Business plan ideas - Business plans ready-made examples

Sewing business plan

The business plan of the sewing production was created to substantiate the effectiveness of the organization of the sewing plant Omali LLC in order to attract investments and finance capital expenditures. The enterprise is focused on the production of outerwear, children's clothing. Continuation

Meat processing business plan

The business plan of the meat processing plant is devoted to the substantiation of the effectiveness of the organization of the meat processing complex of JSC Siberian Products (the second stage of the company's development) in order to attract investors to finance the cost of purchasing technological equipment. Continuation

Ice cream business plan

The business plan of ice cream production is devoted to substantiating the effectiveness of the implementation of the production complex of JSC Morozko (technological equipment, 4 industrial refrigerators, warehouses, production house, laboratory) and the sale of finished products through its own distribution network. Continuation

Business plan for the production of plastic windows

The business plan for the production of plastic windows proposes a project to create a structural subdivision of the enterprise for the production and installation of plastic windows for residential buildings, offices and industrial premises. The main types of products are: plastic window blocks from the firm "REHAU" (Germany). Continuation

Furniture manufacturing business plan

The business plan for the production of furniture is the foundation for the opening enterprise. The main activity, planned by the company, is the production of upholstered furniture for home and offices, the provision of furniture repair services, assembly, delivery and advice on the design of an apartment or office. Continuation

Hello, dear readers of the online magazine about money “RichPro. u "! This article will discuss how to write a business plan. This publication is a straightforward step-by-step guide to turn a raw business idea into a confident step-by-step plan for a clear task.

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We will review:

  • What is a business plan and what is it for;
  • How to draw up a business plan correctly;
  • How to structure and write it yourself;
  • Ready-made business plans for small businesses - examples and samples with calculations.

At the end of the topic, we will show the main mistakes of beginner entrepreneurs. There will be a lot of arguments in favor of creating a high-quality and well-thought-out business plan that will bring the realization of your idea and the success of the business in the future.

Also, this article will provide examples of finished works, which you can simply use, or you can take as a basis for developing your project. Ready-made examples of the presented business plans can be downloaded free of charge.

In addition, we will answer the most frequently asked questions and clarify why not everyone writes a business plan, if it is so necessary.

How to write a business plan: detailed instructions on how to write yourself ????

In a desire to open their own business as soon as possible, many aspiring entrepreneurs start immediately, not realizing what their actions will bring in the future.

There is another situation when a person spends most of his time dreaming about wonderful dreams, without doing anything, because he does not know from which side to approach at all the desired.

In both cases, it turns out the following: without a clear plan of how to act, a novice businessman gets lost in a rather confused world of economics and, as a result, loses striving for a goal.

In order to start your own business, it is very important to write a competent business plan that will play the role of a map on the battlefield for your own idea.

Business plan - what is it (concept and purpose)

lucrative niche ideas, cost and income descriptions, expert forecasts Free business plans ready to download

According to surveys conducted among consumers, bottled beer significantly differs from draft beer of the same brand in terms of taste.

The desire to have your own profitable business is the obsession of many hired employees who, day after day, monotonously "shake time" on an unbearable boss.

If you think that the business of growing strawberries is strongly limited by seasonality, then we hasten to convince you. There are a number of tried and tested

Very promising and profitable types of entrepreneurial activity are those that are associated with children, in particular with their entertainment (see.

The most valuable and tasty fish is not readily available to the common fisherman. Some fishing enthusiasts come up with clever ways of catching delicious fish, spend

At the beginning of their advent, payment terminals looked like a gold mine. They multiplied and filled the vacant niches. The days of easy profits are over, but

Historically, hookah smoking is the prerogative of the people of India and the East. “Sultan's” pleasure came to Russia in the early 2021s, when mass

Broiler is a type of chicken that is raised for meat. Broiler farming is profitable for poultry owners. There are two lines of business - growing

The list of costs for starting a business includes registration and licensing fees, purchase of equipment and inventory, and many other expense items.

Successful business is impossible without a good business plan. Every successful entrepreneur owes his success to a well-planned action plan.

A detailed business plan with calculations will help you avoid mistakes and quickly achieve the desired result. In this article, we'll look at why you need such an action plan.

What is it and why is it needed

A business plan is a complete description of your future business. By following the plan, you must succeed and make the highest possible profit.

The business plan contains the following data:

  • how much money will be required to launch the project;
  • what are the main expenses and income;
  • the payback of the project and how interesting it may be for investors.

If you are planning to attract additional investments into your project, then without a detailed concept with calculations that show how profitable the project can be, no investor will dare to entrust you with their funds.

Moreover, a detailed business plan may be of interest to your future employees. Before getting a job, every self-respecting specialist inquires about the goals and prospects of the company's development.

Of course, the business concept is most beneficial for you, the entrepreneur. After all, it is you who need to analyze everything, evaluate your strengths, and get to know what you can expect from your project.

Business plan structure

In order not to burn out, a business plan should be as complete as possible and reflect all significant aspects of doing business.

Business plans and ideas. A ready-made business plan with calculations using the example of a web studio

What is a business plan for? The majority will probably answer - to get a bank loan. This statement is true, but only partially. First of all, the entrepreneur himself needs a plan in order to understand the size of the initial investment for the start, how long it will take to reach self-sufficiency and projected revenue indicators, to assess the level of profitability, the payback period and many other parameters.

Very often a novice businessman (and not only a beginner) does all planning and calculations "by eye" on a napkin or in his head (and sometimes he does not do it at all), forgetting about many costly articles that result in many mistakes and leads to bankruptcy.

At the calculation of the wage bill does not take into account taxes and insurance contributions, the need for personnel is incorrectly calculated and many others.

A correctly drawn up business plan with detailed calculations is the key to a successful start in any entrepreneurial activity, which will allow you to cut off unfavorable options at the forecasting stage and, as a result, protect yourself from the loss of your own investments or the funds of the investor (lender).

Suppose you are planning to install, the calculation made shows that the full payback will be 5 years, it is obvious that this will not be a completely correct investment, it is unlikely that the machine will work without breakdowns for such a period of time. (For reference: the optimal payback for this type of activity is 12-18 months.)

What is better - to buy a ready-made business plan or to make one yourself? If we are talking about a small business, then we definitely need to do it ourselves. This will allow you to dive deeper into the project, understand its essence, and sort out the economics of future activities for yourself. Well, if you want to organize a production that requires multibillion-dollar investments, then you cannot do without the help of specialists.

On the site you will find samples of ready-made business models with all calculations, which you can use as a basis for drawing up a feasibility study for your specific project.

Algorithm of actions

Based on the analysis and generalization of the information received, make your own economic feasibility study of the project with the help of which you can determine the feasibility of investing funds.

Please note that you can download any business plan you like for free. If there is no download form somewhere, you can ask a question through a special form, and we will add this feature in a short time. Through this form, you can also clarify any moment regarding the described model, and we will try to find a specialist to provide competent advice on the moment you are interested in.

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