Children's business ideas or earning non-childish money


Children are flowers of life that bring not only joy, but also various problems and troubles. Almost every parent on earth tries to devote as much time as possible to their child on education and development. However, not every parent has time for this. That is why they begin to seek help from various nannies, governesses and the like. Moreover, there are a lot of such parents in our time. So why not take advantage of this and earn extra money, especially since in our time, business ideas for services for children are in great demand. Let's take a look at a few similar business ideas.

Business idea - opening a children's camp

Surely everyone remembers their school years with pleasure, especially the time spent in summer camps. Almost all children on earth love camps, and therefore this business will be very profitable. They are sports, recreational, family, labor, and so on.

What do you need to organize a children's camp?

Since this business is directly related to children, the strictest requirements will be put forward for its design. You will need to get a document from the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, which you will need to tinker with. To obtain permission to open a camp, you will need to fulfill all the requirements:

  • a group of children 6-10 years old should consist of no more than 25 children, and 10-16 years old - 30 children;
  • one shift should not last more than 21 days;
  • children should eat at least 3 times a day.

The camp space is a bit like a hotel. How many people will live in one room, it's up to you to choose. Usually 6 children live in a standard room. Of course, if you want to have a 100% successful business, then you should think about luxury rooms, in which 2 children will live. Such camps will cost more, but the rent of the premises will be much more. In short, before starting this business, you should think carefully about everything.

In addition to rooms for children, there should also be toilets, a playroom, showers, counselor rooms, a dining room.

Staff selection should be taken very seriously. Counselors should be friendly, sociable, and able to work with children. In their role, students of a pedagogical university or teachers themselves can play well.

In addition to the counselors in the camps, there should be a coach, cook, and a nurse.

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How to organize a business on children's goods?

Selling baby products is a business that will always grow. Regardless of the political and economic situation in the country, parents are always engaged in raising children, investing a lot of time and effort into it. In order for a child to grow up in a comfortable environment, he needs a wide variety of products. That is why there will always be demand for baby products, which means it is profitable to sell them.

Peculiarities of the children's goods business

The children's goods market today is one of the most dynamically developing. This is evidenced by companies operating in completely different formats. These can be hypermarkets, departments in large shopping centers, shops in residential areas, chain stores, fairs, and even shops that operate only via the Internet. Typically, each type has its own customers.

Chain stores and hypermarkets cater to the needs of middle and high-income customers. Small shops and specialty fairs are more economical outlets. You can also highlight universal outlets and stores specializing in certain groups of goods (toys, products for newborns, clothing, stores for expectant mothers).

Opening a children's store

In order to open a children's goods store, it is necessary to analyze the market and decide on the type of point - it will be a department store or a highly specialized one. Then the documents are registered. This process can take several months; in parallel, you can look after the premises for the store.

Ideally, this should be a separate building or a room with a separate entrance from the street. Consider renting space in a walkable shopping center. Since parents with children will partly come to the store, it is worth considering the possibility of lifting a baby carriage into the trading floor. This will significantly increase the number of visitors, and therefore buyers.

An equally important factor is transport accessibility. It should be convenient to get to the store by public transport (here an important factor is the presence of a stop nearby) or park your car in a convenient place.

Business ideas for children, for children

Children and their parents are a capricious, but numerous and grateful category of consumers. Business in such a service or production of goods is always on the wave of popularity, because parents and their children always need something. A creative yet versatile approach is important here.

When choosing a children's business idea (goods for children and adolescents, services and entertainment centers) as your main business activity, you need to consider several factors:

  • Firstly, children are not always responsible for the choice of goods or services - mostly adults are involved in the selection of toys, clothes or accessories.
  • Secondly, it is necessary to catch fashion trends and individual wishes of children - what they want, what they like. It is also important to take into account that almost every family has computers and a number of other gadgets that connect to the Internet, which means that modern children literally cannot imagine life without the Internet.

What can a child business be like?

This could be a baby store business plan, which can now be found for free as an example. A new sphere of services for children is a profitable business, it is only important to find the right approach to children and their parents - for example, you can sell home swings and wallpaper-coloring through the Internet.

Even small children enjoy playing simple computer games - thereby relieving parents of the obligation to constantly devote their personal time to them. With the help of modern games, you can even simplify medical procedures or make the child move more, preventing obesity and scoliosis. A modern child (teenager) gets used to the rapid flow of life and the receipt of information - which means that a businessman constantly needs to come up with something new, improved - but such efforts will quickly pay off handsomely.

Most of all, children do not like to wait and get bored - gadgets and constant almost unlimited access to the Internet spoiled them and became the main entertainment. They are confident that events in life should develop at the same speed as on the screen. For an entertaining and purely practical purpose, devices such as tinitells were invented - they can also be very popular with us.

True, there are hobbies inherent in all children: for example, collecting (remember those little souvenirs from the Kinder surprise.). A similar idea will work today, but you need to come up with a different filling for the egg - much more modern.

Also, children pay a lot of attention to entertainment (games) - such a field of activity will require a start-up to have basic knowledge of psychology and the foundations of pedagogy. Ideas for a children's business can become a home business, when a toy is safely made at home from scrap materials, or it can be a technological puzzle - a constructor.

At the moment, the baby boom has resulted in a shortage of childcare facilities. To get started, you can download for free, read and compare several business plans for a kindergarten or other institution for children. The service industry for children is also diverse, and the competition in this niche can be bypassed by carefully considering and weighing all the essential elements of running such a business.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas for children entertainment". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Kids Entertainment Business Ideas

Organizing a children's business is a promising solution. Parents try to provide their children with exciting leisure time. The business pays off quickly and brings a stable income. There are 2 directions of creating a business in the field of entertainment for children: the production of game goods, the provision of entertainment services.

What in-game goods can be produced?

Setting up a business for the production of goods for children's games will require significant investments: purchase of equipment, rent of premises, staff salaries, purchase of raw materials, materials, utility bills. But the risks are also minimal.

Competition in the production of goods is not high. Products of all price categories find their customers. Products for games can be conventionally divided into groups:

  • soft toys, used for home games, gifts;
  • themed toys: vehicles, dolls, railways, construction sets;
  • tabletop games: with cardboard cards, dominoes, checkers, chess, bingo, puzzles;
  • accessories for sports games: balls, rackets, rollers, skates;
  • production of printed materials: magazines, books coloring pages.

The gaming goods business has a 15-20% profitability. Large manufacturing enterprises receive more income from economies of scale.

Leisure business areas

There are various ideas for organizing children's leisure time. Unlike the production of goods, the organization of a service business requires less investment. Most entertainment services are provided by small businesses with a small staff.

In order for the company to quickly pay off and generate income, it is necessary to evaluate the following factors when choosing an idea:

Children's business ideas can, if properly implemented, bring good profits. Unlike many other business plans, projects focused on children will always be relevant and in demand.

This is a niche that is only partially occupied in Russia, mainly in large cities, so the direction is promising and tempting.

Children's business ideas are focused primarily on the children themselves and their parents. These are projects that take into account the specifics of modern educational methods, trends in the field of childcare and their development. Such a project will be successful if it can:

  • to interest the child;
  • to inspire the parents' trust;
  • to make caring for the baby or its development easier, more comfortable, more competent.

Next, we will consider ideas for a children's business that can be profitably and successfully implemented in Russia.

Rental of toys and care products

We are talking about strollers, ergo backpacks, branded toys, sun loungers, balance bikes, bicycles, etc.

The attractiveness of the project lies in the fact that the cost of the invested funds can pay off several times, and if the business does not go well, all goods can be successfully sold.

Why are young parents interested in rental:

  • you can take a thing, try it on your child and objectively assess how much it makes sense to buy a similar one;
  • you can profitably rent a thing that you plan to use for a short time, but do not buy it (for example, a cane stroller for a week's vacation at sea);
  • you can often please your child with new high-quality branded toys (as a rule, even the most original toys do not captivate children for a long time).

What is needed to implement this business idea for children's products:

  • purchase the initial assortment of goods;
  • think over a system of disinfection of goods after return (very important point);
  • rent a small office or create your own website;
  • draw up a standard lease agreement for clients (the terms of return and fines must be spelled out, the amount of the deposit must be agreed);
  • to conduct an advertising campaign (on local forums for mothers, on social networks, large shopping centers, children's stores).

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