Business idea: how to start a production of ready-made salads

What influences the choice of assortment of ready-made salads

The structure of the salad shop depends on the offered assortment of products sold.

If you plan to make salads only on the basis of raw vegetables and fruits, for example, Korean carrots, sauerkraut and the like, then you do not need heating equipment. Accordingly, there will be two preparatory stages of production, consisting of the root and cold sections.

If you seriously decide to start producing salads and the assortment will include more complex salads using meat, fish and ready-made vegetables, then the process will become a little more complicated and you will need a more serious set of equipment. With this option, there will be a longer production chain: the main workshop, the hot workshop, the cold workshop, and then the sale in the sales area through a counter with a sales assistant or a packaged version in the case of self-service.

The equipment for the sale of salads located in the sales area does not differ much from the standard refrigeration equipment. The only difference is in the trading format. Packaged ready-made salads are presented in the public domain either in refrigerated display cases (self) or in open refrigerated shelves (slides). Salads by weight require the presence of a sales assistant and a closed refrigerated display case.

An additional service can be the production of salads to order in large volumes. This is true for numerous festive events. In some cases, the ability to make salads using recipes provided by buyers is a bargain for both parties.

The technology of the salad shop: description, selection of equipment

The whole process from the acceptance of products to the sale of ready-made salads can be divided into several sections (stages). Depending on the scale of production and technological features of the premises, some areas can be divided into separate premises.

1) Acceptance of products - this requires a weight scale (floor), a table.

2) Storage of products - a refrigerating cabinet or a larger chamber (depending on the volume of production), neutral racks and pallets for storing products that do not require a certain temperature regime.

3) Root area - washstand and washing baths (for processing dirty vegetables, inventory), cutting tables, vegetable peeler (for cleaning vegetables). The root site, as a rule, should be taken out in a separate room in accordance with the norms.

4) Egg processing area - ovoscope, sinks, tables, racks, refrigerator, containers for egg processing.

Food production requires a responsible attitude and is strictly controlled by sanitary services. Find out in advance about all the regulations of the salad workshop and find a way to ensure that they are strictly followed. Your negligence will result not only in fines, but also in consumer health risks.

Study the demand, competitors and conclude preliminary agreements with large customers: shops, retail chains and cafes. It is worth contacting potential customers if there is a menu, samples and the approximate cost of salads. This means that even before opening a workshop, you must have an experienced chef, who will later take a leading position in the workshop, and a real business plan for organizing the business.

Production volumes depend on the population of the city, the demand for products and the amount of start-up capital. It is better to start with small volumes, but provide customers with a choice of 30-40 types of salads.

Main risks

Your product belongs to the category of perishable products, the shelf life of which expires in 24-36 hours after production. To reach maximum sales and minimize losses, it is extremely important to constantly study demand and, depending on it, control production volumes and assortment.

The department specializing in the preparation of salads is subject to stringent and numerous requirements of sanitary supervision. Failure to comply with the rules will necessarily entail serious fines and even the closure of the workshop before the production conditions are brought into line with the standards.

We will have to compete with similar workshops and supermarkets, which also open their own production of salads and semi-finished products.

“Step-by-step instructions on how to start production of ready-made salads”


If you do not plan to combine the preparation of salads with retail sale, the location of the workshop is only important in terms of rental costs and compliance with sanitary standards.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business idea of ​​salads". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

How to build a spice business? How to open a spice and seasoning store: the necessary equipment, cost calculation and SES requirements

At one time, spices and spices were considered such an expensive and rare luxury that they were used for payment or exchange. Of course, today their value is not so high. However, the spice business can be a really profitable business. Therefore, many novice businessmen are interested in questions about what documents are required to open a retail outlet, as well as what the specifics of such sales are.

Is the spice business profitable?

A few decades ago, the range of spices in the hostess's kitchen was reduced to salt and pepper. Today, in the countries of the post-Soviet space, the amount of knowledge about spices has increased significantly. They are used almost everywhere.

After all, sushi bars and other establishments offering oriental cuisine are constantly opening in cities and towns. In addition, a variety of culinary programs and shows are broadcasted on TV, revealing all the secrets of famous chefs of Eastern, Mediterranean and European cuisine.

And if the inhabitants of some countries cannot imagine their daily table without spices, then in our country their popularity is just beginning to grow. This is why a spice business can be truly profitable. According to research, its profitability is 100%. You just need to have a small start-up capital and the right approach to creating and developing your own business.

What documents are required to open a store?

Of course, if you are going to open a spice and seasoning store, then you are primarily interested in the package of official documents.

First you need to register with the tax office. You can register as an individual entrepreneur or create a limited liability company (this is beneficial if you are going to cooperate with large firms, open new points of sale, or if you are not the only owner of the store).

A sales license is not required in this case. On the other hand, to start trading, you will need permission from the sanitary and epidemiological station (checking the premises and storage conditions of products).

Where can I rent a room?

Making Salads at Home - Profitable Small Business - Business Ideas

Salad production is a promising type of small business. According to analysts, the sales market is growing by 20-25% per year. The client base is made up of end consumers (busy people who do not have time or desire to cook, connoisseurs of "healthy" dishes), catering services, small shops with a culinary department, cafes.

Costs and Benefits

The business of preparing and selling salads at home in a large city (for example, Ufa) pays off in 6-12 months. With a small production (about 50 kg of products per day) with two or three people, you can get up to 30,000? net profit. An additional source of income will be the production of sandwiches and pickled chopped vegetables.

Expenses for setting up a business in Ufa:

Monthly expenses:

Documents and Permissions

It is best to create a business in the form of an individual entrepreneur on UTII for the relevant activities (sale of salads, including through the website). The tax is paid quarterly, reporting to the inspection and funds is submitted in the same way. For the manufacture of perishable products with a shelf life of up to 36 hours, you will need permission from the sanitary and supervisory services.

Permits for the production of salads

  • Certificate of registration of individual entrepreneur
  • Permit for retail trade in food
  • Inquiries from the sanitary-epidemiological station
  • Sanitary books for cooks
  • Contracts with personnel - labor, for the provision of outsourcing services
  • Contracts with suppliers, site developers, advertising specialists

Failure to comply with sanitation rules can lead to the closure of production, so you need to immediately resolve the issue with the SES. We'll have to compete with shops where salads are made industrially.

Equipment and room preparation

This business idea, like other types of food manufacturing business, has a reasonable return. Its distinguishing feature is a high level of income, and the ability to quickly recoup itself, moreover, the production cycle is not long, and therefore funds will constantly be in circulation. There is almost no competition at all, which makes the prospect of starting a salad business even more attractive, and people who work full-time will be able to eat healthy, thereby making a profit.


The first thing you will have to face if you decide to open your own salad production business is the need to draw up special documents.

The company must be registered as an individual entrepreneur, and the issue of the form of taxation must also be resolved. You also need special certificates from the sanitary and epidemiological station, because the business will be directly related to the food industry. In addition, each employee of the enterprise must have a health book.

Salad room

It is quite easy to choose a room for a salad production workshop, but in addition to this, you will also need equipment for the production of salad products. The area of ​​the premises should be 120-150 square meters, and also meet the requirements of the sanitary-epidemiological station. CAPEX CALCULATION:

  • equipment for the workshop 800,000 rubles;
  • creating a stock of 200,000 rubles;
  • renovation of the premises from 600,000 rubles.

On the video: Salad production technology


Of course, you can sell products directly to everyone who wants to, thereby further increasing your customer flow. Also, recently, very often the production of salads as a business has been associated with the organization of various banquets, celebrations, making rather large orders.

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