Businesses in Moscow - Sale and purchase of a ready-made business in Moscow

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We are glad to welcome you to BBport! If you are an entrepreneur or your activity is related to the purchase and sale of objects for entrepreneurship, then you will definitely find what you are looking for here.

Business Portal

BBport is an Internet portal for small and medium businesses. The site is a bulletin board with the largest selection of business objects on the Internet. The three main sections of the portal are ready-made small and medium-sized businesses, commercial real estate and franchising.

The portal contains over 7,315 advertisements for the sale of existing small and medium-sized companies. On the Franchise Board you can find over 300 franchise offers from franchisees.

Site creators care about their users and offer a wide range of additional services. These include:

  • transaction support;
  • consulting and marketing services;
  • franchise development;
  • office rental for transactions;
  • audit and legal services.

In the special section you can find the rating of specialists.

Business Portal

BBport is not only a message board, but also an online magazine for small and medium-sized businesses. The magazine presents the following sections to users:

  • latest news;
  • analysts' forecasts;
  • articles about ready-made business, franchising and commercial real estate markets;
  • business ideas and business plans.

The resource is interesting both for beginners in entrepreneurial business and for successful businessmen. Successful entrepreneurs share their experience on the pages of the magazine, and experts and analysts from different fields leave their opinions and forecasts. BBport is considered a major business portal in Russia. If you want to find the most up-to-date information from the business world in one place on the Internet, go to BBport!

Businesses in Moscow - Sale and purchase of a ready-made business in Moscow

In modern conditions, any business can be bought or sold. This solution has a number of benefits, but it also has its own specifics. Therefore, for its implementation, use a ready-made platform from our company. An extensive database of ads presented on the site will help you find both a buyer and a seller.

To sell a business, you need to place an ad on the site. To do this, use a ready-made form, which helps to reveal all the advantages of the offer and make a block attractive for visitors. The form has departments for entering information about a specific business, and a block for attaching photos.

Selling a business at a special price

Benefits of selling on bizsoldru:

Placing an ad will take you a little time, the company's requirements for the information provided are simple and understandable. Your offer will be seen by exactly those buyers who are looking for a ready-made business at the moment. Reaching your target audience is the first step to a quick sale.

Benefits of buying a finished business on bizsoldru

Do you want to buy a ready-made business? This is a great solution that has several advantages. A new idea requires development, time passes from the idea to the launch of the business, the investment does not pay off immediately. How do you determine if these efforts will generate income? When buying a ready-made business, a business person sees immediately how profitable it is and what elements of work require adjustment. By purchasing a business, you get:

  • ready-to-use premises with a formalized lease;
  • devices, equipment, vehicle fleet and other resources;
  • experienced employees;
  • the necessary documentation;
  • a well-established scheme of work.

In order for the company's clients to get confidence in their decision, we check the documentation of each enterprise, and its profitability is obvious even at the selection stage. In modern conditions, this is a profitable investment that will bring profit tomorrow.

What do we offer?

The company acts as an intermediary between the owner and the buyer of the organization, and gives each participant a guarantee of the successful completion of the transaction. A well-built service includes three elements: convenient presentation of information, financial honesty, and legal support. We have created a platform that is used by thousands of successful businessmen. Real buyers visit the site every day, they trust the resource and consider offers with sincere interest. That is why sellers are confident that they will quickly sell their business at an adequate price. Every step is convenient on the site: placing ads, viewing, requesting a purchase, obtaining additional information. It is a modern tool that saves time and effort. All updates on current positions are made instantly, the information is up-to-date. The site helps to buy a ready-made business at an inexpensive price, as well as to complete a transaction within the framework of the law, protecting your rights from mistakes. Indeed, our team employs experienced lawyers who check the data on a specific object, draw up a contract and the necessary annexes to it and agree on individual purchase conditions. We ensure information reliability, financial integrity and utmost transparency. The buyer knows what he is purchasing and receives all the necessary documents to own the business. The seller is confident in receiving the full declared amount. And the mediation costs are minimal for both parties. Our help is qualified and necessary if you value your own time.

Businesses in Moscow - Selling and buying a ready-made business in Moscow portal about business and for business, free bulletin board in Moscow We are glad to welcome you to BBport! If you are

Risks and nuances of selling a ready-made business in Moscow without intermediaries. Features of business analysis from the owner.

Business in the capital involves fierce competition. Therefore, those who have decided to acquire a business in Moscow from the owner to start a business, act very wisely. A ready-made business greatly simplifies the life of its owner, since there is no need to spend energy on organizing it, and the financial costs in this case are much lower than when creating a business from scratch. In addition, the sale of the company can be of great benefit.

In the face of fierce metropolitan competition, acquiring a business in Moscow from an owner to start a successful business is a completely logical and effective move. Such an enterprise does not require organizational investments, and the costs of its development are much lower than when working from the "zero cycle".

Main advantages

The idea of ​​buying a ready-made business can be interesting both for people who are taking their first steps in this area of ​​activity, and for real professionals who, for whatever reason, do not want to promote the company from the initial stage. A ready-made business usually has the right employees, an established range of products or services sold, an established customer base, and a certain profitability. Thus, those who decide to buy an organized business only need to keep the company's work at the required level, making a profit. At the same time, a ready-made business can be expanded both by working in a given direction, and after a complete change of concept.


In Moscow, among businessmen, several main categories of businesses are especially popular:

  • sale of a ready-made enterprise at a price of up to 300 thousand rubles - in this category, online stores, travel agencies and recruitment agencies are most in demand;
  • sale of a ready-made enterprise at a price of up to 500 thousand rubles - in this category, special attention is paid to retail stores and wholesalers;
  • sale of a ready-made enterprise for up to 1 million rubles - flower shops and real estate agencies are especially popular in this category.

Risks and nuances

It's a good idea to buy an organized company, but the process may involve some risks that need to be minimized. So what exactly should you be afraid of when buying such an enterprise?

First of all, you need to understand the issues related to real estate and rent. Before a deal, you need to carefully review the lease agreements for premises, land and equipment. In addition, you need to make sure that the ownership of the objects is formalized correctly.

In addition, it is necessary to be wary of the risks affecting the employees of the company. It is required to find out whether the working collective is ready for the sale of their enterprise. If you feel that you cannot do without problems, then it is worth thinking in advance about finding new employees.

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