

Your regular clients will be entrepreneurs who manage small and medium-sized businesses. To find clients, your business plan should provide market analysis information in the location where your office will be located. Only in this case, the analysis should be carried out in terms of the activity of entrepreneurs in all sectors. In such an analysis, it is important to address the following issues:

  • economic analysis of market efficiency in the selected area or city;
  • approximate number and list of organizations that can be potential clients at the initial stage;
  • the distribution of entrepreneurs by industry in order to draw up an overall picture of competition in a particular market segment, which should also help in finding clients.

Please note that if in your area or city at the moment there is a process of freezing the economy, and there is no development, then it will be very difficult to keep your new agency afloat. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to such a question from the very beginning of the path of planning your own business. Find out if there is support for small and medium-sized businesses, what indicators of economic growth and other nuances are important for understanding whether it is necessary to try to enter this market today or is it too early.

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