How to quickly sell a ready-made business

Creating your own business is the dream of many of us. For some, the profession of a businessman was a childhood dream, but for others it is a dream even in adulthood. Indeed, having your own business opens up many opportunities for a person. First of all, creating his own idea, a person ceases to be dependent on the authorities and becomes left to himself. A person will no longer have to go to an unloved job, come to it in the morning and sit until late at night.

In addition, a person gets the opportunity to do a job that he likes and, possibly, is his hobby. But, many who want to create their own business, behind the beautiful illusions of wealth and the possibility of independence, do not notice, or rather do not know all the difficulties that arise on the way, both a beginner and an experienced businessman.

Despite the large profits from doing business, which we often imagine in our dreams, see on TV and read in the news, all this is obtained by investing a lot of labor and effort. Not a single business reaches its heights in a short time, everything needs a lot of time to develop and become. Business development from the zero stage of its readiness is a very difficult procedure for an entrepreneur. It is at the very beginning that the prospects for the possibility of further positive development or its possible stagnation are laid.

Due to a lot of work on his business and a decent investment in its creation, an entrepreneur gets everything that many of us want - good earnings.

What drives people to create their business idea?

The most common prerequisite for starting a business is the desire to get good income and independence from other people. It is this independence from their superiors that attracts many entrepreneurs to the business affairs industry. A free work schedule also attracts many entrepreneurs.

The second most urgent reason is the desire of people to do what they love, which will bring not so much material profit as the spiritual comfort from their work. An example would be the creation of a costume business, where the entrepreneur himself is a tailor who sews goods for sale. In this case, a person is engaged in business because it is his hobby.

Sale of business

  • One of the most common reasons is the urgent need for funds. Each of us may need a certain amount of money at any time, but where can we get it if a large amount is required? This reason is the most innocuous, since in this case there are most likely no pitfalls in the business, in the form of its unprofitability and all the like, and the business itself is forced to sell.
  • The desire to sell a ready-made business arises from entrepreneurs who mismanaged their business and led it to a state of possible collapse. In this case, the entrepreneur selling his business, of course, is not recognized in the main reason for selling it, so in any case, in order not to get into a mess, when buying a ready-made business, you should familiarize yourself with all the documentation, which should include a business plan and a report on economic activity of the organization.
  • Some entrepreneurs are selling a business to receive proceeds from its creation and further marketing to another entrepreneur. In this case, such a resale of the case is also a so-called business. In this case, a businessman creates a business, developing it on the basis of consumer requests, develops it, and sells. Such resale will always be relevant, since many entrepreneurs do not want to deal with the long business of creating and developing a business, but want to work with a ready-made template.

Thus, there can be many reasons for selling a ready-made business, this list contains only the main part of them, which is one of the main for entrepreneurs.

Is it worth buying a ready-made business?

Most ideas, good as they are, are worthless. Nevertheless, it is a pity to give away good ideas for free, especially if there is no money. Therefore, many people are looking for ways to sell an idea to a business and buyers using the Internet.

Who needs business ideas?

Business ideas that can bring the team that brought them to life a lot of money, simultaneously changing the world for the better, are very necessary for humanity as a whole and do not need anyone separately. You can never predict in advance:

  • whether an interesting idea will lead to the creation of a sought-after product or will not generate interest among consumers;
  • will make the person who generated it super-rich or the initiative will be taken over by more entrepreneurial people;
  • will bring the human race closer to extinction or allow it to rise to the next stage of development;
  • will be lost in a sea of ​​similar ideas or will be premature for its time.

As an example, diacetylmorphine was widely used in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as an effective and inexpensive cough medicine for children, marketed under the brand name Heroin. Currently, you will not find this tool on free sale, for obvious reasons.

How to sell a business idea?

If you came up with a great idea about, for example, how you can quickly terraform and colonize Mars, after which you have developed a very detailed and detailed business plan, the step-by-step implementation of which will bring superprofits to the investor who has invested year, and all mankind - the undoubted benefit in the form of new habitable territories, you will not be able to earn a penny from selling it if you yourself do not want or do not have the opportunity to take on its implementation. This is how it works: even the best ideas are worthless if they are not implemented.

Important: there are more than 7 billion people in the world now, each of whom receives about 60 thousand thoughts a day. Therefore, we can confidently assert that right at this moment, at least a few people have brilliant business ideas in their heads that can make them billionaires. However, it is unlikely that at least one of them will be bought at least for little money by a large investor or fund, because in order to want to buy an idea, a lot of work must be done on it.

If you have a great idea, in your opinion, then try to gather a group of like-minded people with whom you can think over, develop and implement it well. You can find money to implement such an idea by using one of the many startup sites or by investing your own funds of a group of people united by one business idea.

Those who have thought through their idea well, developed it and have already received certain encouraging results can receive a grant from one of the organizations that support socially useful initiatives (if you wish, you can pull up almost any business idea under this category) , or business incubators (organizations specializing in supporting projects of young entrepreneurs, sponsoring promising innovative projects).

How much can you earn selling a business idea?

If you are fired up with your idea, have thought it through well and made sure it is innovative, state it in some way that is easy to understand (on paper, as a layout or model). If possible, register a copyright or obtain a patent on it, which will help avoid negative consequences in the future, such as the lawsuit of the Winklevoss brothers against Mark Zuckerberg, whom they accused of stealing the site idea that he used to create Facebook. In addition, you should definitely participate in at least a few webinars on the topic of selling business ideas. From them you can learn useful knowledge about what questions you need to be ready to answer and how to behave when meeting with potential investors.

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Selling a business is a time-consuming activity. How to solve all pre-sale problems and speed up the sale, we will tell in this article.

Selling a business is a time-consuming activity. Often, many sellers do not have an accurate understanding of this type of procedure. When it comes to a large enterprise, various specialists are involved in the case, including lawyers and appraisers, who help to sell the ready-made digging faster. However, when you need to sell a small business, many problems arise. How to solve them and speed up the sale, we will tell in this article.

Where to start?

  • outline a phased action plan;
  • define an anticipated timeline;
  • allocate resources.

In addition, it is necessary to determine the prospects of the finished enterprise. One of the main reasons for slow or impossible selling is low profitability. Therefore, if the finished enterprise is unprofitable, it will be more profitable to sell it in parts.

So, you have established that a ready-made business is profitable. Now you can start determining the time of sale. Here you should consult with experts and refer to statistics data. How profitable would it be to sell the organization now or later? Despite the fact that a quick deal is always preferable, think about it, if it will be more profitable to sell the company after a while, it would not be better to wait.

Define the type of customer. A ready-made business is a rather complicated product; buyers for it are also different. It should be borne in mind that portfolio investors are most interested in the prospects for growth in income and company value. In turn, strategic investors pay attention to market segments and the earned reputation, as well as the manufacturability of the enterprise. Therefore, before starting pre-sale preparation, imagine to whom you can sell your company and focus on this type of buyer.

As you know, the mechanism for determining the cost of an organization depends on many little things. Therefore, business preparation is of utmost importance. Once you have identified the type of buyer, make the benefits of the organization more apparent and level out its drawbacks. The difficulty may arise in the fact that the owner cannot always evaluate his asset with an open mind. Therefore, you can attract experienced professionals, but this is not always beneficial, especially for small businesses. Try to pay attention to the existing problems. Indeed, in most cases, the seller needs to make only a little effort, for example, to make the management system more transparent or to establish reporting.

Preparation of documents. To quickly sell an organization, you need to start collecting the necessary documentation as soon as possible, since the certification of the necessary certificates from a notary takes quite a long time. Minimum package of documents:

  • lease renewal;
  • licenses;
  • certificate of absence of debt;
  • real estate appraisal;
  • copies of financial statements.

An audit is also helpful. An auditor is a third-party person who is not interested in selling your organization, so his official opinion will increase the level of trust and help sell the asset faster.

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