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Granny in the pharmacy asks the young seller standing behind the counter: - Sonny, is there potassium chloride? - No chlorine. There is cyanide. - Son, what's the difference? - The difference is seven rubles.

So how not to be mistaken when investing in a ready-made business? The owner may have the following reasons for selling a business:

  • business has ceased to generate sufficient profit; in this direction there is a decline and decrease in business activity; the company is under the threat of bankruptcy; weak management; the firm is involved in criminal scams;
  • the owner expects to engage in some other business; ; he does not have enough funds for the further development of the company; the owner intends to retire for personal reasons.

Obviously, when buying a business, it is important to exclude the first group of reasons. Undoubtedly, it is important to understand how profitable the business is, whether the price is adequate, whether there are any pitfalls, why the owner decided to part with it at all. Until these questions are answered, there is no point in moving on.

Most often, it turns out that either this business will decline in the near future, or the competition in this area is so high that under almost no circumstances can it bring tangible profit.

The concept of a restaurant, cafe or bar, as a rule, becomes outdated in 3-5 years, so when buying such a business, you should immediately think about changing the image, which will undoubtedly require additional investments.

Apart from ups and downs, the territorial factor should be taken into account. Companies located near sources of raw materials have an advantage over remote companies, since there are no transportation costs.

Most often, potential buyers want to invest in a business that does not require qualified specialists. It is much easier to buy a store or cafe or put a container on the clothing market than to buy a company that is engaged in production. In fact, the manufacturing business tends to generate more revenue as a result due to the lack of similar businesses.

Now in small and medium business it is considered the norm of 5-10% profitability per month. A small business is easier to manage, its economic activities are more transparent, which means that it is easier for a potential investor to study it before buying.

A business based on "brains" (auditing, consulting companies, design bureaus, etc.) requires relatively little investment. Moreover, it has a fairly large return. By the way, such a business is sold much less often than a production one and, moreover, a commercial one. Investments in consulting services have almost the highest profitability (per unit of invested capital) with almost the lowest risks in comparison with other types of investments. This happens because often in many areas of our life, we are faced with insufficient competence in certain issues, and, therefore, sooner or later are forced to resort to the help of narrow specialists.

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