How to buy a business: ready-made online store

Clothing is a popular and demanded product, so the competition in the retail sector is high. Nevertheless, you can open an online clothing store without special knowledge and large investments, which is well suited for a novice entrepreneur.

Target audience definition

Ways to promote your online store

Own-made clothing

Own delivery service

Prepayment to a bank account

Purchasing a ready-made service

Filling the catalog with goods

Configuring analytics systems

Advantages and disadvantages of creating an online store

Business plan for creating an online clothing store

So, one of the ideas that are quite affordable in terms of investment and organization is the opening of an online store.

Do you need a business plan?

One of the most important parts of the document is the financial one, which includes the calculation of investments for discovery, costs in the process of carrying out activities, profitability, profitability and payback period. It is highly desirable to compose it for an online store for the following reasons:

  • When looking for third-party funding sources, it is important to understand that no investor will invest in a project whose level of profitability is unclear. The same goes for bank loans.
  • This is an opportunity to see strategically important directions for the development of your business.
  • This document allows you to see the bottlenecks (which are in absolutely every area) and pay special attention to them. Thus, the level of service for customers will increase, and costs can be reduced.
  • It allows you to define a sales market and describe the target audience. Depending on this, the promotion and the process of attracting customers will depend.
  • Finally, the business plan provides the most structured and complete information about the field of activity. Often, it allows you to understand that the idea is not very profitable and save the entrepreneur from losing a lot of money.

The procedure for drafting such a document is detailed in the following video:

Analysis of the scope and level of competition

At the moment there are a huge number of online stores, so the level of competition (regardless of the products sold) is very high. All stores are fighting for the target audience using various methods, among which are the following:

  • Provision of various kinds of discounts.
  • Carrying out promotions for regular customers.
  • Expanding the range of goods sold.
  • Providing a wider package of services for the client (fitting before buying, free delivery "to the door", etc.).
  • Creating your own products is a difficult idea and profitable only after recruiting a specific target audience.
  • Selling bundles, not individual items.
  • Build a kind of community out of your clients.

Competitors of the created store will differ depending on the goods and services sold. So, among the direct and indirect competitors are:

  • Other online stores of the same specialization.
  • Large online stores with a wide range of products.
  • Offline stores.
  • Restaurants and cafes (in the case of selling food products).
  • Fitness clubs (in the case of selling sporting goods).
  • Bulletin boards (in our country this is not a very popular channel for sales and purchases, but some people prefer to take certain goods from individuals, as this saves money).
  • Enterprises operating in the service sector (for example, cinemas in the case of film sales).

Where can I get refinancing?

More and more banks have begun to do this, refinancing services can be found in banks that issue cash, since, in fact, refinancing loans in St. Petersburg is actually a cash loan. So far, this service can be found in large government-backed banks such as Sberbank or VTB24, as well as large private banks such as Alfa Bank or Home Credit. In general, residents of St. Petersburg can choose from dozens of on-lending offers, since a huge number of banks are concentrated in this city, so there will always be plenty to choose from.

Purpose of refinancing

In theory, many people associate refinancing with one goal - to reduce the interest rate and, as a result, to reduce the overpayment. This is partly true, it is for this purpose that citizens most often apply for refinancing. For example, if half a year ago a citizen took out a loan without providing certificates at a rate of 40%, then today, already having the opportunity to bring these certificates, he can get refinancing at another bank at a rate of 20-22%. The benefits are obvious, but there are other purposes of refinancing:

- decrease the monthly payment. If a citizen has problems with payments, the monthly payment has become burdensome, then this citizen can apply for refinancing for a longer period in order to reduce the monthly payment;

- remove the encumbrance from the collateral. For example, a borrower took out a loan secured by real estate, and now he urgently needs to sell this real estate, but this is impossible to do, since an encumbrance is imposed on the object. Then this borrower applies to the bank for refinancing, the previous loan is closed ahead of schedule, after which the encumbrance is removed.

These can be absolutely any types of loans: car loans, secured loans, regular cash loans, targeted loans, credit cards, overdrafts. The only exception is mortgage loans, for which there is a separate mortgage loan refinancing program.

Some banks are allowed to cover several different loan products at once. For example, the borrower has a valid car loan, credit card and merchandise loan. It is not convenient to have three contracts on hand, therefore, having issued refinancing, the borrower can combine them into one and pay to one bank, not three. It's comfortable. In case of refinancing, all previously issued loans will be repaid ahead of schedule.

The refinancing process is similar to a simple cash loan, and for securities it will be. Therefore, for registration, certificates from work are almost always needed, only a few St. Petersburg banks will make refinancing without them. You will also definitely need a package of papers from the previous bank, a certificate with the amount of the amount for early repayment, with the account details. The exact information will be given to the citizen at the bank to which he / she should apply for refinancing.

Online shop business idea

Doing business on the Internet is an initial but very profitable business. If we talk about opening your own store, then you will need a lot of money there. That is why stores on the Internet have begun to gain more and more popularity not only with the help of sellers, but also with buyers. In our article we will talk about an online business store, how to open it and what is needed to promote it?

Recently, there has been a rapid penetration of Internet technologies not only into our daily life, but also in the industry and trade. Today, entire enterprises and firms are sold through the World Wide Web. The main advantage of this type of commercial activity is that the buyer has the opportunity to bypass the lengthy procedures for registering and introducing the business to the market.

Why is it better to buy a ready-made online store?

Sometimes aspiring entrepreneurs simply do not have time to independently design an online store, or order a project in a specialized web studio. In such cases, it is better to buy an online store as a ready-made business, this will save significant money and time.

It is inexpensive, immediately ready for active operation, there is a large number of various offers on the market. All ready-made online stores are adapted for sales in Runet, on average, their price varies from 10 to 30 thousand rubles - amounts that are available to absolutely everyone.

When buying a ready-made project, you enjoy the following advantages:

- the store accepts online payments and can be integrated with various payment electronic systems;

- an opportunity to use the already formed catalog of goods;

- intuitive interface in Russian;

- various options for delivery of goods, including with online payment for postal systems: EMS, DHS, Russian Post, and so on;

- each customer can use the "personal account" service to track the status of the order;

- a ready-made online store can be integrated with external systems such as Exsel and 1C, as well as popular social networks;

- price lists in CSV, XML, YML formats are uploaded to the best trading platforms of Runet, for example, such as Goods @ Mail. u or Yandex Market.

A detailed list of available options is prescribed for each ready-made online store. The buyer can familiarize himself with them before making a transaction.

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