Business ideas in the field of information technology: from passion to serious work

Business Ideas (October) - Mega Compendium of Small Business Ideas

Someone dreams of finding the most original business idea, but practice shows that it is the use of someone else's experience that makes it possible to earn faster and more, and the most successful small business projects in Russia, as a rule, were spied on west - in America or Europe (and more recently in China).

According to his mentality, a rich person possesses (as the people say "grasp") - this is primarily your conscious state, thanks to which you focus all your skills, connections, knowledge, abilities and, of course, cunning, for in order to reach your ultimate goal.

Goal setting can be safely attributed to a separate conversation, which you can read about in more detail on the pages of our site. In addition to luck, which is not always worth hoping for, you need, first of all, to decide on the chosen niche where you can feel comfortable when making money. This niche needs to be unique, competitive, and relevant.

Especially in order to finally decide which of the niches suits you best, we have created a website with business ideas for both small and medium-sized businesses, in fact, you can start from scratch and with minimal investment. Only here you will find the best business ideas from 2021 to 2021 and relevant startups for your future business. To do this, pay attention to the rubricator, which is located at the top of this page.

You will begin to understand how a real leader should behave in a team and what special qualities he should have, master the main principles of personnel management and the production process itself. See what equipment you need to start in business. And we will tell you about some of the pitfalls in the case of "self-employment."

An easy way to start a business from scratch is to use someone else's idea and positive experience

Many aspiring businessmen sometimes face such a problem as a lack of ideas for starting a business. It seems that there is capital, but you don't know what is better to open in order to interest the consumer and not incur a loss.

The World Wide Web is replete with many types and ideas for business with options for entrepreneurial activity, but after reading them, you cannot choose the right idea and find it difficult to choose it.

Everything is described well everywhere, small costs, good profit. But how will all this actually be in practice? Here's the question.

According to the data, 90% of companies close within the first year. Only 5% survive and go to income.

Why is this happening? After all, there is both capital and desire. Yes it is. But the most important thing is missing. There is no good and correct business idea that should be thought about before starting a business, and not after.

Ideally, you need to find the niche that is most in demand at the time of opening and think about whether it will be in demand after a certain amount of time.

Business ideas working

Expecting to buy or sell a ready-made business, buyers and sellers follow the recommendations to thoroughly check the property. In the first case, this will allow to identify the weaknesses of the enterprise and determine the associated financial and legal risks. In the second, it is necessary to determine which parameters are subject to revision and how the price for the object can be increased.

IT business is no exception. Aichi enterprises are in demand in the ready-made business market and are often put up for sale.

Sale of IT firms

Selling an IT organization is reduced to a number of standard activities:

  • preparation of constituent documents;
  • preparation of financial statements;
  • renewal of agreements and contracts;
  • business automation processes;
  • elimination of faults in documents and assets;
  • preparation and publication of an advertisement for the sale of an IT company.

Ready-made IT companies are audited with the assistance of experienced consultants. If all documents are in order and any information is not hidden, this will inspire confidence in the buyer and speed up the sale process.

Development of information technologies, IT support of business, creation and sale of IT products - whatever the company is focused on, the extension of contracts with partners, service providers and landlords will increase the price of the object.

Automation of business processes is reduced to the development of special IT-tools that allow you to save time on performing certain tasks, as well as any other, not only information, technologies used to simplify the work of employees. For example, training materials for new employees, or tests for recruiting.

Buy an IT company

To buy an IT enterprise you need:

  • check the documentation, accounting;
  • check the seller;
  • evaluate the object;
  • draw up a professional contract.

77 business ideas (October 2018) - a mega collection of ideas for small businesses Someone dreams of finding the most original business idea, but practice shows that it is the use of someone else's experience that allows you to earn money ...

There are enough ways to make money on the Internet, but not all of them are equally effective and profitable. Some online business ideas are outdated, while others are just starting to gain popularity. There are also almost win-win ways to earn income, but when looking for interesting and profitable Internet activities, a competent and responsible approach is important. We have collected the best business ideas for activities on the Internet, allowing you to become an excellent specialist and provide a good income from your knowledge and experience.

Online Services

According to National Geographic, more than 1.7 billion people currently work in the service sector. This field of activity is more popular than trade or manufacturing business, since it does not always require financial investments at the initial stage. In most cases, your own knowledge and skills are enough, and if you have at least a small budget for advertising, the business will develop much faster.

There is a demand for certain services online. Webmasters need high-quality texts for websites, businessmen need to create and promote their companies' web pages, as well as effective advertising. Thanks to the Internet, the distance between a client and an entrepreneur is erased, so you can cooperate with a large number of partners, which is simply impossible if you open a business in a small town. This approach provides tremendous benefits for those who are really willing to make money.

In most cases online, you can really do without any financial investments. But some freelancers buy premium accounts to get access to more expensive orders. There are also opportunities for growth on the Internet: a good specialist with experience in several areas can later develop his own website and receive direct advertising income. The most popular ways to make money on online services, which can later be turned into your own business, are described in detail below.


According to Cisco, the global traffic volume reaches 2 zettabytes per year (one zettabyte is equivalent to 3600 years of HDTV video) - these are pictures, videos, GIF-animations and texts. Only in the domain zone *. u more than three million sites have been registered, most of which are regularly updated with new content. Copywriters write news, news articles, reviews, workshops, interviews and other texts that are published on the Internet.

The safest way to get started is to register on one of the exchanges and find a suitable order. Special platforms, where customers and performers can communicate, provide both parties with the convenience of work: the publisher can be sure that he will receive a high-quality text that corresponds to the technical task, and the copywriter will receive a well-deserved payment.

Find out how much and exactly how much a copywriter makes.

Exchanges are also an opportunity to collect in one place feedback on your work, portfolio, resume.

1. Production of semi-finished products, assemblies, parts by order of firms, clothing accessories, badges, etc.

2. Knitting of socks, gloves, clothes.

4. Headwear production.

8. Manufacturing of products "objects of folk art".

9. Baking bakery products.

10. Production of flour, vegetable oil, pasta, sausages, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, mayonnaise.

11. On-site preparation and sale of pies, pancakes, barbecue, grilled chicken, shawarma, etc.

12. Collection of old household appliances, repair and sale to people with low incomes.

13. Minor repair of streets and roads.

15. Construction of playgrounds, courtyard complexes.

16. Manufacturing of piece furniture.

19. Architectural and construction design.

How to start a collection agency from scratch

For a long time, collection agencies existed in our country on semi-legal or even illegal rights. However, that all changed in 2021, when a law appeared regulating this activity. And along with it - a reason to open an official collection agency.

Costs and Benefits

It will not be possible to manage with minimal expenses when starting your own collection agency: you will need an amount of 4'000'000 rubles. The current costs of maintaining the agency are quite high, but the profit in case of effective work will be at the level. It is possible to receive about 100'000 rubles a month. It will take about 3.5 years to reach payback.

Start-up costs: approximate calculation for Krasnodar

Monthly costs

Permits and Documents

Business Registration

Formally, a collection agency can be registered as an individual entrepreneur, but nevertheless, the specifics of the activity implies an LLC. This procedure is standard. There is no need to obtain additional licenses to carry out collection activities, but you will need to join a self-regulatory organization.

Conditions for joining an SRO differ depending on the organization and depend on the requirements for the candidate. It is possible that you will have to submit several applications to different organizations in order to achieve membership.

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