Business idea to sell someone else's business

The idea of ​​selling a ready-made business is promising and interesting for many buyers who do not want to get a functioning company with a developed work strategy. Having bought a good company, you can start making money in 5 months. You do not have to waste time on registration, equipping the work area with equipment and recruiting staff.

  • Investments: 500,000 - 1,000,000 rubles
  • Profit: 100-300 thousand rubles
  • Payback: 5-12 months
  • Staff: 2-5 people

The essence of selling a ready-made business

Trade in business is a popular idea today, which allows you to quickly and efficiently sell an enterprise. A ready-made business is a structural and functional complex that works effectively with the right financial management. It is valid, so the buyer does not need to create a business from scratch, come up with a plan and implement ideas, he only needs to reorganize the company in the required direction. That is why this idea of ​​such trading is promising.

Among the main reasons for selling a ready-made business are: a predicted recession in this sector of the economy, a decrease in financial activity, lack of funds or lack of ideas for improving working conditions or equipment. Selling a business requires a clean financial history, good idea, and sales tactics.

Stages of selling a ready-made business

When deciding to sell a business, analyze the reasons, feasibility and costs of the transaction. You can entrust the sale of the business to a broker or do it yourself.

The next stage is preparing a ready-made business for sale. It is necessary to calculate its cost using the express method, assess the profitability or cost, determine the approximate price.

We check the readiness of our own business for sale according to the main criteria, draw up a further action plan. We prepare documents: an investment memorandum, a detailed commercial proposal, the development of an advertising campaign.

The next stage is to conduct an advertising campaign: drafting and placing announcements, orders from brokers, sending out commercial offers. You may have other important ideas. Then we work with potential buyers: we answer calls, hold meetings and presentations.

We determine the procedure for conducting a business inspection by the buyer, prepare a sales contract and documents for the transfer of the right to a business, we receive money.

Many entrepreneurs who have a running business often decide to sell it.

This is due to various circumstances.

As a rule, the sale of a business is necessary when moving from one city to another or in those situations when the investor urgently needs cash to implement other more promising projects and the business idea of ​​creating a website for the sale of a ready-made business is quite interesting ...

How to sell a ready-made business

In order to sell their business as quickly as possible, entrepreneurs place ads on specialized Internet resources.

This method is much more effective than finding a buyer through the local media. Of course, the service of placing an advertisement for the sale of a ready-made business on a promoted website with high traffic is not cheap.

The cost of premium ads can reach 5-7 thousand rubles per month.

That is why the creation of your own platform for the provision of such services is a promising Internet business that can bring a stable profit at any time of the year.

Website for the sale of a ready-made business

What needs to be done to open such a web resource:

First, find an experienced programmer and web designer. These specialists must have experience in site building.

Creating a quality web resource will require a significant investment.

Building a business from scratch is not an easy task. It is better to buy an already running business, as it already has many advantages over a new business: sales statistics, customer base, niche tests, etc. In any case, buying a ready-made business means significantly less investment risks than starting from scratch.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying a ready-made business

When buying a ready-made business, an entrepreneur receives a legal entity with documents, premises, property, clientele. And with this all there are risks of buying debts, problems and losses, but the owner will hide them during the sale and tell about the success of the company being sold. And most of the owners say that they sell the company because of a move or a change in business.

In order to avoid mistakes when buying a business, it is necessary to thoroughly check everything up to formality, so that the transaction will bring much greater chances for success. Next, we will look at 8 tips for making a safe transaction when buying a ready-made, already operating business.

Tips to follow when buying a ready-made business:

Checking document flow and office work

Before buying a business, it is imperative to look at the documents of the company, which prove that this business will bring and bring good profit. Each enterprise, firm, institution or store has such documents. Such documentation needs to be well reviewed, re-read to make sure that the business will definitely bring profit. Otherwise, the best option and cheaper would be to build a business from scratch, instead of buying a finished one.

The main reason for selling a profitable business

After studying the documents, it is recommended to ask the manager the reason why he wants to sell such a profitable business. But, in fact, not everyone wants to tell the truth, and they often deceive customers. And from the very beginning everything looks suspicious! After all, if the business is unprofitable and makes a profit, then why sell it? In practice, there are several economically justified reasons why you need to sell a ready-made business:

  • Reached a plateau in monthly profit growth.
  • Business is an additional source of income, but it began to take a lot of attention, resources and time from the main source.
  • Change of niche and direction of activity of the former owner of the business and there was a need to urgently cash out assets to move to a new, more promising type of activity.
  • There are significant personal problems with the former owner of the company, which require urgent funds.

Analysis of the company's debt burden

* Average data for Russia are used in calculations

Company registration services market

If you are going to make money by starting someone else's business, get ready for tough competition. There are more than two hundred state universities alone that train lawyers in Russia, and less prestigious educational institutions cannot be counted at all. Meanwhile, the registration of companies is far from the most complicated legal procedure, so almost every graduate is able to start such a business.

“To be honest, the market is full to capacity,” says Inna Triadskaya, General Director of LenYust. - According to my information, there are now about 200 registration companies operating in St. Petersburg with a staff of 2 to 50 people. About 100 of them are united into one network - this is the Registrar company, established in 1999. Now it is a network of independent legal entities united by a common management. The competition in our market is extremely tough. "

“In the yellow pages there are about hundreds of specialized firms, not practice, I think, much more - such services can be offered at notary offices, law firms of other specialization, audit companies, as well as individuals,” adds Alexey Panov. Head of the Tailwind company. “The competition is great, because the threshold for entering this market is small.”

The entrepreneur Elena Grishina, working under the brand name "My Lawyer", softens the picture a little: “In fact, there are many one-day firms among such law firms, and the number of permanently operating and reputable companies is much smaller - about 15 20. Competition, of course, is becoming more and more fierce, but the market is not yet saturated and so far everyone is finding their client. "

Start-up capital and fixed costs

A relatively small initial investment is perhaps the main plus of the legal business. The minimum amount among those named by our experts was $ 1500 - it included the registration of a legal entity, the purchase of a cash register, furniture, office equipment and stationery. In practice, much more will be required - you need to take into account the costs of equipping workers' workplaces ($ 1500-2021 per person) and, of course, advertising your services. “On advertising, which brings real returns, legal companies have to spend at least 15,000 rubles a month,” the director of LenYust cites the figures.

In addition to promoting your company on the market, fixed costs will include salaries of employees (on average $ 400 per person), rent payments (monthly $ 25 per square meter), telephone, Internet and maintenance of equipment (about $ 300 per month).


Those who already have experience in the business of registering companies pay attention to two key conditions for success. Alexey Panov, “Fair Wind”, speaks about the first of them: “Often, those involved in registering companies work“ under the wing ”of a similar business - an audit company, a firm that produces seals, a notary office, etc. Accordingly, main business ".

The executives of Vash Yurist and LenYust, in their turn, note the importance of respectful attitude to clients: “Clients come to us mainly through advertising and word of mouth. Many people apply again. One of the elements of our policy is to work for the future, and, as a rule, it works, ”Inna Triadskaya explains. Elena Grishina also speaks about increasing the role of the same "word of mouth".

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