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A successful business person is distinguished by the ability to get the most effective return on existing assets, that is, from the conventional "factories, newspapers, ships" belonging to him. And if a person has no factories, no magazines, no airplanes, and only owns an empty non-residential premises suitable for an office? What to do in this case and how to "squeeze" the optimal income out of such property? From the point of view of a business person, this problem has many solutions.

The Three Whales of Weighted Choice

Choice is always good. The main thing is to remember that the choice made should not be random, thoughtless or contrary to common sense. To determine the optimal use of the office space, the owner first needs to decide for himself:

  • does he intend to directly participate in the office's activities in the future;
  • how serious commercial risks he is willing to bear;
  • does he agree to invest additional funds for the arrangement of the premises.

It is these points that should be guided by further consideration of the available options.

Reasonable choice - 50% of business success, but finding the best solution is not easy

For the wise and careful: rent

Let's say the owner prefers to receive passive income (without personal participation in the office business), wants to minimize risks and is not ready to invest additional funds in the premises. Then the most suitable way is to rent an office.

The profitability of the project in this case will be determined by many factors:

  • geographic region;
  • the location of the premises within the settlement;
  • the physical characteristics of the office (area, availability of high-quality repairs, equipment with office furniture) ;
  • the surrounding infrastructure (the presence of nearby inexpensive and "tasty" cafes, shops, parking lots);
  • the proximity of transport interchanges;
  • the number of direct competitors;
  • rental period.

According to ROSRIELT, in July 2021, prices for office space rent in Russian cities ranged from 2,993 rubles. per sq. m per year in Orenburg up to 12,870 rubles. per sq. m. per year in Vladimir (excluding prices in the capital). In Moscow, the requested rental rates for office space were up to RUB 25,500. per sq. m per year.

Material on the topic: "Business ideas with their own premises" with full explanation and justification.

How to make money on rent in business business ideas

The rental business is most often associated with the rental of real estate. In fact, it is very profitable to rent out the living space, it does not require any expenses, but it constantly brings a stable income. It is more profitable to rent out living space for a short time, then the payment is higher. This is especially true in resort towns. The situation is even better with commercial real estate. This is especially interesting in a crisis, when you can buy a large building at a low price, and then lease it out for shops, offices, cafes, etc., although this also requires capital investments that exceed 1,000,000 rubles.

However, the rental object can be not only a house. People rent cars regularly. These can be good cars for a few days, or holiday cars, for example, limousines for a wedding or buses for all sorts of events. You can also rent electrical equipment, tools, lawn mowers, chainsaws, construction equipment for paid use. At the same time, much less investment will be required to organize such a business (from 100,000 to 500,000). For women, a salon for the rental of festive dresses and accessories will become profitable.

For other business ideas in this direction, see this section.

There is a premise, which business to open?

Are you new to the business? It is quite difficult to maneuver among the pitfalls of the existing structure. Let's imagine several possible options: production, trade, services.

These are the areas where the competition is most fierce. However, it is in these areas that a small business representative can successfully compete. Since to enter a niche, for example, financial and banking services or construction, you need to have a fairly significant start-up capital.

So you've decided to go free sailing. Having chosen a field of activity in which you are able to make concrete efforts with a real prospect of income, having selected a team of like-minded people, you take the first step: you need to determine the location.

The focus of the activity plays a significant role. Further success depends on this. For example, if you open a retail outlet or catering establishment, you need to take into account the traffic factor.

If you have a ready-made business premises in mind, it is easier to decide on the scope of services provided. What is always in demand among potential consumers?

  • Catering The restaurant business is a rather serious area that requires organizational skills. It requires the presence of at least two halls - a general one and for VIPs. Business in a small room is organic, for example, in the case of arranging a compact and cozy bistro, a mini kitchen for making donuts and other simple pastries, a store with an assortment of the most essential products for everyday use;
  • Beauty sphere. It can be a variety of hairdressing salons, mini cosmetology rooms with a regular clientele, solariums that are in off-season demand;
  • The sphere of everyday life. An extremely popular business in the basement of apartment buildings - workshops for minor repairs of wardrobe items: clothes, shoes, accessories and leather goods;
  • The sphere of art and luxury. In certain urban areas, it is beneficial to locate antiques or jeweler shops.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas with your own premises". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

The idea of ​​combining four businesses in one room

Recently, either the crisis began to take its toll, and the purchasing power slowly began to fade, or the places for business were chosen unsuccessful, but small shops created from ex-residential apartments on the first and second floors of buildings began to be rented space for rent and find completely new partners for joint business.

So in a coffee shop there may well be a small department for the sale of cosmetics, and next to a beauty salon there may be either an accessories salon or a wedding salon.

Of course, in pursuit of favorable lease terms, it is worth remembering that business areas should be complementary, should complement each other, creating a territory of common interests for clients.

Do not try to combine a pet store and a wallpaper store on the same square - the smell of hamsters does not help to sell elite wallpaper collections, and various smells from construction chemicals do not add health to either hamsters or fish.

Children's clothes next to pet supplies will be a strange combination - none of the young mothers will want to look at things for newborns that will slightly smell like dry food for dogs or cats.

If a person appears in a pharmacy-supermarket selling interior and exterior doors that interfere with the flow of customers, then this will not bring profit to either the door sellers or the pharmacy.

In Toronto, one of the couples decided to open four complementary businesses in the same area: a cafe, a cocktail bar, a beauty salon and a boutique.

It is especially worth noting that each of the spheres of business interests of the owners is not allocated a separate room, but everything is located practically in a single space (of course, except for the beauty salon with its manicure-pedicure services).

Where can I get money to start my own business? This is the problem that 95% of aspiring entrepreneurs face! In the article "Where to get money for business", we revealed the most relevant ways to get start-up capital for an entrepreneur. We also recommend that you carefully study the results of our experiment in the exchange earnings: "see the results of the experiment"

On the right side of the room there is a beauty salon, on the left side of the hall there is a cafe, a bar goes inland, and at the front door there is a small boutique store selling decorative cosmetics and cosmetics for face and body skin care.

What kind of business can you open in your apartment?

Not all potential entrepreneurs have the means and opportunities, and most importantly - invaluable experience in organizing their business. However, you can start with simple steps without putting it on the back burner. For example, create a mini-business with zero investment right at home. The article discusses 9 of the most effective and win-win business ideas.

Idea: Tutoring is the head

Anyone with certain knowledge can always pass it on to others. Such a mission is beneficial to both parties: students receive the necessary knowledge base, and the tutor receives a worthy reward for their efforts.

What can you teach at home? Languages, subjects of the school curriculum, cutting and sewing, playing musical instruments, repairing equipment, etc.

What is the main condition for starting a business? The presence of specialized education or work experience in the relevant field that can attract potential customers.

Where to find an audience? Advertising can be organized in schools, advertisements can be placed on electronic message boards in the network, and activities can be activated on social networks.

Important point: If you have a fear of teaching, you can start studying with 1-2 students, and then gradually expand the audience.

Before starting the training, it is important to choose a suitable place for classes in the apartment, prepare training materials and samples.

Idea: Own website - promising info-business

Infobusiness is an immense field of activity that promises its participants considerable income. Anyone can start their journey in it today by creating their own website or blog.

However, the use of such a room, in addition to advantages, also has disadvantages.

Disadvantages of doing business in the basement

The disadvantages of doing business in the basement include the following:

  • The need to obtain the consent of all tenants for permission to use the premises, which is often very difficult to do;
  • The need for legal registration;
  • Large financial costs for reconstruction;
  • High level of humidity and dampness;
  • Poor lighting.

If you want your small business idea to be successfully implemented in the basement, you will have to deepen it one way or another due to low ceilings, install additional equipment, lay sewer pipes, carry out general repairs.

What is needed to organize such a business, and how much money can you earn from it.

Another interesting option that involves working in an office is car insurance, you can read about this by following the link.

Coworking center as an idea for an office business

Successful European and American business ideas often find their way in our country. One of these projects that came from the west was coworking.

The essence of a business undertaking boils down to organizing a comfortable office space, on the territory of which clients can comfortably sit to work, communicate, hold a business meeting, etc.

To implement such an idea, a spacious office space with an area of ​​100 sq. m, located on one of the central streets of the city or in other busy places.

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