Home production: best business ideas

There is technology to make thousands of plastic items that are widely used in everyday life. This is vacuum forming.

It is enough to have special equipment (which is also not so difficult to make by yourself), sheets of thermoplastic - and you can open a private production.

The range of products that the consumer will receive is wide enough:

  • all kinds of plastic buckets,
  • basins,
  • flower pots,
  • disposable cups,
  • special tool boxes,
  • acrylic baths and sinks,
  • original instrument cases,
  • car body parts and much more.

On the production of plastic products you can create.

Why so much attention is paid to plastic in our time?

Probably due to the fact that at the moment it is one of the most inexpensive materials.

Besides, plastic has valuable qualities:

  • Plasticity. Takes various forms quite easily;
  • Strength. Take, for example, monolithic sheet polycarbonate, which is only slightly inferior in impact resistance to metal;
  • Does not corrode. An important quality, especially if you make products that are constantly exposed to moisture;
  • Resistance to aggressive environments;
  • Lightness of the material. For example, fiberglass has the same optical parameters as glass, but its weight is 2 times less, which allows using less expensive support structures;
  • Recyclable. If wood after its service life is only suitable as fuel, then plastic can be recycled a large number of times, getting various new products.

Products in transparent plastic packaging are confidently leading the market.

Business ideas for the production of plastic products

Do you feel like you have a great culinary talent? Then you might consider opening your own bakery. Homemade cakes sell well, and not just on holidays. A pastry shop is a great idea of ​​owning a business for a professional pastry chef. In addition, people with no work experience can try their hand at this business because the demand for confectionery never diminishes. However,

A person who seeks to support himself and his family, tries in every possible way to earn money. Many people sit in offices, working with a huge amount of documentation, someone works at the enterprise, putting all their efforts into getting a small salary, some work in shopping centers or stand in markets in any weather. However, not many are satisfied with their own work. This is why people often

The issues of energy conservation and environmental protection are acute not only for Russia, but for the entire world space. More and more companies are trying to create proposals based on the use of natural energy sources. These include wind generators. Starting a home business based on the use of wind power can generate a good income as well as a useful source of resources

The limited traditional energy resources force the world community to look for alternative options. A hot star named "The Sun" has already become a source of warmth and light in homes in many countries. This allows not only to preserve the environment, but also to save the family or company budget. The solar collector can be created independently, therefore such production in our country and in the near abroad

For the first time, paving slabs were brought to our country in the 90s. With its brightness, which it differed from the materials existing at that time, such tiles were rapidly conquering the entire building materials market. As a result of such popularity, it remains in demand today, therefore the paving slab business will always bring high profits. The main advantages that

Artificial stone for cladding is considered the material of the new century for decorating buildings. It has a number of advantages over natural stone. The main ones are strength and low cost. There are also artificial stones always and everywhere, so there is no need to be afraid that when the work stops, it will be impossible to resume them after a while due to the lack of material. Also such a stone

Market services for the production of interior doors have always been and will be quite popular. There is always a buyer on a door that is distinguished by quality and reliability. They will buy such a product at a high price, which will bring the manufacturer a good income. In order to start a business in the field of manufacturing related to the manufacture of solid doors for rooms, you need to know some information. What types of doors are there? Before

Home business has many benefits. There is a huge amount of information about this. To start a business, you need to have a suitable premises. And also it is worth considering that the initial investment should not be high. An excellent example of a small home business is the production of useful and beautiful soap with a special uniqueness on its own. All funds that you initially invest in

Almost every entrepreneurial person dreams of starting his own business. This is a rather complicated and time-consuming process, especially if you are going to start during an economic crisis. Which production is profitable to open in 2021, let's try to figure it out in this article.

Building materials

* Average data for Russia are used in calculations

Business ideas in the field of production are distinguished by large investments, but they have wide opportunities for profit and turnover. In this collection, we have collected 25 manufacturing businesses, as well as guides to them.

250 thousand rubles will be enough to open a business in the production of cinder blocks. An entrepreneur will need a minimum set of equipment: a vibrating sieve for cleaning raw materials from impurities, a concrete mixer for preparing a mixture, vibrating machines for forming blocks. To place the equipment, a room with a flat concrete floor and an area of ​​100 to 150 square meters is suitable. meters.

Pelmeni is a traditionally popular product in Russia, which is always in demand and is bought by people with an average income who do not have much time to prepare food. To launch a small workshop for the production of semi-finished dumplings with a production capacity of 95 kg / hour will require about 705 thousand rubles, which can be recouped in nine months after the start of the project.

A new and promising direction for the Russian market is the production and sale of cheese in the format of artisan cheese dairies. There are few competitors in this area, although the demand for “premium-format” cheeses is gradually growing, and the population of large cities of the country is interested in gastronomic novelties and new establishments in the field of public catering. To open a mini-cheese dairy with a capacity of 20-24 kg of cheese per day, it will take about 670 thousand rubles.

The business of manufacturing and selling change houses requires relatively small investments (from 150 thousand rubles), and the change houses themselves are quite simple to manufacture and require a minimum amount of materials. The downside of the business is great competition, which made it much more difficult to make money on the margin.

Used tires can be recycled to produce crumb rubber, fuel oil or carbon black. Business technology consists in collecting tires, transporting them to a warehouse, preliminary cleaning and cutting, processing on special equipment and organizing storage and delivery of the received raw materials. To open a line for processing tires into crumb with a capacity of up to 400 kg / h will require about 5.7 million rubles.

Furniture production is a business, the profitability of which can reach 300%. The growth driver of furniture sales is the growth in housing construction and the number of purchase and sale transactions in the residential real estate market. To create a small production with a total area of ​​350 sq. meters (production shops + sales office) will require 1.13 million rubles. The payback period will be 8 months.

Modular buildings can be used as cabins, mobile office buildings, shopping pavilions, country houses, as well as full-fledged residential buildings, so the audience of buyers is quite wide. You can start such a business with a start-up capital of 2.05 million rubles. Payback - from 6 months.

Alloy wheels popular today are divided into two types: cast and forged. Both the technology and the final product differ in price and quality. A cheaper option is the production of alloy wheels, for which you will need to purchase an injection molding machine, a lathe and equipment for painting products. Such models are cast in a pre-prepared special mold, and various aluminum or magnesium alloys serve as the material for them.

The business in the production of gypsum garden figures is attractive due to the simplicity of the technological process and small investments - 228.5 thousand rubles will be enough to open your workshop, which can be recouped for 5 months. work. Plaster figures, which are used to decorate gardens and backyards, can be charged with a large margin (about 250%).

The best way to get rich is to become a businessman. The circumstances and your skills will tell you which business to choose. Manufacturing has been very profitable so far, and today it is easy to organize even on a small scale. To do this, it is not at all necessary to have a huge start-up capital. In this way, you can set up, for example, or, as well as implement many. And having established your own business, you can easily quit boring jobs and.

Tip: Experts usually do not advise for the sake of a business idea to quit your previous job before its implementation or at the initial stages. At least when starting to develop your business, keep working until you are sure that you will no longer need it.

Open your own production - ideas

Of course, you can't build your own business out of nothing, even without an idea. Think about what you do best with your own hands. And if no thoughts arise, the Internet will always tell you what you could do.

Production of paving slabs

Making paving slabs is not a new idea. Some novice businessmen adapt their own garages and summer cottages for such production. And rightly so, because the equipment does not take up much space, so you can significantly save money on renting or buying production facilities. Equipment required:

  • Concrete mixer ;
  • Press ;
  • Melting and heating unit (for polymer tiles);
  • Forms ...

Depending on what type of tiles you will produce, a standard set of equipment costing about 1.5 rubles can be supplemented. Tiles can be made from both classic concrete and outlandish from plastic bottles, rubber crumb, polymer sand. Based on the choice of the type of tile, you need to purchase raw materials.

Plastic window manufacturing workshop

Who said that mini-production cannot be organized for plastic windows? A workshop of small capacity can produce about 10-15 items per day, and the payback of such production will not be long in coming due to its relevance.

For the manufacture of plastic windows you will need:

  • PVC-profiles ;
  • Double-glazed windows ;
  • Special fittings;
  • Rubber seals.

  • Milling machine;
  • Welding machine;
  • PVC cutting saw;
  • Welding stripping machine ;
  • Gasket groove engraver.

Getting income without leaving home is a dream of almost every one of us today. For some, this is the only way to make money. Mothers on maternity leave, people with disabilities, students and retirees are often looking for options in which they can receive money and stay in their usual comfortable conditions.

There are a huge number of different offers for making money in this way. Some of them are real, some are not, but they all imply work with the help of the Internet and social networks. But for some reason, not many people talk about how you can organize your own small business by creating a home mini-production.

The options are actually countless - from creating decorative flowers for decorating weddings to pickling vegetables. It all depends only on the desire, skills and characteristics of production.

Types of production

If you really understand the issues of home production, there are several main directions. It all depends on the product being produced, the equipment required and the skills required. As a rule, when organizing a home business, a person builds on what he already has. It can be a sewing machine, a meat grinder, knitting needles and a hook, a seamer, etc. Accordingly, production can be:

Let's dwell on each of them in more detail.

Sewing production

Almost every home has a sewing machine. From grandmother, mother or aunt, no matter where, the main thing is that it works and you can sew on it.

Probably every second mother sewed costumes for her child for children's matinees, shortened trousers or created dresses for dolls to please her daughter. But did she think that you can sew not only for yourself and your family, but also for others for a certain monetary reward? Unlikely. But in vain!

Handmade clothing on the market is not cheap, and if it is stylish and high quality, you can earn good money.

Culinary production

One of the options for housewives who not only know how to cook, but do it deliciously and, moreover, enjoy the process immensely.

Each kitchen has a set of necessary equipment, and if something is missing, you don't need to take out a loan at all, you just need to buy everything you need in the nearest store.

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